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:: Indium’s Interconnect Flux Offers High Yields in BGA Bumping Process (full story)

:: Bundy & Company offers Thick Film Manufacturing Company for Sale (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Announces Completion of Initial C4NP Reliability Testing (full story)

:: CPS Introduces New Metal Matrix Composite End Effectors (full story)

:: Remtec’s Large Size Leadless SMT Ceramic Packages for Direct PCB Mount Provide Reliable, Low Cost Solution in a Broad Frequency Range (full story)

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Indium’s Interconnect Flux Offers High Yields in BGA Bumping Process

Indium Corporation’s WS-366 is a high-viscosity, water-soluble interconnect flux that offers high yields in the BGA bumping process. Designed for Pb-Free, Sn/Pb, and high lead containing applications, it has excellent solderability and cleanability.

WS-366 has a wide process temperature window and can be used in printing, dipping, and pin transfer deposition processes. In addition to BGA bumping, it can be used in flip-chip applications and board level attachment. Since WS-366’s residue is soluble in room temperature water, it is ideal for use wherever a water-soluble flux with excellent cleanability is desired.

WS-366 is available in cartridges, jars and syringes.

For more information, please visit www.indium.com.

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Bundy & Company offers Thick Film Manufacturing Company for Sale

Bundy & Company, M&A Advisors and Business Brokers, is pleased to offer for sale a thick film manufacturing company located in the mid-Atlantic region. The modern 17,000 square foot facility offers laser cutting, thick film printing, etchable thick film, precision laser trimming, and specialty processes, and is currently serving a variety of customers in the imaging, instrumentation, and defense industries. The company excels in a quick-turn, high quality environment, and prides itself on solving complex problems for its customers with flexible, turn-key services.

For further information contact mark@bundyandcompany.com.

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SUSS MicroTec Announces Completion of Initial C4NP Reliability Testing

SUSS MicroTec has announced today that initial reliability testing with IBM for 300mm lead free C4NP solder bumped wafers has been completed successfully. SUSS is currently building a high volume manufacturing C4NP tool set for IBM in preparation for production use.

C4NP stands for Controlled Collapse Chip Connection - New Process and is the next generation of wafer bumping technology developed by IBM. Pioneered by IBM, C4NP is a breakthrough in wafer solder bump technology, a semiconductor packaging technique that places pre-patterned solder balls onto the surface of a chip. These bumps ultimately carry data from individual chips to the rest of a computing system. C4NP is a simple and cost-effective alternative to the expensive and difficult electroplating process. Bulk solder is injection molded into glass molds and subsequently transferred from mold to wafer in a single step. C4NP combines the simplicity and cost effectiveness of solder paste printing with the fine pitch capabilities of electroplating and is a key enabler of 300mm lead-free solder bumping.

In this reliability testing, 300mm wafers were bumped with SnCu and SnAg solders using a 200 micron pitch with 1.3 million bumps per wafer test vehicle. 14.7 mm square chips were joined to organic buildup chip carriers and subjected to the following tests:

a. JEDEC moisture level 3 preconditioning
b. Shock and vibration
c. Deep thermal cycling (-55 to + 125 C)
d. HAST and THB moisture stressing
e. High temperature storage
f. Electromigration
g. Wettability
h. Construction analysis
i. Alpha emissions

No failures were attributed to the C4NP process.

For more information, please contact f.kemp@suss.de.

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CPS Introduces New Metal Matrix Composite End Effectors

Strength and stiffness of steel at one third the density.

CPS Corporation has introduced its new end effectors for automated wafer fabrication machinery. Made from CPS’ metal matrix composite, AlSiC (aluminum silicon carbide), the end effectors have the strength and stiffness of steel at one third the density.

CPS’ end effectors are more cost-effectively manufactured. They offer a lower inertial response, higher stiffness and higher strength than more traditional end effector materials, such as Stainless Steel, Molybdenum, graphite composites, and ceramic. This makes them both ideal for the robotics and automation industries as well as hermetic vacuum compatible.

Using CPS’ unique QuickCast™ process, the manufacturer is able to integrate functional components, such as fiber optic feeds, wafer shoes, and location pins, into the end effector during production. The CPS AlSiC near and net-shape fabrication process both produces the composite material as well as fabricates the product geometry, resulting in a cost-effective product and that allows for rapid prototyping.

AlSiC end effectors may be coated with functional coatings including Ni plating, anodization, and Teflon impregnated anodization. All CPS parts are custom-made to meet customer specifications.

For more information, please visit www.alsic.com.

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Remtec’s Large Size Leadless SMT Ceramic Packages for Direct PCB Mount Provide Reliable, Low Cost Solution in a Broad Frequency Range

Norwood, MA. May 12, 2006. Remtec’s proprietary Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) technology permits the design and manufacture of leadless ceramic chip carriers and packages larger than .75 inch on a side. These packages, with unique wrap-around interconnections, plugged via holes, hermetic-filled vias and integrated passives, provide improved electrical and thermal performance at lower cost for high circuit/ power density applications.

PCTF technology with its ductile structure of plated copper over thick film on ceramic, results in minimizing solder joint stresses during assembly of ceramic packages to PC boards. Therefore, Remtec’s leadless ceramic SMT packages with wraparounds for a direct PCB mount can be .75 X .75” in size or larger.

Wrap-around interconnections also eliminate use of leads and additional interface boards thus further reducing cost. In addition, they ensure low inductance package connections and can operate at frequency range above 32 GHz. These robust and reliable connections are ideal for SMT soldering and allow simple visual inspection and high assembly yields.

Plugged hermetic via holes with low resistance (less than 1 milliohm) provide for low RF losses below .1dB at 4 GHz and are excellent for ground and signal connections. Also, high thermal conductivity of vias (greater than 200 W/M x °C) results in low thermal resistance path providing excellent thermal management. Depending on a die size and ceramic package thickness, thermal resistance of 1-2 °C/W and lower can be achieved.

Plugged hermetic vias assure package integrity and reliability. They also allow the creation of fully hermetic Integral Substrate Packages (ISP) which is surface mountable.

Integrated resistors, capacitors and inductors can be often incorporated into SMT packages to reduce size and increase integration level.

In addition, Remtec packages are compatible with all standard interconnect assembly techniques including soldering, high temperature die attach, welding and wire bonding. Low tooling and fast turnaround time permit microcircuit designers to bring custom SMT packages into production quicker and with lower engineering costs.

For more information, please contact www.remtec.com.

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