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:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC donates $2000 to San Diego Wild Fire Relief (full story)

:: EV Group and Brewer Science's New Ultrathin-Wafer Bonding Technology (full story)

:: AIM Announces One-Step Underfill 688 (full story)

:: Kyocera America, Inc. Promotes David Hester to V.P. of Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management (full story)

:: Asymtek Wins 2007 Global Technology Award for its SC-400 PreciseCoat Conformal Coating Jet (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies Partners with Vision Manufacturing, Inc. to add PWB and SMT Services for Palomar Microelectronics (full story)

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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC donates $2000 to San Diego Wild Fire Relief

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, has announced today that the Company has donated $2,000 to support the relief and recovery efforts after last month's devastating wildfires in San Diego County. This is done in coordination with San Diego Joint Chapters of IMAPS, ACerS and IEEE-CPMT, among which some members were tragically affected.

"Our thoughts are with everyone who has fallen victim to this disaster and we are committed to supporting the recovery efforts throughout the county. Torrey Hills and its employees have a proud history as a technology innovator and community leader and we are pleased to be able to use our limited resources to support the local community at this critical time of need," said Mr. Ken Kuang, president of Torrey Hills Technologies. "We extend our sincerest wishes to our local chapter members that were affected, and all persons affected in our wonderful San Diego community. The local joint chapter is a very tightly-knit community in which Torrey Hills Technologies is an integral part of, and we pledge our support to the good cause."
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EV Group and Brewer Science's New Ultrathin-Wafer Bonding Technology

Key to Advanced Packaging Applications

A key industry milestone has been reached surrounding the handling and processing of ultrathin wafers.  In their ongoing joint development work, EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer-bonding and lithography equipment for the advanced semiconductor and packaging, MEMS, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and emerging nanotechnology markets, and Brewer Science, Inc., the pioneer of industry-enabling technologies solutions for the semiconductor/microelectronics chemicals and equipment marketplace, unveiled they have demonstrated temporary wafer bonding capabilities for a wide range of backside processes, including through-silicon vias (TSVs) and backside metallization.

This latest achievement further validates the viability of the companies' unique approach, which is optimized for high-temperature advanced packaging applications.  In July 2007, EVG and Brewer Science announced that they had combined the Brewer Science WaferBOND(TM) HT coating materials with EVG's proven EVG850TB/DB temporary wafer bonding/debonding platform to create the industry's first high-yield, high-performance solution for simultaneously debonding and cleaning sub-100-micron thinned wafers up to 300mm in diameter.

The solution resulted from a multi-year partnership formed to address growing industry demand for flexible, yet reliable, processes and equipment that can accommodate the challenges associated with increasingly thin and fragile product wafers -- particularly for advanced 3D and wafer-level packaging approaches.  Both EVG and Brewer Science are committed to speeding commercialization of TSVs for 3D chip stacking, as evidenced by their membership in the EMC-3D Consortium, of which EVG is also a co-founder.

Stefan Pargfrieder, EVG Business Development Manager, said, "The progress of EVG's joint work with Brewer Science has surpassed our expectations.  In less than 18 months since initiating this development effort, we have successfully brought to market a manufacturing process superior to anything previously available.  Moreover, demonstrating its use for TSVs, given the importance of this technology to both companies and to the industry overall, is crucial to enabling broad industry adoption of this approach."

Jim Lamb, Director of Corporate Business Development with Brewer Science, concurs, "These initial results offer a compelling substantiation of the value and cost-effectiveness of using our polymeric, spin-on WaferBOND(TM) HT system with the EVG850 platform in high-volume manufacturing environments. 

Three-dimensional device stacking is essential to producing multifunctional devices with improved performance and compact footprints. High-temperature processing compatibility and fast debonding processing times of less than 5 minutes are important attributes to furthering the viable production capability of this innovative technology."

EVG and Brewer Science will have key executives available to discuss its ultrathin wafer-handling solution for advanced packaging applications during SEMICON Japan 2007, which will start on Wednesday, December 5, and run through Friday, December 7 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.  Editors/journalists are encouraged to visit the EVG booth, #5C-706, for more information.

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AIM Announces One-Step Underfill 688

AIM is pleased to announce the development of One-Step Underfill 688, a non-odorous, low surface tension, reworkable one component epoxy resin designed as a one-step underfill for flip chip, CSP, BGA and µBGA assemblies.

One-Step Underfill 688 is a novel product that acts as a flux and an underfill. Historically, the underfill dispense and cure processes have taken place after the SMT reflow process. However, One-Step Underfill 688 may be applied directly after the SMT printing process and then cured during the standard lead-free reflow process. By eliminating the second assembly step and a second cure cycle, the One-Step Underfill 688 does it all in one step through excellent capillary action, faster reflow characteristics, rapid cure speeds, and good fluxing action. The results are fewer process steps and increased throughput.

One-Step Underfill 688 also can be used in mixed alloy solutions, such as a lead-free BGA on a tin lead board.  As lead is not desired in lead-free applications, One-Step Underfill 688 can be used on a lead-free BGA, and the balance of the products can be printed with Sn63.  This way, the BGA remains lead-free, and the board can be run through a lead-free profile to insure BGA collapse.

One-Step Underfill 688 offers superior reliability through high Tg, low CTE, and good fill with no voiding.  Though flux is not required, One-Step Underfill 688 is compatible with no-clean flux residues and provides excellent adhesion.

One-Step Underfill 688 may be reworked at 120° C and the viscosity of the product remains stable throughout its shelf life.  Additionally, One-Step Underfill 688 wets solder to OSP, ENG immersion silver and immersion tin board surfaces.

For more information, please visit

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Kyocera America, Inc. Promotes David Hester to V.P. of Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management

Kyocera America, Inc. has announced the executive promotion of David Hester to the newly created position of Vice President, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management.

Hester joined Kyocera in January 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing. He previously served as Executive General Manager, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain, at Kyocera America, Inc.’s San Diego headquarters.

Hester holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and has attained Lean Six Sigma “Black Belt” status. The creation of an executive-level position for Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management underscores Kyocera's commitment to continually raising its quality standards and fully implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology.

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Asymtek Wins 2007 Global Technology Award for its SC-400 PreciseCoat Conformal Coating Jet

Asymtek, a Nordson company has announced that it has received the 2007 Global Technology Award in the Dispensing Equipment category for its SC-400 PreciseCoat™ Conformal Coating Jet.  The award recognizes the best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries.  Sponsored by Global SMT & Packaging magazine, the award was presented at the Productronica trade show in Munich, Germany on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007.  This was the third consecutive year Asymtek has won the award.

Asymtek’s PreciseCoat™ Conformal Coating Jet enables the application of coating materials to highly selective areas and areas not accessible by other applicators, especially on small substrates, devices, or substrates with high-component density where there are tight tolerances between coated and uncoated areas.  It’s the only conformal coating delivery system where coating is so accurately controlled that only the part of the device that needs protection is coated and masking surrounding areas is unnecessary.  It makes possible conformal coating of electronics to improve reliability of life-saving implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators, protecting electronic circuitry from moisture, dust, and other environmental contaminants and dampening the effects of mechanical and thermal stresses, vibrations, and electrical noise that can impair device function.  This clean process is especially important for manufacturing medical devices.


“We are pleased to have received this award. Asymtek continues to work on innovative coating and dispensing products to offer customers the best technology in addition to the best value over time,” stated John Byers, president, Asymtek.

The 2007 Global Technology Awards is an annual award sponsored by Global SMT & Packaging magazine.  A team of international judges selected the best innovations for electronics manufacturing products and services introduced between July 2006 and July 2007.  Entries were judged on innovation, speed/throughput improvements, quality contribution, cost benefits, environmental consideration, ease of use/implementation, and maintainability/repairability.

“If it’s possible, the awards were even more of a success than the first two years,” said editor and publisher of Global SMT & Packaging, Trevor Galbraith.  “The result was a celebration of some extremely innovative technology that deserves the description ‘the best in the world’.”
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Palomar Technologies Partners with Vision Manufacturing, Inc. to add PWB and SMT Services for Palomar Microelectronics

Palomar Technologies announces a partnership with Vision Manufacturing, Inc. (VMI), of Vista, California.  Through VMI, Palomar Microelectronics can offer printed wiring board (PWB) and surface mount technology (SMT) services for its customers to supplement the process development, prototyping, and low volume assembly services Palomar Microelectronics provides.

Palomar Microelectronics customers can now forward their PWB drawing files.  Palomar then coordinates with VMI to procure piece parts and perform SMT processes such as solder stencil, surface mount pick and place, solder reflow, cleaning, and inspection.  The assembled parts are then returned to Palomar for microelectronic packaging assembly, test, and shipping.  Palomar also offers other services through qualified vendors such as plating, sputtering, wafer dicing, and LED repackaging.

Palomar Microelectronics is Palomar Technologies’ high value-added microelectronic packaging service offered to Palomar customers throughout the world and facilitated through Palomar offices in the United States, Germany, and Singapore.  This fast growing segment of the company was created by the demand for quick-turn product development, prototyping, test, and assembly services.  Microelectronic assembly processes include advanced wire bonding, gold ball bumping, and precision component placement for semiconductor packages, high power LEDs, MEMS devices, microwave and RF components, optoelectronic packages, multichip modules, and hybrids.  Palomar Microelectronics helps companies speed time-to market, control costs, and reduce risks.

“Combining surface mount with chip and wire for prototyping and low volume, as both Palomar and VMI do, plays into a niche that currently has very little competition,” said Steve Truong, president and founder of VMI.  “To get both services, today’s customer usually has to sub work out to two different shops.  By partnering with VMI for these services, Palomar Microelectronics reduces risk and simplifies scheduling.”

“When customers come to Palomar Microelectronics with design ideas, they know they can rely on us to get their products to where they can be manufactured successfully and are ready for volume manufacturing by a contract manufacturer or themselves,” said Don Beck, operations manager of Palomar Microelectronics.  “Our partnership with VMI adds an important piece to the process.

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