The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Second Issue, 1999

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Regular Contributions

"Modeling The Effect of Microstructure in BGA Joints" by S. J. Holden and E. R. Wallach

"Calculation of Process Tolerance and the Critical Length of Microstrip for High Speed MCM Applications" by Youngmin Lee

"Electrical Characteristics of a Trial 1.5mm Grid Multi-Pin Connector" by Nobuaki Sugiura

"Breakdown Verification for Fault Transients in Laminate Microstrip Conductors" by Joel Jorgenson, Marwan Hassoun, and Hsiu Han

"Design, Fabrication, and Qualification of Chip-On-Board Technology For Space Electronics" by Binh Q. Le, Richard H. Maurer, Elbert Nhan, and Ark Lew

"The Effect of Flux on The Wetting of Autocatalytic Ni-Cu-P by In-Sn Solder" by Kwang-Lung Lin and Jun-Wen Chen

"Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Aluminum Wires For Ultrasonic Bonding" by Hongwei Liu, Nathan Fank, Caroline Acosta

"Micro-Ball Bumping Technology For Flip Chip and TAB Interconnections" by K. Tatsumi, K. Shimokawa, E. Hashino, Y. Ohzeki, T. Nakamori, and M. Tanaka

"Low-Firing Lead Magnesium Niobate-Lead Titanate-Lead Germanium Silicate Ferroelectric Compositions For Thick Film Capacitor Applications" by Yangdo Kim and Michael Haun

"Optimizing The Integration of An Electronics System Into An Existing Enclosure Using CFD Modeling Techniques" by David Lober

Selected and Revised Papers (ISPS `99)

"Photolithography Applications For Evaporative, Plated, and Printed Wafer Bumping Interconnect Technologies" by Christopher W. Argento and Todd M. Flynn

"Modeling and Metrology For Expedient Analysis and Design of Computer Systems" by Cullen Bash and Chandrakant Patel

"The Optimal Passive Thermal Management Soldering and Electrically Isolating Power Semiconductors to within 33-micron (1.3 mil) of the Heat Sink" by Jim Fraivillig

"A Low-Profile, High-Static Pressure Air Mover (A Reality with Brushless DC Planar Motor Technology)" by Gary R. Kenny and Dean L. Smith

Best Paper of ISPS `99

"The Role of Case-Rigidity in Drop-Tolerance of Portable Products" by Suresh Goyal, Sanjay Upasani, and Dhiren Patel

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