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:: Stellar Industries’ New Bonding Process (full story)

:: Cyber Technologies Will Showcase New Features at IMAPS 2006 (full story)

:: New Products from Tecnisco of Japan (full story)

:: Isostatic Lamination Technology from Avure (full story)

:: MPS TF-100, from Micro Printing Systems, Provides High Precision (full story)

:: Barry Publishes New LTCC Design Guidelines for Foundry and Components (full story)

:: NorCom 2020 SF Optical Leak Test System (full story)

:: Polysciences Announces the Availability of SAR-GEL® Water Indicating Paste (full story)

:: March Plasma Systems Announces New Sales and Service Representative in Japan to Serve the Semiconductor Market (full story)

:: Mini-Systems, Inc. Releases Smallest Thin Film Chip Resistor in the World (full story)

:: Fotofab Adds Nitinol and Zirconium Fabrication Capabilities (full story)

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Stellar Industries’ New Bonding Process

Stellar Industries Corp. announces a new developing process of Directly Bonding Copper {DBCu} to AlN material.  Thermal Management can now be addressed using our ‘patent-pending’ processes.  For more details, please e-mail: sales@stellarind.com.

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Cyber Technologies Will Showcase New Features at IMAPS 2006

Cyber Technologies is introducing several new features to its family of CyberScan Vantage Measurement Systems at IMAPS 2006, October 8-12, in San Diego, CA – Booth 201.

For IMAPS, the company will release Scan CT Suite 7.1, the latest version of its 2D and 3D profiling software. Version 7.1 includes a number of new measurement and data handling capabilities. Operating on Windows XP Professional, Scan CT Suite 7.1 includes roughness algorithms developed to ISO EN 13565 and EN 11562 standards. Other new features include Automatic Edge Detection, user-created Macros, and more flexible results recording techniques. In addition, multiple scans can be combined in one worksheet for comparing/contrasting data. The new capabilities of Scan CT 7.1 can also be found in Version 3.1 of the company’s AScan Automated Application Software, to be released simultaneously with the new Scan CT Suite.

Hardware on the CyberScan Vantage has also been improved to eliminate mechanical noise and vibration, providing a machine accuracy down to 20 nanometers (0.02µm/ 0.0000008”).

Cyber Technologies’ CyberScan Vantage Systems can accept a number sensor types and models, with resolutions to 0.01µm (0.0000004”) and ranges up to 8 mm (0.315”).

For more information, contact: Email: michael.riddle@cybertechnologies.com or visit www.cybertechnologies.com.

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New Products from Tecnisco of Japan

Tecnisco has developed CTE-matched micro channel cooler (CTE: 8-9 ppm/k) for cooling high power laser diode. To control the CTE value, we use molybdenum material and Cu-electroforming technologies. Our products provide high reliability; long lifetime and corrosion free.

Our newest product is “Filled Metal Via”, which is still under development. It works like this: metal will be inserted into the glass wafer. The metal filled via is, then used for electro-contact.

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Isostatic Lamination Technology from Avure

The Avure Isostatic Laminating Press is today being used by scores of component manufacturers around the world for fast, high-quality lamination of hybrid chips, MLCCs, Bluetooth components, BMEs, filters, ferrites, varistors, multi-layer PZTs, and even fuel cells.

Isostatic pressure (equal on all sides of an object) produces uniform lamination with no distortion, part-to-part variation, camber, rounded edges, edge trimming, or in-cycle part rotation. The large work zone accommodates multiple packages and sizes in a single 3-10 minute cycle at 20 times the throughput rate of traditional heated platen presses. Operating pressures up to 30,000 psi handle the higher pressure requirements of water-based ceramic tapes and base metal electrode design packages.

Fourteen standard models are offered, ranging from small laboratory-scale units to high-capacity production presses.

For more information, visit www.avure.com or contact, glenn.hewson@avure.com.

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MPS TF-100, from Micro Printing Systems, Provides High Precision

Micro Printing Systems’ TF-100 has been CE certified.  For 6 months, we have been shipping units to the European Market.  MPS Model TF-100 provides a high degree of precision and the repeatability required for manufacturing, R & D and prototype applications.  Simplicity of set-up and operating, as well as its rugged design and construction, makes it well suited for demanding applications.  See our Web site www.mps-intl.com for sales, ordering, service, technical support and company information. Or email us at mpsinfo@mps-intl.com for more information or inquiries.

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Barry Publishes New LTCC Design Guidelines for Foundry and Components

Barry Industries, Inc. brings state-of-the-art packaging and circuit realization to the Microwave and RF field to aid the customer with their LTCC designs.  Barry provides a complete range of services from circuit concept, mechanical and electrical modeling, to final production. 

Barry offers a full range of LTCC Foundry services from build to print  - to design to specification – any anywhere in between.  We offer DC through millimeter wave operation, complete transmitter/receiver designs, filter designs, subsystem design, and integrated passive components. 

For more information, please visit www.barryltcc.com.


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NorCom 2020 SF Optical Leak Test System

NorCom Systems Inc., a manufacturer of advanced leak test systems for the Hybrid, MEMS and Optoelectronic industries, has announced the introduction of the NorCom 2020 SF (single footprint) Optical Leak Test System a revolutionary breakthrough technology for automated leak testing of hermetic electronic packages in a smaller footprint.  This significant breakthrough provides tremendous savings of valuable clean room space, making it a must have in the industry.

The NorCom 2020 SF provides automated, in-line, full matrix gross and fine leak testing performed simultaneously on up to 200 (based on size) hermetic devices. The system utilizes digital holography to measure small changes in package stiffness due to gross or fine leaks when the package boats or trays are placed in the helium pressure cell. Optical Leak Testing overcomes the critical limitations of conventional helium mass spectroscopy for fine leak testing and fluorocarbon bubble testing for gross leaks. New developments allow direct measurement of package leak rates in cc-atm/sec. helium. The technique is highly repeatable, accurate, and can be used with pig-tailed packages. Test results may be provided in near real time over the local area network (LAN) to provide packaging process control.

The NorCom 2020 SF eliminates back-end production bottlenecks by automating the leak test process.  It provides better product quality by simultaneously gross and fine leak testing your products quickly with extraordinary accuracy and repeatability. These facts make the NorCom 2020 SF an exceptional value as compared to a standard gross leak test system, helium bomb chamber or mass spectrometer. Additionally, the value is enhanced because of the one step leak test, high through-put, and the elimination of product failure due to leaks is far greater. Combined with the savings of valuable clean room space, this makes the NorCom 2020 SF the best leak test system available worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.NorcomSystemsInc.com.
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Polysciences Announces the Availability of SAR-GEL® Water Indicating Paste

Water, Water Everywhere & Everywhere You Don't Want It!

Polysciences, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of SAR-GEL®, an "easy-to-use" water detection paste that signals the presence of water by a highly visible color change. SAR-GEL® is supplied as a white paste that changes to a bright red color even in the presence of low levels of water.  A small amount of SAR-GEL® applied to the end of an applicator or water level dipstick is sufficient to alert the user to the presence of unwanted water.

Whether your business is involved with wholesale or retail fuels (including the new ethanol modified fuels), storage of industrial chemicals, manufacturing operations, laboratory use of anhydrous organic solvents or detecting water in piping systems, SAR-GEL® can help analyze the problem. Water contamination of fuels, oils, solvents and other organic materials can create major problems if not detected before the materials are used.

SAR-GEL® is supplied in individual "toothpaste type" 1 oz. cartridge tubes for easy dispensing and is also available in cases (12 X 1 oz. tubes). 

Visit www.polysciences.com to learn more about SAR-GEL® and all our monomer, polymer and specialty chemicals for use in pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

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March Plasma Systems Announces New Sales and Service Representative in Japan to Serve the Semiconductor Market

March Plasma Systems has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Noah Corporation of Japan to be March’s sales and service representative in Japan for all products serving the semiconductor market. 

“We are very pleased to announce the formalization of this partnership between March Plasma Systems and Noah Corporation,” said Peter Bierhuis, President of March.  “Noah will support equipment sales and customer service in Japan for all of March’s semiconductor products, including the FlexTRAK automated plasma system and newly redesigned AP-1000 batch plasma system.  March customers in Japan will greatly benefit from having a single point of contact for both sales and service support.” 

“Noah has a proven track-record of providing expert field service and customer service to March’s semiconductor customers in Japan over the last several years,“ said Frank Huysmans, Vice President of Sales at March.  “It made sense to add the sales function to Noah’s portfolio, so that customers could work with the same qualified team for both before- and after-equipment sales issues.” 

Customers in Japan may immediately begin to contact Noah Corporation in regard to both new equipment sales and system service issues, including systems currently under factory warranty. 

For more information, visit the March Plasma Systems web site at www.marchplasma.com, or contact March Plasma Systems directly.  Noah Corporation website is: www.noah-corp.com.


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Mini-Systems, Inc. Releases Smallest Thin Film Chip Resistor in the World

Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI) Thin Film Division has developed a miniature chip resistor.  Is size critical in your application?  Let MSI help you fulfill your chip resistor needs with a Precision 0101 Thin Film chip resistor.  Introducing the MSMR series, with an actual size of 0.012” x 0.009”. 

Some electrical characteristics for the MSMR series consist of, value ranges from 2 Ohms to 75 KOhms, TCR’s available to +/-5ppm/C, and tolerances starting at 0.01%. Sizes such as a 0.015” x 0.015” and 0.020” x 0.010” are available along with the industry standards.

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MSI has provided high-reliability components to the Medical industry since 1968, specifically in implantable devices.  Pacemakers and Defibrillators are just a couple of examples of those precision devices that require MSI to be a part of.

Glen E. Robertson, founder and CEO, says, “This firm has proven that since 1968 understanding responsive customer service, our commitment to total quality and fast response is the key to building long-lasting customer relationships and has helped us maintain this leadership status.”

Other applications that MSI has played a significant role in, where reliability is a must include Military, Aerospace, Microwave & Telecommunications.

So, when you are in need of quality, reliable and precision components, whether standard or custom, think MSI and let us help you with your Thin or Thick Film needs.

For more information, please contact E-mail: msithin@mini-systemsinc.com or visit

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Fotofab Adds Nitinol and Zirconium Fabrication Capabilities

Lower tooling costs, design flexibility: Fotofab continues to deliver to medical device designers.

Fotofab has announced that it has added the manufacturing of custom Nitinol and Zirconium components to its long list of high-value fabrication capabilities. Both medical-friendly metals are imperative to the medical market because of its superior strength and biocompatibility characteristics.

The U.S. remains the largest medical device market and leads the world in advanced medical technologies. According to Frost & Sullivan, the worldwide medical devices market is estimated at more than $140 billion, with the United States being the largest market with a compound annual growth rate about 8 percent (since 2004). Many of Fotofab’s medical customers will be a part of this growth as they continue to develop and introduce new, innovative devices in the minimal invasive surgery, cardiovascular and orthopedic implant segments.

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In addition to etching titanium (another bio-compatible metal frequently used in the medical device market), offering Nitinol and Zirconium to the rapidly expanding medical device market will benefit many companies that rely on Fotofab as a quality metal parts supplier. 

Other materials that are significant to the medical industry include stainless steels such as alloy 316L and specific stainless steels designed for implants. In some cases, the specialty stainless steels are not corrosive resistant as Zirconium and Titanium, so a variety of available metals such as Nitinol and Zirconium offers design flexibility to medical device engineers.

“We heard the demand for chemically etched Nitinol and Zirconium parts through our medical device customers,” says Fotofab CEO, Dan Brumlik. “We already deliver precision Titanium and specialty stainless steel components, so adding the technology to etch Nitinol and Zirconium was a natural step forward in serving our medical OEM customers.”

Fotofab chemically etches metal thicknesses as thin as 0.0002” (0.005mm). Features such as holes or slots can be etched as small as 0.004” (0.1mm) and even smaller features can be manufactured with Fotofab’s added laser capabilities.

Benefits of Fotofab’s photochemical machining process include lower cost, faster delivery, and greater parts design flexibility. Compared to traditional forms of manufacturing (such as stamping), the tooling is only a fraction of the overall cost. Lower tooling costs give medical device designers the freedom to create multiple versions of a certain part quickly and the latitude to explore design variations economically. Fotofab can etch over 50 alloys in total, with stainless steel, nickel silver, copper, brass, nickel, and steel being the most common.

For more information on Fotofab’s precision parts fabricating capabilities and to review Fotofab’s Design Guide: http://www.fotofab.com/designguide.htm,
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