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March 3, 2009

TJ Green Associates, LLC

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   CHAPTER ACTIVITIES (events listed in chronological order)
Bullet THIS THURSDAY: Viking Chapter March 5 Spring Meeting and Tour at Great River Energy (read more...)

Bullet Cleveland Technical Meeting at Five Star Technologies on March 19 (read more...)

Bullet Indiana Chapter March 19 Dinner Meeting and Tour at Delphi with Concept Car Demonstration (read more...)

Bullet Keystone Chapter March 26 Dinner Meeting (read more...)

Bullet Rocky Mountain Chapter Technical Dinner Meeting March 31 (read more...)

Bullet Northern California Chapter April 1 Lunch Meeting on Conductive Polymer Interconnects for Low Cost Chip Scale Packages (read more...)

Bullet Garden State Chapter April 7 Dinner Meeting and Tour of R&D CIrcuits (read more...)

Bullet Don't Miss INTERCONEX 2009 (read more...)

Bullet EMPC 2009 - European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (read more...)

Announcing iKnow Microelectronics Library Subscription (read more...)

Draper Laboratory

IMAPS Events (view full Web Calendar)

Device Packaging Conference - Registration for Conference and PDCs Closes Friday   ^ Top
The 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging is being held March 9-12, 2009, at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona. For more information, visit

This year’s conference will feature technical sessions across 6 technical tracks, panel discussions, a poster session and a sold-out vendor exhibition and technology showcase. The conference provides a focused forum on the latest technological developments in 6 topic areas related to microelectronic packaging: 3-D Packaging; MEMS; Flip Chip; Wafer Level Packaging; Power LED Devices and Biomedical.

This year’s conference will feature 6 professional development courses also focused on these 6 topical areas of microelectronics. The following PDCs offer an additional valuable resource to attendees:

Visit today to learn more about this conference and to register on-line.

GBC Spring Conference on Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging - Registration Closes Friday   ^ Top
The Global Business Council (GBC) Spring Conference on Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging is being held March 8-9, 2009, at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona. This year's conference focuses on Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging. There will be several networking receptions and gatherings throughout the week, including a golf outing, the opening reception, meals, and other social events.

Sunday March 8, 2009
12:00 Noon -- GBC Golf Outing.
We-ko-pa Golf Course at the Ft. McDowell Radisson - 
Tee-time of optional golf outing - Cost is $200 and includes green fees, shuttle from hotel, and lunch.

6:00 PM -- Registration Opens and GBC Welcome Reception (Beverages and Appetizers)

Monday, March 9, 2009
All listed times are approximate.
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM -- Registration
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM -- Continental breakfast

8:00 AM -- Opening Remarks and Keynote Address:

Opening Remarks:
Lee Smith, VP of Business Development, Amkor Technology, Inc.

Keynote address:
Market Demand, Applications and Requirements for 3D Packaging and 3D IC
Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International

Session 1: Supply Chain Collaboration - From Research and Development to Commercialization of 3D ICs with through Si Via (TSV) Interconnects

Role of Consortia: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

9:00 AM
Benefits of Supply Chain Collaboration: TSV Integrated Solutions and Advancements with EMC3D Consortium for Achieving Cost Effective 3D Integration
Rozalia Beica, Applications Director for 3D Interconnect, Semitool

9:30 AM
3D Integration Technology and the Micro-Electronics Supply Chain, Barriers and Solutions

Eric Beyne, Director, Packaging and Interconnect Center, IMEC

10:00 - 10:15 AM - Break

Perspectives from IC Suppliers: 10:20 AM - 11:50 AM

10:20 AM
TSS/TSV Process Partitioning to Leverage Supplier Capability and to Provide Maximum Sourcing Flexibility
Tom Gregorich, Vice President of Packaging, Qualcomm

10:50 AM
3D Integration – Packaging Innovation through Common Platform Ecosystem
Jean Trewhella, Director of Packaging Research and Development, IBM

11:20 AM
Lessons Learned in Quest to be First/Early Commercial Supplier of 3D IC Product. Obstacles Faced from Lack of 3D IC / TSV Supply Chain Infrastructure
Bob Patti, CTO, Tezzaron Semiconductor

11:50 AM - 12:55 PM - Lunch and Keynote on IC Market

Keynote address:
Poised for Quick Rebound
Bill McClean, President, IC Insights

Session 2: 3D Packaging and TSV Roadmap and Supply Chain/Technology Development Packages

1:00 PM
3D Electronics and System in Package Integration: Where it’s at...Where it’s going...
W. R. “Bill” Bottoms, CEO, NanoNexus

1:30 PM
Key Requirements for 3D Packaging using TSVs
Robert Lanzone, Vice President of Advanced Packaging, Amkor Technology, Inc.

2:00 PM
Materials Requirements and Development Issues for 3D Packaging and TSV
Leo Linehan, Global Advanced Packaging Business Development, Rohm & Haas

2:30 PM
Front End/Back End: Morphing the Manufacturing Model for Tough Times
Jim Walker, Research Vice President, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Gartner Dataquest

3:00 - 3:15 PM - Break

Session 3: Multi Sources of Supply and Lessons Learned from 3D Packaging-Based Products

3:20 PM
3D Packaging Trends in Multimedia Handsets from Teardown Analysis
David Carey, President, Portelligent

3:50 PM
Role of TSVs in Future Packaging
Suresh Golwalkar, Principal Engineer Materials, Intel

4:20 PM
Rolling Out a New Packaging Technology; Benefiting from and Maximizing Supply Chain Opportunities that Span the Chain
Marc Robinson, CTO, Vertical Circuits, Inc.

4:50 PM - Closing Remarks and Adjourn
Greg Caswell, VP of Engineering, Reactive Nano Technologies

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Device Packaging Welcome Reception
(GBC Attendees Invited - Beverages and Appetizers)

The Hotel deadline has been extended and rooms are still available at the IMAPS rates.

Visit today to learn more about this conference and to register on-line.

PDC Webinar Series on Lead-free Electronics – Technology, Manufacturing & Reliability   ^ Top
This two-session on-line Professional Development Course (PDC) webinar will be held:
Wednesday, March 18 and Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All webinars will be held 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm EST

IMAPS Members: $125 per webinar; 2-course series $200
Non-members: $200 per webinar; 2-course series $375

Register On-line
Registration Deadlines: March 17, 2009

Key Words

Lead-free alloys, lead-free solder joint reliability, lead-free package and assembly reliability, system reliability, SnPb vs. Pb-free, fatigue, creep, mechanical testing, microstructure, failure mechanisms, failure mode, solder joint surface crack, lead-free solder technology, lead-free production

Program Description

These 2 one-hour PDC lectures can be taken in total or separately depending on the experience level of the student and topics of interest.  Below is a course outline for each session.  Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Session 1 of 2: Wednesday, March 18 -- 12:00-1:00 PM EST

On the tenth anniversary of lead-free implementation in electronics, this lecture provides a holistic view of the state-of-the-art lead-free technology, performance and reliability for both solder joints and assembly systems. A wide array of global production results and the product field service performance have been generated during the last decade. Some were deemed positive and some remain to be resolved, and test results may appear not all coinciding. Yet all product performance and test results manifest the criticality of sound practice. The lecture will highlight the sound practice in all key areas of lead-free electronics. Based on the presenter’s three textbooks: ”Environment-Friendly Electronics-Lead Free Technology” (Electrochemical Publ., Great Britain), “Lead-free Implementation—A Manufacturing Guide” (McGraw-Hills, U.S.A.) and "Modern Solder Technology for Competitive Electronics Manufacturing" (McGraw-Hill, U.S.A.), representative test results will be illustrated. Technology fundamentals in lead-free alloy design will also be summarized including the main differences between SnPb and Pb-free.

  • Industry trends vs. solder joint reliability
  • Lead-free solder technology – fundamentals and critical areas
  • Solder joint reliability – mechanical properties and microstructure evolution vs. services
  • Lead free system – solder joint, PCB/ceramic substrate and components
  • Differences and commonalties between SnPb and Pb-free systems
  • PCB surface finishes – options and impact on performance & reliability
  • Component coatings – options and impact on performance & reliability
  • Two most important production performance parameters
  • Production approaches and representative results
  • Production defects - types

Session 2 of 2: Wednesday, March 25 -- 12:00-1:00 PM EST

The second part of this lecture series will focus on the reliability of electronics packages and assemblies.

  • Likely failure processes and prevention – solder joint vs. system
  • Solder joint thermo-mechancial behavior and degradation – fatigue and creep interaction
  • Solder joint failures modes - interfacial, near-interfacial, bulk, inter-phase, intra-phase, voids-induced, surface-crack, and others
  • Solder joint failure mechanisms – ductile, brittle, ductile-brittle transition fracture
  • Testing solder joint reliability – discriminating tests and discerning parameters
  • Solder joint strengthening metallurgy for increased fatigue resistance and creep resistance
  • Solder joint microstructure evolution vs. strengthening
  • Thermal cycling conditions - effects on test results and results interpretation
  • System reliability including components, PCB/ceramic substrates
  • Reliability and performance in harsh environment – results, comparison, fundamentals, practices

Who Should Attend?

The lecture series provides a working knowledge to all who are involved with or interested in the production and reliability of Pb-free electronic packaging and assembling; also designed for those who desire the broad-based information including the underlying fundamental lead-free technology.

Thomas Green


Dr. Hwang, a pioneer and long-standing leader in lead-free electronics, brings her 29-year manufacturing experience combined with her sustained 19-year lead-free R&D and hands-on production implementation to this lecture. She has been a major contributor to the implementation of Surface Mount production since its inception through hands-on operation and as an advisor to OEMs, EMS and U.S. government. She has provided solutions to many challenging problems, ranging from production yield to field failure diagnosis to reliability issues. Her work covers both commercial and military applications including U.S. Dept. of Defense F-22 program. Among her many awards and honors are citations by the U.S. Congress, Honorary Doctoral degree, induction into WITI International Hall of Fame, named “R&D Star-to-Watch” by Industry Week; YWCA Women of Achievement Award; election to the National Academy of Engineering. She holds patents and has 300 publications to her credit, including the sole authorship of several internationally-used textbooks related to electronic packaging and assembly. Her books, columns, and publications have been widely cited worldwide. Dr. Hwang has been a frequent keynote/featured speaker at worldwide events (United States Patent and Trademark Office, Federal Women’s Program, numerous industry events). Over the years, she has lectured to more than 25,000 professionals and researchers in professional development courses. Her formal education includes Harvard Business School Executive Program and Ph.D. M.S., M.S., B.S. degrees in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Liquid Crystals Science and Chemistry, respectively. She has held various senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin, SCM Corp, Sherwin Williams Co, and IEM Corp. She is currently a principal of H-Technologies Group, providing business and manufacturing solutions to the electronics industry. She is also an invited distinguished adj. Professor of Engineering School of Case Western Reserve University, and serves on the University’s Board of Trustees. Her books have received a wide circulation worldwide.

  • (ISBN-0-07-143048-2) “Lead-free Implementation: A Guide to Manufacturing” McGraw-Hill, New York, 2005
  • (ISBN-0 901 150 401) “Environment-Friendly Electronics—Lead Free Technology”, Electrochemical Publications, LTD, Great Britain, 2001
  • (ISBN-0-07-031749-3) "Modern Solder Technology for Competitive Electronics Manufacturing", , McGraw-Hill, New York, 1996
  • (ISBN-0-90-115029-0)"IC Ball Grid Array & Fine Pitch Peripheral Interconnections”, Electrochemical Publications, LTD, Great Britain, 1995
  • In Japanese, "Solder Paste: Technology and Applications for Surface Mount, Hybrid Circuits, and IC Component Manufacturing", Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1989
  • (ISBN-0442-2075-49) "Solder Paste: Technology and Applications for Surface Mount, Hybrid Circuits, and IC Component Manufacturing", Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1988

Register On-line

IMAPS 2009, San Jose - Abstracts Due March 27   ^ Top
The 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics will be held at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA, from November 1-5, 2009. The IMAPS Technical Committee seeks original papers that demonstrate how new technologies and applications are expanding and redefining microelectronics “between the chip and the system.” The 42nd Symposium on Microelectronics will focus in the areas of Industry, Systems & Applications, Design and Materials & Process. Abstracts should highlight the major contributions of the work in each these four areas of concentration. All abstracts submitted must represent original, previously unpublished work.

Planned Sessions Include:

Industry “Focused”

• Consumer, Portable and Wireless
• Biomedical
• Telecom
• Defense and Security
• Computing and Gaming

• Automotive and Industrial

• Solar and Alternative Energy

Systems & Applications

• Thermal Management
• Power Management
• Cost Reduction, Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management
• Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
• Sensors and Nano Packaging
• Emerging Technologies
• System Packaging
• Microwave & RF Applications
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection
• Photonic / Optoelectronic Packaging
• Packaging for Extreme Environments
• MEMS Packaging
• LED Packaging
• Packaging of Compound Semiconductor Devices

(Invited Speakers Only)

• Japanese (Japanese to English translation)


• Signal Integrity
• Power Integrity
• Electrical Modeling
• High Performance Interconnects and Boards
• 3D Packaging Approaches
• Embedded and Integrated Passives
• Wafer Level Packaging / CSP
• Advanced Materials

Materials and Process

• Flip-Chip and Wafer Bumping Processes and Reliability
• Underfill/Encapsulants and Adhesives
• Pb-Free Solder Materials, RoHS, Processes, and Reliability
• Design for Reliability
• Package Reliability Testing
• Wirebonding and Stud Bumping
• Ceramic and LTCC Packaging
• Substrate Materials and Technology
• Printed Electronics

Interactive Poster Session

Outstanding papers that do not fit in planned or created sessions will be considered for this interactive session.

Please send your 250-300 word abstract electronically only on/before Friday, March 27, 2009, using the On-line submittal form at: For more information about IMAPS 2009, visit

All Speakers are required to pay a reduced registration fee. Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging.

If you need assistance with the on-line submittal form, please email Jackki Morris-Joyner or call 305-382-8433

Abstracts Due March 20 for New Topical Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition on the Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics   ^ Top
This new Topical Workshop organized by IMAPS is being held November 5-6, 2009, in San Jose, California. For more information, visit

This event will run immediately following the IMAPS 2009 Symposium - November 1-5.

The objective of the Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics Workshop is to have a unique forum that brings together scientists, engineers, manufacturers, academia, and business people from around the world who have been working in the area of Microelectronic packages and uses Precious Metals in their applications. This workshop has been specifically organized to allow for the presentation and discussion of some of the best ways to economize and save cost with a valuable set of commodities.

  • Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics
  • Recovery/Recycling/Refining
  • Precious metal trading
  • Future outlook for Precious Metal prices
  • Cost savings techniques and technologies
  • Leasing and pool accounts
  • Advantages of Precious Metals over non Precious metals
  • Substitute materials
  • Volume reduction (diameter, thickness etc)
  • New Applications using Precious Metals

Those wishing to present a paper at the Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics Topical Workshop must submit a 200-300 word abstract electronically by March 20, 2009, using the on-line submittal form at: Full written papers are not required; however, an extended abstract of 1-4 pages is due for accepted presenters no later than September 18, 2009.

Please contact Jackki Morris-Joyner by email at or by phone at 202-548-4001 if you have questions. Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the IMAPS Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging. All Speakers are required to pay a reduced registration fee and are required to attend the entire event.

Tabletop Exhibit and Technology Show:
IMAPS will hold a concurrent exhibition for vendors and suppliers who support the many aspects of the Workshop. This venue features an ideal atmosphere to showcase your products and services to key decision making professionals in the industry. Tabletop exhibit spaces will be available. To reserve space, please contact Ann Bell by email at or by phone at 202-548-8717.


Chapter Activities (events listed in chronological order)

THIS THURSDAY: Viking Chapter Spring Meeting and Tour at Great River Energy    ^ Top

Date: March 5, 2009
Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm
Registration: 2:00 - 2:30 pm
Speaker and Tour to Follow

Great River Energy
12300 Elm Creek Blvd North
Maple Grove, MN 55369


RSVP by March 3 to Char Thomas at REStronics Northland

Professor Roger Ruan,, U of MN
Director of the Center for Biorefiining

Conversion of Plant Algae into BioDiesel Fuel
Help Solve our Nations Energy Dependence with a Plentiful Resource!

Dr. Ruan is a worldwide expert in the creation of renewable energy and other products. He currently is working on the conversion of biomass into food, feed, and fuels, chemicals, and materials, as well as energy crop production, biopolymer and food process improvement.

Great River Energy Co-op
The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded the Great River Energy headquarters building Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The award is the highest designation available to buildings that demonstrate energy efficiency and sustainability. The building is the first in Minnesota to achieve the distinction and one of fewer than 100 buildings worldwide to receive the designation.

Building Features:
Besides efficient lighting it also features rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, its own wind turbine, a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system and multiple atriums to harvest maximum daylight. They even capture rainwater to use for flushing toilets and irrigation. See GRE’s media kit. The building will reduce energy consumption by 40%, decrease water usage by 90% and with on site renewable energy replace up to 15% of the buildings energy needs.

Cleveland Technical Meeting at Five Star Technologies on March 19    ^ Top

Date: March 19, 2009
Time: 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Five Star Technologies, Inc.
Independence Technology Center
6801 Brecksville Road   Independence, OH 44131
(1st floor auditorium in the main building - entrance near the flagpole).
Phone (877) 513-3483


On-line Registration
Registration Fees: Industry $15.00.  Students $5.00.


4:00   Welcome and Introductions
Tim Fahey, Vice President, Business Development, Five Star Technologies

4:20  “Automation:  The Means to High Reliability Fiber Optic Cables”
John Mazurowski, Senior Research Engineer, Penn State, Electro-Optics Center

4:50  “The Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering: Developing and Commercializing Sensor and Sensor Systems Technologies”
Bill VerDuin, Cleveland State University (WCSSE)

5:20  Refreshments and Hors d’ Oeuvres

5:40  “Chip on Board Approach in LED Packaging”
Boris Kolodin, Lead Packaging Design Engineer, GE Lumination

6:10  “Thermomechanical Finite Element Techniques in Multilayer Ceramic   Package Design”
Adam Schubring, Applications Engineering, Kyocera America

6:40  Wrap-up, future events, future chapter leadership.

On-line Registration for IMAPS Cleveland

Indiana Chapter March 19 Dinner Meeting and Tour at Delphi with Concept Car Demonstration    ^ Top

Date: March 19, 2009
Time: 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Delphi Electronics and Safety
Kokomo, IN


Cost: $10.00 per person

Advance registrations are being taken by Ray Fairchild and will be accepted until 5:00 on Tuesday, March 17.  Reservations can be made by contacting Ray at 765-451-1068 or

No walk-ins allowed due to Delphi security policy.


4:00 Tour starts
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Meeting

Delphi’s Concept Vehicle for Enhanced Information, Convenience, & Protection
Todd Oman, Delphi

To enhance safety, information the driver requires while driving should be presented in a manner that does not distract the driver’s attention to the road.  Per a Virginia Tech study, the critical area of attention is within a +/- 20 degree field of view.  Delphi’s vehicle utilizes reconfigurable displays, a HUD display, multi-function input devices, & an optimized HMI to enhance safety.  Vehicle economy is improved by eliminating the conventional mirrors using “electronic mirrors” to improve aerodynamics.

Vehicle owners want increased connectivity to their vehicles for remote control and information.  Many aftermarket suppliers offer FOBs with enhanced functionality and color displays; however, these FOBs are large as compared to OEM FOBs and their battery life is significantly reduced by the displays.  The objectives achieved by Delphi’s Bluetooth Gateway FOB are 1) significantly increase the number of functions, 2) minimize the size of the items a person must carry, and 3) provide a friendly and intuitive HMI.

Todd Oman’s Biography:
Todd is a Staff Research Engineer at Delphi Corporation’s Electronics and Safety Division.  He holds BSEE and MSE degrees from Purdue University.  Todd has worked in the fields of semiconductor product development, semiconductor testing, manufacturing engineering, advanced electronic packaging, and advanced driver support technologies.  He is a certified I&CIM Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Todd currently holds eight patents, thirteen patents pending, and four defensive publications.

Keystone Chapter March 26 Dinner Meeting    ^ Top

Date: March 26, 2009
Time: 4:30 - 8:15 pm

Holiday Inn and Conference Center
432 Pennsylvania Avenue
Ft. Washington, PA 19034



These valuable presentations and dinner are complimentary by registering by March 20 with Greg Chesmar at or 215-822-0510.


4:30    Keystone Chapter Leadership Meeting
            Please attend if you would like to benefit by organizing & presenting at future events.

5:30    Happy Hour – Cash Bar
            Build connections with local peers.

6:15    Buffet Dinner 
            A brief chapter business meeting will be held during the dinner hour.

7:15    First Speaker:  Daniel Quain
           Director, Mission Success and Product Assurance, Cobham Defense Systems
            “Manufacturing Trends for Low Volume, High Complexity Microelectronic                              Assemblies and Subsystems”

(Abstract: A discussion of industry trends in the manufacturing and packaging of microelectronic assemblies for high reliability defense applications.)

7:45    Second Speaker:   Matthew Gruber  
           Manager, Cabinets & Electronics Packaging, Lockheed Martin – MS2
           “Non-Hermetic Packaging of RF Multi-Chip Modules”

(Abstract: The packaging of RF multi-chip modules for military applications traditionally employs the use of hermetic, ceramic-based substrates. Although these packaging schemes have proven to be highly robust in a variety of environments, they also carry a significantly higher cost than non-hermetic alternatives. In order to take advantage of the significant cost opportunities available, a multi-chip module was developed using Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) in plastic over-molded QFN packages. The completed assembly was tested and performed almost as well as a ceramic chip and wire module using the same chipset, for less than 25% of the packaging cost.).

Rocky Mountain Chapter Technical Dinner Meeting March 31    ^ Top
Tuesday, March 31

Fusion Restaurant  (at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center)
1900 Ken Pratt Blvd.,
Longmont CO 80501

Map and Directions to Hotel

Please join us for dinner and technical presentations.

Event Program:

5:00  Registration, Welcome, and Introductions

5:30  Dinner

6:00 “Electro-deposition of TSV features (3-D focus).”
                     Stan Wright, Account Manager, Enthone Inc.

6:30 “Using FEM/FEA to Understand the Mechanics of Solder Fatigue in Flip Chip, CSP, and BGA Interconnects”.   
               Scott Popelar, Principal R&D Package Engineer, Aeroflex COS
7:00  Closing remarks.  Planning the next event (at the Ceramics Conference - CICMT) 


On-line Registration
On-line registration ends Friday, March 27

Registration fees:  Industry professionals; $25.00 members, Students - $ 10.00

Please contact Mr. Tim LeClair at or at Avago Technologies (970-288-9163) for more information.

Northern California Chapter April 1 Lunch Meeting on Conductive Polymer Interconnects for Low Cost Chip Scale Packages    ^ Top

Date: April 1, 2009
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

The Lookout
605 Macara Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086


Members/General $20.00
Students (with ID) $10.00

Price includes lunch and program. Please email Gina Love at to reserve your space today! Registrations will be confirmed via email. We accept cash and checks at the door.


Conductive Polymer Interconnects for Low Cost Chip Scale Packages
Speaker: Marc Robinson, CTO, Vertical Circuits, Inc.

11:30 AM – 12 PM Registration & Networking
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM Buffet Luncheon
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM Speaker Presentation


Driven by the proliferation of high volume, small, portable consumer applications, package development efforts throughout the industry have focused on reducing footprint and reducing package thickness to maximize silicon functionality in a given area and/or given volume. To meet aggressive and competitive end product needs there has been much focus on chip scale packaging, wafer level processing, and stacking of ultra thin die. However, wirebonding to extremely thin die presents a number of problems, including breakage and yield. Vertical Circuits, Inc. (VCI) has pioneered the use of conductive polymers for electrical interconnect of die stacks and stacked packages to reduce the forces applied to the die, increase yield, lower cost, and reduce package size. The presentation will review the characteristics of conductive polymers used for chip and package interconnections and the near-TSV package assemblies that can be built without wire bonds.

Speaker Bio:

Marc Robinson is the CTO of Vertical Circuits Inc. and currently focuses on intellectual property strategy and analysis for VCI. Marc joined VCI, in 1996, as Vice President of Engineering and Operations, taking his current role as VCI’s CTO in 2001. Before joining VCI, he served as Vice President, Technology Development and Quality, for Sierra Semiconductor. Prior to Sierra, Marc was Vice President of Engineering, and Vice President of TQM and Quality at GEC Plessey Semiconductors, where he focused on product development and design quality and prior to GEC Plessey, he served as a Business Unit Director at International Microelectronics Products (IMP). Marc holds a BS in Physics from The Cooper Union, and an MS in Physics from Franklin & Marshall. He is a member of IEEE and IMAPS.

Garden State Chapter April 7 Dinner Meeting and Tour of R&D CIrcuits    ^ Top

Date: April 7, 2009
Time: 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Holiday Inn – South Plainfield-Piscataway
4701 Stelton Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Map and Directions to Holiday Inn –Click here 


Registration fees:
Dinner and presentations: Industry - $25 IMAPS members, $ 35 non-members. Students - $ 10.00 Tour only, no charge but you must RSVP!


3:30   Registration, Networking, and Opening Remarks

4:30   “Thermomechanical Finite Element Techniques in LTCC Package Design."  
                    Mark Eblen, R&D Program Manager of Kyocera America, Inc.”
5:00    “Injection Molded Soldering (IMS) for Fine-pitch Substrate Bumping."
                    Jae-Woong Nah,  Research Staff Member, IBM

5:30   “Alternatives to Solder Attach in Micro-electronics using Epoxies and Ribbon Bonding"
                    James Yunan, Senior Process Engineer at Aeroflex KDI.

6:00  Dinner and Closing Remarks (planning the next event, recruiting chapter officers).

7:00 One-hour tour at R & D Circuits, Inc. 
          (Hybrid circuit board with organic materials.  And possibly circuit miniaturization.)

          Tour Information:
          Tom Bresnan, Sales Manager
          R & D Circuits, Inc. 3601 S. Clinton Ave. South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Don't Miss INTERCONEX 2009    ^ Top

Date: April 7-8, 2009

Congress Centre of La Villette
Paris, France

Within INTERCONEX 2009, the technical committee is organizing the technical program on the following topics:


  • Packaging & Application of Power LED Devices
  • Packaging and reliability challenges of high pin count circuits

A one day technical workshop on:

  • Microelectronics and packaging for medical and healthcare applications

Technical conferences on the following subjects:

  • Materials improvement (solder, underfill, die attach, thermal interface, ...) and processes (assembly, stacking, packaging,…)
  • Flip-chip (substrates and board technologies),
  • Reliability, thermal management,
  • Advanced Technologies (3 D integration, embedded die, reconstructed wafer, flex,...)
  • Emerging topics (carbon nanotubes, packaging innovation, alternative source integration,…)
  • Modelling, simulation & design, ….
  • Characterization & test,
  • Packaging applications (avionic, telecom, automotive, biomedical, domotic, military,..), and
  • Systems (optic, photonic, harsh environment, …)

The deadline for abstracts has passed and the organizers are now creating the technical program. For more information, visit or contact Florence Vireton at +33 (0) 1 39 67 17 73.

EMPC 2009 - European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference    ^ Top
EMPC is Europe’s premier conference planned every two years in a different European country by the local IMAPS chapter, bringing together specialists from industry and academia. The European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference & Exhibition, EMPC 2009, will be held in Rimini, Italy on June 15-18, 2009. EMPC 2009 addresses “everything in electronics between the chip and the system”. The Technical Program Committee of EMPC 2009 invites you to send abstracts of original work describing recent developments in microelettronics technologies.  The Call for Papers, exhibitors details and other information are available at
Products and Publications

Announcing iKnow Microelectronics Library Subscription    ^ Top
IMAPS iKnow Microelectronics Library Subscription gives academic, corporate and government agency libraries unlimited access to the most current research papers, presentations and other downloads from all available IMAPS journals, magazines, workshop presentations, and conference proceedings.

IKnow now features "IP Recognition” which allows  for seamless use by all users within your institution’s network to instantly access the following technical publications without the hassle of log-ins, passwords or download credits:

  • Unlimited downloads of all peer-reviewed Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging papers. Currently 2004-2009. Additional Archives added in first quarter 2009.
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CAD Design Software

RGL Enterprises LLC

GBC Spring Industry Conference on Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging
March 8-9, 2009 Scottsdale/Ftn. Hills, AZ

Device Packaging Conference and Exhibition
March 9-12, 2009
Scottsdale/Ftn. Hills, AZ

*Exhibitors contact

PDC Webinar Series on Lead-free Electronics – Technology, Manufacturing & Reliability (2 Sessions)
Session 1: March 18, 2009
Session 2: March 25, 2009

CICMT 2009 - IMAPS/ACerS 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies
April 20-23, 2009
Denver, CO

*Exhibitors contact

TW on Wire Bonding
July 13, 2009
San Francisco, CA
Parallel to the Adhesives workshop with one admission fee

TW on Adhesives, Encapsulants, Molding
July 13, 2009
San Francisco, CA

Parallel to the Wire Bonding workshop with one admission fee

IMAPS 2009 - San Jose
November 1-5, 2009
San Jose, CA

*Exhibitors contact

TW and Tabletop Exhibition on Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics
November 5-6, 2009
San Jose, CA

*Exhibitors contact

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Compex Corp

Oneida Research Services


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