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GBC 2009 Marketing Forum


“Recovery of the Semiconductor Market”

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
5:35 pm - 7:00 pm

2009 Fall Forum Chairs:
Suzanne Redding, Dow Electronic Materials and Dave Seeger, Semiconductor Research Corporation

This GBC-Marketing Forum is a business session for all IMAPS 2009 attendees who wish to participate. A Networking Reception will follow from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm. Pre-registration is strongly recommended in order to plan the reception.

Mr. Andrea Lati, VLSI Research

“State of the Semiconductor Industry”

Mr. Andrea Lati, Market Research Analyst of VLSI Research Inc.
Mr. Lati will present the latest forecast and analysis for the semiconductor industry. The presentation focuses on scenarios that will drive the recovery of the semiconductor industry and the supply chain. It will also describe why the semiconductor industry will emerge leaner but stronger from the recent downturn, ready to take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead.

About Mr. Lati:
Andrea Lati is a market research analyst at VLSI Research Inc. Since joining VLSI Research in 2001, Andrea has been focusing on managing and developing forecasting models as well as performing market analysis and research on electronics and semiconductor markets. He is responsible for developing forecasting models that are used to generate the Industry Pulse Pro, Electronics and Macroeconomy Forecast, Semiconductor Forecast, Silicon Demand Forecast, Reticle Demand Forecast, and Packaging Forecast. In addition, Andrea has performed several custom studies for various clients and is a co-author of The Chip Insider ®.

About VLSI:
VLSI Research Inc. is the leading provider of market research and economic analysis on the technical, business, and economic aspects of the high technology chip making industry. The company is known for its unparalleled accuracy, innovation in market research, and its sharply focused insight into the rapidly changing landscape of the chip making business. VLSI Research’s databases on chip making are used throughout the industry, the investment community, and by governments for decisive strategic planning. VLSI Research was founded in 1976 and incorporated in California in 1981. The company’s website is

Mr. Shawn DuBravac, Consumer Electronics Association

“The State and Impact of Consumer Technologies on Semiconductors: Key Drivers, Disrupters and Developments”

Mr. Shawn DuBravac, Director of Research of the Consumer Electronics Association
Mr. DuBravac will share CEA’s insights of the technology trends and future economic health of the consumer electronics industry and speak to the impact of various electronics on the semiconductor industry. Highlights of the presentation include: results of the global economic stimulus plans; trends and demand curves for next generation multipurpose electronics; challenges of bridging the gaps within increasingly complex networked environments; and the resulting impact on the semiconductor industry from the evolving consumer performance expectations and overarching market trends.

About Mr. DuBravac:
Shawn DuBravac is Director of Research and Economist for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). He directs CEA’s economic analysis, consumer research, and helps oversee the day-to-day operations of CEA’s many research initiatives. He is responsible for handling analyses of the economy as it relates to the CE industry including forecasting future economic activity, econometric studies, examining trade flows, and ascertaining relative health of the industry. DuBravac also provides research into the technology trends underpinning the industry and quantitative support for CEA’s legislative initiatives. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

About the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA):
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) unites 2,200 companies within the consumer technology industry. CEA is its industry’s authority on market research and forecasts, consumer surveys, regulatory news, and engineering standards. For more information on CEA market analysis, please see




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