Call for Photos and Equipment

IMAPS 40th Anniversary Celebration
Monday, November 12th
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
4th Street Summit Center

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Heraeus, Thick Film Div. - 40th Anniversary Hospitality Host

Call for Photos
As this is the 40th Anniversary of IMAPS as a professional association, we have decided to pull together a continuous slide presentation during the Welcome Reception that shows the changes in electronic packaging and the people involved over the last 40 years.

If you have pictures of products, packaging approaches, people at IMAPS events etc. could you please email them to me at

I will then create a DVD of the photos for the presentation at the symposium.

Thanks for your help with this activity.

Best Regards,

Greg Caswell
IMAPS 2007 General Chair
512-680-6269 (cell)

Call for Equipment
We are also planning to have a small exhibition of thick/thin film circuitry from the early days. Thick film screen printing began in the 1940’s and started to evolve as a true technology to “shrink” PCB circuitry in the late 1950’s. We would like to display as many different types of circuitry from as far back as possible when we meet in San Jose. Already we have circuits from 1960 and would like to showcase as many as possible. Your samples are not being donated. They will be on loan to IMAPS for this Anniversary celebration and showcased in a locked glass cabinet at the symposium. After the symposium they will be returned to their rightful owners.

Each sample should have a card attached to it stating;

Circa; (Year manufactured)
Type of Circuit;
Manufactured for/by;
Sent in by; (Your name)

Send items to;
Samuel F. Forman
TT-Apsco, Inc.
1316 Somerset Drive
McKinney, TX 75070

Do not send freight collect. It will be returned to you.


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40th Anniversary
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Thin Si 2007 courtesy of Charles Banda, Lab for Physical Sciences & R. Wayne Johnson, Auburn University. Cell phone circa 1997 courtesy of Nokia. SMT Computer Module circa 1987 courtesy of Greg Caswell, VirTex Assembly Services. Hybrid Assembly circa 1977 courtesy of Bruce Romenesko, JHU/APL. Hybrid circa 1967 courtesy of Alan Hirschberg, Northrup Grumman.