The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Second Issue, 1998

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Selected and Revised Papers from ISPS `97

"Development of a Compact High Efficiency Cooling Device for the PA 8000 Processor" by G. R. Wagner 127

"An Ultra Low Moisture Polymer Adhesive for BGA Packages" by M. Nguyen and I.Y. Chien 132

"Integrated Flow-Thermomechanical Analysis of Solder Joints Fatigue in a Low Air Flow C4/CBGA Package" by B. Z. Hong and T. D. Yuan 137

"Revolutionary High Performance Interconnect Which Maximizes Signal Density" by T. Cohen and G. Patel 146

Regular Contributions

"Low Cost Single Mode Optical Passive Coupler Devices with an MT-Interface Based on Polymeric Waveguides in BCB" by G. Palmskog, G. Arvidsson, P. Ericksen, G. Gustatsson, O. J. Hagel, J. Hammer, and P. Henriksson 151

"Tin Sputter Caused by Plasma Cleaning and its Affect on Wire Bond Quality" by J. Fauty, J. Sauvageau, S. Strouse, M. Selby, M. Maxwell, and M. Sandifer 154

"Prediction of Three-Dimensional Solder Joint Profile in Gullwing Leads" by T. P. Choi, C. D. Yoo, and T. S. Lee 162

"Statistical Modeling of Interfacial Damage of Nonhermetically Sealed Electronic Devices" by J. Park and D. G. Harlow 171

"A Modeling Method for the Study of Thermomechanical Behavior of High Density Interconnect (HDI) Vias" by K. Smith, C. Johnson, and S. Sitaraman 177

"Engineering Model for Thermal Mismatch Stresses at the Interface of a Non-Uniform Heated Two Layer Structure" by J. L. Liew, A. Q. Yasir, A. Y. Hassan, and K. N. Seetharamu 186

"On-line Measurement of Thermally Induced Warpage of BGAs with High Sensitivity Shadow Moire" by Y. Wang and P. Hassell 191

"Parallel Test Method for MCM Substrate Interconnection Networks" by K. E. Newman, D. C. Keezer, and J. S. Davis 197

Invited Contributions

"Flip Chip MPU Module on High Performance Printed Circuit Board "ALIVH" by T. Shiraishi, K. Amami, Y. Bessho, K. Sakamoto, K. Eda, T. Ishida, and K. Fukuoka 205

"Adapting Multichip Module Foundries for MEMS Packaging" by J. T. Butler, V. M. Bright, P. B. Chu and R. J. Saia 212

"Adhesion Evaluation of Adhesiveless Metal/Polyimide Substrate for MCM and High Density Packaging" by H. Jiang, B. Chou, and S. Beilin 219

"Low-Complexity MCM-D Technology with Integrated Passives for High Frequency Applications" by M. de Samber, N. Pulsford, M. van Delden, and R. Milsom 224

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