The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Fourth Issue, 2000

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Regular Contributions

"Design and Characterization of CPW Feedthroughs in Multilayer Thin Film MCM-D" by G. Carchon, W. De Raedt, B. Nauwelaers, and E. Beyne

"Analysis of Multidielectric Multiconductor Hubrid Circuits Using A Closed-Form MoL Approximation" by Hadj Bourdoucen and Ammar Issaoun

"Development of a Ceramic/Epoxy Composite for Integral Capacitors: A Study of Particle Packing, Electroless Cu Plating, and Permittivity Temperature Dependence" by Satoshi Ogitani, Victor G. Silverstrov, Paul A. Kohl, and Sue Ann bidstrup Allen

"Variable Frequency Microwave For Chip-On-Board Glob Top Curing" by Binghua Pan, Chih Kai Nah, Su Liang Chan, and J. Billy Wei

"Spreading and Solidification of Liquid Metal Droplets on a Substrate: Experiment, Analytical Model, and Numerical Simulation" by M. R. Predtechensky, Yu. D. Varlamov, S. N. Ul’iankin, A. N. Cherepanov, and V. N. Popov

"BGA Reliability of Multilayer Ceramic Integrated Circuit (MCIC) Devices" by Chia-Yu Fu and Ring-Fong Huang

"Transfer Molding Encapsulation of Flip Chip Array Packages" by Louis P. Rector, Shaoqin Gong, Tara R. Miles, and Kevin Gaffney

"Power Chip Interconnection: From Wirebonding to Area Bonding" by Xing-sheng Liu and Guo-Quan Lu

"Empirical Strategy For Characterizing and Minimizing Effects of Flexure-Induced Tensile Stress in CSPs" by Ian R. Harvey, David Turner, Jim Ortowski, and Chris Herbert

"ROBOCOTS: A Program to Assure Robust Packaging of Commercial-Off-The- Shelf (COTS) Integrated Circuits" by John K. Hagge

"Gold Ribbon Bonding For Microelectronic Interconnection: A Designed Experiment to Evaluate Process Opportunities" by Christina M. Conway and Nicole L. Cavanah

"High-Q Spiral Inductors For High Performance Integrated RF Front-End Sub-Systems" by Philip Pieters, K. Vaesen, G. Carchon, S. Brebels, W. De Raedt, and Eric Beyne

"A New Manufacturing Process For High Volume Production of Ceramic Column Grid Array Modules" by Louis Achard and Isabel De Sousa

"The Effects of Temperature and Aging on Young’s Moduli of Polymeric Based Flexible Substrates" by Ron S. Li and Jinbao Jiao

"Flip Chip Reliability Modeling Based on Solder Fatigue as Applied to Flip Chip on Laminate Assemblies" by Scott Popelar and Michel Roesch

"Chemical, Structural, and Mechanical Properties of the LTCC Tapes" by W. Kinzy Jones, Yanqing Liu, Brooks Larsen, Peng Wang, and Marc Zampino

"A Modular, Chip Scale, Direct Chip Attach MEMs Package: Architecture and Processing" by Jordan Neysmith and Daniel Baldwin

"Embedded Power - An Integration Packaging Technology for IPEMs" by Zhenxian Liang, Fred C. Lee, and G-Q. Lu

"Investigation of Packaged Miniature Heat Pipe For Notebook PC Cooling" by Seok Hwan Moon, Ho Gyeong Yun, Gunn Hwang, and Tae Goo Choy

"Transient Plane Source Technique For Measuring Thermal Properties of Silicon Materials Used in Electronic Assemblies" by Craig Dixon, Michael R. Strong, and S. Mark Zhang

"Electromigration of Cu Multilayer Interconnections" by Jiann-Shan Jiany and Bi-Shiou Chiou

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