The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Third Issue, 1999

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Regular Contributions

"Via/Plane RapidPrototm: Custom Test Package For Protoyping Integrated Circuits" by B.K. Oyama, S.W. Southell, M.P.R. Panicker

"Thermosonic Gold Wirebonding to Electrolessly-Metallized Copper Bondpads Over Benzocyclobutene" by Richard K. Ulrich and Mohammed Wasef, Jang-hi Im, Philip Garrou and Dan Scheck

"Finite Element Analysis of The Residual Thermal Stresses in a Power Package With Two Different Leads" by W.D. Zhuang, R.K. Shuie, and P.C. Chang

"Heat Affected Zone in The Wire Electrode During Electronic Flame Off Bonding" by S.S. Sripada, I.M. Cohen, P.S. Ayyaswamy, L. Medalla, and B.J. Mulada

"Moire Interferometer - An Effective Tool in Electronic Packaging Devleopment, Concept and Applications" by Bin Chen, Ling Shi, Daqing Zou, Sheng Liu, and Yifan Guo

"Room Temperature Ultrasonic Wirebonding With Large Diameter Copper Wire" by Joseph Fauty and Jay Yoder

"Challenges in The Packaging of MEMs" by Ajay Malshe, Chad O'Neal, Sushila B. Singh, William D. Brown, William P. Eaton and William M. Miller

MCM '99 Selected and Revised Papers (Best Papers of Session)

"Laser Testing of MCM-D Structures" by Deborah M. Mechtel, Harry K. Charles, Jr., and A. Shaun Francomacaro

"Substrate Requirements For Effective Integration of Chip Scale Packages and Multichip Modules in Portable Wireless Products" by Tom Swirbel

"Passive Integration Process on Standard and High Resistivity Silicon" by H. Kattelus, H. Ronkainen, and T. Riihisaari

"Quantifying the Impact of a Non-Ideal Ground Return Path" by Andrew Beyers, Melinda Picket-May, and Stephen H. Hall

"Manufacturing Issues of Flip Chip on Laminate Assembly " by Jing Qi, R. Wayne Johnson, Erin Yaeger, Mark Konarksi, Todd Doody, Z. Andrew Szczepaniak, and Larry Crane

"Distributed Microwave MCM-D Circuits For X- and K-Band Applications" by Philip Pieters, Stephen Brebels, Walter De Raedt, Eric Beyne, and Robert P. Mertens

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