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GBC 2010 Marketing Forum
“Materials for Photovoltaics and 3D Packaging”


GBC Reception Sponsored by:
Dow Electronic Materials - GBC Sponsor

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Raleigh Convention Center
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This GBC-Marketing Forum is a business session for all IMAPS 2010 attendees who wish to participate. A Networking Reception will follow. Pre-registration is strongly recommended in order to plan the reception.

Mr. Andrea Lati, VLSI Research

“An Electronic Material Supplier’s perspective on Challenges and Opportunities in 3D Packaging”

3D packaging is a competitive market with an ever expanding diversity of package designs and manufacturing processes. The rapid growth in 3D packaging is largely driven by strong consumer demand for ultraportable electronics with higher performance and more functionality. A review and discussion of the significant challenges and opportunities in 3D packaging for material suppliers will be presented.

Leo Linehan, Global Business Director of Advanced Packaging Technologies, Dow Electronic Materials

About Mr. Linehan:
Leo Linehan has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor packaging and manufacturing. Prior to joining Dow, he held several roles in materials development, process engineering, R & D, and business development at both Rohm & Haas and the IBM Microelectronics Division. Leo has authored numerous papers in semiconductor applications and holds more than 20 patents.

Mr. Shawn DuBravac, Consumer Electronics Association

“The Critical Role of Materials in the Photovoltaic Industry”

Mr. Miller will provide an overview of the PV market, note industry investment, and present on the relevance of materials in achieving grid parity. He will focus on energy conversion efficiency, system lifetime, and overall system cost. David will also touch on both manufacturing and public policy factors that impact PV as a sustainable energy solution.

David Miller, President of DuPont Electronics & Communications

About Mr. Miller:
David Miller began his career with DuPont in 1981 and has held several positions in engineering, manufacturing, sales, business development, and investor relations. He was named Vice President and General Manager of DuPont Electronic Technologies in 2001 and earned his present position in October 2009.



GBC Reception Sponsored by:
Dow Electronic Materials - GBC Sponsor

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