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:: Panasonic Awarded for Advanced Packaging Lab (full story)

:: BI Technologies Develops Ferrite Core Inductor Capable of Operation at High Switching Frequencies (full story)

:: AIM Acquires Right to Sell SN100C Solder Paste and Cored Wire Solder Globally (full story)

:: Asymtek Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating Platform Incorporates Vision, Closed-Loop Process Controls, Precision, and Traceability in a High-Speed System (full story)

:: AdTech Ceramics Announces New Injection Molded Ceramics Guide (full story)

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Panasonic Awarded for Advanced Packaging Lab

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) was presented with a 2007 Global Technology Award for their Advanced Packaging Lab at Productronica in Munich, Germany. M. Faisal Pandit, Director of Solutions, was on hand to accept the award.

Panasonic created the lab to further enhance their global coverage of customers’ advanced packaging needs. When it opened in June 2007 in their Buffalo Grove headquarters, it became one of four in the world and the only one of its kind in North America. The Advanced Packaging Lab provides an environment where customers can engage early in their package development process with Panasonic, analyze their builds in production volume conditions and optimize process definitions in collaboration with Panasonic’s industry-leading experts to ensure customer acceptance and design wins. The lab contains the latest Panasonic microelectronics flip chip and plasma cleaning equipment as well as metrology and test equipment including: X-Ray, C-SAM, SEM, and EDS for post-assembly analysis.


The awards, presented by Global SMT & Packaging magazine, are designed to honor the best innovations for electronics manufacturing products and services introduced in the last year.
The Contract Services division covers CEMs, ODMs and other EMS companies involved in the assembly or design and manufacture of printed circuit assemblies for a customer or third party client. Entrants were judged on innovation, speed/throughput improvements, quality contribution, cost benefits, environmental consideration, ease of use/implementation, and maintainability/repairability.

Panasonic also won a 2005 Global Technology Award for the IPAC (Integrated Process Assembly Cell), the first continuously configurable line to combine high-volume SMT manufacturing with advanced microelectronics in one machine.
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BI Technologies Develops Ferrite Core Inductor Capable of Operation at High Switching Frequencies

BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division, a leading global manufacturer of magnetic transformers, inductors, transceivers and common mode chokes, has developed a through hole ferrite core inductor. Designated the HM37 Series, the inductor is housed in a small bead package designed for automatic pick and place equipment.

“The bead package provides low core losses and low DCR losses in a very cost-effective design,” said David Smolik, director of product development for BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division.  “Additionally, the ferrite core enables the device to operate at high switching frequencies, making the overall package ideal for desktop voltage regulator applications, including powering microprocessors.

For more information about the HM37 Series inductor,please visit


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AIM Acquires Right to Sell SN100C Solder Paste and Cored Wire Solder Globally

AIM is pleased to have acquired the right to now sell SN100C solder paste and cored wire solder globally. 

AIM has been formulating compatible flux chemistries for these products for the North America and China markets for over two years.  Manufacturing of SN100C bar solder, wire solder, solder paste, and compatible liquid fluxes takes place at AIM’s full-line manufacturing plants in North America and Shenzhen, China.  Sales and support services are offered through AIM’s offices located throughout every market in the world. 

SN100C offers broad process windows and benefits such as excellent flow, low voiding in SMT BGA and QFN devices, bright, shiny and smooth solder joints similar to tin-lead.  Additionally, SN100C is more resistant to lead contamination reliability issues than SAC alloys.  Furthermore, SN100C does not contain any costly silver.  These advantages, combined with a low dross rate, mean that SN100C offers substantial savings as compared to other lead-free solder alloys.

The company produces solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder, adhesives, preforms and specialty alloys such as indium and gold for electronics assembly, PC fabrication, component manufacturing and other industries. Visit AIM on the web at

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Asymtek Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating Platform Incorporates Vision, Closed-Loop Process Controls, Precision, and Traceability in a High-Speed System

Asymtek, a Nordson company has introduced its next generation conformal coating platform, the Select Coat® SL-940E.  With up to 30 percent faster throughput, a vision system, closed-loop process controls, traceability, and advanced integrated software, the Select Coat SL-940 provides high quality and increased productivity in a high-speed, high-accuracy coating system.

With the Select Coat SL-940E, advanced monitoring makes it easier to keep the coating process in control.  Fluid and air pressures are set and monitored through software-controlled electronic regulators, allowing traceability for these critical parameters.  Data logging and automatic adjustments of other parameters such as fan widths, fluid temperatures, and flow rates, further ensure the quality of the coating process.

The new, faster motion system of the SL-940E unleashes the performance capability of Asymtek’s SC-104/204 Film Coater applicator, attaining 750 mm per second speed and 1 g peak acceleration.  It accommodates product sizes up to 500 mm for higher speed and faster cycle times.  The welded one-piece structure of the frame enables high acceleration and velocity with up to 2 kg payload.  Rotary encoders deliver high levels of positional accuracy for precise coating operations.

The SL-940E has a large dispense area of 500 x 475 mm (19.7 x 18.7 in.).  The enlarged work area enables flexibility during production to add multiple board arrays or to coat large substrates.  Programming is made easier with the optional camera and pattern recognition system.  The controls of popular options like Asymtek’s Laser Fan Width Control, Viscosity Control System, Bar Code System, and Flow Monitoring have been fully integrated within the machine for a more seamless operation.

A variety of fluid delivery options are available to accommodate a wide array of fluids and applications.  These include the heat circulating Viscosity Control System (VCS) and the SC-204 and SC-205 film coater modules, both of which are non-atomizing systems.  The Swirl Coat SC-300 applicator is a three-mode swirl system, while the PreciseCoat™ SC-400 Jet Applicator can be used for high selectivity applications.  Because the coating is not sprayed, it doesn’t contaminate the camera lens.

The Select Coat® SL-940E system is designed with safety in mind. Downdraft and spill containment are integrated into the new platform.  The downdraft ventilation provides an efficient path for volatile organic chemical (VOC) removal.  With internal stainless steel surfaces, the system is easy to clean and resistant to strong agents.  Asymtek’s conformal coating system has been independently tested and certified for compliance with relevant safety standards including SMEMA, CE, NFPA, and SEMI.

For more information, please visit
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AdTech Ceramics Announces New Injection Molded Ceramics Guide

AdTech Ceramics, specializing in advanced technical ceramic solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its new Injection Molded Ceramics Design and Capabilities Guide.

This new guide details AdTech's Injection Molding capabilities, including its proven Alumina material system, co-fire metallization, as well as complex shape capabilities without additional machining. In addition, the guide provides an overview of the process and advantages of Injection Molding, along with standard design guidelines.

AdTech's Injection Molding capabilities include metallization with refractory metal or platinum conductors, nickel and gold plating as required, and ceramic material options. Metal components may be attached with high-temperature braze.

Complex 3D shapes without additional machining are possible, and quick turnaround of tooling makes prototype and small production runs feasible for these complex shapes. In addition, sizing of the production equipment permits fabrication of parts in a wide range of sizes.


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