Message from the General Chair

Come join us in San Jose to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of IMAPS.  Our annual symposium will take place from November 11-15, 2007, at the San Jose Convention Center.  Your symposium team has brought together an excellent technical program coupled with an exhibition where we truly represent “everything between the chip and the system.”  You will also enjoy three Keynote presentations, a powerful GBC meeting and 18 Professional Development courses.

Ray Alexander,  Sarosh Patel and Andy Strandjord led a team of volunteers that compiled over 250 abstract submittals, reviewed all of them, and created a very strong technical program featuring 30 sessions that address 3D Packaging and High Density Substrates, Advanced Packaging Technologies, Design and Modeling, Electro-Static Protection, Underfill, Adhesives and Reliability, Pb-Free Solder Materials, Processes, and Reliability, RoHS, Flip-Chip Bumping, Flip Chip Reliability, Packaging for Extreme Environments, Package Reliability including new trends, Wirebonding, LTCC/Ceramic, Polymer, and Conductive Materials, and LED/SiC Packaging.  We will also have special focus sessions on: Biomedical, Military Applications, RF/Microwave, RF/Broadband and Consumer Electronics.  Similarly we will have system level packaging sessions that address:  System Packaging/Design, Power Delivery Techniques, EMI/Signal Integrity, Thermal Management, High Performance Interconnects and Boards, Sensor and MEMS Packaging and Emerging Technologies.  There are also two poster sessions that will be located in the Exhibit area.  Rounding out the technical program will be one Japanese translated session brought together by Fumio Miyashiro-san, and two Chinese translated sessions brought together by Randy Klein, John Zhang, and Ken Kuang. You do not want to miss out on the great learning experience you can have by attending the technical program.

Sponsorship is an integral part of such a large undertaking. Welcome Back to our platinum - NATEL, gold - Panasonic Factory Solutions, and silver - Hesse & Knipps sponsors. In addition, Heraeus has signed on as the 40th Anniversary Hospitality/Logo Caps sponsor and Sefar is repeating as the Lanyard sponsor. Thanks to all of our sponsors for their support. 

We have 3 keynote presentations: Stephen M. R. Covey, the author of the recently published “The Speed of Trust;” James R. Miller, Vice President, Product Operations for Cisco Systems; and Dongkai Shangguan, Vice President for Assembly Technology and Platform Realization for Flextronics.

Tom Green has brought together 18 Professional Development Courses including a 1st time course that focuses on the business side of selling. These courses are a great way to expand your personal knowledge base.

Our annual golf tournament will take place at the Coyote Creek Golf Club and offers not only a great day of fun on the golf course, but also supports our Microelectronics Foundation.

Paul and Amanda Van Loan have created a wonderful spouse/companion program with a one-day trip to the Monterey Aquarium, the city of Carmel and a ride down the “Seventeen Mile Drive.”  The 2nd day will feature a trip to the redwood country, Santa Cruz for lunch and the Bonny Doon Winery.

Another new activity this year involves having students from two local schools tour the Exhibit Hall to meet with our exhibitors. This will provide them with an educational experience and possibly launch them toward a career in microelectronics.

On top of all of this activity, we will also be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of IMAPS as a professional society.  Celebration activities are underway. 

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there.

Greg Caswell
D2M Technologies





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