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:: IMAPS Announces Powerful Keynote Program for Its 2007 40th Anniversary Symposium (full story)

:: Paul Lotosky of Cookson Electronics Elected Technical Committee Chair of IPC’s Solder Products Value Council (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Adds to Marketing Staff and Adds Sales Rep in the US Northeast (full story)

:: Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) SiG Formed Within IMAPS to Develop Standards (full story)

:: Asymtek’s New DispenseMate D-583/585Automated Dispensing System Brings High Level Process Control to the Benchtop (full story)

:: MicroChem Corp Introduces Unique High Aspect Ratio Plating Resists (full story)

:: Gel-Pak’S NEW Product Selection Wizard Optimizes Die Carrier Selection (full story)

:: Remtec’s New Fine Line Capability Permits Circuit Designers to Integrate More Functions, Improve Performance, and Reduce Package Size (full story)

:: AdTech Ceramics Announces New Design & Capabilities Guide (full story)

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IMAPS Announces Powerful Keynote Program for Its 2007 40th Anniversary Symposium

IMAPS, the International Microelectronics And Packaging Society, is proud to announce that Stephen M. R. Covey, James R. Miller, and Dongkai Shangguan have agreed to be Keynote Speakers at the 40th Annual International Symposium on Microelectronics, November 11-15, 2007, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

Stephen M. R. Covey has agreed to speak at the opening of the Symposium on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.  Mr. Covey is author of the current bestseller The Speed of Trust and a well-known speaker in the Fortune 500 arena.  He is the former CEO of Covey Leadership Center, which, under his stewardship, became the largest leadership
development company in the world.

James R. Miller will kick-off the day on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. Miller is Vice President of Product Operations at Cisco. He is responsible for new product introduction and product lifecycle management for Cisco’s software and hardware products; he also drives the NPI Excellence initiative through the strategic implementation of Design for Assembly, Manufacturability, Testability and Reliability design techniques.
Dongkai Shangguan will share his expertise on Thursday, November 15, 2007. He is currently Vice President for Assembly Technology and Platform Realization with the Corporate Technology Group at Flextronics. He is responsible for advanced packaging and assembly technology, environmental technology, design/manufacturing collaboration and DFX solutions, industrialization and product realization.

“The caliber of the IMAPS 2007 Keynote Speakers is unprecedented in the history of the IMAPS Annual Symposium.  We are extremely honored that these outstanding individuals have agreed to participate in our 40th Anniversary celebration,” stated Greg Caswell, Virtex Assembly and IMAPS 2007 General Chair.

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Paul Lotosky of Cookson Electronics Elected Technical Committee Chair of IPC’s Solder Products Value Council

During its recent meeting at APEX in Los Angeles, CA, Paul Lotosky, Director -- Customer Technical Support, of Cookson Electronics was elected Technical Committee Chair of the IPC’s Solder Products Value Council (SPVC). In support of the IPC’s Mission Statement, the Solder Product Value Council seeks to assure that solder manufacturers recognize the need for the profitable growth of its entire supply chain, including the PCB and electronics assembly industries.  The SPVC’s Steering Committee’s objective is to identify and execute programs designed to enhance the competitive position of solder manufacturers and their customers. 

“I look forward to working with the technical members of the IPC Solder Products Value Council as we continue to support the technical needs of our collective customers,” said Paul Lotosky.  “The Technical Committee has just initiated its latest project which is to publish a list of ‘Take Action Levels’ for contaminates found in wave solder pots.  In addition to prior projects such ‘Default Alloys for Lead-Free SMT Soldering’ and ‘SMT Voiding,’ this project will provide one consistent message to the industry and offer information which will help our customers more efficiently manage their wave soldering processes.”

Paul received his B.S. from St. Peters College, and has been with Cookson Electronics for 29 years in the following roles – Sr. Chemist, Global Marketing Manager, Plant Manager for Solder Powder and Paste, and currently Director of Customer Technical Support.  In addition to his new role on the SPVC, Paul is also the Chairman of the Technical Committee TC 44 SC12 (Soldering Specifications) representing the US for ISO. 

"Paul Lotosky’s election to the Technical Committee Chair position for the IPC Solder Products Value Council is very important to Cookson Electronics.  It enables Cookson to continue to take a leadership role in helping to drive industry efforts into areas that are most important to the Council's collective customer base throughout the global electronics assembly industry,"  said Bruce S. Moloznik, IPC, SPVC, Voice of Industry, Chair.

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Indium Corporation Adds to Marketing Staff and Adds Sales Rep in the US Northeast

Indium Corporation announced that Seth Homer has been promoted to Product Support Specialist for Engineered Materials.  In addition, Rui “Anny” Zhang has been hired as Product Specialist for Indium’s Solder Paste products.  Seth and Anny are both located at Indium’s Global Headquarters in Clinton, NY, USA.

Seth is responsible for coordinating marketing efforts with sales, technical service, operations, and quality to execute on opportunities for engineered solder products.  He also serves as a resource to sales management by analyzing pricing guidelines and providing training to regional support teams.  Seth joined Indium Corporation in 1991 and most recently served as a manufacturing supervisor.  He lives in Deansboro, NY.


Anny is responsible for providing channel support for the Printed Circuit Board industry in China including program development and sales readiness.  She plays an active role in assessing, planning, and implementing communications strategies in China for Indium’s Solder Products business unit.  Anny has a master’s degree in Engineering Management from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.  She lives in Utica, NY.

LFG Micro is Indium’s New NE Sales Rep

Indium Corporation announced that LFG Micro has been appointed as a sales representative in the Northeast, covering New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southeastern New York State.  LFG Micro is responsible for the sales and service of Indium’s engineered solder products and non-SMT materials, including dispensable solder pastes, fluxes, spheres, epoxies, underfills, solder performs, solder wire, solder ribbon, solder foil, and ingot.

Founded in 1983, LFG Micro’s technical expertise and extensive experience with engineered solder materials are an excellent compliment to Indium’s product line and market focus.

Indium’s Regional Manager, Tom Pearson, noted that “LFG Micro’s experience, intimate knowledge of the local market, and strong customer service focus align perfectly with Indium’s emphasis on customer support. Based on Long Island, New York, LFG Micro is perfectly positioned to respond to customers’ needs in this region.”
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Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) SiG Formed Within IMAPS to Develop Standards

IMAPS has provided the framework within its 4-tier participation:
            Systems & Applications
            Materials & Processes

bringing together an industry group that cross cuts the supply chain to develop LTCC standards.

The executive committee is made up of Michael O’Donoghue, IMAPS Executive Director; Tim Mobley, Dupont; Mike Ehlert, Barry Industries; and David Drapeau, Raytheon.

Four teams with participation from 53 committee group members have been put together to address Materials, Design & Characterization, Processing, and Awareness & Education.


Initially, a standards list of thirty-four categories has been identified comprised of various test methods, test coupons, RF and Physical properties relating to LTCC materials & processes.

The phase 1 goal of the team is to:

  • Identify & verify necessary and relevant LTCC properties for RF, Mechanical and Environmental Properties.
  • Identify all test methods relevant to these properties
  • Map the test methods & properties

The findings and recommendations of the 4 committees will be presented to the LTCC SiG group  at the IMAPS CICMT meeting in Denver at the Grand Hyatt Hotel April 25, 2007.  Teleconference & web casting are planned to be available.

Interested parties willing to actively participate are welcome to contact Michael O’Donoghue at modonoghue@imaps.org.

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Asymtek’s New DispenseMate D-583/585Automated Dispensing System Brings High Level Process Control to the Benchtop

Asymtek, a Nordson company and leader in dispensing technology and pioneer in jetting technology, introduces the release of its newest automated dispensing system, the DispenseMate® D583/585.  Based on the popular DispenseMate D-550 benchtop series, the new D-583/585 brings precision dispensing to a compact system.  The D-583/585 series is WEEE/RoHS compliant, and utilizes the same patented dispense control technology as Asymtek’s most advanced dispensing systems, including Dynamic Dispensing Control™ (DDC) and Jet on the Fly™. 

The D-583/585 platform provides exceptional dispensing accuracy and repeatability and performs with a wide range of fluids, processes, and substrates.  It is designed for batch production dispensing processes, including solder paste, conductive adhesives, surface mount adhesive, gasketing, sealing and silicone/epoxy encapsulation. Ideal for labs, new product development and prototyping, the DispenseMate easily integrates with most jets, pumps and valves from Asymtek, including the DispenseJet® DJ-9000. Because Fluidmove programs are transferable to in-line systems, it can easily adapt to high volume manufacturing.

Two models are offered with different dispensing areas: the 583 model has a combined dispense and vision area of 325 x 325mm; the D-585, 525 x 525mm. The system runs on the familiar Windows®XP operating system, so it is easy to use. Other features and benefits include:

  • Dynamic Dispense Control offers precise and flexible control parameters through closed loop servo technology. Using encoders and feedback from the dispensing pump, DDC provides an effective method of producing high quality, reproducible small dots and lines.
  • New quick release mount for Asymtek’s valves makes cleaning fast and easy
  • An advanced height sensor automatically checks for warped parts and inconsistencies, saving the operator time and materials
  • Pattern Recognition and CAD import are available as option.

For more information, please visit www.asymtek.com.

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MicroChem Corp Introduces Unique High Aspect Ratio Plating Resists

MicroChem Corp a, introduces two new products:

  • KMPR® 1000, a high performance liquid resist, and
  • Remover K, an aqueous stripper system for KMPR® 1000 removal.

KMPR® 1000 is an epoxy-based, negative-acting, high contrast, i-line sensitive photoresist that was developed in cooperation between MicroChem Corp and Nippon Kayaku Corporation of Japan. KMPR® 1000, when used with Remover K, enables high aspect ratio (up to 10:1) imaging with vertical sidewalls, allowing for the design of uniquely tall and dense micro plated structures, not previously achievable with any other photoresist.


10:1 aspect ratio copper  plated dense lines and spaces achieved with KMPR® 1000.
5 µm wide lines, 50 µm tall

KMPR® 1000 can be coated onto a substrate at thicknesses from 4 microns to 100 microns with a single spin coating. It is compatible with conventional aqueous developers (0.26N TMAH or KOH) and solvent-based developers, such as SU-8 Developer. High chemical resistance and excellent adhesion make it suitable for use with a wide variety of electrolytic plating chemistries.

KMPR® 1000 can be stripped in typical solvents such as NMP. However, the use of Remover K is recommended to completely remove the KMPR® 1000 resist, especially when used in high aspect ratio plating applications.  Plasma removal is also possible.

According to Luc Oullet, P. Eng., Director, Technology Development at DALSA Semiconductor, “KMPR® meets all of the requirements for MEMS processing, with its high throughput, excellent aspect ratio control (exceeding 7:1), wet strip capability and adhesion.” 

Peter ten Berge, ASML, Special Applications, states that “The photosensitivity and high aspect ratio of KMPR® is a MEMS technology enabler that never existed before under i-line illumination.”

Harris Miller, R&D Product Manager for KMPR®, adds that “The plating capability of KMPR matches the very high resolution across a broad range of film thicknesses.”

KMPR® 1000 is available in four viscosities for spin coat application and various package sizes from 500 ml to 20 liters. Remover K can also be used for removal and re-working of SU-8 coated substrates.

For more information, please visit www.microchem.com.

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Gel-Pak’S NEW Product Selection Wizard Optimizes Die Carrier Selection

Gel-Pak has announced the launch of its new web-based Product Selection Wizard (PSW), an interactive program that uses a series of targeted questions to recommend the ideal Gel-Pak carrier based on each customer’s detailed application.  The product selection wizard is available through the company’s website.

Gel-Pak manufactures custom Gel-Boxes, Gel-Trays, Gel-Films, and Vacuum Release (VR) carriers that offer maximum protection during the shipping, handling and processing of valuable devices.  The Product Selection Wizard was created to assist customers in finding the optimum Gel-Pak carrier for their particular device and application.  “We pride ourselves on the service and product knowledge we provide to our customers.  I am confident that the Product Selection Wizard will be a valuable tool for both new and existing users”, says Darby Davis, Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.
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Remtec’s New Fine Line Capability Permits Circuit Designers to Integrate More Functions, Improve Performance, and Reduce Package Size

Remtec, has announced the development of a new etchable materials capability that permits circuit designers to integrate more functions and improve performance while reducing package size.  President Nahum Rapoport said “Now designers can select the most cost effective combination of PCTF® metalization options, such as etchable conductors, screen printable thickfilms and plated copper, solid plugged via holes, at a cost significantly lower than comparable thinfilm circuits”.

Using this new Remtec capability, microcircuit designers can achieve the performance of thinfilm products with a number of added features:  better power dissipation, ability for a direct pc board mount, and a wide resistor range.  Engineers can achieve a greater circuit density and more product features by using high resolution conductor lines and spaces with a width of .002”.  Line definition and tolerances of  ± .0002” assure high frequency performance to 32 GHz and higher, according to Rapoport.

Remtec’s advanced PCTF technology enables designers to add significant value by combining a number of ceramic interconnect techniques on a single ceramic substrate.  Thickfilm conductors, multilayers, integrated resistors, capacitors and inductors, .004” thick copper, have all become standard features of PCTF® metalization.  

To greatly improve power dissipation and electrical performance, circuit designers can also take advantage of Remtec’s PowerPlugs - hermetic (to 10-8) thermal vias - with thermal conductivity greater than 200 W/˚CxM, electrical resistance less than .5 mΩ, and thermal resistance below 2˚C/W.

Microcircuitry produced by Remtec’s volume manufacturing process is inherently less expensive than comparable thinfilm circuitry and provides more added value features.  Remtec also controls quality and maintains low upfront costs since all design and manufacturing operations are completed in house.

For more information, please visit www.remtec.com.

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AdTech Ceramics Announces New Design & Capabilities Guide

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based AdTech Ceramics, specializing in advanced technical ceramic solutions in a wide variety of materials, is pleased to announce the release of its new Design & Capabilities Guide.

This new guide details AdTech's available products, including injection molding, chemical milling, high frequency feedthroughs, custom pin grid arrays and pad array carriers, as well as custom advanced, microwave, optical, sensor and crystal/oscillator/SAW packages.

An overview of the co-fire multilayer ceramic process is also provided, as well as ceramic specifications for HTCC/HD Alumina and AlN to assist in materials selection. In addition, guidelines for structural, interconnect, and special features and components for highly custom applications, are included.

Additional products and special design capabilities including Pt Co-fire HTCC, HD Alumina (matching thin film with HTCC), ceramic metal packaging, self-aligning seal rings and pedestals, microwave design assistance and refractory metal stand-offs are also discussed.

An overview of the Guide is available online at http://www.adtechceramics.com/design.htm.

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