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:: Adchem Introduces New 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape -- Formaldehyde-Free Pressure Sensitive Tape Composition (full story)

:: AIM Appoints Global Tech Sales & Services as Manufacturers’ Representative in Mexico (full story)

:: Cookson Group Plc Announces Sale Of Specialty Coating Systems For $55.5m (full story)

:: Deweyl Appoints OEM Account Manager (full story)

:: Henkel’s Lead-free Compatible Surface Mount Adhesives to Optimize High Speed Assembly Processes (full story)

:: Hover-Davis presents Premier DDf Ultra Direct Die Feeder (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Introduces Pb-Free Transition Wave Solder Flux (full story)

:: NxGen Electronics Organization Announcement (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec's NC-1 Non-Contact System Wins International Award (full story)

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Adchem Introduces New 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape -- Formaldehyde-Free Pressure Sensitive Tape Composition

Adchem Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, introduces its new 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape System. 353M is formaldehyde-free and combines the quick-stick properties of rubber-based systems with the temperature performance of acrylic systems. Engineered for a wide-range of industrial tapes for substrate-bonding applications, 353M is ideal for low surface energy materials and foams such as cross-linked polyethylene, low perms, ethers and esters.

Part of Adchem’s new 300 Adhesive Series, 353M maximizes performance and optimizes economics by incorporating a differential caliper coating of 1.7 mils on the exposed side and 1.3 mils on the liner side and typical peel values of 72 oz. per inch width on the exposed side and 64 oz. per inch on the wide on the liner side. Several liner options are available including 55 lb. densified Kraft, 74 lb. polycoated paper, 12 point board and a 2-mil PET liner.

For additional information, please visit www.adchem.com.

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AIM Appoints Global Tech Sales & Services as Manufacturers’ Representative in Mexico
AIM is pleased to announce the appointment of Global Tech Sales & Services as manufacturers’ representative for AIM’s complete line of solders and related assembly materials in southern and central parts of Mexico. Global Tech Sales & Services forms yet another link in the global sales and technical support of the AIM line of assembly and fabrication products.

Global Tech Sales & Services is a well-known manufacturers’ representative dedicated serving the electronics manufacturing industry by providing training, consulting, technical service, parts and equipment sales. Their technical staff has years of experience and the skills needed to provide the best service to the industry. Global Tech Sales & Services may be contacted via email at roberto@globaltechss.com and can be visited on the internet at www.globaltechss.com.

In 1997 AIM opened the first manufacturing facility for electronic-grade solder materials within Mexico. Today, AIM-Soldadura de Mexico in Cd. Juarez services a significant part of the growing electronics assembly industry of Mexico.

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Cookson Group Plc Announces Sale Of Specialty Coating Systems For $55.5m
Jersey City, NJ, January 3, 2006 -- Cookson Group plc (Cookson), the leading materials science company, announces that on 30 December 2005 it sold Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a business which forms part of the Assembly Materials sector of Cookson’s Electronics division, to Bunker Hill Capital for US$55.5 million (£32.3 million*). The consideration was satisfied by way of an immediate cash payment of US$54.0 million (£31.4 million*), with an additional US$1.5 million (£0.9 million) to be paid upon closing of the sale of the SCS China business in early 2006. The consideration will be subject to completion of balance sheet adjustments with respect to working capital and capital expenditure, which are not expected to be material.

The sale of SCS is part of Cookson’s strategy of achieving progressive debt reduction, in part, through non-core business disposals, and brings the proceeds from disposals announced in 2005 up to the £100 million targeted by the end of 2006. “This measure is part of the Division’s on-going effort to increase focus on its core technologies. SCS is an excellent business with both strong financial and product technology foundations, however its future growth is not strategically aligned with Assembly Materials Group’s markets,” noted David Zerfoss, President Cookson Assembly Materials Group.

SCS comprises a group of companies and business assets with its main operations in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Its primary business is the service application of Parylene, a specialty conformal coating, principally for use in medical, electronic and automotive applications.

In January 2005, Cookson announced a target of raising over £100 million from disposal proceeds by the end of 2006. In the six month period to 30 June 2005, proceeds from disposals totaled £13 million. Furthermore, on 15 December it was announced that a conditional agreement had been entered into to sell Cookson’s Laminates business for US$91 million (£53 million*). On completion of that disposal, (expected in February 2006) together with some further property disposals completed recently and including the proceeds from this transaction, Cookson will have generated disposal proceeds of over £100 million.

Commenting on the sale of SCS, Nick Salmon, Chief Executive of Cookson Group plc, said, “SCS is a good quality business, as reflected in the price achieved. However, it does not fit strategically with our core electronics business, and the sale represents further significant progress in terms of our strategy of progressive debt reduction. Following the recent announcement regarding the sale of our Laminates business, this deal means we have achieved our strategic goal of raising £100 million through disposals, a year ahead of schedule.

“Our strategic plan also involves achieving significant improvements in profitability, and our third quarter trading update in early November demonstrated that we are making solid progress in this regard as well.”

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Deweyl Appoints OEM Account Manager

Todd Fielitz has been appointed OEM Account Manager for DeWeyl Tool, and will be based in Arizona. Todd brings 18+ years of experience in semiconductor and microelectronic assembly packaging technology and technical sales to his new position.

In making the announcement, David Pasfield, DeWeyl Tool's Director of Sales & Marketing, stated that "Todd's considerable experience on the manufacturing floor as well as on the side of selling assembly products, in particular his familiarity with wire and die bonding equipment, will be a real asset to our company. We look forward to the benefit of his experience and skills and welcome him to the DeWeyl Tool family."

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Henkel’s Lead-free Compatible Surface Mount Adhesives to Optimize High Speed Assembly Processes
Following a period of extensive lead-free evaluation trials, the electronics group of Henkel has revealed that selected Loctite® Chipbonders® are not only capable of running lead-free, but are designed to optimize lead-free processes, eliminating chip loss and saving components by low temperature curing systems. The trials involved testing a range of Loctite Chipbonder adhesives on ‘difficult to bond’ components. Using Loctite Chipbonder test boards, the trials employed both lead-free and tin-lead dual wave solder machines using a range of Multicore® fluxes. The results proved that Chipbonders 3609, 3616, 3621, 3627 and 3629 are optimized for lead-free compatibility.

The elevated temperatures of lead-free wave soldering processes reduce the mechanical strength of adhesives. In order to overcome poor hole fill and wetting, the contact time on the solder wave is often increased and the wave shape more turbulent. This has an additional impact on the adhesive’s performance. Especially where non VOC-free, means alcohol-based fluxes, are in use the chemical resistance of adhesives used in lead-free processes needs to be significantly higher.

“With the deadline to Go-Lead-free now less than 9 months away, manufacturers around the world are currently optimizing their processes for effective operation in these conditions,” comments Matthias Brachmann, Application Engineer Europe, Henkel. “Lead-free is already having a significant impact on a range of materials, including Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA). Ultimately, SMAs need to be able to withstand considerably greater levels of thermal and chemical stress in order to prevent chip loss and component movement. Following Henkel’s recent lead-free evaluation trials, the Loctite Chipbonder range is currently being well received by manufacturers managing the transition to lead-free, whilst seeking to maintain optimal high speed assembly processes.”

The results of the recent trials showed that Loctite 3609 is ideal for use in general purpose high speed dispensing, boasting a high wet strength and long machine on stencil life. Loctite 3616 was proven to be primed for high speed printing, whilst Loctite 3621 was revealed as being the top-of-the-range choice for dispense jetting. Meanwhile, Loctite 3629 low temperature cure SMA for dispensing and ProFlow printing was shown to reduce manufacturing costs by curing at 120°C instead of 150°C and saving temperature sensitive components at the same time. An additional feature is that Loctite 3629 turns fluorescent when uncured for cure visibility. “In combination, the lead-free compatible Loctite Chipbonder range presents Henkel customers with Surface Mount Adhesives for every manufacturing environment,” concludes Matthias Brachmann.

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Hover-Davis presents Premier DDf Ultra Direct Die Feeder

The Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group of Hover-Davis Inc., the leader in design and manufacturing of component delivery systems for the circuit board assembly industry, presents the latest addition of its Direct Die Feeding product line, the DDf Ultra. The DDf Ultra is capable of feeding a wide range of bare die and flip chips with high throughput, and can be mounted on almost every placement machine.

As a complement to the DDf, which has been an industry leading die feeding solution for the past four years, the performance of DDf Ultra is optimized around the handling of small flip chips. Upon release, the DDf Ultra is capable of feeding die down to 0.5 mm sq. with a throughput exceeding 6,000 die/hour with smaller die sizes and higher throughputs planned.

Roland Heitmann, Director of the Semiconductor Feeding Solutions Group, said, “We have seen a rapid expansion in the number of applications requiring volume assembly of die below 1 mm sq., driven by RFID and LED technologies. These potential customers require very low assembly costs and have very high volumes. By combining our DDf Ultra with a state-of-the-art SMT chip shooter, we can create a “die shooter” or “flip chip shooter,” which is essentially new class of die assembly solution. We believe these solutions have the capability of offering our customers unprecedented reductions in assembly cost, which in turn will aid in the proliferation of new products and technologies.”

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Indium Corporation Introduces Pb-Free Transition Wave Solder Flux

Indium Corporation introduces WF-9942, a powerful new Wave Solder Flux that offers three important features:

• It is No-Residue and No-Clean.
• It works in both mixed-technology and through-hole applications.
• It addresses the Pb-Free transition question, as it can be used with both Pb-Free and SnPb solder

Wave-Solder Flux WF-9942’s wide process window offers excellent solderability, superior hole fill, and reduced solder balling on all surface finishes. This formulation’s tremendous thermal stability accommodates the increased temperatures used in the Pb-Free wave soldering process.

Indium Corporation Product Manager, Leo Devine, said, “WF-9942 is a great resource for people facing the Pb-Free soldering transition. They can now purchase one flux that satisfies their cumulative no-clean, mixed-technology, and Pb-Free/SnPb requirements. This truly compliments the complex requirements that the market faces in these times.”

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NxGen Electronics Organization Announcement
NxGen is pleased to announce the following promotion and organization changes, effective immediately:

Kevin Kron is promoted to Vice President of Sales and Operations. Kevin will be responsible for managing NxGen’s rapid future planned growth. In addition to developing business at new accounts in existing and emerging markets, he will be responsible for Operations and Program Management.

Kevin brings to this position broad operations experience from the EMS and OEM manufacturing segments, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the service needs of our customer base and our operational capabilities.

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SUSS MicroTec's NC-1 Non-Contact System Wins International Award
SUSS MicroTec AG has announced that the world's first and only non-contact probe system, the NC-1, has been honored with the "Best in Test" award from the leading industry journal Test & Measurement World. As one of twelve products selected by the editors, it is the only probe system to be presented with the award, which recognizes particularly innovative and useful test products.

"SUSS MicroTec is honored to have one of its products selected as 'Best in Test' for 2006," states Dr. Claus Dietrich, Managing Director of the Test Systems division at SUSS MicroTec. "This shows that we are capable of offering the latest and most innovative technology for design and test engineers working on the most advanced devices in the world."

The NC-1 Non-Contact System uses a patented technique to acquire signals from very small features without loading the circuit under test or relying on optical emissions. The NC-1 supplies both voltage and timing information, and the integrated atomic force probe enables deep sub-micron scanning and positioning. To extract measurements from the device, the tip of the probe is stimulated with electrical pulses after being placed above the area of interest. The forces generated between the tip and the device under test are then measured and analyzed by the NC-1 software, and the signal voltage waveform is extracted. This data is presented to the user in an easy-to-read format.

"Our editorial panel was pleased to select the NC-1 as one of our Best in Test products for 2006," said Test & Measurement World Chief Editor Rick Nelson. "Its novel approach to acquiring voltage and timing information without physical or electrical contact should prove to be valuable in failure analysis and other applications," he added.

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