The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

First Issue, 1999

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Regular Contributions

"Manufacturing the Ti/Cu/Electroless Nickel Bump on Si" by K-L Lin and J-W Chen 1

"Over-Temperature Predictions by a Transient R-C Model" by Kun-Fu Tseng, Ting-Huan Chang, Ching-Hsing Kao, Ben-Je Lwo, Wei-Lee Lu, Jeen-Gee Lo, and Luke Su Lu 6

"Development of Ultra-Low Fire COG and X7R Dielectric Compositions For Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor and Integrated Passive Component Applications" by Brian C. Foster and Walter J. Symes 13

"How to Select Underfill Materials For Solder Bumped Flip Chip on Low Cost Substrate?" by John H. Lau and Chris Chang 20

"Wirebonding: Reinventing the Process For MCMs" by H. K. Charles, Jr., K. J. Mach, R. L. Edwards, A. S. Francomacaro, S. J. Lehtonen, and J. S. DeBoy 29

"Development of 0.025mm Pitch Anisotropic Conductive Film" by Fuyuki Eriguchi, Masako Maeda, Fumiteru Asai, and Yuji Hotta 38

Selected and Revised Manuscripts IMAPS `98

"Microwave Characterization and Modeling of Multilayered Cofired Ceramic Waveguides" by D. Stevens and J. Gipprich 43

"Package Quality Testing Using Integrated Pressure Sensor" by M. Waelti, N. Schneeberger, O. Paul, and H. Baltes 49

"Mechanical Cycling Fatigue of PBGA Package Interconnects" by Larry Leicht and Andrew Skipor 57

"High Speed Power Dissipation Analysis of a GaAs Device" by Abdolresa Langari and Hassan Hashemi 62

"Optimization of Via Connections Between Transmission Lines in Multilayer LTCC-Modules" by Torsten Thelemann, Heiko Thust, and Thomas Lingel 69

"Stresses in LTCC Substrates Due to Glop top Encapsulation" by Brett Goldstein and Kevin G. Donovan 74

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