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:: Carnegie Mellon Alumnus Bruce McWilliams (President of Tessera Technologies) Establishes Graduate Student Fellowship (full story)

:: Barry Announces WiMax Terminations and Resistor Line (full story)

:: Cookson Electronics Announces a Surcharge on ALPHA® Tin-bearing Solder Pastes (full story)

:: TargetSystem from Struers (full story)

:: Gannon & Scott Phoenix, AZ, Facility Successfully Completes CHWMEG Facility Review Program (full story)

:: IC Interconnect and JCAP Form Intercontinental Alliance (full story)

:: Innov-X Handheld XRF Analyzer – the Answer to RoHS Compliance (full story)

:: EPP sold first AOI systems for Hybrid & LTCC inspection to TAIWAN (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Promotes Ross Berntson to Vice President of their Solder Products Business Unit (full story)

:: Quantum Leap Appoints Johnson (full story)

:: Gel-Pak’S NEW Product Selection Wizard Optimizes Die Carrier Selection (full story)

:: ASYMTEK Receives Intel Corporation’s 2006 Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award for Fourth Consecutive Year (full story)

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Carnegie Mellon Alumnus Bruce McWilliams (President of Tessera Technologies) Establishes Graduate Student Fellowship

Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Bruce McWilliams, chairman, president and CEO of Tessera Technologies; and his wife, Astrid McWilliams, have given the Mellon College of Science (MCS) more than $1 million to establish an endowed fund for the Astrid and Bruce McWilliams Fellowship in the Mellon College of Science. The fellowship will support MCS graduate students conducting leading-edge research in emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biophysics and cosmology.

"Graduate fellowships are critical for advancing our research, and this outstanding gift gives us an opportunity to invest in excellent graduate students in key research areas where MCS is having increasing impact," said Richard D. McCullough, dean of MCS and professor of chemistry. "MCS research - from advancing semiconductor design to creating fluorescent nanotags - is poised to transform the future of the electronics and biomedical industries."

"Carnegie Mellon is one of the nation's top-ranked universities. As a student there, I received a scholarship that enabled me to pursue my scientific studies. Through this fellowship, Astrid and I hope to give back to the Mellon College of Science and its brightest minds as they make their mark on science and the industry," McWilliams said.

Since June 1999, McWilliams has served as chief executive officer, president and a member of the board of directors of Tessera Technologies. He was named chairman of the board in February 2002. Tessera is a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry. Its products have helped to enable the development of smaller, higher performing and less expensive electronics for use in a variety of products. Tessera's technology can be found in a broad range of electronics, including cellular phones, computers, MP3 players, medical and defense electronics from companies like Apple, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard and Sony.

For the inaugural year of the Astrid and Bruce McWilliams Fellowship, McCullough is matching the award with additional funds to provide full support for three recipients. The 2007 recipients are Andrea Benvin, Sandeep Gaan and Haifeng Gao - three outstanding graduate students who are already publishing their work in top journals.

Benvin, a chemistry doctoral student working with Associate Professor Bruce Armitage, is developing fluorescent DNA nanotags for clinical diagnostics and basic research to label and observe discrete molecular complexes within cells. Gaan, a physics doctoral student working with Professor Randy Feenstra, uses a scanning tunneling microscope to study surfaces of semiconductors that are prepared in ultra-high vacuums with organic films that have potential applications in flexible displays and thin- film transistors. Gao, a chemistry doctoral student working with J.C. Warner University Professor of Natural Sciences Kris Matyjaszewski, develops well- defined, star-like polymeric nanogels with potential uses in drug delivery, photoelectronics and specialty coatings.
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Barry Announces WiMax Terminations and Resistor Line

March 2007 - Attleboro, MA  02703 - Barry Industries announces their line of Power Terminations and Resistors for WiMax applications, specifically for 3.4 – 3.6 GHz. 

Terminations and resistors are available in a selection of configurations, from chip, to a leaded chip, to a flange mounted device, with power ratings from 20 to 200 watts depending on your design needs.

Established in 1977, Barry provides a full line of Power and Precision Thick Film resistors, terminations and attenuators on Alumina, BeO, BeO FreeTM and Aluminum Nitride for your microwave and RF applications. 

Barry also has an LTCC multilayer foundry, design and production facility for products to 65 GHz. High Power Ceramic Packages, Machining and Electroplating – a vertically integrated company.

For further information, please contact

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Cookson Electronics Announces a Surcharge on ALPHA® Tin-bearing Solder Pastes

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is announcing a surcharge on ALPHA brand tin-bearing solder pastes, effective 30 days from customer notification.  A global shortfall in the supply of tin, versus forecasted consumption in 2007, has caused the price of tin to reach 19 year highs on the London Metals Exchange and the Kuala Lumpur Tin Market.  Tin has moved from a trading range of $6,000 to $9,000/metric ton during much of 2006, to over $14,000/metric ton in the first quarter of 2007.  The increase in the price of tin has forced ALPHA to pass along the increased costs to customers.

ALPHA will roll out surcharges on tin-bearing solder pastes in a series of tiers linked to the current price of tin in comparison to the previous trading range.  When prices return to mid-2006 levels, the surcharges will be eliminated.  If the global shortage of tin becomes more severe, the strategy will assure a continuous supply of materials for customers.

"We have been able to absorb this significant cost increase up to a certain point," said Steven Corbett, Chief Executive Officer of Cookson Electronics.  “If we are to maintain the levels of technical support and research and development that our customers expect, we have no choice but to implement these surcharges. There is no way of predicting how long the production shortfalls of tin in Bolivia and Indonesia will last.  This surcharge is designed to minimize daily fluctuations for our customers, assure continuous supply of material should the tin shortage accelerate and allow price relief if and when the price of tin returns to previous levels."

For more information, visit

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TargetSystem from Struers

An innovative, automatic target preparation system for the microelectronics industry

TargetSystem is for automatic target preparation of microelectronic specimens.  It is the first failure analysis tool permitting real-time alignment and measurement of both visible and hidden targets such as microvias and BGAs.  Cross-sectioning and parallel polishing is performed with an exceptional +/- 5 µm system precision.

TargetSystem eliminates manual materialographic preparation and the time consuming repetitive checks Preparation time is reduced drastically and the ease of use allows even inexperienced metallographers to receive remarkable results.

For further information, contact


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Gannon & Scott Phoenix, AZ, Facility Successfully Completes CHWMEG Facility Review Program

CHWMEG, Inc. is a non-profit trade association comprised of 165 members and 199 affiliate companies committed to efficiently managing the waste management aspects of their environmental stewardship programs.  These programs are based on reducing environmental liability related to the wastes inherently generated while striving to reduce, recycle or reuse the wastes associated with operations.

Evaluations are performed according to a standard protocol by independent and experienced environmental firms and are recognized as "best environmental management practice" by environmental managers, risk managers, and legal counsel, and are incorporated into many initiatives (e.g. American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® program and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards).

“The successful completion of this industry standard review process, underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility on behalf of our company and its customers” said Joseph Peixoto, General Manager of Gannon & Scott.

To date, over 1,400 individual facility reviews have been conducted of over 660 unique facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, France, the UK, Malaysia, China and Australia.

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IC Interconnect and JCAP Form Intercontinental Alliance

Wafer bumping services companies join forces

IC Interconnect announces an agreement with Jiangyin Changdian Advanced Packaging (JCAP), a company specializing in solder bump, gold bump and pillar bump mass production. The agreement brings ICI’s electroless Ni UBM processing technology to Asia, and JCAP’s multitude of bumping technologies to North America. IC Interconnect is the sole business representative for JCAP worldwide services in North America.

“This new relationship is truly beneficial to both IC Interconnect and JCAP,” says Curt Erickson, president of IC Interconnect. “We are excited to come together to offer our customers around the world more choices and flexibility for their wafer bumping needs.”

The agreement establishes ICI/jcap International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IC Interconnect. ICI/jcap International is the marketing, sales, engineering and customer support arm of JCAP in North America. It also makes available a facility where IC Interconnect can install and operate its electroless Ni UBM process in China. ICI/jcap International offers services in North America at IC Interconnect for the life of the product or migrate it from the U.S. to China as economics dictate, while providing seamless engineering and on-going customer support.

Customers can now:

  • Pick a bumping technology
  • Pick a process location
  • Pick engineering and customer support time zones

JCAP, based in Jangyin, China, is the only factory in the world with a patent to produce copper pillar bumps. Additional technologies include thin film UBM, electroplated solder, gold bump and ball drop WLCSP. All are augmented with grind and back metal capabilities. Post bump processes include wafer test, laser mark, saw, tape and reel and mixed technology module assembly.

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Innov-X Handheld XRF Analyzer – the Answer to RoHS Compliance

RoHS Screening Approach—European Union regulations for RoHS* compliance can pose a challenge to most companies. Many observers of EU directives believe they will focus on “due diligence”, and this may be a key to mitigating impact or penalties.   Using the Innov-X Handheld XRF analyzer in a screening test program on components, parts, cables and PCB’s can identify prohibited materials in just seconds.

Innov-X Systems X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are simple yet effective screening devices that can be taken virtually anywhere. They have the ability to alert users to banned metals, using pass or fail criteria. They will document total Cr, Br, Pb, Hg, and Cd. In just seconds, prohibited materials may be identified and quantified. (See: 


Use handheld XRF Innov-X analyzers in screening -- The Innov-X Handheld XRF Analyzersprovide on-the-spot, fast and precise elemental analysis from phosphorus to uranium. They provide test solutions for RoHS screening of electronics and a host of NDT applications on solids, liquids, coatings and powders. Innov-X’s breakthrough design uses an x-ray tube in a compact, ergonomically designed handheld unit with an integrated pocket PC for unprecedented flexibility in a portable analyzer. A rear-facing display makes the units easy to read, supplementing the color screen. The integrated pocket PC runs with up to 25-element software suites using fundamental parameters, spectral matching and/or empirically generated calibrations. Easy upgrades will “future-proof” the unit as well as cutting edge technology that defies obsolescence.

For analyzing complex components, a new Innov-X small spot XRF analyzer isolates test areas by placing a test spot down to 3 mm diameter and displaying the image and sample target on the color PDA screen in real-time.  It is ideal for evaluating nonhomogeneous parts such as PCB’s where the beam can be focused on a small component, solder joint, lead or terminal. You can switch from collimated pinpoint to full-field analysis with the touch of a button. Snapshot images of samples analyzed plus laser-targeted small-spot analysis are saved as part of your test records. The analyzer can measure up to 25 elements in a single test with pinpoint precision

Take small-spot XRF analysis to a higher level with the new range of Hawk-I™ Micro X-ray Fluorescence Bench-top Analyzers that deliver fast and precise identification and elemental analysis from Chlorine to Uranium (Cl to U). Using a collimated beam of 13mm to 0.2 mm diameter, with laser beam focusing, the Hawk-I ™ system is ideal for testing small or nonhomogeneous samples. Applications include analysis of RoHS compliance for electronics, PCB and component studies. The Hawk-I™ can perform fully standardless quantitative analysis with excellent statistical accuracy. The movable X-Y stage affords precise measurements across samples. The sensitive color CCD camera enables digital snapshots with magnification of up to 68X, and combined with the laser spot tool, it enables digital pictures to be conveniently analyzed and stored. Hawk-I™ includes a large testing chamber, X-ray tube source and Si PiN-Diode detector interfaced to a PC.

. “We have cut pricing virtually to our cost as a means of helping the U.S. manufacturers become compliant. This is our way to help the electronic component suppliers, OEM’s, and contract manufacturers mitigate the impact of RoHS.  It is a complex directive and we are helping suppliers and manufacturers reduce the impact on their operations. Our new XRF rental program and RoHS-Star™ software demonstrates our commitment to supporting this vital industry.” notes Don Sackett, Innov-X CEO.                    

High-reliability, long-life materials for critical components in military, aerospace, certain medical devices and heavy equipment applications still requires the use of lead (Pb) in solders and finishes, as exempt from RoHS compliance. Leaded vs non-lead part mix-ups are possible, but Innov-X Systems’ handheld XRF will quickly identify lead content in your critical components without harming parts.

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EPP sold first AOI systems for Hybrid & LTCC inspection to TAIWAN

EPP reports its first purchase order from Taiwan for its STRATUS AOI systems.

The systems will be used for inspection of ceramic thick film hybrids, for LTCC and for inspection of gold plated ceramics. Because of its patented camera and illumination technology, these AOI systems can inspect dry substrates (after firing) or wet substrates (directly after screen printing) and Multilayer Ceramic Hybrids. Especially in automotive applications it is mandatory, that in addition to electrical testing, a thorough and fault free automatic inspection is made, before the substrates are processed further. Other applications, where optical inspection is crucial,  include military, aerospace and medical electronics. The systems can be delivered for manual operation or with automatic loading/unloading.

EPP already has a number of systems installed in Singapore and China (now also in Taiwan) and is fully committed to support these and all other Asian markets. Technical support is now available from China, Taiwan and the Philippines. Other support centers are in process and will be established by the end of 2007.

The picture shows the STRATUS II model for thick film and LTCC inspection. 

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Indium Corporation Promotes Ross Berntson to Vice President of their Solder Products Business Unit

Ross is now responsible for product management of Indium’s extensive line of solder materials. He will oversee sales and technical services for several market segments, including printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor packaging, engineered solders, and thermal interface materials.
Ross joined Indium Corporation in 1996 as a Product Specialist. He most recently served as the Director of Solder Products Business Unit. He has been instrumental in forging new marketing strategies and uncovering new market opportunities.
Ross has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Teaching, and an MBA, all from Cornell University, where he graduated with honors.
Ross is based at Indium’s global headquarters in Clinton, NY, USA and resides in Whitesboro, NY.

For more information, please visit

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Quantum Leap Appoints Johnson

Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Fritz Johnson as Vice President of Business Development.

QLP is now poised for major growth, and we expect that Fritz with his extensive knowledge and experience in semiconductor packaging, particularly the laminate and organic substrate business will be a valued asset on our team,” said CEO David Grooms.  “Fritz will make an immediate impact and further strengthen our position in the semi-conductor packaging industry and help solidify our goal of expansion around the globe. The appointment will have significant impact on QLP’s growth.”

Johnson has over 18 years experience in the IC packaging and assembly materials industry, with senior sales and product management positions at Kyocera America Inc., Johnson Matthey Electronics, and Sumitomo Bakelite. In addition to his semiconductor background, Johnson lived in Japan for several years and speaks fluent Japanese.  Johnson has a Masters in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA in International Studies from the University of the Pacific.

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Gel-Pak’S NEW Product Selection Wizard Optimizes Die Carrier Selection

Gel-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries, announced the launch of its new web-based Product Selection Wizard (PSW), an interactive program that uses a series of targeted questions to recommend the ideal Gel-Pak carrier based on each customer’s detailed application.  The product selection wizard is available through the company’s website.

Gel-Pak manufactures custom Gel-Boxes, Gel-Trays, Gel-Films, and Vacuum Release (VR) carriers that offer maximum protection during the shipping, handling and processing of valuable devices.  The Product Selection Wizard was created to assist customers in finding the optimum Gel-Pak carrier for their particular device and application.  “We pride ourselves on the service and product knowledge we provide to our customers.  I am confident that the Product Selection Wizard will be a valuable tool for both new and existing users”, says Darby Davis, Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.
For more information, please visit

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ASYMTEK Receives Intel Corporation’s 2006 Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

Nordson Corporation has reported that its Asymtek business has received Intel Corporation’s 2006 Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award. This is the fourth consecutive year Asymtek has been honored with the SCQI, Intel’s most prestigious award and highest honor for its suppliers for outstanding commitment to quality and performance. Asymtek, which received the award for its efforts in supplying Intel with automated dispensing systems, was one of only 10 companies to receive a 2006 SCQI award.

“We are very pleased that Intel has once again recognized Asymtek as a valuable partner and a vital part of its success,” said Edward P. Campbell, Nordson Corporation chairman and chief executive officer. “Asymtek’s leadership in technology along with a focus on quality and satisfying customers, hallmark values of Nordson Corporation, has enabled it to achieve this significant and important recognition.”

“Asymtek has once again proved itself as one of Intel’s top suppliers,” said Ron Rinfret, director of Intel’s Assembly Capital Equipment Development. “Asymtek continually goes beyond already high expectations by executing to our rigorous demands and meeting critical timelines while also providing Intel with creative engineering solutions that support and align to our technology roadmap.”

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