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:: Kyzen Named Advanced Packaging Award Finalist for Its Micronox MX2302 (full story)

:: EPP is Leading Supplier of AOI Systems for the Inspection of Gold Plated and Gold (Screen-) Printed Surfaces (full story)

:: Cookson Electronics Launches ALPHA® Flux Selector (full story)

:: C-MAC Microtechnology Launches its Range of Own-Brand Microwave Products (full story)

:: Protean Adds New Products to its Brands by Design Portfolio (full story)

:: Indium Corporation and Metallic Resources Announce an Agreement for the Marketing and Manufacture of Cobalt995TM Pb-Free Alloy (full story)

:: IMAPS 2007 GBC Marketing Forum -- Lighting Your Path to the Future - A View of Three Key Markets Driving Packaging: Flat Panel Displays, LED, and
IC Opportunities and Analysis
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Kyzen Named Advanced Packaging Award Finalist for Its Micronox MX2302

Kyzen Corporation announces that it has been named as an Advanced Packaging Award finalist in the category of Environmentally Friendly Materials for its innovative Micronox MX2302. Kyzen will find out if it has won the award during a ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at the Wattis Theater in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art during the SEMICON West exhibition.

Kyzen is the only materials suppler selected as a finalist, quite an honor for its world class technology.  Micronox MX2302 is a semi-aqueous cleaning solvent for semiconductor and wafer-level packaging applications. It is a high-strength solvent blend designed for optimum effectiveness in removing all types of solder paste and uncured adhesive residues from semiconductor wafer bumps found in electronic components including flip chip, chip scale and microBGA packages while being both user- and environmentally-friendly. Easy to use, MX2302 is applied as received, followed by a water rinse for complete removal of all soil and cleaner residues.

Features and benefits of MX2302 include free rinsing in water, a high flash point and use in S-U-I or ultrasonics. Additionally, it removes reflowed pastes, uncured SMT adhesives and lead-free pastes, brightens solder, is effective on tacky fluxes as well as OA fluxes and uncured conductive adhesives, is multi-metal safe, contains no CFCs or HAPs, and is non-corrosive.

Now in its seventh year, the Advanced Packaging Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in semiconductor packaging. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology in 13 key areas are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

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EPP is Leading Supplier of AOI Systems for the Inspection of Gold Plated and Gold (Screen-) Printed Surfaces

EPP presents its AOI system model STRATUS II for automatic inspection of Ceramic Hybrids, LTCCs, wet Adhesives, Glaze print, Dielectrics, Solar Cell wafers and Flex PCBs.

The system is the only AOI system today, that can inspect screen printed and/or electro plated gold layers. The problem with the inspection of gold is its high degree of reflection. The patented illumination technology allows a very reliable inspection of the highly reflective gold layers. By using different wavelengths from the UV up to the far IR, or by using polarized light, a very good repeatability and accuracy can be achieved.

The inspected materials or substrates can be PCBs, ceramics, LTCCs , etc. and are used in all kinds of applications like manufacturing of high power LEDs, automotive electronics, medical, aerospace and industrial electronics.

The AOI system is searching for all kinds of defects caused by missing or excess
print or layers, print shifts, scratches, shrinking, contamination, unwanted particles, holes, layer lift-offs, discoloration, etc.

The AOI systems can easily be integrated into any production line.

The systems can also inspect transparent materials like adhesives and over glaze. The inspection of a 4” x 4” substrate takes about 5 seconds and is totally independent of the structures that are on the inspected device. The substrate size is practically unlimited.

The worldwide customer base includes manufacturers of LEDs, automotive electronics, flash memory sticks, aerospace and military devices. Technical support is available in Europe, Asia and USA.

For more information, please visit

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Cookson Electronics Launches ALPHA® Flux Selector

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials (CEAM) launched its new on-line interactive ALPHA® Wave Solder Flux Selector tool designed to assist electronic assemblers in identifying the best ALPHA® flux for their application. The Selector can be found on the ALPHA website at:

 “We have been pleased to hear very positive responses about the Flux Selector from our customers, and both ALPHA and distributor sales personnel,” said Mike Murphy, ALPHA’s Global Product Manager for Chemicals.  “We have a broad flux portfolio, including products designed for lead-free and tin-lead compatible processes.  Our new, interactive ALPHA Flux selector offers engineers a systematized approach to finding the right ALPHA flux for their process.”

ALPHA fluxes meet the challenges of both lead-free and tin-lead processes.  The ALPHA EF-Series offers environmental as well as worker safety benefits, while providing unmatched soldering and reliability performance.

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C-MAC Microtechnology Launches its Range of Own-Brand Microwave Products

C-MAC MicroTechnology has launched its own range of competitively priced solid-state Ku band amplifier modules.  The first two products, a power amplifier (PA module) and a low noise amplifier (LNA module), have been developed for the following target applications; satellite communications, point-to-point, radiolocation and test applications in Defence and Wireless Communications markets. One such application is the growing market (European CAGR 11.4%, Worldwide CAGR 5.2%) for VSAT (very small aperture terminals) satellite communication systems, which are often deployed in remote areas not served by land-based communication networks.

C-MAC has developed these amplifiers to excel in key areas of performance: the LNA module has a class-leading noise level of less than 2.5dB at 250C while both operate in the Ku Band (12GHz to 18Ghz) and the LNA maintains its performance down to 6GHz. They also incorporate a power enable / disable facility that rival products do not typically feature and makes them ideal for portable, battery powered applications. In addition, the operating temperature range of -250C to 700C makes them ideally suited to be deployed in extreme outdoor or high-temperature environments. The devices are suitable for use in defence electronics applications and will be qualified to MIL-PRF-38534.

Indro Mukerjee, CEO commented, “The launch of our microwave product range is a significant step for C-MAC, marking a considerable extension to our standard product range, which currently includes a range of data bus products. We will still continue to focus on the supply of bespoke high-reliability hybrid microelectronics, which is where we have built our reputation in the aerospace, defence electronics and communications markets.  Based on our vast expertise in supplying to these industries it was a natural step to introduce our own range of specialist microwave products, which will provide us with exciting new opportunities in these markets.”

Both products are currently being sampled to customers, for further information contact 

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Protean Adds New Products to its Brands by Design Portfolio

Protean’s Brand Workshops are designed to help businesses establish a true insight into their corporate identity. By understanding and properly managing their brand and what it means to the market, businesses can develop an equity that can be leveraged into premium share, pricing and profitability.  While the Protean Team tailors each workshop to the precise needs of individual clients, sessions now cover an expanded range of topics including, brand mapping, extensions and partitioning, competitive analysis, differentiation and internal branding.

In addition, Protean has also introduced two new Market Research services. The Global Electronics Market Analysis tool provides businesses with a collation of data from a variety of industry sources, interpreted and presented within the specific context of an individual client’s business.  And as part of a new partnership with ITM Inc., Protean can now also deliver a broader variety of targeted market research, utilising an extensive selection of research tools designed to help businesses avoid competitive threats, accelerate development projects and improve overall financial return.

Commenting on the extended Brands by Design portfolio, Protean’s global brand strategy expert Rich Heimsch explains: “Market analysis is a fundamental element of our proven Brands by Design philosophy, and these new services enable us to extend it even further.  In addition to the expansion of our successful Brand Workshops programme, our partnership with ITM and additional market research capabilities can play a crucial role in helping our clients understand quantitatively and qualitatively the motivation, buying practices, needs and values of their target markets.

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Indium Corporation and Metallic Resources Announce an Agreement for the Marketing and Manufacture of Cobalt995TM Pb-Free Alloy

Indium Corporation and Metallic Resources, Inc. have entered into an agreement allowing Indium to globally market and manufacture Metallic Resources’ patent pending Cobalt995 (99Sn 0.5Cu <0.05Co) Pb-free alloy.
Cobalt995 is an alternative to SAC (Sn/Ag/Cu) alloys that not only costs less than the silver-containing SAC alloys, but also exhibits brighter, shinier, and smoother solder joints in standard wave soldering applications.
Metallic Resources is successfully marketing Cobalt995 for Wave, HASL, and SMT applications for over a year and has a significant installed customer base. Indium Corporation will use its expertise to develop complimentary and compatible Cored Wire and Solder Paste products as well as market its Bar Solder for wave applications. Indium Corporation’s technological development, technical support, and global capability, combined with Metallic Resources’ advanced alloy and electrolytic capabilities, make this high performance alloy ideal for solder customers worldwide.
Metallic Resources Inc. is a leading global supplier of high performance, ultra-pure solders and materials for the electronics assembly and metal joining markets.

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IMAPS 2007 GBC Marketing Forum -- Lighting Your Path to the Future - A View of Three Key Markets Driving Packaging: Flat Panel Displays, LED, and IC Opportunities and Analysis

Marketing Forum - Global Business Council (GBC)

“Lighting Your Path to the Future”
A View of Three Key Markets Driving Packaging: Flat Panel Displays, LED, and IC Opportunities and Analysis

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
San Jose Convention Center
Exhibit Hall Theater  


Howard Imhof, Metalor Technologies USA;
Laurie Roth, Laurie S. Roth Marketing

This GBC-Marketing Forum is a free-of-charge business session to all IMAPS 2007 attendees who wish to participate. Speakers will discuss market trends, supply chain opportunities and insights into current and emerging technology.
GBC Keynote/Lighting Your Path to the Future
George Craford CTO/Philips Lumileds

Current Semiconductor Forecast and Leading Indicators
Risto Puhakka, President/VLSI Research

FPD TV Electronic Supply Chain & Emerging Opportunities
David Barnes, VP Strategic Analysis/DisplaySearch

Networking Reception: 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm
J3 in the San Jose Convention Center

Visit for more information on IMAPS 2007 and the GBC Marketing Forum. The advance program will available in late-July.


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