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Finetech Appoints Illinois and Wisconsin Representatives

Finetech Inc. has announced that it has named Hattas and Associates and Technology Plus as representatives for Illinois and Wisconsin. Hattas and Associates and Technology Plus work together in partnership to represent Illinois and Wisconsin territories.

Hattas and Associates is a manufacturers' representative company dedicated to providing customers with production equipment, services and products, including SMT and microelectronics assembly, from quality suppliers worldwide.

Associated with Hattas and Associates is Technology Plus, offering complementary assembly equipment as well as test equipment to meet the electronics industry needs.

Dave and Lee each have more than 25 years experience in consultative capital equipment sales. Technology Plus mutually covers IL/ WI/IA and in addition MN.

“We are pleased to have such experienced partners,” said Chris Underhill, general manager. “Dave, Lee and their technical staff have numerous years of experience supporting their customers’ assembly processes. Hattas and Associates and Technology Plus are ready to immediately assist our Illinois and Wisconsin customers, providing the lowest cost of ownership process for assembly operations.”

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Revolutionary Thermally Conductive Adhesive from Henkel Selected for APEX’s Innovative Technology Showcase

Long recognized as an industry leader in materials development and formulation, the electronics group of Henkel was again awarded with top honors for yet another innovative material solution. At the recent APEX show in Anaheim, California, Henkel’s Loctite® 3876 was chosen to be part of show organizer IPC’s (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) Innovative Technology Showcase. As defined by the host of the contest, those products that are selected represent a real, relevant value to the electronics manufacturing supply chain and deliver a new idea or practice that achieves novel functional capability.

Based on proven proprietary Bead-on-Bead cure technology, Loctite 3876 is a new no-mix, no measure two-part thermally conductive adhesive. A revolutionary concept in the bonding of heat-dissipating electronic devices to heat sinks or spreaders, Loctite 3876 offers superior bond strength within seconds of assembly. The low viscosity of the material removes the need for meter-mix dispense systems and gives manufacturers an extremely wide process window.

Whereas traditional methods of bonding heat dissipating components and electrical devices required pre-mixing or solvent activated systems, Loctite Bead-on-Bead technology enables manufacturers to apply each part independently to the component so that mixing occurs only when the two items to be bonded are joined together. With a high thermal conductivity of 1.75W/m°C, Loctite 3876 offers a 40% improvement in cooling performance over previous products. Fast fix and cure rates allow for increased throughput, while extensive testing has confirmed the product’s high environmental resistance and suitability for a range of manufacturing conditions.

“We are honored that IPC has chosen Loctite 3876 for this year’s Innovative Technology Showcase,” says Doug Dixon of the electronics group of Henkel. “Bead-on-Bead technology represents a major advancement in adhesives development and provides Henkel customers with superior, advanced thermal management products as they transition to smaller, more functional devices with increasing heat generation. Henkel is delighted that IPC has recognized these achievements with its selection of this product for this highly-coveted honor.”

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Indium Corporation Celebrates 72nd Anniversary

In March 1934, Indium Corporation was founded in Utica, NY, USA. From a start-up business in a garage in Utica, NY, Dr. William S. Murray (President), J. Robert Dyer, Jr. (Vice President) and Daniel Gray (Research), revolutionized the solder and indium chemical worlds.

For the past 72 years, Indium Corporation has been a world leader in the manufacture of standard and specialty solders, Pb-free alloys, and solder fabrications, including: solder pastes, solder wire, solder ribbon, solder foil, solder preforms, and solder fluxes. The company also produces thermal interface materials, underfill materials, die-attach materials, and related polymers for the electronics assembly industry. In addition, Indium Corporation is the world’s premiere refiner, producer, and fabricator of indium and indium chemicals.

Where Indium Began in 1934
Today, with manufacturing facilities in China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the USA, and with sales offices at several locations throughout the world, Indium Corporation continues to provide customers with the comprehensive solutions that combine award-winning products, an extensive knowledge and service base, and technologies to optimize finished goods reliability.
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JPSA Announces Deliveries of UV DPSS Laser GaAs and GaP Wafer Dicing Systems

J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) has begun shipping solid state UV laser wafer dicing systems that include new features and process innovations that solve problems associated with GaAs and GaP contamination. JPSA recently shipped multiple IX-300 ChromaDice™ UV laser wafer processing systems to major GaAs wafer producers, featuring JPSA’s ProtectoLED® Technology, a proprietary, patent-pending system based on a water-soluble protective coating that prevents contamination of the wafer during the dry-etch process. In addition to the established ProtectoLED process, the shipments also included a patent pending development for containing and removing toxic by-products of laser processing GaAs and GaP wafers. Multiple orders of this GaAs dicing system have been received from other manufacturers.

In making the announcement, Jeffrey P. Sercel, President, said, “Our scribing results have been consistently excellent with this new process, which effectively removes any concerns about dry-etch contamination and toxic laser ablation by-products. JPSA has always offered the finest resolution laser scribing technology available, which further reduces the amount of heat input into the wafer during cutting and scribing and reduces the total amount of material removed during the process. The customer has the option of using an in-house scrubber, or a small filter cartridge to remove the waste materials for easy disposal, depending on volume.”

JPSA's IX-300 ChromaDice™ system operates at cut rates up to 150mm/second on GaAs wafers, with kerf widths of typically down to 2.5µm with JPSA's patent-pending high-resolution optical system.

JPSA’s IX-300 ChromaDice™ system can process wafers up to 6"in diameter, and uses efficient, cost-saving UV-DPSS laser technology at a choice of either 355nm or 266nm wavelengths. JPSA ChromaDice™ technology is now available in the high-volume, high duty cycle IX-300 format or the smaller footprint, lower duty cycle and lower cost IX-200 package.

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Nordson Asymtek Opens New Facilities in China

Asymtek announces the opening of two new facilities in China: a customer applications lab in Guangzhou and a new office in Beijing. These new locations join Nordson Asymtek’s existing facility in Shanghai to provide a strong applications and technical support network for all market segments and regions in China. Local representatives Electronic Scientific Engineering (ESE), D-TEK, Leeport, Kankun Trading Company and Antais Electronics Technology (ATS) all attended the grand opening ceremonies in January.

The engineering staff at Guangzhou provides applications evaluations, equipment demonstrations and process development for its customers. The 100 square meter lab is well equipped with Asymtek’s dispensing and coating systems, plus the latest valves and jetting technology. The facility also offers on-site equipment service and training.

The Beijing office has dedicated technical and sales staff for optimal customer service in the Northern region. Along with local representative Antais Electronics Technology’s well-established customer support network, Nordson Asymtek’s customers are assured to receive products with efficiency and value-added service. For more information, contact Luke Zhou, Regional Sales Manager, at 86-20-8554-9996, or luke.zhou@nordson.com.

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SUSS MicroTec and Instrument Systems Announce Alliance Wafer-level LED Test Experts

SUSS MicroTec and Instrument Systems announced their partnership today for developing a next-generation, high-throughput test system for LED devices at wafer level. It will enable manufacturers to test up to 70,000 LED dies per hour.

The demand for LED devices is growing exponentially as the devices replace older technologies in everyday applications. This means that time-to-market and production costs for an LED device are critical for the manufacturer. In order to achieve cost-effective production, manufacturers are increasingly using on-wafer testing to prevent the packaging of bad devices - a costly error. Additionally, speed is critical for meeting the demands of the consumer on time.

The new test system from SUSS MicroTec and Instrument Systems is being designed to meet these demands from LED manufacturers. "We did not simply combine the fastest spectroradiometric LED measurement equipment with the industry's leading high-speed probe system. With this innovative solution, we are leveraging our combined know-how in LED testing to optimize throughput, achieving speeds never seen before," said Dr. Thomas Attenberger, LED-Product Manager at Instrument Systems.

The extremely fast and accurate BlueRay™ probe system from SUSS will be fully integrated with the high-precision optical measurement equipment from Instrument Systems using a high-speed software and communication architecture. The system is semiautomatic, but can be upgraded to a fully-automated system in the field. This means that production ramp-ups no longer need lengthy equipment changeovers.

"We are excited to have Instrument Systems as our partner," said Dr. Claus Dietrich, Division Manager of Test Systems at SUSS MicroTec. "They share our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, all of which are important factors in the success of this project."

A prototype of the system will be exhibited at SEMICON China from March 21-23 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, booth #4323 in hall W4.

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