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:: Asymtek Sells 1,000th Conformal Coating System to Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) in Europe (full story)

:: Gore Launches New Firewire® High Flex Cable Assemblies (full story)

:: NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology Names Gregory Stevens Northeast Regional Manager (full story)

:: Micro Printing Systems (MPS) Names Cheng GP (full story)

:: Pac Tech Opens New Asian Facility in Penang, Malaysia (full story)

:: StratEdge SMX Surface Mount Packages Support DC to 18GHz Devices (full story)

:: Update Your Palomar Bonder with Performance Upgrade Packages Includes Bond Data Miner Software (full story)

:: DuPont Microcircuit Materials Enables Plasma Television Manufacturers to Improve Picture Quality and Expand Market with 7th Generation DuPont™ Fodel® Conductors (full story)

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Jobs Marketplace – a valuable benefit of IMAPS Membership!

At Micropac Industries, we are currently searching for a VP of Operations and a Senior Technical Director. Both of these positions were posted on the IMAPS “Jobs Marketplace”.  Although these positions are still open, we have received responses that we are currently evaluating. The value in posting positions is validated by the ability to focus the request to the unique industry in which we serve. Thank You IMAPS for providing this extremely valuable resource to your members.”

Mark King
President and CEO
Micropac Industries, Inc.   

Jobs Marketplace is a free service for IMAPS members who are seeking new employees or for members who are looking for new employment.

Please check it out at http://jobs.imaps.org.

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Hesse & Knipps, Inc. Debuts New Heavy Wire Bonder at APEX Booth #1871

Hesse & Knipps, Inc. announces that the company will display the new generation BONDJET BJ920 Heavy Wire Bonder for the first time in the Americas in booth #1871 at APEX, taking place February 20-22, 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The BONDJET BJ920 offers the highest speed and accuracy, and the largest work area available in a heavy wire bonder, in addition to several features only available in the BONDJET BJ920 that will greatly enhance user productivity.
BONDJET BJ920 Highlights:

• The largest available bonding area of 15” x 19.6”
• 10% speed increase over our BJ910 with bonding speeds as fast as 450 ms/wire (300µm diameter 8mm loop length wire)
• 10µm @ 3σ placement accuracy
• The only heavy wire bonder available with both integrated pull test and integrated, non-destructive shear test capability. The shear test provides a short test time and eliminates mechanical deformation of bonds or loops for less stress on the connection compared to the pull test.
• The “e-box,” a patented electronic toolkit offered only by Hesse & Knipps that ensures consistent machine setup from shift to shift and operator to operator. Within the e-box, programmable alignment marks show the correct setup for comparison with the actual setup. The camera image can be stored in a log book after each tool change.

“The market has waited for advancements in heavy wire bonding for the past several years,” said Joseph S. Bubel, president of Hesse & Knipps, Inc. “We are pleased to offer many advanced features on the BJ920 that result in faster changeover, increased lifetime and improved quality and productivity for our customers.”

The first customer shipments of the BONDJET BJ920 Heavy Wire Bonder are planned for early 2007.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.hesse-knipps.com.

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Indium Corporation Adds Sales Rep in Michigan

Indium Corporation announced that BarTron, Inc. has joined Indium Corporation as a sales representative for Michigan.  BarTron is responsible for the sales and service of Indium’s electronics assembly materials such as solder paste, preforms, wire, ribbon, and foil; rework, wave, and liquid fluxes; underfill; flux cored wire; solder spheres; epoxy; and bar solder.
BarTron, Inc. was founded in 1990 by President, Mike Roberts.  Bob Papp joined the company as a partner in 2000. BarTron has extensive technical and customer service experience and a wide ranging line card that aligns with Indium Corporation’s soldering products.
“BarTron has built long-term relationships with its customers in the electronics assembly industry by providing quality products and superior service,” said Delia Lara, Indium’s Midwest Regional Manager.  “The addition of Indium’s industry-leading technology compliments BarTron’s offerings, further enhancing their reputation as a complete solution provider, particularly now as the lead-free movement takes hold.”

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Asymtek Sells 1,000th Conformal Coating System to Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) in Europe

Asymtek announces it has sold its 1,000th Century® Series conformal coating unit in Europe to Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D), Equipment Plant Erlangen (GWE) in Germany. Siemens A&D, a recent recipient of Produktion magazine’s 2006 “Factory of the Year” award, selected the Asymtek system because its patented dispensing technology provides precise, mask free, uniform deposition of conformal coating, which is required for the protection of the electronics of their motion control systems.

Siemens added Asymtek’s Century C-740 Series Selective Conformal Coating System, configured with the Viscosity Control Process Module, the Laser Fan Width Process Control Module and the patented non-atomizing SC-100 Film Coater to furnish their Erlangen plant’s conformal coating lines.

Siemens first purchased a Nordson Select Coat® unit in 1996, and over the years, has added six Asymtek coating units after extensive testing and interviews with major customers and key industry contacts.  “There is no question that Asymtek has the best technology for conformal coating in the industry,” said Herbert Guckenberger, Siemens A&D manager, Electronics Production.  “One of the key benefits of working with Asymtek is that their technology is field proven, so we are confident their equipment is capable of running the processes we require."

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Gore Launches New Firewire® High Flex Cable Assemblies

W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) introduces GORE™ FireWire® High Flex Round and Flat Cable Assemblies, providing motion control and vision systems with reliable flex life performance.

The new GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies should be used to prevent lost data or data integrity issues. When reliable system performance and equipment uptime are critical, GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies provide peace of mind. Most FireWire cables on the market today are designed for static environments. When put in motion environments, they fail to meet the IEEE1394 electrical specifications.  Additionally, the attenuation increases significantly when these cables are flexed. GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies maintain stable attenuation over the flex life. They are designed to meet the demands associated with motion control and vision systems. GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies will flex with no bit errors or loss of data.

GORE FireWire High Flex Round Cable Assemblies have been tested to achieve 5 million cycles in rolling flex motions on bend radius of 50mm. GORE FireWire High Flex Flat Cable Assemblies have been tested to achieve 20 million cycles in rolling flex motions on bend radius of 20mm. Both cables experienced minimal change in insertion loss and impedance during these tests.

The maximum use length for GORE™ FireWire® High Flex Cable Assemblies is calculated from the attenuation value of the cable during flex. The assemblies will provide reliable data transmission during flexing and can also be used when systems demand longer length cable.

GORE FireWire High Flex Flat and Round Cable Assemblies are available with quick lead times. The following lengths are available from stock:  2 m, 3 m, 4.5 m and 7.7 m. Gore also offers the ability to customize a FireWire cable assembly to meet your specific application requirements.

Gore’s world-class flex lab and experienced applications engineering team helps their customers to deliver product to market quicker. In addition, their hybrid cable designs can also accommodate various components to meet specific needs. Customers receive a reliable cable solution that meets challenging performance limits and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

For more information  please visit www.gore.com.
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NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology Names Gregory Stevens Northeast Regional Manager

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC has named Gregory S. Stevens Northeast Regional Manager. He will manage all aspects of NETZSCH customer relationships in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York as well as eastern Canada. 

Stevens is responsible for expanding the customer base for NETZSCH's grinding division throughout the Northeast region.  He will be the key point of contact for current and prospective NETZSCH customers, and his primary objective will be to provide state-of-the-art grinding solutions that meet customers' needs and increase their profitability.

Prior to joining NETZSCH in 2004, Stevens served as senior inside sales engineer for grinding equipment supplier Sturtevant, Inc., Hanover, Mass. Previously, he had worked as a consultant to the steel industry for a total of 6 years with Charles River Associates in Boston and Hatch Associates, Mississauga, Ontario. As a consultant, his objective was to improve the performance and steel-making capabilities of several integrated steel plants, including one in Russia.

Stevens is a magna cum laude graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, where he earned bachelor of science and master of science degrees in chemical engineering. He has also successfully completed the EIT (Engineer in Training) Certification and is a member of the New England Society for Coatings Technology.

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Micro Printing Systems (MPS) Names Cheng GP

MPS has recruited Tommy Cheng, as the new General Manager.  “I am excited to be apart of a World Class Organization and look forward to continuing the growth and success of our products and services,” Tommy Cheng. 

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Pac Tech Opens New Asian Facility in Penang, Malaysia

Pac Tech GmbH, announced the incorporation of Pac Tech Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pac Tech GmbH, and the acquisition of a new 53,512 square foot facility located at 11900 Bayan Lepas, Byan Lepas Industrial Zone, Penang, Malaysia. The new facility will provide state-of-the-art wafer bumping and backend processing for semiconductor companies within the Pacific Rim. The building will have up to 40,000 square feet of remodeled production floor space, including cleanroom area. Both will be equipped with the latest generation equipment.

The new Malaysian facility is designed and laid-out to accommodate mass-production. In the initial phase of operation, it will be capable of handling up to 600,000 wafers per year. Pac Tech Asia will provide a variety of special applications designed to enhance and support the Asian semiconductor manufacturing community. The applications supported will include: electroless Ni/Au under-bump metallization for copper and aluminum devices, solder-paste stencil printing for flip-chips, solder-ball placement for wafer-level CSPs down to 200µm ball diameters, and micro solder-ball placement for fine-pitch applications down to 120µm. More advanced applications include: Ni/Pd/Au metalization for today’s power MOSFET devices and gold wire bonding, tall Ni/Au bumping for Smart Card and Smart Label. The facility offers up to 300mm wafer processing capability.

The facility is scheduled to begin operation in June 2007, and is currently accepting process qualification orders. Semiconductor companies can begin to provide Pac Tech GmbH and Pac Tech USA with their wafer forecasts in order to begin allocation of time and schedule them into the production planning. High volume production will begin in October 2007. Pac Tech GmbH and Pac Tech USA can be contacted to begin the pre-qualification of processes to be used in the new Asian facility. 

The initial processes flow capability will include: Low-cost wafer-bumping using electroless Ni/Au, solder stencil printing, solder-ball placement for wafer-level CSP, wafer thinning, backside metal sputtering, wafer backside laser marking, and wafer sawing. Beginning in 2008, the facility will also offer electrical testing and tape-and-reel processing.

“This new Asian facility is the next step in our worldwide support for the most cost-effective source of wafer bumping and backend processing in the world.” Comments Dr. Elke Zakel, President of Pac Tech GmbH. “This Malaysian facility is just the latest in our efforts to accomplish that goal.”

Dr. Thorsten Teutsch, President of Pac Tech USA and appointed CTO for Pac Tech Asia, comments, “The new facility in Malaysia provides the link in our global presence, and is very beneficial for our U.S. operation and will help Pac Tech USA to address new customers and to increase our domestic business as an entry portal for high-volume customers to our Asian manufacturing site.”
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StratEdge SMX Surface Mount Packages Support DC to 18GHz Devices

StratEdge announces the release of its SMX Series surface mount DC to 18 Gigahertz (GHz) packages for test and measurement, VSAT, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and WiMax applications.  These power packages have low insertion loss, good return loss, and excellent thermal properties.

The SMX Series ceramic packages were designed to provide good electrical transition performance for die in the DC to 18GHz range, although they have been used and performed well in applications beyond 18GHz.  The packages are made to provide wideband electrical performance and incorporate copper composite bases for enhanced thermal dissipation.  These are true surface mount packages that allow automated assembly and soldering for high volume production of devices without sacrificing electrical and thermal performance.  They are sealed with cup-shaped liquid crystal polymer lids with B-stage epoxy preforms that are provided with the packages.

Tests on the StratEdge SMX 580447 package were performed by Brian Higgins, RF Developmental Engineer, of JDS Uniphase, Bloomfield, Connecticut.  A 50-Ohm thru line was mounted inside the StratEdge package with conductive epoxy.  Double 1 mil diameter gold wires were used to connect the line to the package at the input and output.  Adjacent package traces were grounded to the package base to prevent the signal from coupling.  Test results showed that insertion loss was better than minus 1.5 decibels (dB) up to 14GHz and better than minus 2.25dB through 18GHz.  The measured results are the combined losses from two package transitions, two sets of wire bonds, and the 50-Ohm thru line.  The S11 Return Loss data graph can be found at:  http://theedge.cts.com/S11ReturnLoss.jpg. The S21 Insertion Loss graph can be found at:  http://theedge.cts.com/S21InsertionLoss.jpg

“Plastic packages can’t handle the heat produced by die with high power dissipations,” said StratEdge vice president of North American sales Casey Krawiec.  “Our SMX series can handle both the thermal and electrical requirements of these devices and can be used in many, many high speed and high frequency applications because of their wideband performance.  Our customers who have used them are extremely pleased with their performance.”

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Update Your Palomar Bonder with Performance Upgrade Packages Includes Bond Data Miner Software

Palomar Technologies is making available bonder Performance Upgrade Packages for its CBT6000 and Model 8000 automatic wire bonders and the Model 3500 component placement work cell.  The upgrade packages include the latest operating software, improved vision systems for pattern recognition, and new features like Bond Data Miner™ (known as BDM).  BDM, included in Palomar’s current bonder models, is a software package that monitors machine and process trends to provide increased yields and predictive maintenance.  Bond Data Miner can: track and archive traceability data for each part, die, wire and bond; automatically adapt its process parameters to address lot to lot and/or part variations; capture and analyze process and machine trends to optimize yield; and report its own uptime and statistics to any computer in the world.

For more information, visit www.palomartechnologies.com.


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DuPont Microcircuit Materials Enables Plasma Television Manufacturers to Improve Picture Quality and Expand Market with 7th Generation DuPont™ Fodel® Conductors

DuPont Microcircuit Materials is introducing its 7th Generation (7G) of DuPont™ Fodel® photoimageable thick-film pastes for the metallization of the front bus electrode used in plasma display panels (PDPs). The 7G Fodel® pastes provide improved image quality and enable substantial cost reductions through lower paste consumption and reduced precious metal content. The 7G DuPont™ Fodel® photoimageable thick-film paste is fully lead free and provides the same cost-effective, high-performance metallization for PDPs expected from the industry-standard DuPont™ Fodel® system.

"The rapid growth in the PDP market has put pressure on suppliers to develop lower cost and higher performance materials solutions, including improved image quality through better bright and dark contrast and finer resolution for full high definition (Full HD) television," said Walt Cheng, global business director, DuPont Microcircuit Materials.  "Customers using the 7G system have targeted reduced ruthenium (Ru) and other precious metal content, and lower paste usage as key strategies for cost reduction.  Our 7G products allow PDP manufacturers to substantially reduce paste usage, to deliver world class image quality and finer line resolution for Full HD designs.  We expect this to support the continued growth of the PDP industry and allow more consumers to enjoy the visual experience offered by high definition, flat panel plasma televisions."

The DuPont™ Fodel® photoimageable thick-film paste technology provides a simple, high yield and highly scaleable process for fine-line patterning of conductor lines on plasma glass panels.  The newly launched 7G pastes utilize novel, patent pending black pigments developed by DuPont to reduce dependence on Ru and still achieve improved blackness and conductivity at lower paste usage.  These innovations reduce Ru consumption by 80 percent in a typical plasma television compared to previous generation Fodel® pastes. 

Improvements in photopolymer technology give customers the ability to achieve finer line resolution at reduced fired thicknesses when using the 7G Fodel® system. Several customers are in the process of qualifying these products during 4Q 2006 and full-scale production is expected during 2007.

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