The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Fourth Issue, 1999

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Regular Contributions

"On the Life Prediction and Accelerated Testing of Solder Joints"
by Z. Qian and S. Liu. 288

"Fabrication of a High Density MCM-D For a Pixel Detector System Using a BCB/Cu/PbSn Technology" by M. Topper, L. Dietrich, G. Engelmann, S. Fehlberg, P. Gerlach, J. Wolf, O. Ehrmann, K. H. Becks, and H. Reichl. 305

"The Use of Random and Nested ANOVA Models to Calculate Control Limits for the Xbar Chart in Advanced SPC Applications" by Eric Adamec. 

"Thermal analysis of a Power Amplifier Module with Experimental Calibration" by Gary K. Mui, John Lawrence, and Chao-pin Yeh.  

"Modeling A Low Cost Wafer Bumping Technique For Flip Chip Application" by Tennyson A. Nguty and Ndy. N. Ekere. 

"Time Domain Current Waveform Simulation For CMOS VLSI Circuits Using Charge-Based Model" by Jyh-Herng Wang. 

"A Study of Underfill Dispensing Process" by Y. C. Chia, S. H. Lim, K. S. Chian, S. Yi, and W. T. Chen. 

"Thermo-Mechanical Design of Microelectronic Packages Through Design-of-Simulations Methodology" by M. N. Variyam and S. K. Sitaraman. 

"Thermal Stress Induced Failures in Adhesive Flip Chip Joints"
by Outi Rusannen and Jaakko Lenkkeri. 

"Characteristics and Reliability of No-Flow Underfills For Solder Bumped Flip Chip Assemblies" by John H. Lau, Chris Chang, and Chih-Chiang Chen. 

"Ceramic BGA Reliability Versus Board Side Solder Volume"
by T. Burnette, T. Koschmieder, and W. Oyler. 

"Analyzing Thick Film Multilayer Defects By Using Acoustic Micro Imaging" by G. Harsanyi, J. E. Semmens, S. R. Martell, L. Percsi, and E. Toth. 

"The Effect of Polyimide Passivation on The Electromigration in Sputtered Copper Films" by Jiann-Shan Jiang and Bi-Shiou Chiou. 

"Pre-Develop Bake End Point Stabilization with Photo-BCB Polymers" by D. Scheck, M. Dibbs, S. Cummings, and P. Garrou. 

"MCM-D/C Yield Improvements Through Effective Diagnostics"
by Eric D. Perfect, Kamalesh S. Desai, and Graham McAfee. 

"Generation of Testability of High Density/Speed ATM MCM and Its Library Appraisal Using BCB Thin Film Substrate" by Jun-Hwan Woo, Seung-Gon Kim, Sung-Gun Ji, and Sung-Wan Lim. 418

"Partitioning of Water Between Voids and The Polymer Matrix in A Molding Compound By Proton NMR" by D. L. VanderHart, M. A. Schen, and G. T. Davis.

"A New 16x16 ATM Switching Multichip Module With High Performance" by Youngmin Lee, Dong-Eun Chung, Sang-Pok Lee, Chul-Won Ju, J. H. Na, Seong-Su Park, and Min Kyu Song. 440

"Biaxial Strength, Strength-Size-Scaling, and Fatigue Resistance of Alumina and Aluminum Nitride Substrates" by A. A. Wereszczak, T. P. Kirkland, K. Breder, H. T. Lin, and M. J. Andrews. 

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