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:: March Plasma Systems Receives Purchase Order for FlexTRAK-WR 300 mm Wafer Processing System (full story)

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:: Indium Corporation Announces Marketing Changes (full story)

:: Dollman Joins Remtec Management Team (full story)

:: Datacon Presents Die Bonder 2200 evo at APEX (full story)

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March Plasma Systems Receives Purchase Order for FlexTRAK-WR 300 mm Wafer Processing System

March Plasma Systems has announced that it has received a firm purchase order for a 300 mm version of its advanced FlexTRAK-WR wafer processing system from a major semiconductor manufacturing company. 

The FlexTRAK-WR system will be delivered to the customer in the first half of 2007, where it will be installed for the purpose of high-volume semiconductor device manufacturing. 

“March is pleased that the FlexTRAK-WR system has been recognized by major semiconductor manufacturers around the world as the superior solution for many wafer level packing (WLP) applications,” said Peter Bierhuis, President of March Plasma Systems.  “The FlexTRAK-WR system provides the advanced features and capabilities our customers require while delivering substantial cost advantages.  It has also demonstrated excellent on-wafer performance combined with high-throughput, making it an attractive choice for semiconductor device manufacturing facilities around the world.” 

To learn more about the features and benefits of March’s advanced FlexTRAK-WR wafer processing system, visit the March Plasma Systems web site at www.marchplasma.com, or contact March Plasma Systems directly. 

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World Gold Council Research Funding

World Gold Council has included the advanced electronics market in the call for research proposals through its GROW Programme. The GROW Programme (Gold Research Opportunities Worldwide) provides part funding for research and feasibility studies aimed at uncovering new industrial applications for gold. Commenting on the programme, Head of Industrial Applications, Dr Richard Holliday said 'electronic applications for gold in the form of bonding wire and plating salts form the bedrock of current industrial demand for gold. Through this programme we are seeking to identify the next generation of technologies that will sustain this important market for gold.' Further details can be obtained from World Gold Council via industry@gold.org.

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Asymtek Introduces New Axiom for Cleanroom Dispensing

Asymtek announces the Axiom X-1000 series dispensing system with a stainless steel enclosure for manufacturing in Class 100 cleanrooms. The system is specifically designed for applications that are extremely sensitive to contamination by sub-micron sized particles, such as wafer-level packaging.

The cleanroom Axiom system is configured to minimize particle generation within the dispense area. All pneumatic valves are exhausted to the base of the machine which optimizes ventilation within the system, and connection to the house vacuum avoids downstream particle emissions entering the cleanroom. The system’s cable track reduces particle generation, and the keyboard and mouse are enclosed in a tray mounted on a swing arm to protect the keyboard during system maintenance. An optional hepa filter can be added for downward air flow to further minimize particle generation during processing.

The Axiom cleanroom system is configurable for single or dual-valve dispensing to accommodate a wide variety of fluids, processes, and applications. For example, the Axiom cleanroom system can be integrated with stainless steel wafer film-frame or bare wafer handling equipment for ultimate process flexibility in a Class 100 environment.

The Axiom system uses Asymtek’s patented jetting technology. Mass Flow Control and Calibrated Process Jetting control the critical aspects of the fluid dispensing process in a closed feedback loop. Operating within the Windows® XP environment, Axiom’s FmXP software offers advancement in throughput, fluid management, and process control.

For more information, please visit www.asymtek.com.

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Indium Corporation Announces Marketing Changes

Indium Corporation announced that Tim Jensen was named Product Manager for Advanced Assembly Materials.  In addition, Jordan Ross was promoted to Product Specialist for Thermal Applications.  Tim and Jordan are both located at Indium’s Global Headquarters in Clinton, NY, USA.
In his new role, Tim is responsible for supporting Indium’s advanced material development for PCBA products, including market development, product release, supply chain, and branding.  Tim was previously the Program Manager for Indium’s Pb-Free Programs and a Senior Technical Support Engineer for Interconnect Materials. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University.  In his previous role, Tim spent over seven years troubleshooting and optimizing SMT process lines. He has authored technical publications and numerous process and technical guidelines.  He is a member of several professional societies and participates actively in IPC standards development committees.  Tim resides in Utica, NY, USA.
Jordan is responsible for all product activities associated with Thermal Applications, including Indium’s Soft Metal Alloy-Thermal Interface Materials (SMA-TIM) and Solder Thermal Interface Materials (STIM).  Jordan joined Indium in 2005 as a Product Specialist for Engineered Solders.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York, Institute of Technology.  Jordan lives in Whitesboro, NY, USA.

Tim Jensen

Jordan Ross

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Dollman Joins Remtec Management Team

Remtec’s President & CEO, Nahum Rapoport, has announced that Walt Dollman has joined the Remtec management team as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.  Rapoport said “Walt has nearly 30 years of previous experience in senior sales, marketing, and management positions in the ceramics and electronics industry, and we are very pleased to add Walt to our team at Remtec.  Walt brings considerable experience and success to our company.”

Serving as a senior manager, Dollman’s most recent position was with CeramTec North America Corporation.  Dollman said “I look forward to contributing to the success at Remtec by enhancing customer focus and expanding sales based on Remtec’s cost effective and flexible product line.  I will be working closely with Operations and Engineering to increase Remtec’s progress in expanding its customer base through continuous commitment to customer satisfaction based on the strengths of Remtec’s fundamental technologies.”

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Datacon Presents Die Bonder 2200 evo at APEX

Datacon presents its 2200 Die Bonder family for the first time at APEX: the 2200 evo, which signifies a revolution in multichip die bonding. The new bonder generation 2200 evo was developed on the basis of the proven 2200 platform and represents a milestone in the field of advanced packaging. You'll find Datacon at booth 3015.

Thanks to a dispenser system and bonding system which work in parallel in a single module with up to 5000 CPH, the 2200 evo from Datacon offers the highest throughput on a footprint of just 116 x 122 cm. The dispenser is not mandatory but can easily be retrofitted if required later, as can a second dispense unit. The highly flexible machine can process up to 25 different 300mm wafers in single pass. 14 different pick-up tools and 5 different ejection tools are additionally available in one module.

Of course the 2200 evo is not just intended for die attach, but is also a fully-fledged flip-chip bonder. Further features include the heatable bonding tool, e.g. for stacked-die applications, and the broad handling range from 250 µm small up to 50 mm large dies. This enables production, for instance of SiPs (System in a Package), with all kinds of active and passive components in a single pass. This significantly increases not only the throughput but also in particular the yield. The tried-and-tested, modular concept has also been retained in the 2200 evo. For very high production volumes, several multichip die bonders can be linked up to work in parallel.

Manfred Glantschnig, Product Manager at Datacon Technology GmbH, sums up: “With a precision of 10 µm @ 3 s and a throughput of up to 5000 CPH, the 2200 evo sets new standards as a multi-chip die bonder, especially in SiP production. The highest throughput, thanks to parallel processing, combined with the lowest cost of ownership will soon make our 2200 evo the machine of choice in the advanced-packaging market.”

For more information visit www.datacon.at.

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February 1, 2007

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