The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

First Issue, 2000

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Editorial Board and Executive Council


Regular Contributions

“A Time-Based Parallel Digital Interconnect Test Method for MCM
Substrate Interconnect Networks”
  by Kimberly E. Newman and David C. Keezer

“A Computational Study of a PLCC Package in Mixed Convection”
by Ko Yun Hung, Ng Kok Yip, G.A. Quadir, and K.N. Seetharamu

“Evaluation of Mid-Plane Packaging For Telecommunication Systems” by Nobuaki Sugiura and Katsumi Kaizo

Selected and Revised Manuscripts
(IMAPS’ 99)

“The Impact of KGD and Module Repair on Multichip Module Cost”
by H.K. Charles, Jr., W.D. Barnhart, J. Van Rij, and J.M. Petek.

“Effects of Underfill Delamination and Chip Size on the Reliability of Solder Bumped Flip Chip on Board” by John H. Lau and S.W. Ricky Lee

“Flip Chip Technology with Blind-Hole-Clips-Bump Attachment” by Valentin Videkov, Slavka Tzanova, and Philipp Philippov

“Methods For Realistic Drop-Testing” by Suresh Goyal and Edward K. Buratynski

“Flip Chip on Laminate Reliability – Failure Mechanisms” by Michael Roesch, Robert W. Teichner, and Rod Martens

“New Integrated Planar Magnetic Cores for Inductors and Trans-formers
Fabricated in MCM-L Technology”
by Stephen O’Reilly, Maeve Duffy, Terence O’Donnell, Paul McCloskey, Sean Cian, O. Mathuna, Mark Scott, and Neil Young

“Minimizing Stress in Cu/Polyimide Processes For Large Format MCM
by D.J. Kovach, N.S. Amirgulyan, C.P. Chien, and M.H. Tanielian

“A General Purpose Adhesive for Microelectronic Devises” by Kun Xu, James Economy, and Mark A. Shannon

“AC and DC Electrical Stress Reliability of Piezoelectric Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Thin Films” by Ronald G. Polcawich, Paul J. Moses, and Susan Trolier-McKinstry

“Design of Passive Components for K-Band Communication Modules in LTCC Environment” by W. Simon, R. Kulke, A. Wien, I. Wolff, S. Baker, R. Powell, and M. Harrison

“Thermal Management Using Planarized CVD-Diamond Substrates” by Sushila Singh, Arun Krishnamoorthy, Ajay P. Malshe, Hameed A. Naseem, and William D. Brown

“Constant Length Wirebonding for Microwave Multichip Modules” by S. John Lehtonen and Craig R. Moore

“Board Level Reliability of Chip Scale Packages” by S.C. Hung, P.J. Zheng, H.N. Chen, S.C. Lee, and J.J. Lee.

“Effects of Bi Content on Mechanical Properties and Bump Interconnection
Reliability of Sn-Ag Solder Alloys”
by Kazuki Tateyama, Hiroshi Ubukata, Yoji Yamaoka, Kuniaki Takahashi, Hiroshi Yamada, and Masayuki Saito

“A Proposal: the Assessing Method of the CSP’s Mechanical Reliability on Board”
by Yasuhisa Yamaji, Hirofumi Yarnasaki, Hiroyuki Juso, Mitsuaki Ohsono, Tomoshi Kimura, and Kazuya Fijita

“Metrology of Thin Layers in IC Packages Using An Acoustic Microprobe: Bondline Thickness” by Sridhar Canumalla and Bryan P. Schackmuth

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