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:: Paul Nikac and Vito Tanzi Promoted at SEMX (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Wins 2007 Innovation Award (full story)

:: High Value-Added Microelectronic Packaging from Palomar Technologies (full story)

:: Asymtek Introduces New AxiomTM X-1030 Series Inline Flux Dispensing System (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Releases A New Ultra Soft Copper Wire (full story)

:: RNT Co-Founder & CTO, Tim Weihs, Appointed to Serve on President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology’s (PCAST) New Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group (nTAG) (full story)

:: Photo Stencil Receives ‘Best Printing Stencil’ Award From Universal Smt Lab (full story)

:: Cookson Electronics Announces ALPHA WS-819 Water-Soluble Solder Paste for Ultra-High Reliability Lead-Free Assembly Applications (full story)

:: StratEdge SMT Molded Ceramic Packages Support Frequencies of DC – 20 GHz (full story)

:: AdTech Ceramics Adds Injection Molding Capabilities (full story)

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Paul Nikac and Vito Tanzi Promoted at SEMX

SEMX Corporation (“SEMX”), the parent company of Semiconductor Packaging Materials (“SPM”) announced the appointment of Paul Nikac and Vito Tanzi to the positions of Executive Vice President of the Corporation.  Their new responsibilities include management of all SEMX operational units following the retirement of Kenneth J. Huth.  Mr. Nikac has been Vice President-Operations of SEMX/SPM since 2003 and Mr. Tanzi has served as Vice President-Sales of SEMX/SPM since 2005.

Mr. Nikac will continue to focus on the day-to-day management of SEMX’s facilities with Mr. Tanzi focusing on SEMX’s worldwide sales.  Both Mr. Nikac and Mr. Tanzi will report to Gilbert Raker, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

SEMX Corporation and its subsidiaries principally develop, manufacture and market proprietary materials and interconnect products for microelectronic and semiconductor packaging and packages its products and third-party products in tape and reel form for surface mount applications.
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Indium Corporation Wins 2007 Innovation Award

Indium Corporation’s Indium5.1AT Pb-Free Solder Paste was awarded the Innovation Award at Nepcon China in Shanghai, China. Sponsored by EM Asia Magazine, the Innovation Award recognizes excellence in the Asian electronics industry. 

This is the third award for Indium Corporation’s Indium5.1AT Solder Paste. It was awarded the Global Technology Award in 2006 and the 2007 SMT China Vision Award earlier this year. It is the second consecutive year that Indium Corporation has been recognized with an award by EM Asia Magazine. Indium Corporation won an Innovation Award for its NF260 No-Flow Underfill in 2006.

Indium5.1AT is an air-reflow, no-clean solder paste that provides increased finished goods reliability when compared to competitive solder pastes. It features ultra low voiding (in the 5% range) when soldering BGAs with micro via-in-pad designs. No other solder paste is known to exceed this level of performance.

In addition, Indium5.1AT was specifically formulated to minimize the impact of downtime on printed deposit volumes, ensuring a consistently high reliability on board assembly. This gives customers increased reliability while at the same time saving them money.
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High Value-Added Microelectronic Packaging from Palomar Technologies

Palomar Technologies will announce its high value-added microelectronic packaging services later this month.  Palomar Microelectronics is a fast growing segment of the company created by the demand for quick-turn product development, prototyping, test, and assembly services.  Microelectronic assembly processes include advanced wire bonding, gold ball bumping, and precision component placement for semiconductor packages, high power LEDs, MEMS devices, microwave and RF components, optoelectronic packages, multichip modules, and hybrids.


Palomar Microelectronics will operate from Palomar’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California.  Services include process development, prototyping, volume assembly, and test.  Processes are developed by Palomar’s design, applications, and process engineers and validated on Palomar’s automated precision microelectronic assembly equipment.  Once a process is refined and optimized, volume production is performed by Palomar Microelectronics.

“As an established manufacturer of capital equipment with thousands of systems operating in the field, Palomar is naturally positioned to support the scalable production of complex microelectronic devices at our own facility,” said Palomar’s president Bruce Hueners.  “Palomar Microelectronics represents the logical progression of an equipment company whose mission is to provide complete solutions for our customers.  As a product of years of design and process engineering, Palomar has expertise, equipment, processes, and facilities already in place.  A company collaborating with Palomar can take a product from design to volume production at lower cost, shorter time, and lesser risk than doing it themselves.  Palomar Microelectronics is highly synergistic to our equipment business as it ensures we provide the most cost-effective and flexible bonding equipment and production services specifically suited to our customer’s end application.”
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Asymtek Introduces New AxiomTM X-1030 Series Inline Flux Dispensing System

Asymtek, a Nordson company, announces the release of its new Axiom X-1030 Series dispensing system, designed for selective jetting of traditional flux, no-clean solder fluxes and other precise coating applications. Available in single or dual lane configurations, the closed-loop X-1030 dispensing system optimizes underfill and package reliability-- improving production throughput and equipment utilization by as much as 60-85% with the X-1032’s dual lane multitasking capabilities. Configured with Asymtek’s DJ-2200 DispenseJet® valve with coaxial air technology, the Axiom X-1030 Series is ideal for jetting ultra-thin flux film builds.

Selective flux jetting provides a high-speed, highly adaptable process for jetting virtually any pattern while maintaining good edge definition (0.5 to 1.5mm) and minimizing the overspray associated with other spraying techniques.  The coaxial air technology ensures consistent, ultra-thin flux film builds (as low as 5µm) by following the jetted flux with a pulse of air.

Flux is used during the reflow process to remove oxides from metal surfaces to be soldered, enhance wetting, and protect against re-oxidation. In flip chip assembly, flux is also used to mechanically hold the die to the substrate during the assembly process prior to reflow. Today’s large flip chip in packages with lower bump heights make jetting preferable to stencil printing and dipping, which are difficult to control with high viscosity materials and thinner coating requirements. 

The Axiom X-1030 Series dispensing system is configured with Asymtek’s Fluidmove® for Windows® XP (FmXP) software for precise control of the dispensing pattern. The Axiom system interfaces with other equipment upstream and downstream using SMEMA-standard hardware and software protocols.

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Kulicke & Soffa Releases A New Ultra Soft Copper Wire

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. introduces the new MaxSoft™ copper bonding wire engineered for a variety of discrete and IC applications.  This new copper wire has unique physical properties that reduce IC bond pad stress and significantly improve 2nd bond strengths.
Applications using copper wire for bonding can prove challenging since copper inherently deforms less readily than gold wire, causing higher stress on the bond pad. K&S laboratory results have shown that due to its lower wire hardness, MaxSoft reduces pad damage and provides stronger intermetallic connections.

Klaus Dittmer, K&S Director - Product Marketing for Bonding Wires, states, “In the past, copper wire bonding has had some real limitations with reliability and robustness in 1st and 2nd bond areas. Our lab results show that the new MaxSoft copper wire increases overall bond strengths and reduces stress on the pads.”


Second bond strength and consistency are more challenging attributes for copper wire compared to gold wire, particularly in fine-pitch applications. This has created limitations to copper wire bonding. During K&S testing, MaxSoft obtained up to 35% higher 2nd bond pull responses compared to conventional copper wire, with increased bonding robustness.

 “This new copper wire is yet another element of our total copper wire bonding solution approach. Our customers now can have a comprehensive process solution with wire bonder copper kits, CuPRA plus capillaries combined with our copper wire product line,” explains Jack Belani, K&S Senior Vice President, Packaging Materials and Corporate Marketing. “Through MaxSoft, we are helping customers improve their copper wire bonding yields while providing new options for IDMs and subcontractors as they move from gold to copper. The breakthrough with MaxSoft now enables our customers to remarkably improve both 1st and 2nd bonds”

The new MaxSoft copper wire is available from 0.8 to 1.3 mil diameters and has a long shelf life of six months when stored in the recommended conditions inside the original packaging.
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RNT Co-Founder & CTO, Tim Weihs, Appointed to Serve on President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology’s (PCAST) New Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group (nTAG)

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. has announced that CTO and Co-Founder, Tim Weihs, PhD has been appointed to serve as an expert resource for the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology’s (PCAST) new Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group (nTAG).   

With over 15 years of experience in materials joining and industrial research in micromechanical testing, microstructural stability and nanomaterial development and manufacturing, Dr. Weihs joins a distinguished panel of advisors who will help in the preparation and review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) in 2007.

The NNI provides a multi-agency framework to ensure U.S. leadership in nanotechnology that will be essential to improved human health, economic well-being and national security. The NNI invests in fundamental research to further understanding of nanoscale phenomena and facilitates technology transfer.

Prior to co-founding RNT in 2001, Dr. Weihs worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he co-discovered the ability to control exothermic reactions in multilayer foils with nanoscale layers. These novel nanomaterials are now being used as local heat sources for joining, ignition and heating applications. Dr. Weihs is a full Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He received his B.E. and M.E. degrees in Engineering from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University.  In 2002, he was honored by the Daily Record with the "Innovator of the Year" Award, and in 2005 he and others were awarded an R&D 100 Award for developing NanoFoil. Dr. Weihs has published more than 60 technical papers, obtained 13 U.S. patents and has 10 patents pending.

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Photo Stencil Receives ‘Best Printing Stencil’ Award From Universal Smt Lab

Photo Stencil has been awarded the ‘Best Printing Stencil Award 2006’ by the Universal SMT Lab, now known as the Advanced Process Laboratory of Unovis Solutions. Photo Stencil’s AMTX E-FAB® electroformed stencil came in first in study #00042805 conducted by the lab, with the company’s NicAlloy™ stencil coming in second.

SMT assembly defects happen at all stages of the printing process. The lab’s 2006 study isolated the stencil printing tool to determine which stencil improves the process and decreases the number of defects. The test group included five electroform stencils and seven laser stencils supplied by four leading stencil manufacturers.


“Photo Stencil’s AMTX and NicAlloy products provided the best paste transfer for both tin-lead and lead-free solder pastes,” explains George Westby, director of the Unovis’ Laboratory. “We were happy to recognize Photo Stencil’s achievements in the SMT industry with this award.”

A state-of-the-art Yield Analysis Program, developed by the SMT Lab, was used to determine the yield loss due to open defects of BGA and uBGA packages directly attributed to the stencil. The results show that, compared to the best stencil, the increase in repair costs vary from an additional $658 for the second best, to several thousand more for poor performing stencils due to higher rework. The repair cost analysis assumes a 20,000 piece board run and a cost of $75 to repair a defective board.

A copy of the full report generated by the SMT Lab and two appendices explaining the physical properties of the stencils and the rework cost analysis are available upon request. To receive the report, please contact Dr. Bill Coleman – call (719) 535-8528 or e-mail him directly,

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Cookson Electronics Announces ALPHA WS-819 Water-Soluble Solder Paste for Ultra-High Reliability Lead-Free Assembly Applications

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials’ (CEAM) new ALPHA WS-819 water-soluble, lead-free solder paste delivers excellent printing characteristics over a wide range of humidity (50% +/- 15%) conditions, while offering excellent cleanability and resistance to voiding.  ALPHA WS-819 is the first water-soluble, lead-free solder paste that meets each of these requirements, and it was developed specifically to meet the needs of electronic assemblers challenged to manufacture lead-free PCBs for ultra-high reliability applications.

ALPHA WS-819 helps lower soldering costs by providing excellent stencil life, reduced printing cycle time, excellent voiding resistance, and easy water cleaning without the added cost of saponifiers and special waste water treatment and disposal systems.


“Our customers tell us that to achieve high throughput and yield results, they must pay special attention to a core group of Key Process Indicators (KPI) in their water-soluble, lead-free assembly process,” said Mitch Holtzer, Cookson’s Global Product Manager.  We developed ALPHA WS-819 paste which performs very well on these KPIs: stencil life, print cycle time, easy water cleaning and voiding resistance.”

ALPHA WS-819 has been tested on a number of surface finishes, including ENTEK® PLUS HT organic solderability preservative, AlphaSTAR® immersion silver, immersion tin and ENIG finishes.

For additional information on ALPHA WS-819 water-soluble, lead-free solder paste go to
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StratEdge SMT Molded Ceramic Packages Support Frequencies of DC – 20 GHz

StratEdge, introduces a new series of fully hermetic, true low profile, molded ceramic surface mount (SMT) packages.  The packages handle frequencies from DC to 20 GHz, providing excellent electrical performance.  They are designed for use in the aerospace, avionics, and telecom industries, and to package LEDs, MEMS, and optical devices.

The molded ceramic SMT packages meet the demand for surface mounted components that can be used at higher frequencies and they are MIL-STD-883 hermetic.  They are sealed with a metal lid and gold-tin solder preform and come in industry-standard 3x3mm, 4x4mm, and 5x5mm footprints.  The molded ceramic SMT packages combine StratEdge’s expertise with post fired ceramic and molded ceramic, two technologies perfected for use in other StratEdge packages.

“StratEdge was ahead of the technology curve when it started designing high frequency, high performance packages twenty years ago,” said StratEdge president Tim Going.  “Now, as the industry is finally catching up, our R&D has again moved us forward with our new molded ceramic SMT packages.  These low profile, hermetic packages meet the needs of today’s emerging technologies.”

For  more information, please visit

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AdTech Ceramics Adds Injection Molding Capabilities

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based AdTech Ceramics, specializing in advanced technical ceramic solutions in a wide variety of materials, now offers a new technology blending injection molding with proven HTCC alumina systems.

Capabilities include metallization with refractory metal or platinum conductors, nickel and gold plating as required, and ceramic material options. Metal components may be attached with high temperature braze.

Complex 3D shapes, without additional machining, are possible, and quick turnaround of tooling makes prototype and small production runs feasible for these complex shapes. In addition, sizing of the production equipment permits fabrication of parts in a wide range of sizes.

AdTech Ceramics has 30+ years of multilayer ceramic (MLC) Manufacturing and 15+ years of AlN Multilayer technology experience, and offers microwave modeling & design and developmental partnerships.

For more information on AdTech’s new injection molding technologies and electronic ceramic packaging capabilities, please visit or e-mail

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