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:: Metalor Technologies USA will upgrade to ISO/TS-16949 (full story)

:: Palomar’s Matrix LED Assembly Capabilities Enable Packaging of Brighter LED Modules Dan Evans to present paper on Matrix LED Assembly at IMAPS International Conference (full story)

:: IMAPS Says “Thank You” to our 2007 Device Packaging Exhibitors (full story)

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Metalor Technologies USA will upgrade to ISO/TS-16949

Metalor’s commitment to ISO/TS 16949 certification offers the following customer benefits:

  • Improved product and process quality
  • Improved on-time delivery and Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater emphasis on quality improvements
  • ISO/TS 16949 also satisfies automotive mandates by the International Automotive Task Force body on a global basis, when complemented by fulfillment of customer-specific requirements

TS 16949 requires a process-based and metrics-driven approach, with emphasis on continuous improvement. This means that Metalor knows, understands and practices a business philosophy that is committed to quality.  This philosophy never settles for “good enough” and understands the dynamics and interactions that exist between the various processes that make up the quality management system. Secondly, the added requirements of TS 16949, although prescriptive in nature, are based on proven techniques that further enhance an organization’s ability to achieve high quality levels in not only the challenging automotive sector, but in other market sectors that Metalor customers participate in as well.

The TS 16949 system will be certified and fully implemented by November, 2008.
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Palomar’s Matrix LED Assembly Capabilities Enable Packaging of Brighter LED Modules Dan Evans to present paper on Matrix LED Assembly at IMAPS International Conference

Palomar Technologies, provider of precision automation equipment and process development for microelectronic assembly, announced that Dan Evans, senior scientist, will present a paper titled High Brightness Matrix LED Assembly Challenges and Solutions at the Scottsdale, Arizona IMAPS International Conference and Exhibition on Packaging, on Tuesday, March 20, 2007.  Evans will present Palomar’s findings that show that certain matrix LED packaging technologies can produce brighter LED modules.

Mr. Evans’ paper will feature a brief overview of market applications and package options, using a case study to highlight challenges encountered and available solutions for producing matrix LED packages.  Pulse heat eutectic die attach and wire chain bonding are some of the technologies that will be explored for application to matrix LED assembly.

“Solid State Lighting is pervasive and will continue to grow in popularity as performance and costs mature,” said Evans.  “Products include camera phone flashes, televisions, display backlighting, automotive lighting, architectural lighting, and others still in development. Reaching performance and cost targets will require continuous improvements in LED devices and packaging to extract ever increasing lumens per watt.  Several of the new products use a matrix of LED devices packaged together.  These matrix LED packages present challenges for both die attach and wire bonding compared to single die packages.  We have found that some of the die attach and wire bonding techniques and technologies that have been used in other industries and applications can be adapted for LED assembly."

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IMAPS Says “Thank You” to our 2007 Device Packaging Exhibitors

We really appreciate the support of the following exhibitors and corporate members of IMAPS:

AdTech Ceramics

Advanced Chemical Etching, Ltd.

AI Technology

AkcroMetrix LLC


Amkor technology, Inc.

Arizona State University


AZ Electronic Materials USA Corp.

Bennington Microtechnology  Center

Boschman Technologies

Centrotherm Technologies

Chalman Technologis

Chip Supply, Inc.

CMC Interconnect Technologies


Cyber Technologies USA

Datacon Technology GmbH

DuPont Electronic Materials

E-Globaledge America

EKC Technology

EV Group

F&K Delvotec


Geib Refining Corp.

GPD Global

HEI, Inc.

Hesse & Knipps

Interconnect Systems

L. Gordon

Lambda Technologies

MicroChem Corp.

MicroConnexx Corp.

MicroFab Technology, Inc.

MJS Design

Myachi Unitek


National Nuclear Securities


Pac Tech USA

Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company

Phoenix Chapter - IMAPS

Photonics Spectra/Laurin Publishing

Precision Process Equipment, Inc.

Protavic America, Inc.

Quantum Leap


Sikama International, Inc.

Starfire Systems


Surfect  Technologies, Inc.

SUSS MicroTec

Task Microelectronics


Teledyne Microelectronics

West Bond, Inc.

Yole Development/Micronews

Zeland Software, Inc.


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March 15, 2007

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