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July 14, 2009

TJ Green Associates, LLC

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   CHAPTER ACTIVITIES (events listed in chronological order)
Bullet Northern California Chapter August 5 Lunch Meeting on Impact of Solar Cell/Panel Interconnects on Long-term Reliability and Economics (read more...)

Bullet Nordic Chapter 2009 Conference - New Keynotes and Nanopackaging Tutorial Announced (read more...)

Bullet IBM, ASE Will Spotlight in IMPACT 2009 - 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (read more...)

Bullet Germany Chapter's 2009 Conference (read more...)

Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging - Don't Miss First Quarter 2009  (read more...)

Advancing Microelectronics July/August 2009 On-line Magazine is Available (read more...)

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Program and Registration Now Available for IMAPS HiTEN Conference - High Temperature Electronics Network    ^ Top
IMAPS is now managing the International Conference on High Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN). HiTEN 2009 will be held September 13-16, 2009, in Oxford, United Kingdom. Full program, lodging and registration details are available at

The objective of the HiTEN Conference is to have a unique forum that brings together researchers and practitioners in academia and industry from all over the world. All styles of practical high temperature electronics design and implementation approaches are encouraged, along with a variety of high temperature application areas. Today the main semiconductor focus of HITEN is silicon and silicon on insulator (SOI). Although, HITEN is not simply a semiconductor focused network. HITEN provides a conduit for the exchange and dissemination of information on all aspects of high temperature electronics. It is a global network with users, suppliers, developers and fundamental researchers dealing in all aspects of High Temperature Electronics.

Sunday, September 13th

Dinner: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Monday, September 14th

Registration: 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

Breakfast: 8:00 am – 8:50 am

Opening Remarks: 8:50 am – 9:00 am
Conference Chairs

Session 1: Capacitors and Connectors
Chair: Colin Johnston, Oxford Applied Technology - UK
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Architecture Analysis of High Performance Capacitors
Jeffery T. Stricker, Hiroyuki Kosai, Tyler W. Bixel, Seana A. McNeal, James D. Scofield, Jennifer DeCerbo, Biswajit Ray, US Air Force Research Laboratory

Robust BME Class-I Ceramic Capacitors for High Temperature Applications
Xilin Xu, Bill Buchanan, Paul Staubli, Philip Lessner, Abhijit Gurav, KEMET Electronics Corporation

Thermally Robust Polymer Dielectric Systems for Air Force Wide-Temperature Power Electronics Applications
Narayanan Venkat, Victor K. McNier, Zongwu Bai, Marlene D. Houtz, Thuy D. Dang, University of Dayton Research Institute; Jennifer N. DeCerbo, Jeffery T. Stricker, US Air Force Research Laboratory

Break: 10:30 am – 11:00 am

Fabrication and Characterization of High Temperature Film Capacitors
Keith D. Jamison, R. D. Wood, B. G. Zollars, P. Le, Nanohmics, Inc.

Novel Solid Tantalum Capacitor for Demanding Applications up to 200°C
Radovan Faltus, Tomas Zednicek, AVX Czech Republic S.R.O.

Adapting Press-Fit Connection Technology for Electronic Modules in Harsh Environments
Andy Longford, PandA Europe; Joseph Lynch, Interplex Industries Inc., USA

High-Dielectric-Constant Capacitors for High-Temperature Power Inverters in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
U. Balachandran, B. Ma, M. Narayanan, Argonne National Laboratory

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Session 2A: Devices
Chairs: Thomas Krebs, CISSOID; Joe Henfling, Sandia National Laboratory
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Product Test Results of the HTADC12 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter at 250°C
Thomas B. Romanko, Mark Larson, Honeywell International Inc.

Performance and Reliability of SiGe Devices and Circuits For High Temperature Applications
Dylan B. Thomas, John D. Cressler, Laleh Najafizadeh, Leora Peltz, Stan Phillips, Ted Wilcox, Georgia Institute of Technology; R. Wayne Johnson, Auburn University

Introduction of Texas Instruments High Temperature Semiconductors
Mont Taylor, Brad Little, Texas Instruments

Break: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

SOI Lateral PIN Diodes for Temperature and UV Sensing in Very Harsh Environments
Bertrand Rue, Olivier Bulteel, Denis Flandre, University Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve; Michelly de Souza,  A. Pavanello, FEI

Quartzdyne ASIC Developments
Shane Rose, Mark Watts, Quartzdyne

Operational and Performance Test Results of the Reconfigurable Processor for Data Acquisition (RPDA) at 250°C
Thomas B. Romanko, Mike Johnson, Honeywell International Inc.

Dinner: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday, September 15th

Registration: 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

Breakfast: 8:00 am – 8:50 am

Session 2B: Devices continued
Chair: Rene Lerch, Fraunhofer IMS
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Development of the First Commercialised Integrated Circuit Process Operating in the Range of 300°C to 450°C
James A. McGonigal, David T. Clark, Robin F. Thompson, Raytheon Systems Limited

Evaluation of an SOI Operational Amplifier with High Temperature Packaging
Liang-Yu Chen, Richard L. Patterson, Ahmad Hammoud, Michael J. Krasowski, Joseph M. Flatico, Dennis E. Culley, OAI / NASA Glenn Research Center

Performance of a Diode-Based Bandgap Reference Circuit
Paul Moody, Marshall Soares, Monte Johnson, NOV/Intelliserv

Break: 10:30 am – 11:00 am

Development of an Integrated Power Controller Based on HT SOI and SiC
Joseph A. Henfling, Stan Atcitty, Frank Maldonado, Sandia National Laboratories; Trevor Thornton, ASU, Randy Normann, PermaWorks

Session 3: Packaging Materials
Chair: Wayne Johnson, Auburn University
11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Dielectric, Thermal and Structural Characterization of Fluorinated Parylene Films for High Temperature Power Device Surface Insulation
Mireille Bechara, S. Diaham, M. L. Locatelli, S. Zelmat, C. Tenailleau, Université Paul Sabatier

Investigation of Polyimide/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites for High Temperature Electronic Packaging Applications
Qing-Yuan Tang, Y. C. Chan, N. B. Wong, City University of Hong Kong

Nanoparticle Enhanced Solders for High Temperature Reliability
Omid Mokhtari, Roya Ashayer, Samjid H. Mannan, Michael P. Clode, Kings College of London

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Session 4: Sensors and MEMS
Chairs: Randy Normann, Perma Works; Alison Crossley, University of Oxford
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

HTNFET Junction Capacitance Measurements, Theoretical Model and Validation for Development of High-Temperature Wireless Sensor Networks
Jonathan Gagnon, François Gagnon, École de Technologie Supérieure

High Temperature SOI CMOS Ultra Low Power Circuits for MEMS Co-Integrated Interfaces
Bertrand Rue, Nicolas Andre, Benoit Olbrechts, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Denis Flandre, University Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve

High-Temperature SOI CMOS Compatible MEMS Pressure Sensors
Reneé Lerch, Robert Klieber, Norbert Kordas, Holger Kappert, Fraunhofer IMS

Break: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Explosion Metrology: A better bang for your buck?
Greg D. Horler, David McGorman, Instrumentel Ltd.

A Non Volatile MEMS Switch for Harsh Environment Memory Applications
Vikram Joshi, Richard Knipe, Rob VanKampen, Damian Lacey, Toshi Nagata, Dennis Yost, Charles Smith, Cavendish Kinetics, Inc.

High Temperature SiC Wireless Telemetry Systems
John Fraley, Bryon Western, Roberto M. Schupbach, Alexander B. Lostetter, Brice McPherson, Jared Hornberger, Jie Yang, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.

Dinner: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, September 16th

Registration: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Breakfast: 8:00 am – 8:50 am

Session 5: Packaging
Chairs: Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF; Shane Rose, Quartzdyne
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Nano-Mechanical Analysis of Pb-Free Solders for Reliability Optimisation in High Performance Microelectronics Systems
V.M.F. Marques, C. Johnston, P.S. Grant, University of Oxford

Development of High Temperature Electronics Packaging Technologies for Long Term Operation at 250°C
S. T. Riches, Kevin Cannon, GE Aviation Systems; Colin Johnston, Mica Sousa, Patrick Grant, Oxford University; Jim Gulliver, Sondex Wireline Ltd.; Mark Langley, Vibro-meter UK Ltd.; Robin Pittson, Simona Serban, Denley Baghurst, Gwent Electronics Materials; Mike Firmstone, Thermastrat

Packaging Technology for High Temperature Silicon-on-Insulator Electronics
R. Wayne Johnson, Ping Zheng, Phillip Henson, Auburn University

Break: 10:30 am – 11:00 am

Thermomechanical Reliability Evaluation of Direct Bonded Aluminum (DBA) as a Substrate for High-Temperature Electronics Packaging
Thomas G. Lei, Jesus N. Calata, Khai D. Ngo, Guo-Quan Lu, Virginia Tech

The Development and Application of 225°C Hybrid Microcircuit Technology
Robert Hunt, Chris Andrews, C-MAC MicroTechnology

Hermetic Micro-Packaging with Heat Sinks
Marie Evrard, Nathan Foster, Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Member of SOURIAU Group

Plastic Packaging for High Temperature Applications
Tanja Braun, K.-F. Becker, J. Bauer, M. Koch, V. Bader, R. Aschenbrenner, H. Reichl, Fraunhofer IZM

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Session 6: Power Electronics
Chairs: Sascha Schwarze, Baker Hughes INTEQ; Steve Riches, GE Aviation
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

250°C Voltage Compliant SOI MESFETs for High Power PWM Drive Circuits
Nicholas Summers, William Lepkowski, Seth Wilk, Trevor Thornton, Randy Normann, Joseph Henfling, Arizona State University

High Temperature DC-DC Buck Converters for Point-of-Load (POL) Applications
Pierre Delatte, V. Dessard, A. Saib, E. Boufous, N. Pequignot, G. Picún, CISSOID S.A.

High Temperature Power Electronics IGBT Modules for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles
Reiner John, Infineon Technologies; Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF

Break: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

High Temperature Power Electronic Packaging for Oil Well Applications
Rolf Johannessen, Andreas Larsson, Frøydis Oldervoll, Truls Fallet, SINTEF Information and Communication Technology

High Temperature Nanoelectronics for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles
Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF; Reiner John, Infineon Technologies

A High Temperature 2Amps Power Driver for SMPS and Motor Drive Applications
Pierre Delatte, E. Boufous, V. Dessard, A. Saib, N. Pequignot, G. Picún, CISSOID S.A.

High-Power and High Temperature SiC Power Module Development
Gavin Mitchell, Edgar Cilio, John Garrett, Marcelo Schupbach, Alex Lostetter, Arkansas Power Electronics International

Closing Remarks: 6:00 pm

Abstracts Still Being Accepted for 2nd Annual RF and Microwave Packaging Workshop    ^ Top
IMAPS 2nd Annual Advanced Technology Workshop on RF and Microwave Packaging will be held September 22-24, 2009, at the Crowne Plaza in San Diego. The IMAPS SoCal Golf Tournament will be held the morning of September 22. Full workshop details are available at

The objective of the RF and Microwave Packaging Workshop is to provide a unique forum that brings together scientists, engineers, manufacturing, academia, and business people from around the world who work in the area of RF and Microwave packaging technologies. This workshop enables discussion and presentation of the latest RF and Microwave technology.

Abstracts are being requested in the following areas:

Emerging Technologies

New Design/Materials

New Applications

  • 60 GHz Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Short wave IR packaging
  • Nanopackaging
  • 3D RF/MW
  • New and disruptive technology
  • EMI shielding for RF/MW packaging
  • New power amplifier design beyond LDMOS
  • Thermal management
  • New IR sensors without cooling
  • Plastic RF/MW packaging
  • Lead free
  • Military / Space
  • Optoelectronics (night vision, thermal weapon sight, etc.)
  • High Power Electronics
  • Space/Extreme Environments
  • Biomedical
  • Telecommunications
  • Reliability
  • MMIC
  • Automotive
  • SIP

Awards will be given in the following categories: Best ATW Paper; Best Session Papers; and Best Student Paper.

Those wishing to present a paper at the RF and Microwave Packaging Advanced Technology Workshop must submit a 200-300 word abstract electronically using the on-line submittal form at:

Full written papers are not required; however, an extended abstract of 1-4 pages is due for accepted presenters no later than August 7, 2009. All abstracts submitted must represent original, previously unpublished work. The abstracts should highlight the substrate advancements, materials processing/reliability, design, packaging issues and application. The submission section will aid in grouping the work within these three areas.

Please contact Jackki Morris-Joyner by email at or by phone at 202-548-4001 if you have questions.

Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging.

All Speakers are required to pay a reduced registration fee and are required to attend the entire Workshop to maximize opportunities for interaction with registered attendees.  All authors and attendees find that this IMAPS Workshop format is a proven forum for informal but highly effective networking between attendees and speakers.

Abstracts Still Being Accepted for the Emerging Technology Workshop on Nano-Integrated Microsystems Packaging: Design, Materials, Processes and Applications    ^ Top
IMAPS announces the Emerging Technology Workshop on Nano-Integrated Microsystems Packaging: Design, Materials, Processes and Applications. This workship will be held October 13 - 15, 2009, at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Full workshop details are on-line at

Onset of 21st Century is marked with significant nanotechnology breakthroughs to enable new class of designs, materials and processes and nano-integrated systems. Microsystems, including microelectronics packaging, are one of the primary beneficiaries of this revolution. At the foundation of these nano innovations are the fundamental value additions offered due to nano size (<100 nm) enabling high surface to volume ratio, pristine functional characteristics and thus, unique device and material properties, ultra high packaging density, etc. Examples of nanoscale building blocks are nano structured metals like copper, quantum dots of III-V compounds, carbon nanotubes, zinc oxide nanorods, BaTiO3 nanoparticles, etc. These new classes of materials and their unprecedented properties offer opportunities to deliver excellent candidates for next generation of packaging delivering high performance and multifunctions, per dollar. Example beneficiaries are LEDs and OLEDs, z-axis interconnects, anisotropic underfills, thermally conductive epoxies, die attach solders, passive capacitors, etc. This first workshop is an important forum towards building a community of scientists, engineers and businesses working on nano-integrated technologies adding value to traditional products as well as creating new products in electronic, energy, communication, chemical and other sectors of businesses for sustainable economy.

Planned sessions include the following technical areas for keynote and speakers:

  • Session I:  Nano Materials and Properties
  • Session II:  Nanomaterials Integrated Structures:  (substrates, interconnects, underfill, adhesive, etc.) and performance
  • Session III:  Nanofabrication and Assembly Processes and Instrumentation
  • Session IV:  Nano-Integrated Microsystems Packaging Applications and Case Studies
  • Panel:  Quo Vadimus for enabling Nano-integrated Packaging Product Innovations

Those wishing to discuss the findings and developments in the form of a presentation at this workshop, please submit a 200-300 word abstract electronically using the on-line submittal form at:

No formal technical paper is required.  A reproduction-ready two- to six-page concise summary with text (figures and graphs included if necessary) will be required for the abstract booklet on Friday, August 28, 2009.  A post-conference CD containing the full presentation material as supplied by authors will be mailed 15 business days after the event to all attendees.

Please contact Jackki Morris-Joyner by email at or by phone at 202-548-4001 if you have questions.

Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging.

Upcoming IMAPS PDC Webinars    ^ Top

  • Convenient — education brought to YOU at YOUR desktop/phone - no travel, traffic or time away from the office or home.
  • Inexpensive — avoid travel costs, hotel fees and other costs for traditional in-person meetings.
  • Real-time — featuring current and up-to-date information.

Our Professional Development Course (PDC) Webinar Series is a true on-line meeting - a Webinar. Upon registering, IMAPS provides the log-in details for the web software as well as the audio dial-in through your phone. You are able to view the presentation materials over your computer and listen to the live lecture through your phone. You will receive a copy of the slides for each session, have direct interaction with the instructor, and also be sent an attendee list following your webinar(s). Details on all IMAPS webinars can be viewed at

The following webinars have been scheduled:

IMAPS PDC Webinar Series on
Electrical Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Electronic Packaging Structures for Signal and Power Integrity
Presented by: Dr. Ivan Ndip, Fraunhofer-Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM); and Professor Ege Engin, San Diego State University
This two-session on-line Professional Development Course (PDC) webinar will be held: Tuesdays, August 4, 11, 2009. All webinars will be held 10:00 am - 11:00 am EDT

IMAPS PDC Webinar Series on
Guide to Component Chip Attach - Including Flip Chip (Details Available Soon)
Presented by: Phillip Creter, Creter and Associates
This two-session on-line Professional Development Course (PDC) webinar will be held: Tuesdays, September 22, 29, 2009. All webinars will be held 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm EDT

Details on all IMAPS webinars can be viewed at
Chapter Activities (events listed in chronological order)

Northern California Chapter August 5 Lunch Meeting on Impact of Solar Cell/Panel Interconnects on Long-term Reliability and Economics    ^ Top

Dates: Wednesday, August 5
Schedule: 11:30 AM – 12 PM Registration & Networking
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM Buffet Luncheon
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM Speaker Presentation

David’s Restaurant
Banquet & Conference Facility    
5151 Stars & Stripes Drive
Santa Clara, CA  95054


IMAPS Members $20.00;
General $23.00;
Students (with ID) $10.00


Please email Gina Love at to reserve your space today!  Registrations will be confirmed via email.  We accept cash and checks at the door.

Please join us for a technical presentation and lunch.

Impact of Solar Cell/Panel Interconnects on Long-term Reliability and Economics

Dr. Raghu Chaware, Ph.D., Senior Staff R&D Engineer, Solaria

Event Abstract:

Recent policy changes in Europe, USA and China have created an increasing impetus to maintain the rate of growth for photovoltaics. Crystalline silicon solar cells, since their first introduction in the late 1970s, have held the largest market share, but various thin film technologies such as CdTe, CIGS, a-Si have been developed and deployed within the last decade.

Even though production of solar cells and solar panels utilize well known techniques from semiconductors and other industries, one of the main virtues of photovoltaics is their long lifespan of 20-30 years in outdoor environments. Reliability and durability of these solar panels have a strong impact on energy payback and cost effectiveness. During this talk, Dr. Chaware will discuss some common failures modes in solar panels with a special emphasis on solar cell contacts and interconnections, which are analogous to the failures observed in organic packages and semiconductor devices.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Raghunandan Chaware has over 8 years of research and development experience in electronics and photovoltaic related packaging materials. Currently, he is developing advanced material and design solutions for Solaria’s low concentration technology. Prior to joining Solaria, Raghunandan managed advanced flip chip packaging materials and process development at Xilinx, where he successfully developed packaging technologies for various new products. He has authored and co-authored 6 publications and has one issued US patent. Raghunandan earned his Ph.D. in Systems Science from State University of New York at Binghamton in 2004.

Nordic Chapter 2009 Conference - New Keynotes and Nanopackaging Tutorial Announced    ^ Top

Dates: September 13-15, 2009

Quality Hotel, Tønsberg, Norway

On-line Info:

IMAPS Nordic is proud to announce this year’s conference in Norway. The conference will take place in the center of the “Electronic Coast” of Norway hosting a range of high tech companies. Tønsberg is only 30 minutes from the Oslo-Torp airport (TRP) and 1 hour south of Oslo.
The call for abstracts has closed and the technical program is now being organized. Sessions will likely focus on the following topics:

  • 3D Advanced interconnect, Advanced packaging
  • Harsh environment,
  • Ceramics: thickfilm, copper plated, DBC, LTCC
  • Chip thinning & stacking, 3D-packaging, embedding
  • CSP, flip chips, area array
  • Future electronics, trends & strategies
  • High frequency packaging
  • Integrated passive devices (IPD) & System in Package (SiP)
  • Manufacturing management & outsourcing
  • MEMS, MOEMS, sensor integration & applications
  • High temperature electronics
  • Microvia, HDI laminates, flex, embedded passives
  • Pb and halogen free electronics, methods and consequences
  • Reliability assessment, SPC
  • SMT and board assembly
  • System cost assessment
  • Unique materials, PTF, underfills and ACF, encapsulation
  • Wirebonding, COB

In addition to the technical program we have planned the following keynote presentations and a tutorial:

Keynote Presentations (Monday morning (a, b) and Tuesday (c, d) morning):


a) Rita Glenne, REC Solar: “The present and the future of silicon solar cells”

b) Muthu B. J. Wijesundara, Northern California Nanotechnology Center: "Recent Progress in SiC Sensors and Microsystems for Harsh Environments"

c) Peter Ramm, Fraunhofer IZM, "Fabrication of 3D integrated heterogeneous systems"

d) Thomas Brunschwiler, IBM Zurich Research Lab, "Thermal packaging: A holistic view from transistor to datacenter"


“NANOPACKAGING - An Introduction to Nanotechnologies in Microelectronics Packaging and Modeling Techniques” by Prof. James Morris, Portland State University

For the latest information about the conference and the exhibition, visit our homepage at or send email to or to the Exhibition Host at

IBM, ASE Will Spotlight in IMPACT 2009 - 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference    ^ Top
The 4th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference (IMPACT 2009) is Jointly organized by IEEE CPMT-Taipei, ITRI, IMAPS-Taiwan, I-Shou University, SMTA, TPCA, and co-organized by TTMA, National Tsing Hua University and Taiwan PCB Institute. It will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall during October 21 to 23, 2009. For attracting distinguished researchers, engineers and experts from Microsystems, Electronic materials, IC packaging, Assembly, PCB and Thermal areas to attend this technology banquet, this year, organizers focus on the theme for “IMPACT Your Future: Integration, Efficiency, & the Eco-Friendly”.

Taiwan always takes a lead in IC Packaging, Testing, Thermal, Microsystem and PCB industry. Because of this outstanding industrious performance, Taiwan is known as “Technology Island”. Organizers expect Taiwan technology could be voiced by this international conference. In addition, Taiwan technology industry could communicate with foreign advanced technology by this global platform. According to the practice, the IMPACT Technical Program Committee will select Best Student Paper Award and Outstanding Paper Award. However, for encouraging the students who study in Taiwanese University to submit PCB related thesis, organizers cooperated with Taiwan PCB institute this year. Once contributions are Taiwanese students who submit PCB paper, they could join in PCB Outstanding Thesis Award. The Gold Award will be rewarded 60,000 NTD.

IMPACT hosts have invited IBM famous manager, Dr. Steven J. Koester to give a speech. Dr. Steven J. Koester has ever announced a high-speed photodetector that could greatly increase the speed at which information travels to and from microchips, promoting performance in computers and other types of electronic systems with his partners. In this Conference, he will make an address in 3D IC technology. In addition, Dr. Ho-Ming Tong, General Manager for ASE Group, will give a keynote speech as well. Dr. Tong is a noted authority on advanced packaging technology. Besides, advanced IC packaging manufacturer, ASE will continue to join Industrial Session. Without doubt, it must lead a technical discussion and communication; in addition, organizers are going to invite other international masters to join this conference. We sincerely welcome your contribution. More detail, please refer to IMPACT 2009 Website: or contact with the secretariat, Yaffy Liu. Tel: 886-3-3177272 ext. 402.

Germany Chapter's 2009 Conference    ^ Top

Dates: October 27-28, 2009

Hochschule of Munich (near Central Station)
Munich, Germany

On-line Info:

The German IMAPS-Conference 2009 will take place at the Hochschule of Munich, near Central Station. Sessions are being organized on the following topics of microelectronics, packaging or interconnection technology:


  • Telecommunication
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Sensors


  • Design Software
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Design for Testability
  • Simulation
  • Thermal/electrical/mechanical
  • Simulations, RF/Microwave Simulation

System Aspects / Problem Solutions

  • Reliability & Live Cycle
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductors, MEMS, System in Package, Chip Scale Packages, MCM, System on Chip
  • Fluid Systems
  • Optoelectronics
  • Mechatronics Systems
  • High Temperature Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • High Frequency Electronics
  • Test Systems

Processes und Materials

  • Wafer Level Processes
  • Ceramic und Organic Circuits
    • Materials, 3D Forming, HDI-Processes, Inkjetprinting, Screenprinting, Photolithography, Laser Shaping …
  • Materials
    • (Adhesives, Solders, Encapsulation, Nanomaterials, functional Layers)
  • Assembly- and Connection Technology
    • FlipChip, Wirebonding, SMT …
  • Process Control

Abstract submission has closed but direct questions to:

Dr.-Ing. Gisela Dittmar, Ingenieurbüro Elektroniktechnologie Dittmar
Albrecht-Erhardt-Str. 17, D-73433 Aalen
Tel.: +49(0)7361/931129, Fax: +49(0)7361/943004

More information is on-line at:

Membership, Products and Publications

Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging - Don't Miss First Quarter 2009   ^ Top
The First Quarter 2009 issue of the Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging is available on-line, along with all past issues of JMEP. The second quarter of 2009 is still in production as the issue is much larger than anticipated and just a few weeks behind in production. Look for the second issue of 2009 in the weeks ahead.
Access the Journal papers on-line .

This first issue of 2009 contains the following papers:



Silicon on Ceramics - A New Integration Concept for Silicon Devices to LTCC
M. Fischer and H. Bartsch de Torres, Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies; B. Pawlowski, HITK; R. Gade, Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies; S. Barth, HITK; M. Mach, M. Stubenrauch, M. Hoffmann and J. Mu¨ ller, Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies

Combined Manufacture Methods for High Density LTCC Substrates: Thick Film Screen Printing, Ink Jet, Postfiring Thin Film Processes, and Laser-Drilled Fine Vias
A. Albertsen and K. Koiwai, KOA Europe GmbH; K. Kobayashi, T. Oguchi and K. Aruga, KOA Corporation Monozukuri Initiative
Enhancement of Fine Line Print Resolution due to Coating of Screen Fabrics
D. Schwanke and J. Pohlner, Micro Systems Engineering GmbH; A. Wonisch and T. Kraft, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Werkstoffmechanik (IWM); J. Geng, Plasma Electronic GmbH
Validation of Alternative RoHS Compliant Au Pastes for the DuPont LTCC 951 System
B. Mussler and D. Schwanke, Micro Systems Engineering GmbH
Ceramic Microwave Circuits for Satellite Communication
R. Kulke, G. Mollenbeck, C. Gunner and P. Uhlig, IMST GmbH; K.H. Drue, S. Humbla, J. Muller, R. Stephan, D. Stopel, J.F. Trabert, G. Vogt and M.A. Hein, TU-Ilmenau; A. Molke, T. Baras and A.F. Jacob, TU-Hamburg-Harburg; D. Schwanke and J. Pohlner, MSE GmbH; A. Schwarz and G. Reppe, RHe Microsystems GmbH

Hermetic Package for Optical MEMS
F. Seigneur, Y. Fournier, T. Maeder, P. Ryser and J. Jacot, EPFL, IMT, LPM

Miniaturized Embossed Low Resistance Fine Line Coils in LTCC
R. Perrone, TU Ilmenau Functionalised Peripherics Group; H. Bartsch de Torres and M. Hoffmann, TU Ilmenau Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnologies; M. Mach and J. Mu¨ller, TU Ilmenau Functionalised Peripherics Group
LTCC-Modules with Integrated Ferrite Layers - Strategies for Material Development and Co-Sintering
C. Glitzky, T. Rabe, M. Eberstein and W.A. Schiller, Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM); J. Topfer, University of Applied Sciences Jena; S. Barth, Hermsdorfer Institut fur Technische Keramik e.V.; A. Kipka, W.C. Heraeus GmbH
Effects of Silver Paste Application on Embedded Channels in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics
D.L. Kellis, A.J. Moll and D.G. Plumlee, Boise State University




Silver-Indium Transient Liquid Phase Sintering for High Temperature Die Attachment
P.O. Quintero, University of Puerto Rico; F.P. McCluskey, University of Maryland

A Feasibility Study of Lead Free Solders for Level 1 Packaging Applications
V. Chidambaram, J. Hald and J. Hattel, Technical University of Denmark

The Impact of Glass-to-Resin Ratio and Sample Construction on the CTE of a High Temperature Laminate
J. Kuczynski, IBM Corporation; S. Bertling, Park Electrochemical Corporation

The Effect of Ultrasonic Frequency on Gold Wire Bondability and Reliability
J. Pan and M-N. Le, Cal Poly State University; C.V. Pham, Teledyne Microelectronics

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This issue features three technical articles on: Thermal Management Materials Choices for Power Semiconductors; An Alternative Process for Assembling Electronic Products without Solder; and The Chemistry of Halogen-Free Electronics.

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PDC Webinar Series on Polymers for Semiconductor Packaging (3 Sessions)
Session 2: July 16, 2009
Session 3: July 23, 2009

PDC Webinar Series on Electrical Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Electronic Packaging Structures for Signal and Power Integrity (2 Sessions)
Session 1: August 4, 2009

Session 2: August 11, 2009

High Temp. Electronics Network - HiTEN 2009
September 13-16, 2009
Oxford, UK

ATW on RF/Microwave Packaging
September 22-24, 2009
San Diego, CA

ATW and Tabletop Exhibition on Thermal Management
October 5-8, 2009
Palo Alto, CA

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ETW on Nano-Integrated Microsystems Packaging: Design, Materials, Processes and Applications
October 13-15, 2009
Fayetteville, AR

IMAPS 2009 - San Jose
November 1-5, 2009
San Jose, CA

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