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April 14, 2009

TJ Green Associates, LLC

Button On-line Registration Ends This Friday, April 17, for the IMAPS/ACerS 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies (read more...)

Button IMAPS 2009, San Jose - Abstracts Due This Friday, April 17 (read more...)

Button Upcoming Webinar on Signal Integrity and Precision Design in Digital Systems (read more...)

Button Call for Abstracts - ATW and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management (read more...)

   CHAPTER ACTIVITIES (events listed in chronological order)
Bullet New England Chapter April 21 Dinner Meeting on Manufacturing and Reliability Challenges With QFN Packages in Pb and Pb Free Environments (read more...)

Bullet Register On-line for the New England Chapter 36th Symposium and Expo on May 5 (read more...)

Bullet Chesapeake Dinner Meeting on May 13 (read more...)

Bullet EMPC 2009 - European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (read more...)

Bullet Announcing Nordic Chapter 2009 Conference (read more...)

Bullet Call for Papers - 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT 2009) (read more...)

Bullet Germany Chapter's 2009 Conference (read more...)

IMAPS Introduces the Premier Corporate Membership (read more...)

Draper Laboratory

IMAPS Events (view full Web Calendar)

On-line Registration Ends This Friday, April 17, for the IMAPS/ACerS 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies   ^ Top
The 5th CICMT Conference is being held April 20-23, 2009, at The Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado. On-line registration ends this Friday, April 17. For more information, visit

The Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies (CICMT) conference brings together a diverse set of disciplines to share experiences and promote opportunities to accelerate research, development and application of ceramic interconnect and ceramic microsystems technologies. This international conference features ceramic technology for both Microsystems and Interconnect applications in a dual-track technical program. The Ceramic Interconnect track focuses on cost effective and reliable high performance ceramic interconnect products for hostile thermal and chemical environments in the automotive, aerospace, de-fense/security, and communication industries. The Ceramic Microsystems track focuses on emerging applications and new products that exploit the ability of 3-D ceramic structures to integrate interconnect/packaging with microfluidic, optical, micro-reactor and sens-ing functions. Tape casting, thick film hybrid, direct write and rapid prototyping technologies are common to both tracks, with emphasis on material, processes, prototype development, advanced design and application opportunities.

CICMT 2009 will again feature a focused exhibition with a limited number of tabletops for suppliers who support the use of the technologies. To view information about this exhibition, or to reserve your booth(s), visit You may also contact Ann Bell at or 202-548-8717 for information about Tabletop exhibits.

IMAPS 2009, San Jose - Abstracts Due This Friday, April 17   ^ Top
The 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics will be held at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA, from November 1-5, 2009. The IMAPS Technical Committee seeks original papers that demonstrate how new technologies and applications are expanding and redefining microelectronics “between the chip and the system.” The 42nd Symposium on Microelectronics will focus in the areas of Industry, Systems & Applications, Design and Materials & Process. Abstracts should highlight the major contributions of the work in each these four areas of concentration. All abstracts submitted must represent original, previously unpublished work.

Planned Sessions Include:

Industry “Focused”

• Consumer, Portable and Wireless
• Biomedical
• Telecom
• Defense and Security
• Computing and Gaming

• Automotive, Industrial, Harsh Environment Electronics Applications

• Solar and Alternative Energy

Systems & Applications

• Thermal Management
• Power Management
• Cost Reduction, Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management
• Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
• Sensors and Nano Packaging
• Emerging Technologies
• System Packaging
• Microwave & RF Applications
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection
• Photonic / Optoelectronic Packaging
• Packaging for Extreme Environments
• MEMS Packaging
• LED Packaging
• Packaging of Compound Semiconductor Devices


• Electrical Modeling, Signal & Power Integrity
• High Performance Interconnects and Boards
• 3D Packaging Approaches
• Embedded and Integrated Passives
• Wafer Level Packaging / CSP
• Advanced Materials

Materials and Process

• Flip-Chip and Wafer Bumping Processes and Reliability
• Underfill/Encapsulants and Adhesives
• Pb-Free Solder Materials, RoHS, Processes, and Reliability
• Design for Reliability
• Package Reliability Testing
• Wirebonding and Stud Bumping
• Ceramic and LTCC Packaging
• Substrate Materials and Technology
• Printed Electronics

Invited Session on Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics

Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics
Precious metal trading
Future outlook for Precious Metal prices
Cost savings techniques and technologies
Leasing and pool accounts
Advantages of Precious Metals over non Precious metals
Substitute materials
Volume reduction (diameter, thickness etc)
New Applications using Precious Metals
More Information...

(Invited Speakers Only)

• Japanese (Japanese to English translation)

Interactive Poster Session

Outstanding papers that do not fit in planned or created sessions will be considered for this interactive session.

Please send your 250-300 word abstract electronically only on/before Friday, April 17, 2009, using the On-line submittal form at: For more information about IMAPS 2009, visit

All Speakers are required to pay a reduced registration fee. Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging.

If you need assistance with the on-line submittal form, please email Jackki Morris-Joyner or call 305-382-8433

Upcoming Webinar on Signal Integrity and Precision Design in Digital Systems    ^ Top
This three-session on-line Professional Development Course (PDC) webinar will be held:
Wednesdays, May 6, 13, and 20, 2009

All webinars will be held 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm EST

IMAPS Members: $125 per webinar; 3-course series $250
Non-members: $200 per webinar; 3-course series $500

Registration Deadlines: May 5
Register On-line

Key Words

Signal integrity, precision design, digital system, interconnect, electrical performance, bandwidth, modeling, simulation, measurement, characterization, verification, loss, reflection, crosstalk, eye-diagram, S-parameter, skew, jitter

Program Description

Signal integrity margin keeps shrinking as electrical interconnect bandwidth increases. Accurate modeling and design trade-offs are required to achieve product electrical specifications and maintain system cost-effectiveness.

This professional development course provides the knowledge and skills required for the precision design of electrical interconnections. The course starts with a review of fundamental concepts of signal integrity in digital systems, followed by signal propagation along transmission lines and various discontinuities. Packaging structures which degrade signal integrity will be discussed, including their contribution to insertion loss, reflective ringing, and crosstalk.

Signal integrity analysis techniques will also be covered. With some example cases, the definition and interpretation of frequency domain S-parameters are introduced then correlated to time-domain eye-diagrams and impulse responses for “eye” quality, skew and jitter analysis. The power spectral density of signals as a function of data-rate, pattern, and waveform shape will also be discussed.

Modeling strategies designed to analyze signal integrity of system-level links will be presented with examples employing commercial modeling software. The criteria of model segmentation and setup are described as well as the importance of verifying models by correlating them with measurements. Both frequency-domain and time-domain link-level simulations will be demonstrated, followed by comparisons of different signaling schemes (S.E. vs. Differential) and effects of various equalization choices.

Hardware characterization is often a difficult task at high frequencies due to the parasitics of accessing the device under test (through vias or connectors not part of the desired structure). Measurements, calibration and structural de-embedding will be discussed for commonly used equipment such as vector network analyzers, time-domain reflectometers, and oscilloscopes.  

Finally, the effects of design and manufacturing tolerance will be discussed, including perforations on reference planes, high-density buses, power/ground mixed-referencing, layer misalignment, and material/geometry variations.

These 2 one-hour PDC lectures can be taken in total or separately depending on the experience level of the student and topics of interest.  Below is a course outline for each session.  Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Session 1 of 3: Wednesday, May 6 -- 12:00-1:00 PM EST

  • Introduction of signal integrity in digital systems
  • Signal propagation along transmission lines and various discontinuities
  • Packaging structures and their electrical characteristics
  • Electrical analysis: frequency domain
    • S-parameters
    • Insertion loss, reflection, crosstalk

Session 2 of 3: Wednesday, May 13 -- 12:00-1:00 PM EST

  • Electrical analysis: time domain
    • Impulse response, delay
    • Eye-diagram, skew, jitter
  • Power spectral density of digital signal
    • Data-rate, rise/fall time, pattern
    • Correlations: frequency-domain vs. time-domain
  • Mixed-referencing and system-level modeling strategies
    • Approaching to system-level designs
    • Effects of non-ideal return paths and power noise
  • Criteria of model segmentation and setup
    • 2D vs. 3D
    • Model dimensions
    • Ports and boundary condition

Session 3 of 3: Wednesday, May 20 -- 12:00-1:00 PM EST

  • Signaling scheme and equalization choices
    • Single Ended vs. Differential
    • Equalization choices
  • Measurement and calibration techniques
    • Calibration, de-embedding
  • Design and manufacturing tolerance
    • Design trade-offs
    • Manufacturing tolerance and the effects

Who Should Attend?

The course covers both fundamental knowledge and advanced analysis/characterization skills. Therefore, it is not only suitable for electrical engineers/managers, but also system designers who need to balance chip/packaging or electrical/mechanical trade-offs. Newcomers may also take it to jump start their careers.

Thomas Green


Lei Shan received his MS in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2000. In 2001, he joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, as a Research Staff Member, where he works on high speed electronics/optoelectronics packaging designs and multi-physics modeling/simulations. He designed and demonstrated high speed packages on both connectorized format and BGA joints for 50Gbps multiplexer and demultiplexer based on IBM SiGe BiCMOS technology. He led the packaging development for 10G Ethernet and Terabus optical links on printed circuit board. His recent research interest is on precision designs and signal/power integrity in high-performance computing systems and the fundamental electrical limits. Shan has authored over 40 publications with three Best Paper Awards and owns over 20 US patents.

Register On-line For This Webinar

Call for Abstracts - ATW and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management    ^ Top
IMAPS is now accepting abstracts for the Advanced Technology Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management. This year's workshop will be held at Dinah's Garden Hotel in Palo Alto, California, from October 5 - 8. Full workshop details are available at

This workshop is organized each year by IMAPS to promote discussion of leading-edge developments in thermal management components, materials, and systems solutions for removing, spreading, and dissipating heat from microelectronic devices and systems. The Workshop emphasis is for practical, high-performance solutions to meet current and evolving requirements in computing and telcom systems.  Single-company product development concepts are acceptable subjects; however, all abstracts will be judged on novel and innovative contributions to the industry knowledge.

This Advanced Technology Workshop (ATW) and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management has been held since 1992 and is considered to be one of the most successful of the IMAPS workshops held each year. The 2008 Workshop featured 42 technical presentations, eight of which were competition-selected presentations from university engineering graduate students.

Speakers are asked to attend the entire Workshop to maximize opportunities for interaction with registered attendees.  All authors and attendees find that this IMAPS Workshop format is a proven forum for informal but highly effective networking between attendees and speakers. Speakers pay a reduced registration fee.


  • Market Drivers:  Market trends, technical drivers, cost drivers, performance and reliability requirements, developing markets.
  • Thermal Interface Materials and Testing: Developments in thermal materials for high-performance processors, memory, RF, and telcom components and systems. Standards for reliability and testing.  Metallic, polymer matrix, CNT, thermal adhesives, and other materials.
  • High Conductivity Materials: Metallic, ceramic and composite materials with high thermal conductivity and CTE matching.
  • Liquid, Phase-Change, and Refrigeration Cooling: Advances in alternative solutions as well as reliability, serviceability, and availability.
  • System Cooling: Component- and system-level thermal management solutions for high-performance computing systems.
  • Data Center Cooling: Studies of cooling provisioning, airflow and temperature distribution, and migration from air to liquid cooling.        
  • Military and Aerospace Apps: Thermal management of legacy, emerging, and future military and airborne components and platforms.
  • Telecommunications Systems: Component- and system-level thermal solutions for high-performance telecommunications systems.
  • Consumer Electronics: Component- and system-level thermal management solutions for stationary and  mobile systems, including displays, desktop and notebook computers, and handheld devices.

Speakers should submit one copy of a two-paragraph abstract describing their proposed 25-minute presentation no later than July 24, 2009.  No formal technical paper is required.  A reproduction-ready two- to six-page concise summary with text (figures and graphs included if necessary) will be required for the abstract booklet on Friday, September 4, 2009.  A post-conference CD containing the full presentation material as supplied by authors will be mailed 15 business days after the event to all attendees.

Abstracts must be submitted on-line at

Questions:  Jackki Morris-Joyner, Technical Programs Manager.  Email: or 305-382-8433.

Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging.

Chapter Activities (events listed in chronological order)

New England Chapter April 21 Dinner Meeting on Manufacturing and Reliability Challenges With QFN Packages in Pb and Pb Free Environments    ^ Top

Date: April 21, 2009
Time: 5:30 PM Registration and Socializing
6:00 PM Dinner
6:50 PM Announcements
7:00 PM Presentation
9:00 PM Closing

Wilmington, MA


Member $ 20.00
Non-Member $ 25.00
Retired Member $ 10.00
Student Member $ 5.00

RSVP REQUIRED: Mike Sivigny at
This reservation is a commitment; the amount due is payable by check or cash at the door. Failure to cancel by noon on Friday before meeting week may result in your being billed for costs incurred by the Chapter.

Pre-registration must be received by Wednesday before the event!! PLEASE NOTE: 1.) All attendees MUST be US Citizens. 2.) Pre-registered attendees, pls. bring drivers license. 3.) Late (non-pre-registered) attendees MUST bring a Passport or Birth Certificate to attend this SMTA/iMAPs Meeting on Tues, April 21, 2009 at Textron Defense Systems.

Manufacturing and Reliability Challenges With QFN Packages in Pb and Pb Free Environments

Cheryl Tulkoff, CRE
Senior Member of the Technical Staff DfR (Design for Reliability) Solutions


One of the fastest growing package types in the electronics industry today is the Quad Flat Pack No Lead (QFN). It consists of an overmolded leadframe with bond pads exposed on the bottom and arranged along the periphery of the package. While the advantages of QFNs are well documented, DfR Solutions considers QFN as a ‘next generation’ technology for non-consumer electronic OEMs due to concerns with:

  • Manufacturability
  • Compatibility with other OEM processes
  • Reliability

Acceptance of this package, especially in long-life, severe environment, high-rel applications, is currently limited as a result. This presentation is designed to review the specific concerns in relation to design and process designs by CMs and OEMs and provide possible mitigations or solutions to allow the reliable introduction of QFN packaged components.

Speaker Bio:

Cheryl Tulkoff has over 15 years of experience in electronics manufacturing with an emphasis on failure analysis and reliability. She has worked in both circuit card fabrication and assembly and semiconductor fabrication processes.

Cheryl earned her Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. She is a published author, experienced public speaker and a Senior member of both ASQ and IEEE. She holds leadership positions in the IEEE Central Texas Chapter, IEEE WIE (Women In Engineering), and IEEE ASTR (Accelerated Stress Testing and Reliability) sections. She chairs the annual IEEE ASTR workshop and is also an ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer.

She has a strong passion for pre-college STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) outreach & volunteers with several organizations specializing in encouraging pre-college students to pursue careers in these fields. She’ll also be returning to Boston in a few weeks to run her first Boston Marathon

Register On-Line for the New England Chapter 36th Symposium and Expo on May 5    ^ Top

Date: May 5, 2009

Holiday Inn Boxborough Woods
Boxborough MA


The Symposium Technical Committee is planning papers on the following subjects:

. Biomedical Electronics
. Telecom - Microwave
. Military Electronics
. Consumer Electronics
. Renewable Energy: Fuel Cells, Solar, Wind
. Thermal  Management
. Manufacturing, Outsourcing & Quality
. Software and Firmware Applications
. High Performance Interconnects and Boards
. Imaging Sensors

. Emerging Technologies

Advanced Processes & Materials
. 3D and High Density Packaging
. Photonic/ Optoelectronic packaging
. LED Packaging
. MEMS and Nano Packaging
. Underfill/ Encapsulants and Adhesives
. Green packaging / Compliance with RoHS
. Flip-Chip and Bumping: Processes, Reliability
. Wirebonding and Stud Bumping
. Embedded and Integrated Passives
. Ceramic, Polymer and Conductive Materials
. Cu/ Low-K

Poster Session

Visit for complete information.

Chesapeake Dinner Meeting on May 13    ^ Top

Date: May 13, 2009

National Electronics Museum (Click here for directions)
1745 West Nursery Road  
Linthicum, Maryland 21090-2906
Phone: 410-765-0230


IMAPS members - $ 10.00.
Non-members - $ 20.00.
Students – $ 5.00

RSVP before 5pm Eastern on May 11


5:15 Welcome and networking

5:45 Dinner served

6:00 Greg Caswell, Vice President of Engineering, Reactive Nano Technologies
“NanoBond® Assembly; Room Temperature Component Mount Soldering Technology.”

6:30 William McKinzie, WEMTEC, Inc.
“Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures for Microwave and Millimeterwave Applications in Multi-Layered Packages.”

7:00 Wrap-up.
Discuss date, location, and program of next event. Discuss interest on chapter leadership.

7:15 Optional self-guided tour of the electronics museum.

EMPC 2009 - European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference    ^ Top
EMPC is Europe’s premier conference planned every two years in a different European country by the local IMAPS chapter, bringing together specialists from industry and academia. The European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference & Exhibition, EMPC 2009, will be held in Rimini, Italy on June 15-18, 2009. EMPC 2009 addresses “everything in electronics between the chip and the system”. The Technical Program Committee of EMPC 2009 invites you to send abstracts of original work describing recent developments in microelettronics technologies.  The Call for Papers, exhibitors details and other information are available at

Announcing Nordic Chapter 2009 Conference    ^ Top

Dates: September 13-15, 2009

Quality Hotel, Tønsberg, Norway

On-line Info:

IMAPS Nordic is proud to announce this year’s conference in Norway. The conference will take place in the center of the “Electronic Coast” of Norway hosting a range of high tech companies. Tønsberg is only 30 minutes from the Oslo-Torp airport (TRP) and 1 hour south of Oslo.
You are welcome to submit an abstract or suggestion for a paper to the IMAPS Nordic Conference 2009. The abstract must be non-commercial and submitted in electronic form to no later than April 10. Speakers will be notified of paper acceptance by email by May 31.
The deadline for the final paper is July 10. 

Proposed topics include:

  • 3D Advanced interconnect, Advanced packaging
  • Harsh environment,
  • Ceramics: thickfilm, copper plated, DBC, LTCC
  • Chip thinning & stacking, 3D-packaging, embedding
  • CSP, flip chips, area array
  • Future electronics, trends & strategies
  • High frequency packaging
  • Integrated passive devices (IPD) & System in Package (SiP)
  • Manufacturing management & outsourcing
  • MEMS, MOEMS, sensor integration & applications
  • High temperature electronics
  • Microvia, HDI laminates, flex, embedded passives
  • Pb and halogen free electronics, methods and consequences
  • Reliability assessment, SPC
  • SMT and board assembly
  • System cost assessment
  • Unique materials, PTF, underfills and ACF, encapsulation
  • Wirebonding, COB
Tutorial suggestions are also welcome to
For the latest information about the conference and the exhibition, visit our homepage at or send email to or to the Exhibition Host at

Call for Papers - 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT 2009)    ^ Top
Taiwan has kept the key technology and position in the world’s IC packaging, testing, thermal and PCB areas. For promoting the competition of Taiwan electronic industry, IEEE CPMT-Taipei, I-SHOU, ITRI, TPCA, IMAPS-Taiwan and SMTA cooperate again to hold the 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT 2009). Organizers expect the theme of IMPACT 2009, “IMPACT Your Future: Integration, Efficiency & Eco-Friendly”, will bring the concept of combination, high-efficiency and green tech. For this reason, organizers hope it would result in knowledgeable discussion and profound impact. This year, TTMA (Taiwan Thermal Management Association) join this Conference, which could attract papers from thermal management, cooling technology and energy saving. Besides, IMPACT 2009 will be held simultaneously with TPCA Show at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall during October 21 to 23, 2009. Attendees not only could attend Conference, but also could enjoy this important Show.

Taiwan, Silicon Island acts as a crucial position among worldwide electronic industry with over 50% revenue on IC packaging, testing and thermal in the world. And Taiwan PCB industry also have 25% market share in the world. Taiwan plays an important role in high-tech industry because of these remarkable performances. Organizers hope this conference could provide an international platform for all foreign and domestic contributors to show their researches. Besides, it also could let overseas scholars and engineers understand the Taiwan technologic industrious development and achievement.

Last year, because 6 organizers cooperated together, there had 200 papers solicited and 600 foreign and domestic attendees joining in IMPACT. Meanwhile, organizers also arranged varied activities such as industrious sessions and “Best Student & Outstanding paper Award” ceremony. Moreover, those accepted papers would be embodied in IEEE Xplore. Therefore, the organizers expect this year will attract much more foreign scholars and R&D Researchers attending this important event to share experience and communicate with each other.

Contributions are very welcome from industry participants and academic researchers. The paper should be written and presented in English and the abstract should be submitted by June 7. Welcome to submit your paper by on-line registration. If you want to get more information, please feel free to contact with the secretariat, Yaffy Liu. Tel: 886-3-3177272 ext. 402, Email: More information, please check IMPACT 2009 website:

Germany Chapter's 2009 Conference    ^ Top

Dates: October 27-28, 2009

Hochschule of Munich (near Central Station)
Munich, Germany

On-line Info:

The German IMAPS-Conference 2009 will take place at the Hochschule of Munich, near Central Station. You are welcome to submit a paper (approx. 20 min.) covering one of the following topics of microelectronics, packaging or interconnection technology:


  • Telecommunication
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Sensors


  • Design Software
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Design for Testability
  • Simulation
  • Thermal/electrical/mechanical
  • Simulations, RF/Microwave Simulation

System Aspects / Problem Solutions

  • Reliability & Live Cycle
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductors, MEMS, System in Package, Chip Scale Packages, MCM, System on Chip
  • Fluid Systems
  • Optoelectronics
  • Mechatronics Systems
  • High Temperature Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • High Frequency Electronics
  • Test Systems

Processes und Materials

  • Wafer Level Processes
  • Ceramic und Organic Circuits
    • Materials, 3D Forming, HDI-Processes, Inkjetprinting, Screenprinting, Photolithography, Laser Shaping …
  • Materials
    • (Adhesives, Solders, Encapsulation, Nanomaterials, functional Layers)
  • Assembly- and Connection Technology
    • FlipChip, Wirebonding, SMT …
  • Process Control

Please send your abstract (approx. 200 words) until June 1, 2009 to:

Dr.-Ing. Gisela Dittmar, Ingenieurbüro Elektroniktechnologie Dittmar
Albrecht-Erhardt-Str. 17, D-73433 Aalen
Tel.: +49(0)7361/931129, Fax: +49(0)7361/943004

A BEST PAPER price will be awarded ! !
You can also use the online service at:!

Products and Publications

IMAPS Introduces the Premier Corporate Membership    ^ Top
IMAPS now offers a Premier Corporate Membership as the highest valued membership with the most benefits for organizations in microelectronics. For only $2,500, a Corporate Premium Member can benefit from over $9,000 in discounts and savings. This new corporate membership includes the followign benefits:

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  • Right to vote in IMAPS Elections

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Lorac - Furnace Experts

PDC Webinar Series on Introduction to Multilayer Ceramics (3 Sessions)
Session 3: April 15, 2009

CICMT 2009 - IMAPS/ACerS 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies
April 20-23, 2009
Denver, CO

*Exhibitors contact

PDC Webinar Series on Signal Integrity and Precision Design in Digital Systems (3 Sessions)
Session 1: May 6, 2009

Session 2: May 13, 2009
Session 3: May 20, 2009

TW on Wire Bonding
July 13, 2009
San Francisco, CA

High Temp. Electronics Network - HiTEN 2009
September 13-16, 2009
Oxford, UK

ATW on RF/Microwave Packaging
September 22-24, 2009
San Diego, CA

ATW and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management
October 5-8, 2009
Palo Alto, CA

*Exhibitors contact

IMAPS 2009 - San Jose
November 1-5, 2009
San Jose, CA

*Exhibitors contact

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Compex Corp

Oneida Research Services


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