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:: EFD’s Improved Lead-free SAC 305 No-clean Formulation (full story)

:: Hesse and Knipps’ Wedge Bonder Provides Users With 60% Greater Throughput (full story)

:: nScrypt Model 150 Series 3D/Conformal Dispensing with Reconfigurability at NO ADDED COST (full story)

:: Polysciences Announces New Line of Biodegradable Polymers (full story)

:: Microcircuit Technology Increases Its Utilization Of Orbotech's Advanced Solutions for IC Substrate Production (full story)

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GBC Announces 2006 Marketing Forum Agenda

The Global Business Council has announced its agenda for the 2006 Marketing Forum that will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2006, at the San Diego Convention Center from 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM. The Forum, entitled “Industry Insights on Market  Dynamics & Challenges for the Supply Chain” will feature the following presentations:

Laurie Roth - Co-Chair Global Business Council Steering Committee and
Director Strategic Marketing, Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
"Overview of the Roadmap Initiative: The Road Ahead"

Earl Lum –  President, EJL Wireless Research
"Wireless Trends 2006 & Beyond: Analyzing the Ecosystem" 

David  Cassak - Managing Partner, Windhover Information Inc.
"The Medical Industry Today: Challenges and Opportunities"

Rick Ludwig - Director, Business Strategy and Development, Unmanned Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation
"Northrup Grumman's Family of UAVs for the Warfighter"

The Forum will be followed by a Networking Reception. For more on the GBC Marketing Forum at IMAPS 2006, visit http://www.imaps.org/imaps2006/gbc.htm.

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GBC Roadmap Initiative

View Complete Roadmap - PDF | PPT
The GBC intends to play a greater role in working with the National Technical Committee (NTC) to scout for and address topics valuable to you, the key benefactors of our programs. We believe that we can communicate the challenges that face the various industry segments we serve, and that we can turn them into action items to be addressed by the IMAPS technical community.

One way to do this is through the well-proven roadmap process. Excellent roadmaps already exist with methods in place to update them on a regular basis. We looked at the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) and International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) roadmaps which both have chapters on semiconductor assembly and packaging.

GBC Roadmap Initiative
View Complete Roadmap - PDF | PPT
The GBC intends to take the ITRS and iNEMI roadmaps output on semiconductor assembly and packaging and communicate it throughout the IMAPS community and the NTC, so that we can drive our actions toward developing the capabilities needed to meet the roadmap challenges. We will focus on the gaps identified in the roadmaps that are barriers to the success of the market segments identified in the roadmaps (Automotive, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Communications, Computer, and Consumer). In the coming months, as our plans take shape, you will hear more from us about this initiative.
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EPP presents AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) System at IMAPS in San Diego

EPP reports the first STRATUS II AOI systems sold and shipped to Singapore and China after only a very short introduction and marketing period in Asia.

At the IMAPS show in San Diego EPP will present its AOI system model STRATUS II for automatic inspection of Ceramic Hybrids, LTCCs, Wet Adhesives, Glaze Print, Dielectrics and Flex PCBs.

The system can be delivered as In-Line or Off-Line version, for inspection of wet (directly after screen or stencil printing) inspection or for inspection of dry substrates (after burn in and/or after laser trimming). The system can inspect a  8” x 10” substrate in < 4 secs. 

The inspection is looking for screen ageing, screen shift, contamination, excess print, missing print, “mouse bites”, bleed-outs, positioning, shift conductor/vias, etc.

An optional laser profiler can be added.

The system includes one or two digital 4 Megapixel Cameras, linear motors for X and Y movement and our patented illumination subsystem. The substrate size is not limited.

The substrate can be loaded manually or automatically on conveyor belts, from magazines, cassettes, etc.

The AOI system can be adapted to existing automatic production lines.
Verify station and marking of any type, including laser marking, are available as well. We have many large and smaller customers in the US, Europe and Asia and offer worldwide technical support.

Please contact us at www.epp-germany.com or hstenger@epp-germany.com.

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EFD’s Improved Lead-free SAC 305 No-clean Formulation

EFD, Inc. Solder Paste Group introduces an improved no-clean solder paste product family specifically formulated for SAC 305.  Lead-free formulations are known to leave dull, matte finishes, but the new clear, colorless no clean flux residue allows the solder joint to sparkle; perfect for applications requiring a shiny, cosmetic finish.  Ease inspection and improve wetting capabilities with this new flux formulation for SMT, mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical soldering applications. 

For more information or to request an evaluation sample of PrintPlusÒ P530 printing series or SolderPlusÒ D550 dispensing series solder paste contact an EFD solder paste specialist at 1-800-338-4353, or visit their web site at: www.efdsolder.com, a comprehensive source for soldering process innovations.

EFD’s Improved Lead-free SAC 305 No-clean Formulation
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Hesse and Knipps’ Wedge Bonder Provides Users With 60% Greater Throughput

Hesse & Knipps, Inc., announces significant throughput advantages for its BONDJET BJ820 High Speed Fully Automatic Wedge Bonder.

The BONDJET BJ820 handles all fine pitch wire bonding applications in one platform – RF, microwave, COB, MCM, hybrids, fiberoptics and automotive, using aluminum or gold wire at up to 6 wires/second. Customers can contact the company for custom copper or platinum wire applications. Already 50% faster than competing equipment, the BJ820 achieves further throughput improvements through its innovative piezo bondhead and efficient work area. Coupled with intelligent automation solutions, these features eliminate significant indexing time, resulting in 60% greater throughput than competing machines.

Hesse and Knipps Wedge Bonder
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nScrypt Model 150 Series 3D/Conformal Dispensing with Reconfigurability at NO ADDED COST

nScrypt, Inc. announces the release of its Model 150 Series of dispensing equipment. The Model 150 Series officially takes precise, conformal, reconfigurable dispense equipment off of the wish list and onto the production floor at a competitive price. The Model 150 Series offers unmatched precision in both motion accuracy and dispensing volume. The system is capable of conformal dispensing over three-dimensional surfaces or on flat surfaces where co-planarity needs to be controlled. It is available as either a bench-top or free-standing system.

Precise.  The dispense system uses the patented Smart Pump™ that dispenses materials from 1 to 1M cps. The servo-controlled pump will dispense dots or lines as small as 50µm in diameter with tight volumetric control. The pump offers dynamic dispense control - the ability to change pump software parameters as the material properties change.

Conformal.  Using Grid Mapping and Path Mapping, no matter what the surface profile, the Model 150 Series will dispense accurately in the z dimension.

Reconfigurable.  Flexible and ready for future applications, each system is capable of being reconfigured to meet changing requirements. The dispense valves, handling system, vision, lighting, and graphical user interface as well as parts of the motion platform can all be changed to meet new requirements.

Available.  The Model 150 Series products are available now to be built to end-customer specifications.

Visit www.nscryptinc.com for more information.

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Polysciences Announces New Line of Biodegradable Polymers

Biodegradable Polymers Based On Copolymers Of Polylactic Acid (PLA) And Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Offer New Tools For Controlled Release Formulations And Delivery Platforms

Polysciences, Inc., has announced the release of a new line of novel biodegradable polymers based on copolymers of polylactic acid (PLA) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The biodegradability of polymers based on lactic acid (LA) or glycolic acid (GA) and their copolymers with ethylene glycol (EG) opens up new avenues for drug delivery, gene therapy, tissue engineering and determination of cellular pathway mechanisms. Polymer structures featuring polyethylene glycol (PEG), with biodegradable or biocompatible segments offering micellular, nano and microsphere morphologies are useful for controlled release formulations.
"Our customer base is increasingly interested in exploring the use of biodegradable polymers for drug delivery, coatings on medical devices and fully biodegradable components. These unique biodegradable polymers expand Polysciences' vast polymer portfolio which helps customers participate in the growing pharmaceutical, cellular biology and medical device markets," said Robert Gleim Ph.D., Catalog Business Development Manager, Polysciences, Inc.

Polysciences specializes in custom synthetic capabilities as well as stocking a wide portfolio of polymers useful in designing new compositions for high performance applications.

Visit www.polysciences.com to learn more about all our monomer, polymer and specialty chemicals for use in pharmaceutical applications.

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Microcircuit Technology Increases Its Utilization Of Orbotech's Advanced Solutions for IC Substrate Production

Orbotech Ltd. announced that Microcircuit Technology (2002) Pte Ltd., a leading manufacturer of advanced interconnect substrates in Singapore, has placed an additional, multi-million dollar order for two Paragon™ laser direct imaging systems and four InFinex™ automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

With this order, Microcircuit will now utilize a total of six Orbotech Paragon LDI systems and eight InFinex systems for the production of advanced IC substrates, making it the largest user of these solutions in Singapore.

Microcircuit is a technology solution provider that supports the semiconductor substrate technology roadmap with a commitment to delivering products with the highest quality and reliability. Ms. Jennifer Ho, Senior Manager of Engineering of Microcircuit, explained: 'The Paragon LDI systems allows us to take the next step in state-of-the-art technology. Together with the InFinex AOI systems, we have the advanced production tools from Orbotech to achieve the higher yields and flexibility necessary for successfully manufacturing our full range of complex products.'

Mr. Richard Klapholz, President of Orbotech Pacific Ltd., added: 'Microcircuit is a major user of our leading solutions for advanced PCB production. We are very pleased that our systems and support have proven their value as key elements in Microcircuit's production strategy for IC substrates and that the company has once again chosen Orbotech to further expand its high-end technology manufacturing capabilities.'

For more information visit www.orbotech.com.

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