The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

First Issue, 1998

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Foreward by A. Elshabini 2

Selected and Revised Papers from IMAPS `97

"Development of a C4-BGA Assembly Process-Innovations in C4 Flux and Underfill Materials" by R. Pendse, M. Courtis, and B. Serrano 3

"Determining the Thermal Conductivity of Thermal Vias in Tape Dielectrics" by A. Krum 10

"Advanced Copper Column Based Solder Bump for Flip Chip Interconnection" by H. Yamada, T. Togasaki, K. Tateyama, and K. Higuchi 15

"An Evaluation of Thermoplastic Materials and Injection Molding as a Discrete Power Semiconductor Packaging Alternative" by L.L. Mays and A. Hubenko 22

"Large Area Processing (LAP): Performance Studies on Extrusion Coating" by G.T. Wells, G. Gibson, and C. Newquist 28

"Electro-Optic Probing: A Laser-Based Solution for Noninvasive High Speed Testing of Multichip Modules" by D.M. Mechtel, H.K. Charles, and A.S. Francomacaro 34

"Technology Insertion and Process Improvements - A Case Study" by C. Spreckels and T.J. Green 40

"A Cofired Bump Bonding Technique for Chip-Scale-Package Fabrication Using Zero X-Y Shrinkage Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Substrate" by M. Itagaki, N.Hase, S. Yuhaku, Y. Bessho, and K. Eda 46

"Substrate Embedded Heat Pipes Compatible with Ceramic Cofired Processing" by M.A. Zampino, W.K. Jones, and Y. Cao 52

"Life Prediction Methodology for a Discrete Transistor Package" by D.J. Dougherty, J.M. Fusaro, and D.M. Culbertson 59

"Capacitance Characterization of Surface Mount Electronic Packages" by Y. Wen and C.T. Tsai 67

"Solder Jet Technology Update" by D.B. Wallace and D.J. Hayes 73

Regular Contributions

"Large Area Processing: Meniscus Coating of Thin Film Polymer Dielectric and Photoresist" by P. Garrou, B. Martin, T. Rehg, R. Heistand, E. Chieh, J. Lykins, and C. Ho 78

"Extraction of 3D Power Distribution Inductance from Numberical Field Data" by R. Gravrok, A. Byers, and M. Piket-May 85

"An Optimization Study of Thermal Path from Plastic Packages to Board" by C.C. Lee, D.H. Chien, and C.S. Tsai 93

"Solder Joint Reliability Analysis of Ball Grid Array Packages" by L.Y. Yang and Y. C. Mui 100

"Cooling Assessment and Distribution of Heat Dissipation of a Cavity Down Plastic Ball Grid Array Package - NuBGA" by J.H. Lau and T. Chen 109

"System Integration for High Frequency Applications" by J. Wolf, F.J. Schmuckle, W. Heinrich, M. Topper, K. Buschick, A. Owzar, O. Ehrmann, and H. Reichl 119

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