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:: High Temperature Electronics Conference (HiTEC 2006) Just Two Weeks Away! (full story)

:: Quik-Pak Expands Open-Cavity Plastic IC Package Offerings (full story)

:: Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee to Receive Exceptional Technical Achievement Award (full story)

:: Henkel Receives Top Honors for Innovative Lead-Free Solder Paste (full story)

:: Hover-Davis Appoints Electri-Rep as Sales Representative (full story)

:: Remtec Announces RoHS Compliance and IS0 9001:2000 Registration (full story)

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High Temperature Electronics Conference (HiTEC 2006) Just Two Weeks Away!

HiTEC 2006 is being held May 15 - 18, 2006, at the Hilton of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The exhibit hall and sessions are filling fast with nearly 200 attendees already pre-registered. Visit http://www.imaps.org/hitec to learn more about the program and to register today. For information on exhibiting, please contact Ann Bell, abell@imaps.org or 202-548-8717.

This is the premier event addressing the needs of the high temperature electronics community. Applications for high temperature electronics include underhood automotive, oil well logging, geothermal, more electric aircraft, space, industrial sensors, etc. HiTEC 2006 provides a comprehensive technical program addressing the applications, and the latest development in devices, circuits, MEMS, sensors, packaging, power sources, and materials to address the challenges of these applications. Tabletop exhibits will complement the technical program by providing you an opportunity to view the latest products for high temperature electronics.

This is a truly unique opportunity for suppliers, fabricators, and users to meet and talk about the needs, issues and opportunities in this exciting and important area. Please join us in wonderful Santa Fe, New Mexico for HiTEC 2006.

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Quik-Pak Expands Open-Cavity Plastic IC Package Offerings

Quik-Pak has announced that it has used its patented open-cavity process to successfully open a new generation dual-row, 12 mm x12 mm 156-lead MLF package for re-assembly. The open-cavity configuration allows for the immediate assembly of new die in the package, cutting weeks or months off the design-verification process. This expands Quik-Pak’s current line of open-cavity plastic packages, which includes TQFPs, LQFPs, TSSOPs, SOICs, BGAs, PLCCs, PDIPs, SOTs, and virtually any other plastic IC package, with sizes ranging from 2x2mm MLFs to 45x45mm BGAs.

For further information contact moreinfo@icproto.com.

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Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee to Receive Exceptional Technical Achievement Award

Indium Corporation’s Vice President of Technology, Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, has been chosen to receive the 2006 Exceptional Technical Achievement Award IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT). The award presentation will take place on June 1, 2006 as part of the Electronics Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in San Diego, California, USA.

This annual award recognizes significant contributions to new and important technology or product(s) that advances the state of the art in fields encompassed by the CPMT Society. Dr. Lee was selected due to his major contributions to surface mount technology and electronics packaging assembly.

Dr. Lee is an integral part of the Indium Corporation team of experts, and has contributed extensively to addressing the reliability needs of customers. He was named SMTA Member of Distinction in 2002 and received the Soldertec Global Lead-Free Solder Award in 2003. Dr. Lee’s credits also include being a SMTA board member, liaison to the Taiwan SMTA chapter, coordinator and chair of the entire 2005 Nepcon Shanghai technical program, and author of two books and over 100 technical papers.

Dr. Lee, a world-renown soldering expert, has extensive experience in the development of high-temperature polymers, encapsulates for microelectronics, underfills, and adhesives. His current research interests cover advanced materials for interconnects, and packaging for electronics and optoelectronics applications, with emphasis on both high performance and low cost ownership.

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Henkel Receives Top Honors for Innovative Lead-Free Solder Paste

Henkel’s award-winning record continues with yet another industry accolade, which was bestowed upon the global materials leader at the recent Nepcon China exhibition in Shanghai, China, where the company’s Multicore® LF318 lead-free solder paste received the prestigious Electronics Manufacturing Asia Innovation Award in the category of solder materials.

Developed to appeal particularly to multinational manufacturers who wish to qualify a single solder paste that offers reliable performance regardless of climactic condition, Multicore LF318 is a lead-free, halide-free, pin-testable paste formulation that delivers a broad process window for both printing and reflow.

Even after 72 hours at 27 Celsius and 80 percent relative humidity, Multicore LF318 achieves a consistently high degree of coalescence upon reflow. And, when tested to IPC ANSI/J-STD-005 and JIS-Z-3284 standards, the material displays excellent resistance to slump. With a superior tack life and an open time greater than 24 hours, Multicore LF318 delivers incredibly low paste wastage, which is very important to manufacturers as they seek to extend the life of their lead-free materials. The lead-free material has a high initial tack force of 2.0g/mm2, providing excellent resistance to component movement during high-speed placement.

Suitable for reflow in air or nitrogen, Multicore LF318 is highly versatile and displays excellent solderability on a wide range of surface finishes, including Ni/Au, immersion Sn, immersion Ag and OSP copper. After reflow, only soft, non-stick, colourless residues remain, easing visual inspection and permitting reliable in-circuit testing without clogging test probes, even after many hundreds of tests following double reflow.

“ This material has broad appeal for many reasons,” says Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Manager for the electronics group of Henkel. “In addition to its outstanding reliability and very wide process window, Multicore LF318 is particularly attractive because of its ability to perform well in any climate – from arid to humid. We are pleased that Electronics Manufacturing Asia has recognized these significant advantages and honored Henkel with this prestigious award.”

For more information on Multicore LF318, log onto www.goleadfree.com.

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Hover-Davis Appoints Electri-Rep as Sales Representative

Hover-Davis Inc. has announced that it recently has appointed Electri-Rep as its Sales Representative for the areas of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Electri-Rep, Inc. has been providing top of the line electronics manufacturing equipment and assembly materials for over 30 years in the Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Southern Illinois territory. Their product lines include Pick-n-Place, Wave Solder, Printing, Reflow Ovens, Dispensing, ICT, SMT Rework, PCB Cleaning Materials, Soldering Irons, Benches, X-Ray, Solder Paste and Fluxes, SMT Stencils, Conformal Coating Machines, AOI, Lead Forming, and now Standard and Custom Solutions for Component feeders.

For further information, email clucas@electri-rep.com.

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Remtec Announces RoHS Compliance and IS0 9001:2000 Registration

Norwood, MA. April 24, 2006. Remtec Inc., a leader in custom and semi-standard ceramic packaging, has announced the successful completion of the compliance program for the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Directive and the registration by the International Organization of Standardization as an IS0 9001:2000 Registered Company.

In making this announcement, Remtec president, Nahum Rapoport, explained: “Many of our customers do business on a worldwide basis, and need the assurance that we meet or exceed the highest international standards for quality and the restriction of hazardous materials. We can now give our customers the assurance that we have raised our standards to world class levels and consistently produce the highest quality electronic packaging products.”

Remtec is already experiencing positive results of their recently implemented ISO Quality System. As a result, non-conformance reports are down, and scrap rates and on-time delivery have improved. Remtec’s
“ ISO mentality” focuses on problem solving and corrective action throughout the company. With the ability to review the effectiveness of any operation, Remtec’s overall productivity has also increased.

As Michael Hipsman, manufacturing operations manager, explains: “We have a more thorough understanding of our operations and the process to expose problems and take corrective action. Our ISO registration gives our customers a higher level of confidence that their expectations for consistent high quality will be met.”

Remtec’s compliance with the new RoHS Directive (which limits the use of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB or PBDE flame retardants in products shipped to the European Union after July 1, 2006) will benefit customers doing business in the EU. Remtec’s RoHS compliance will also benefit customers doing business in 27 U.S. states, China, Taiwan and Japan where similar legislation is being developed.

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