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Anter Corporation Develops New Multi-functional Dilatometer

Anter Corporation has developed a very flexible dilatometer for high throughput thermal expansion (CTE) measurements. Using a modular design, multiple furnaces can test a wide variety of materials over a temperature range of –150 to 1200oC. Up to 4 independent samples can be tested at the same time with unattended operation, including overnight runs, for high return on investment.

Besides conventional cryogenic and high temperature furnaces for standard sample sizes according to ASTM methods, a unique furnace is available to test plate-type samples of low thermal conductivity, like polymers and composites, providing direct contact with the heating/cooling surface to reduce thermal lag during temperature ramping.

The easy-to-use WindowsTM-based operating and data analysis software does not require highly skilled operators or extensive training. The instrument’s small footprint requires minimal bench space. And as with all Anter dilatometers, modern absolute digital displacement transducers provide long-stroke, stable, linear, calibration-free performance without the need for a controlled-temperature environment or an external cooling source.

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Indium’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee appointed to CPMT Board of Governors

Indium Corporation’s Vice President of Technology, Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, has been appointed to the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society Board of Governors.

Dr. Lee leads the Indium Corporation team of technology experts. He was named SMTA Member of Distinction in 2002, received the Soldertec Global Lead-Free Solder Award in 2003, and most recently received the 2006 CPMT Exceptional Technical Achievement Award. Dr. Lee’s credits also include service as an SMTA board member, liaison to the Taiwan SMTA chapter, coordinator and chair of the entire 2005 Nepcon Shanghai technical program, and author of two books and over 100 technical papers.

Dr. Lee, a world-renown electronics assembly materials expert, has extensive experience in the development of solders, fluxes, high-temperature polymers, encapsulates for microelectronics, underfills, and adhesives. His current research interests cover advanced materials for interconnects, and packaging for electronics and optoelectronics applications, with emphasis on both high performance and low cost ownership.

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Editors’ Choice Best Product Award Presented to Kulicke & Soffa For Semiconductor Manufacturing Excellence

In developing a product that is truly making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing, Kulicke & Soffa Industries received the prestigious Editors’ Choice Best Product Award, presented annually by Semiconductor International magazine, for its Maxum Ultra Wire Bonder. In a ceremony to be conducted on July 12 in San Francisco, Semiconductor International will announce 20 winners whose products are making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing.

Engineered for higher productivity, the Maxum Ultra is capable of processing today’s most complex packaging applications including stacked die, multi-tier packages, low-k dielectric materials and ultra-fine pitch and long/low shapes. Incorporating numerous technology advancements, this high-performance wire bonder processes devices 10% faster than its predecessor – the industry-leading Maxumplus? - as well as market competition. Engineered for customers who want greater throughput and finer pitch down to 35 microns, the wire bonder offers bond placement accuracy of + 2.5 µm accuracy at 3 sigma. Wire cycle time is 60 msec for a standard loop, based on 2.5 mm wire length, 0.25 mm loop height and 10 msec first and second bond times.

“The Maxum ultra provides a real performance advantage over other wire bonding technologies, “ states Christian Rheault, K&S Vice President, IC Ball Bonders. “Its many technological advancements make it the only choice for today’s complex packaging applications.”

"Advances in semiconductor technology are only possible because of the kinds of products being honored in this year's Editors' Choice Best Product Awards program," said Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief of Semiconductor International. "Chipmakers rely on these products to create electronics that are smarter, smaller, faster, less expensive and more reliable. We congratulate the people and the companies that have had the insight and fortitude to bring these products to the market."

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Christoph Henkel Awarded Honorary Doctorate

The Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf (Germany) has awarded Christoph Henkel, Vice Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of Henkel KGaA, an honorary doctorate in recognition of both his exceptional professional achievements and his services to the university’s Economics Faculty.

In awarding the doctorate to Christoph Henkel, the Vice-Dean of the Economics Faculty of Duesseldorf University, Prof. H. Jörg Thieme, described the recipient both as a man of science and an energetic supporter of entrepreneurial initiative. Exceptional achievements in science or practice and a close relationship with the Economics Faculty are prerequisites for the granting of an honorary doctorate of the Duesseldorf Heinrich Heine University. Henkel fulfilled both conditions in an outstanding way, Thieme said in his speech.

Christoph Henkel's achievements in science and practice are many and varied. Since 1994, he has established a number of successful companies. The many initiatives that he has promoted include the foundation of various companies and partnerships in the hotel sector, the establishment of a property fund and the establishment and entrepreneurial management of a portfolio of direct shareholdings in the biomedical and high-tech segments.

Since 1989 Christoph Henkel served on the boards of several companies such as The Clorox Company (USA), Loctite Corporation (USA) and Head N.V. (Netherlands). Henkel is currently a member of the Board of SulphCo Inc. (USA). However, the prime focus of his work lies in the Shareholders’ Committee of Henkel KGaA, which he joined as an ordinary member in 1991. Since 1994, he has served this committee as vice chairman, and since 2004 he has also been chairman of its Finance Subcommittee.

Christoph Henkel is also chairman of the Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation. This charitable foundation established in 1958 supports gifted young people as they continue their studies at universities, polytechnics and similar institutions of higher education. He is also chairman of the Konrad Henkel Foundation. The Konrad Henkel Award is bestowed annually on the most talented graduates of the Economics Faculty of the University of Duesseldorf.

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LG Electronics DS Division (CD-Rom) Approves the Use of Cookson Electronics’ ALPHA® Vaculoy® SACX™ Lead-Free Wave Solder Alloy

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is pleased to announce approval of its high reliability ALPHA® Vaculoy® SACX™ lead-free wave solder alloy by LG Electronics DS Division (CD-ROM).

"This approval from LG Electronics DS Division, adds to the significant momentum that SACX™ is achieving in the highly competitive lead-free alloy market,” said Gerry Campbell, Cookson Electronics’ Global Product Manager. “As leading OEM companies such as LG continue to drive the reduction in the total cost of their Lead-Free assemblies, we see a continuation of the trend of customers moving away from SAC305 to SACX™. The use of SACX™ alloy in the wave solder process significantly reduces the cost of solder materials while maintaining process yield and reliability."

ALPHA® Vaculoy® SACX™ delivers wave soldering process value by providing SAC305 performance at 30% lower cost. Its fast wetting speed offers improved solderability that outperforms all Sn/Cu based alloys. It provides excellent drainage and minimizes bridging defects. ALPHA® Vaculoy® SACX™ creates strong, mechanically sound joints with excellent long-term reliability. It also minimizes dross generation, resulting in low process maintenance and reduced product waste. Its process window supports the use of a wide range of flux technologies.

For additional information about ALPHA® Vaculoy® SACX™, go to www.cooksonelectronics.com.

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SUSS MicroTec Named #1 Supplier in 2006

SUSS MicroTec AG is pleased to announce that VLSI Research Inc has named SUSS MicroTec the number one supplier of material handling equipment based on VLSI Research’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment. The survey’s respondents represent 95% of the world’s semiconductor market.

VLSI reported that SUSS MicroTec received the highest scores in six of the thirteen ratings categories. Those six included criteria such as after-sales support and field-engineering support, as well as build quality and commitment to supporting customer needs. This marks the eleventh consecutive year that SUSS MicroTec has been included in the 10 BEST lists, and the ninth time SUSS has been in first place on one of the lists.

“This award shows that SUSS MicroTec’s customers are not only satisfied with our test solutions, but also receive excellent support for every SUSS product they have,” said Dr. Michael Harz, Sales Manager for Test Systems at SUSS MicroTec. “We will continue in our commitment to supporting our customers’ needs by providing the innovative products and high-quality service that they have come to expect from SUSS.”

For more information, please visit www.suss.com.

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