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:: Indium Corporation Hires Product Manager for Semiconductor Packaging Materials (full story)

:: Asymtek Recertified for ISO 9001:2000 (full story)

:: DuPont Microcircuit Materials Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary at EMDD, Dongguan, China (full story)

:: Unitek Benchmark Introduces Next Generation Lid Placement, Tacking, And Seam Sealing System (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Signs Appoints Boulanger as GM of Switzerland Die Bonder Operations (full story)

:: Kyzen Hosts Week-long Training Session for European Partners (full story)

:: RNT Quadruples Production Capacity Of Patented Nanofoil® Technology To Meet Increasing Demand (full story)

:: StratEdge Power Amplifier Package Used on Mars Rovers (full story)

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Indium Corporation Hires Product Manager for Semiconductor Packaging Materials

Indium Corporation announced the addition of Andy Mackie as Product Manager for Semiconductor Packaging Materials. Andy is based at Indium’s Global Headquarters in Clinton, NY, and reports to the Director of Solder Products.

Andy is responsible for the global marketing efforts for all of Indium’s Semiconductor Packaging Materials, including solder spheres, ball attach fluxes, wafer bumping fluxes and pastes, and epoxy fluxes.

Andy has over 17 years of experience in new product development, sales, and marketing of electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging. He is an industry expert in solder paste printing, reflow, and atmosphere control in electronics assembly. He received the IPC President’s Award in 2001 for his leadership in IPC’s Solder Paste Task Force and the Assembly and Joining Materials Subcommittee.

Andy has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a Masters of Science in Surface and Colloid Chemistry from the University of Bristol, UK. He is trained in Six Sigma “Design of Experiments” and has written numerous papers which have been published globally.

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Asymtek Recertified for ISO 9001:2000

Asymtek has announced that it has been recertified for ISO 9001:2000 by third party agency Det Norske Veritas (DNV).  Achieving ISO 9001:2000 indicates that Asymtek meets specific requirements for a quality management system and enhances Asymtek’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet their customers’ expectations.    Asymtek has been ISO certified since July 2000 and has successfully passed semi-annual external audits since that time to maintain ISO certification. 

“Following the principles of the ISO 9001:2000 system has helped us establish the infrastructure necessary for our organization to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations,” said Martin Stone, VP of operations and ISO management representative for Asymtek.  “Moreover, ISO has reinforced Asymtek’s company-wide commitment to quality, continual process improvement, and complete customer satisfaction.”

Because ISO 9001:2000 is a universally recognized quality system, many customers know the value of ISO certification which allows them to feel more confident that Asymtek will deliver quality products on-time and provide excellent support throughout the life of the product.

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DuPont Microcircuit Materials Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary at EMDD, Dongguan, China

DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM), part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, recently celebrated its 10th year of successful operations at the Electronic Materials DuPont Dongguan Ltd. (EMDD) facility in Dongguan, China.  DuPont was the first multinational company to establish a production facility for thick film microcircuit materials in China.  Since its start-up in 1996, EMDD has been serving the rapidly growing China domestic electronics market for products that support such industries as telecommunications, automotive electronics, passive components, and photovoltaics.  DuPont hosted a special event to mark the occasion with key customers, DuPont local employees and leadership team members.

“The success of the Electronic Materials DuPont Dongguan facility underlines a broader DuPont commitment to grow its presence in China through putting science to work,” said Douglas Muzyka, president of DuPont Greater China.  “This is part of the company’s plan to double its China investment by 2010.”

“We are delighted to celebrate this anniversary with our customers and employees, who together have made the EMDD site a world-class thick film production facility with a passion for safety and quality,” said Walt Cheng, global business director, DuPont Microcircuit Materials, who gave a speech at the event. 

The DuPont EMDD facility was proud to achieve a new safety milestone in October 2006 when it surpassed 3,300 days as an injury-free workplace.

Since the late 1990s, DuPont has expanded the EMDD facility’s output by 300 percent, and plans to nearly double production capability again within the next two years , as exports increase to MCM customers globally.  The local technical service facility at EMDD is also growing to better support the increasing local customer demands particularly from photovoltaic and passive components industries.

“We believe that the EMDD site is well-positioned to continue to expand as the market for thick film products grows in the coming years.  By setting a high standard for customer service, quality, and responsiveness, we will keep meeting customer’s expectations in the future,” said Walt Cheng.

Products from the DuPont Electronic Technologies business, such as photovoltaic materials, are examples of DuPont’s recently announced marketplace sustainability commitments, to expand its business offerings to address environment, energy, safety and climate challenges in the global marketplace.  As part of its 2015 Sustainability Goals, DuPont will double its investment in R&D programs with direct, quantifiable environmental benefits for its customers and consumers along its value chain.

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Unitek Benchmark Introduces Next Generation Lid Placement, Tacking, And Seam Sealing System

Unitek Benchmark, a division of Miyachi Unitek Corporation, has introduced the AF8500 product family with configurations for lid placement and tacking only, seam sealing only, or a complete lid placement and seam sealing system.  Loaded with advanced features, the AF8500 reliably performs welding, brazing, and soldering processes on a variety of metals, metal alloys, plated materials, and solder pre-forms. It can be operated as a stand-alone unit or fully integrated into an environmental enclosure for a complete closed loop hermetic sealing process.

Using Miyachi Unitek’s Model HF25 Inverter Power Supply, the AF8500 provides weld pulse shaping, programmable weld spot spacing and a 25 kHz closed loop feedback rate to achieve high process yields.  The innovative programmable weld spot spacing feature enables the user to deliver more or less energy at the corners of parts to greatly reduce corner leaks. 

As the microelectronics market requires firms to process a larger variety of parts with decreasing part sizes, the AF8500 offers a number of features which enable quick change over from part to part along with the ability to accurately pick, place and seals parts down to 3 mm.  These include:

  • New high resolution vision system
  • Easily adjustable tack electrode assemblies
  • Increased rigidity on axis of motion for precise lid and electrode positioning
  • Reduced setup and alignment steps


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Kulicke & Soffa Signs Appoints Boulanger as GM of Switzerland Die Bonder Operations

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: KLIC) announces the appointment of Richard Boulanger as General Manager of its Die Bonder operations located in Berg, Switzerland.  In this role, Mr. Boulanger will be responsible for overall manufacturing, R&D, product development and business operations for the facility, including the development of a next-generation die bonder platform and expansion into new markets throughout the world.

“With over twenty years of experience in the packaging assembly industry, Richard has the hands-on engineering, manufacturing and product development experience to really expand our die bonder market share and bring new technology to our customers,” noted Christian Rheault, K&S equipment segment vice president.  “Through our recent acquisition of Alphasem, we have established die bonder operations in Switzerland.  Richard will ensure a smooth transition among K&S, Alphasem employees and our worldwide customer base.”

Mr. Boulanger has extensive experience in semiconductor assembly.  Most recently, he served as Vice President of the Advanced Semiconductor Assembly Division of Universal Instruments Corporation, a business unit that provided full solutions for the precision placement of flip chips and bare die. While at Universal, he helped develop a dominant worldwide market share of the flip chip on flexible circuit for the Hard Disk Drive Industry and the emerging package-on-package assembly.  He also led the team that won the 2006 Best Flip Chip machine from Advanced Packaging and the 2001 Best of Class VLSI Research Customer Satisfaction award.

Prior to joining Universal, Mr. Boulanger worked for IBM, primarily at their semiconductor assembly and test facility in Bromont, Quebec.   He holds an Industrial Engineering Degree from the Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal and has published several papers on electronics packaging.  Mr. Boulanger will be based at K&S Switzerland facility.
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Kyzen Hosts Week-long Training Session for European Partners

Kyzen Corporation announces that it conducted International Partner Training at its Nashville Headquarters and Laboratories. Kyzen Representatives from throughout Europe spent a full week training on Kyzen’s market leading technologies.

“Training at our laboratory allows for a unique, hands-on experience that simply cannot be accomplished in the field,” said Tom Forsythe, vice president. “The ability to troubleshoot leading-edge, commercial scale equipment is the best training environment possible.”

“We conduct onsite partner training regularly,” Forsythe continued, “and have developed a comprehensive curriculum built on both solid classroom material and extensive scenario work in our Application’s Laboratory, which is the largest and best equipped in the industry.”

“Kyzen’s partners return home with improved skills and confidence to provide the field support Kyzen is famous for delivering throughout the world. This training session is particularly timely as the transition to lead-free materials is creating increased global demand for Kyzen’s broad range of best in class cleaning technologies,” Forsythe concluded.
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RNT Quadruples Production Capacity Of Patented Nanofoil® Technology To Meet Increasing Demand

New Technology Precisely Controls Heat, Enabling Innovation Across Key Industries

With the installation of a new, high volume deposition unit and significantly expanded Joining Services department, RNT today announced that it has quadrupled production capacity of its patented NanoFoil to meet increasing demand from customers.

Developed and manufactured by RNT, NanoFoil, which precisely controls the instantaneous release of heat energy for joining and reaction initiation applications, is providing immediate benefits to thin film coatings, aerospace, defense, automotive and other industries seeking joining solutions current technology cannot effectively or economically address. In addition to large and small scale joining of critical item such as sputtering targets, RNT’s patented NanoFoil enables reaction initiation for propellant ignition, flares and fuses, making such applications predictable, controllable and far more affordable. When activated by a small pulse of local energy from electrical, optical or thermal sources, the foil delivers localized heat in a fraction of a second.

Expanded Production Capacity and Joining Services

With the installation of a new, high volume, vapor deposition unit, RNT has quadrupled its production capacity.  The company can manufacture over 3,000 square feet of NanoFoil per month – depending on foil thickness and customer specifications. This new production capacity delivers NanoFoil at significantly lower costs and opens up entire new markets, particularly for large-area joining applications.

“With extensive interest from a variety of industries, it was essential we increase our production capacity to meet demand,” said Dr. Omar Knio, co-founder and Senior Vice President of RNT. “RNT has devoted a great deal of time and energy during the past year towards the large-scale commercial expansion of NanoFoil. The culmination of our expansion efforts over the past year, the high volume vapor deposition unit greatly expands our ability to deliver NanoFoil’s benefits to a variety of industries seeking improved bonding performance with lower stress, bonding of dissimilar materials and increased efficiency.”

Joining Services for RNT Customers

Along with the increase in production capacity, RNT has also expanded its Joining Services department.  RNT can perform all joining services for its customers in-house at its Hunt Valley location; or alternatively, it provides installation and training services for customers seeking to license the bonding process and manage it themselves.

“It’s extremely simple to adapt existing facilities to perform RNT’s patented NanoBond process,” added Joseph Grzyb, Chief Executive Officer for RNT. “To ensure a smooth transition, RNT provides necessary equipment, training, on-site and on-call technical support. With our expanded, low cost manufacturing of NanoFoil, NanoBond is fast becoming the method of choice for assembling critical components such as metal and ceramic sputtering targets for the glass coating, advanced display and tool coating industries.”
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StratEdge Power Amplifier Package Used on Mars Rovers

StratEdge has announced that one of its SE20 power amplifier packages is playing a key role in transmitting signals with information gathered from Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity back to earth.  The power amplifier package is used to protect the gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and ensure signal integrity.

All signals that are transmitted from the rovers go through a StratEdge package.  The rovers communicate at X-Band frequency.  It’s critical that the package doesn’t interfere with the signals produced by the MMIC.  The package has continuous gold traces that run through the package wall.  The design of these highly conductive traces minimizes signal loss so the MMIC performs optimally.  Single transition insertion loss is better than 0.1 dB at X-Band.

The rugged StratEdge package is fully hermetic.  The package has a copper composite base with a thermal conductivity of 170 W/m-K.  The high thermal conductivity of the base reduces the junction temperature and enhances reliability of the MMIC.  The package can withstand temperatures from -60 degrees to +250 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 degrees to +121 degree Celsius).

The StratEdge package was incorporated into Motorola’s electronic communications assembly.  General Dynamics acquired Motorola Integrated Information Systems Group in 2001.  Motorola was looking for packages with exceptional electrical performance and good hermeticity, and had previously used StratEdge packages for high reliability space applications.  The rovers were launched in June and July of 2003 with a lifetime anticipated at three months once they landed on Mars.  The rovers have been in service for several times their designed life.
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