The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Third Issue, 2000

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Editorial Board and Executive Council


Regular Contributions

"The Adhesion Between Electroless Nickel Deposit and Si/Al/Cu Bump Pad" by Kwang-Lung Lin and Chih-Li Chen

"Modeling of Self and Mutual Inductance For Traces Partially Influenced by the Conductive Die Attach in Chip Scale BGA" by Maoyou Sun and M.F. Caggiano

"Ultra-High Density Magnetic Heads" by Ken Gilleo, B. Goodrich, and G. Nicholls

"Design of Microwave MCM-D CPW Quadrature Couplers and Power Dividers in X-, Ku- and Ka-band" by G. Carchon, S. Brebels, K. Vaesen, P. Pieters, W. De Raedt, B. Nauwelaers, and E. Beyne

"High Density Modular Packaging for Space Electronics" by Michel R. Massénat and Alexandre Val

"Chip-Package Co-Design of a 4.7 GHz VCO" by Kristof Vaesen, Stéphane Donnay, Philip Pieters, Geert Carchon, Wim Diels, Piet Wambacq, Walter De Raedt, Eric Beyne, and Marc Engels

"LTCC Materials For High Density Multilayer Interconnect" by Jen-Yan Hsu, Wen-Song Ko, Hong-Ching Lin, Y-Ting Huang, Yung-Jian Lee, Chin-Jung Hsu, and Ying-Chang Hung

"Photolithographic Feature Fabrication in LTCC" by Patricio Espinoza-Vallejos and Jorge Santiago-Aviles

"Reducing Surface Temperature Gradients By Tailoring Convective Film Coefficients" by John Patrick O’Connor and Richard M. Weber

"Synchronous DC/DC Converters in High-Current Processor Power Delivery Systems" by Shamala A. Chickamenahalli, Yuan-Liang Li, and David G. Figueroa

"Warpage of Conductive Gallium Alloy Via-Filled Stainless Steel Substrates For Large Area Microelectronic Packaging" by Swapan K. Bhattacharya, I. Charles Ume, and Daniel F. Baldwin

"Chip Scale Package and Multichip Module Impact on Substrate Requirements for Portable Wireless Products" by Tom Swirbel

"Integrated Passives For a DECT VCO" by Kristof Vaesen, Philip Pieters, Geert Carchon, Walter De Raedt, Eric Beyne, A. Naem, and R. Kohlmann

"Fine Pitch Probing and Wirebonding and Reliability of Aluminum Capped Copper Bond Pads" by Tu Anh Tran, Lois Yong, Bill Williams, Scott Chen, and Audi Chen

"Ultra-Fine Photoresist Image Formation for Next Generation High-Density PWB Substrate" by Fuhan Liu, Venky Sundaram, George White, and Rao R. Tummala

"Microjet Printing of Micro-Optical Interconnects" by W. Royall Cox, Chi Guan, Donald J. Hayes, and David B. Wallace

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