The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Fourth Issue, 1998

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Regular Contributions

"Electrical Characterization of Thin Film Integral Passive Devices on Polyimide-Based Packaging Structures" by C. Morcan, S. S. Ang, T. G. Lenihan, L. W. Schaper, J. P. Parkerson, and W. D. Brown 306

"Verification of Fluxes for Flip Chip Assembly" by A. Tuominen, V. Lehtinen, K. Kulojarvi, and J. Kivilahti 316

Selected and Revised Manuscripts IMAPS `98

"Molecular Dynamics and Discrete Element Modeling Studies of Underfill" by N. E. Iwamoto, M. Li, S. J. McCaffery, M. Nakagawa, and G. Mustoe 322

"The Gel Plating Process For Selective Gold Metallization of Electronic Packages" by L. M. Svedberg, K. C. Arndt, and M. J. Cima 329

"Multilayer Cofired RCs For Line Termination" by A. Ritter, M. Strawhorne, B. Smith, A. Templeton, and R. Heistand 334

"A System's Approach to Specify a High Reliability, High Quality Thick Film Passive Component for Hybrid, Multichip Module and Surface Mount Applications" by P. G. Creter, S. H. Olster, and P. Solan 341

"Laser Drilling and Pattern Processing For MCM-L Prototyping" by Z. Illyefalvi-Vitez, M. Ruszinki, and J. Pinkola 349

"Photoimageable Silver Cofireable Conductor Compatible with 951 Green TapeTM" by M. A. Skurski, M. A. Smith, R. R. Draudt, D. I. Amey, S. J. Horowitz, and M. J. Champ 355

"Fast Sinter Thick Film Resistor Compositions" by M. Ed Ellis 361

"Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging-Solder Joint Reliability" by L. Nguyen, N. Kelkar, T. Kao, A. Prabhu, and H. Takiar 367

"Design of Thermal Expert System Using Neural Network-Based Thermal Calculators" by S. Vikram and L. Nguyen 374

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