IMAPS 2007 National Symposium Committee

A Special Thank you to this dedicated team of volunteers for helping assemble one of the strongest symposia IMAPS has experienced over the past 40 years!

Message from the General Chair | Message from the Technical Chairs

General Chair

Greg Caswell, D2M Technologies

Technical Chair
Sarosh Patel, Flextronics

Technical Co-Chair
Ray Alexander, Teradata of NCR

Professional Development Course Chair
Thomas Green, TJ Green Associates LLC

40th Anniversary Activities Chair
Loren and Nancy Saar

Rene Cote, Texas Christian University

Marketing Chair
Phil Zulueta, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA

VP of Marketing and Membership
Michael O’Neill, Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc.

Sponsorship Chair
Ray Petit, Pacific Rim International, Inc.

Sponsorship Co-Chair
Renee Mitchell, RMV Technology Group, LLC

Student Program Chair
Jianbiao John Pan, California
Polytechnic State University

Student Interface Chair
Guna Selvaduray, San Jose State

Local Liaison Chair
Anwar Mohammed, Infineon

Marketing Forum/GBC Chair
Laurie Roth, Consultant

Marketing Forum/GBC Co-Chair
Howard Imhof, Metalor Technologies USA

Foundation Golf Chair
Roger Underwood, CCT Laser Services

Foundation Golf Co-Chair
Julius Chew, Infineon Technologies

Companion Tour Chair
Paul Van Loan

Companion Tour Co-Chair
Amanda Van Loan

IMAPS President
Michael Ehlert, Barry Industries Inc.

IMAPS 2008 General Chair
Larry Rexing, Heraeus Inc. Thick Film Division

IMAPS Executive Director
Michael O’Donoghue, IMAPS





Platinum Sponsor:
NATEL - Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor:
Panasonic Factory Solutions - Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor:
Hesse & Knipps - Silver Sponsor
40th Anniversary
Hospitality Sponsor:

Heraeus, Thick Film Div. - 40th Anniversary Hospitality Host


Event Sponsor - Keynote:
Cisco - Keynote Presentation Sponsor

Teledyne Microelectronics - Keynote Presentation Sponsor

Event Sponsor -
Speaker Gifts,
Memory Sticks:

Kingston Technology - Speaker Gifts, Memory Sticks

Event Sponsor - Lanyards:
Sefar - Event Sponsor, Lanyards
Event Sponsor - Cafe:
TT APSCO - Event Sponsor, IMAPS Cafe
Event Sponsor - Cafe:
PacTech - Event Sponsor, IMAPS Cafe

Event Sponsor - Cafe:
Kyocera - Event Sponsor, IMAPS Cafe

Event Sponsor - Bag Inserts:
Ticona Engineering Polymers - Event Sponsor, Bag Inserts
Event Sponsor - Bag Inserts:
Advanced Chemical Technology (ACT), Inc. - Event Sponsor, Bag Inserts
Event Sponsor - Bag Inserts:
Barry Industries, Inc. - Event Sponsor, Bag Inserts
Event Sponsor - Bag Inserts:
Chip Supply - Event Sponsor, Bag Inserts
Event Sponsor - Bag Inserts:
Gannon & Scott - Event Sponsor, Bag Inserts

Final Program Sponsor:
Indium Corporation - Final Program Sponsor

Golf Sponsors:
NXGen Electronics - Golf Sponsor
VIOX Corporation - Golf Sponsor
Ed Fagan, Inc. - Golf Sponsor

Emerson & Cuming - Golf Sponsor

GDSI - Golf Sponsor

Metalor - Golf Sponsor

SENTEC E&E - Golf Sponsor

Torrey Hills Technology, a G Tech Systems Group - Golf Sponsor
Torrey Hills Tech.

SPM - Golf Sponsor

Zentrix Technologies - Golf Sponsor

Media Sponsors:

Advanced Packaging - Media Sponsor

Global SMT & Packaging - Media Sponsor
Photonics Spectra - Media Sponsor

Chip Scale Review - Media Sponsor

Antennas Online - Media Sponsor
Equipment Protection - Media Sponsor
LED Journal - Media Sponsor
SMT - Media Sponsor
Thermal News - Media Sponsor

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Thin Si 2007 courtesy of Charles Banda, Lab for Physical Sciences & R. Wayne Johnson, Auburn University. Cell phone circa 1997 courtesy of Nokia. SMT Computer Module circa 1987 courtesy of Greg Caswell, VirTex Assembly Services. Hybrid Assembly circa 1977 courtesy of Bruce Romenesko, JHU/APL. Hybrid circa 1967 courtesy of Alan Hirschberg, Northrup Grumman.