The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Third Issue, 1998

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Regular Contributions

"Detecting Underfill Delamination and Cracks in Flip Chip on Board Assemblies Using Infrared Microscope" by J. Lu, A. Trigg, J. Wu, and T. Chai 231

"Evaluation of Differential Signal Transmission in a Rack System" by Nobuaki Sugiura 237

"Packaging Compatible Micromagnetic Devices Using Screen Printed Polymer/Ferrite Composites" by J. Y. Park and M. G. Allen 243

"Critical Issues in Computational Modeling and Fatigue Life Analysis for PBGA Joints" by X. Zhang and S-W. Rickey Lee 253

"Glop Top Plastic Ball Grid Array Package Encapsulation Process Development and Its Moisture Sensitivity Study" by L. Y. Yang, E. Padrinao, and Y. C. Mui 262

"Integrated Power Modules (IPMs), A Novel MCM Approach to High Power Electronics Design and Packaging" by A. B. Lostetter, F. Barlow, and A. Elshabini 274

Selected and Revised Manuscripts IMAPS `98

"Embedded Waveguide Filters For Microwave and Wireless Applications Using Cofired Ceramic Technologies" by J. Gipprich, D. Stephens, M. Hageman, A. Piloto, K. Zaki, and Y. Rong 279

"A Method of Determining the Equivalent Thermal Conductivity of a Conductive Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Layer with a Quasi-Random Circular Hole Pattern" by Mark A. Palie 284

"High Frequency Electrical Characterization of a High Wiring Density Organic Substrate `ALIVHTM' and Stud Bump Bonding `SBBTM'" by H. Iwaki, Y. Taguchi, T. Shiraishi, Y. Bessho, and K. Eda 289

Invited Manuscript (Best Paper of IMAPS `98 Conference)

"Reliability in Large Area Solder Joint Assemblies and Effects of Thermal Expansion Mismatch and Die Size" by J. He, W. L. Morris, M. C. Shaw, C. Mather, and N. Sridhar 297

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