The International Journal of

Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging

Volume 25, Number 1
First Quarter, 2002

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Dr. Jerry Sergent

Regular Contributions

"Inspection of Flip Chip and Chip Scale Package Interconnects Using Laser Ultrasound and Interferometric Techniques"
Turner Howard, Dathan Erdahl and I. Charles Ume

"A Projection Moiré System for Measuring Warpage with Case Studies"
Hai Ding, Reinhard E. Powell and I. Charles Ume

"Comparison of Numerical Predictions and Experimental Measurements for the Transient Thermal Behavior of a Board-Mounted Electronic Component"
Valérie Eveloy and Peter Rodgers

"Mold Compound Adhesion to Bare Copper Lead Frames - Effect of Laser Texturing"
Joseph Fauty, James Knapp and Jay Yoder

"Development of a Novel Powder Cluster Wick Structure for LTCC Embedded Heat Pipes"
Guangnan Deng and W. Kinzy Jones

"Manufacturing of the Folded Flexible Circuit Board"
Sanjiv Samant and Jinesh Jain

"A Thermomechanical Model for Warpage Prediction of Microelectronic Packages"
Eric Egan, Gerard Kelly, Tom O'Donovan and Michael Peter Kennedy

"Bonding and Failure Behaivors of ACA Flip Chip Bumps"
Kwang-Lung Lin, Wei-Liang Chen and Charles Hwang

"Transient 3D Heat Flow Analysis for High Power Bipolar Insulated Gate Transistors using the Transmission Line Matrix"
R. Hocine, M.A. Boudghene Stambouli and A.Saidane

"Analysis of Solder Joint Reliability in Flip Chip Package"
Xiaowu Zhang

"Role of Base Substrate Material on Dielectric and Copper Interlayer Separation"
Wiedong Xie, Hurang Hu and Suresh K. Sitaraman

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