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:: NATEL Engineering Acquires Circuits Processing Technology (full story)

:: New Industrial Strength Inverter from Endicott Research Group (ERG) Provides High Power for Displays Requiring Cold Starts (full story)

:: BI Technologies Offers RoHS-Compliant Precision Resistive Dividers in Free Design Kit (full story)

:: NuSil Technology Appoints Huntsman as Exclusive Distributor in Brazil (full story)

:: Hesse & Knipps’ Heavy Wire Bonder Sets New Standards for Quality and Machine-Integrated Tests (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Announces New Director of Global Sales and New Sales Director (full story)

:: Kyzen Launches E-Learning Center on Website (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Launches a New Convertible Manual Wire Bonder (full story)

:: Nihon Superior and AIM Sign SN100C Lead-Free Solder Alloy License Agreement for China (full story)

:: March Plasma Systems Receives Purchase Order for FlexTRAK-WR 200 mm Wafer Processing System (full story)

:: StratEdge Announces New Package Line to Support Power Applications (full story)

:: Tessera Introduces Next-Generation Interconnect Platform (full story)

:: Cookson Electronics’ Announces Launch of ALPHA® EF-2210 Wave Solder Flux (full story)

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NATEL Engineering Acquires Circuits Processing Technology

Natel Engineering is pleased to announce the acquisition of Circuits Processing Technology, Inc. (CPT) from Zentrix Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brush Engineered Materials Inc.  The transaction is a positive development for both parties, with Brush divesting of a non-core business and Natel strengthening its capacity and capability for thick film substrates to better serve its client base. Natel will continue to operate CPT out of its Oceanside, CA location, with additional support from other Natel plants that offer thick film capability at Chatsworth, CA, Hytek in Carson City, NV and Scrantom in Costa Mesa, CA.

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New Industrial Strength Inverter from Endicott Research Group (ERG) Provides High Power for Displays Requiring Cold Starts

The new E220 Series DC-AC inverter from Endicott Research Group combines up to 12 watts of output power with ERG’s unique vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure reliable CCF lamp ignition for LCDs used in outside, cold storage or other low-temperature environments.

The E220 provides starting voltages of up to 2300 Vrms in a compact, low-profile, PCB-mountable package for LCDS ranging in size from 5.7” to 15” diagonal. It utilizes ERG’s EFD 20 low-profile transformer for a form factor of only 0.60” (15.3 mm) high x 1.2” (32 mm) wide x 1.56” (39.7) mm long, in a fully vacuum-encapsulated design pioneered by ERG that ensures maximum resistance to shock, vibration & humidity. Operating range is -20º to +70ºC  (-4º to 158º F).

E220 Series inverters provide the ideal cold-start solution for CCFL-backlit LCDs that provide engine speed, ground speed, fuel consumption, oil pressure, coolant temperature and other critical information for vehicles used in heavy-duty, off-highway and mobile equipment applications. Examples include forklift trucks in cold storage warehouses, agricultural and construction equipment used in harsh outside environments, EMS vehicles, and marine equipment.

ERG’s E220 vacuum-encapsulated inverter operates at high efficiencies, typically approaching 80%, and is designed and tested using the actual OEM LCD display assembly to ensure system compatibility. ERG’s customized magnetics are self-shielding to minimize EMI and RFI interference.

The encapsulation of the inverter enables designers to better package it with respect to the rest of the system – only the pins are exposed, so only the bottom of their printed circuit board is a “high voltage” consideration. This is especially useful for embedded designs.

All ERG E220 inverters carry a one-year warranty and are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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BI Technologies Offers RoHS-Compliant Precision Resistive Dividers in Free Design Kit

Engineering sample kits of a new RoHS-compliant SOT-23 precision voltage divider network is now available from TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division.

Designated the SS103KITLF, these divider networks consist of two ultra-stable nichrome thin film resistors on silicon substrates, connected in a series within a standard plastic SOT-23 three-lead package.

“These sample kits give design engineers access to RoHS-compliant devices to use in prototyping or in bread boarding new designs,” said Mike Torres, fixed film product manager for BI Technologies Electronic Components Division.  “The small SOT-23-packaged dividers provide increased flexibility in circuit layout, since they can be placed virtually anywhere on the circuit board.”

The RoHS-compliant SOT-23 divider network sample kit includes:

  • P/N SS103VD01DQLF7, SOT-23 voltage divider with 12.4KΩ/20KΩ resistance values (.62:1), absolute tolerance to 0.5%, ratio tolerance to 0.1%, TCRs of ±25ppm/°C, and maximum TCR tracking of 5ppm/°C;
  • P/N SS103VD06CBQLF7, SOT-23 voltage divider with 11.3KΩ/101.7KΩ resistance values (1:9), absolute tolerance to 0.25%, ratio tolerance to 0.1%, TCRs of ±25ppm/°C, and maximum TCR tracking of 5ppm/°C;
  • P/N SS103VD07FAQLF7, SOT-23 voltage divider with 10KΩ/20KΩ resistance values (1:2), absolute tolerance to 1.0%, ratio tolerance to 0.05%, TCRs of ±25ppm/°C, and maximum TCR tracking of 5ppm/°C.

BI Technologies will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements.

The SOT-23 voltage divider networks are being specified for gain circuits in military, aerospace, industrial and medical applications.

For more information about the SOT-23 voltage dividers or to request a free RoHS-compliant sample kit, contact BI Technologies at 714-447-2518, by fax at 714-388-0046; by mail at 4200 Bonita Place, Fullerton, CA 92835; or visit:

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NuSil Technology Appoints Huntsman as Exclusive Distributor in Brazil

NuSil Technology has appointed Huntsman Quimica Brasil Ltda., a subsidiary of Huntsman Corp. as its exclusive distributor of products for the electronics industry in Brazil.

Huntsman Advanced Materials, a supplier of specialty chemicals for the electronics and power industries, will offer NuSil's silicone-based products and provide technical service to customers in Brazil. The agreement will provide benefits to existing Huntsman and NuSil Technology customers by providing local application support.

"NuSil feels that Huntsman has the facilities and technical personnel to grow sales of both custom and standard products," said Brian Nash, vice president of Marketing and Sales. "We look forward to a prosperous relationship with Huntsman and expanding our brand into Brazil."

Bernadine F. DiPietrantonio, Americas Director, Huntsman Power and Electronics, adds, "NuSil's silicones complement Huntsman's existing line of electronics materials and fit well with our strategic plan to expand the products we offer to meet the needs of customers in Brazil." 

For more information, visit

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Hesse & Knipps’ Heavy Wire Bonder Sets New Standards for Quality and Machine-Integrated Tests

Hesse & Knipps GmbH Semiconductor Equipment announced significant improvements in its BONDJET BJ920 Heavy Wire Bonder, setting new industry standards for heavy wire bond quality.

The BONDJET BJ920 fulfills the most demanding user requirements from automotive to leadframe applications, and is the only heavy wire bonder available with integrated pull and shear test. High speed and accuracy, the largest bonding area of any heavy wire bonder on the market today, and other advanced features meet customer requirements and greatly enhance productivity.

Bondhead integrated quality tests
The BONDJET BJ920 fills a long-time industry requirement for non-destructive tests to examine a wide range of possible quality errors and allow 100% control for heavy wire bonding applications. Hesse & Knipps has developed and applied for a worldwide patent on the only bond head available in the industry to incorporate both integrated pull test and integrated shear test. Bondhead integrated sensors enable fast and safe pull and shear tests set by the user based on qualitative targets. The pull and shear test functions are integrated into the bond head without affecting the free space around the bond head or limiting applications in any way.


Patented Process Integrated Quality Control (PIQC)
The BONDJET BJ920 heavy wire bonder will soon incorporate Hesse & Knipps’ PIQC – Process Integrated Quality Control (patent US 6308881 B1). This system enables the acquisition and assessment of several feedback values which influence bond quality. This quality control method is currently being tested in the field.

Vibration elimination
The BONDJET BJ920 offers state-of-the art sensor and VC920 control technology to ensure that machine vibrations either do not occur or have no negative effect on the wire bonding process. Assemblies subject to machine vibration are subject to quality issues due to lack of process repeatability and impact on the measurement method of the bond process. In addition to the optimum touchdown detection (300ms), a high precision bond force control is integrated in the BONDJET BJ920, enabling ± 1 cN accuracy. The touchdown and deformation sensor resolution is 0.1μm, with virtually no signal propagation delay and no
calibration required. This advanced control technology greatly reduces damage and the potential for field failure of sensitive semiconductor components.

“Active” cutter system
The newly developed active cutter system on the BONDJET BJ920 bondhead is decoupled from the Z-axis and requires no pusher, greatly increasing the available bonding area inside packages. The system enlarges the setting window for cutting, allowing a much quicker cut process. The cutting system accuracy is highly repeatable, improving quality, greatly reducing the risk of cutting into the substrate, and increasing cutter lifetime. The system produces constant cut depths even with tolerances in the product.

E-Box: reproducible setup system for cutter, wire guides and bond wedges
In heavy wire bonding, the tool settings for the wedge, cutter and wire guide greatly impact quality. The BONDJET BJ920 E-box feature allows micron-precise settings of the tools with immediate visual control by the operator, eliminates shift-to-shift and technician-to-technician setup variations, reduces tool setup time by about 70%, and increases tool lifetime.

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Indium Corporation Announces New Director of Global Sales and New Sales Director

Indium Corporation announces that Scott Pringle has been appointed to the position of Sales Director for Global Accounts.

Scott is responsible for the direct management and leadership of global accounts. Working with field and inside sales leaders, Scott will maintain and cultivate the company’s results-orientated customer support strategy.

Scott has been a consultant with Indium Corporation for the past two years and has over 25 years of experience in the Electronics market.

Scott is based in Southern California, USA.

Indium Corporation Announces David Preische as the New Director of Sales for The Metals and Chemicals Division.

Dave is responsible for expanding the Metals & Chemicals market by providing hands-on salesmanship. With his educational background in engineering, business management and psychology, and his 20 years of industry experience with Indium Corporation, Dave is aptly suited to provide global leadership for the growing Metals & Chemicals Business Unit.

Dave is based in his home state of Texas, USA.

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Kyzen Launches E-Learning Center on Website

“The Kyzen E-Learning Center is a technical resource for our customers and the industry at large,” said Tom Forsythe, Kyzen’s Vice President. “We have always committed Kyzen’s industry leading technical resources to solve the daily challenges our customer must overcome to succeed. This new substantial investment in the E-Learning Center is designed to share that experience along with more fundamental technology information.”

Designed for asynchronous use via the Internet, these short e-learning clips are available 24/7 at for anyone with a browser. Topics covered range from case studies, analytical laboratory equipment and techniques, application laboratory equipment and techniques to Kyzen products and services.

“Kyzen has developed this content continuously for nearly 20 years,” continued Forsythe. “The conversion of this treasure trove of technical information into Web-friendly formats began early this year and is accelerating.” At inauguration, there will be several dozen to choose from, with an equal amount currently undergoing conversion. Kyzen expects weekly additions to site.

“Kyzen is a tremendous resource for the industry. We have managed to attract and, more importantly, retain the leading experts in our field: chemists, technicians, engineers and field staff,” said Forsythe. “Sharing their expertise is a logical next step. The world and our industry have become a smaller place and are more reliant on partnerships with technical specialists. Because Kyzen is the cleaning specialist of choice, making our technical expertise available on our Web site is just another way of supporting our customers."

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Kulicke & Soffa Launches a New Convertible Manual Wire Bonder

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. announces the new Model 4700 Manual Wire Bonder that offers ball-wedge and wedge-wedge bonding capabilities on one machine configuration.  This new convertible wire bonder is based upon the proven K&S 4500 Series that has been the market leader for nearly a decade.
Aviram Shubeli, Product Line Manager, K&S Manual Wire Bonders, states, ”Our new bonder offers ease-of-use, offering automatic switchover to either bonding mode with no tools or parts required for conversion between ball bonding and wedge bonding modes. The 4700 Bonder is exceptionally versatile to address different bonding needs, making it ideally suited for many of our customers located in China.”

K&S proprietary transducer allows for fast and proper bond tool mounting for either capillary or wedge bonding tools.  This manual wire bonder offers deep 90-degree deep access for both wedge and ball bonding, with a wide 12.5 mm “Z” axis travel.

The Model 4700 Manual Wire Bonder is now available for production shipments.
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Nihon Superior and AIM Sign SN100C Lead-Free Solder Alloy License Agreement for China

Hong Kong: AIM has announced the signing of a license agreement that enables the company to manufacture and market the SN100C lead-free solder alloy throughout China, including Hong Kong.
SN100C is comprised of tin, copper, nickel + germanium.  SN100C offers user-friendly properties and has proven effective in commercial wave solder production for over seven years.  Today, SN100C is the leading lead-free alloy for wave soldering applications throughout the world, with over 500 tons consumed per month.

Some of the unique advantages of SN100C include:

  • Low copper dissolution/erosion of circuit board traces
  • Bright, shiny and smooth solder joints similar to tin-lead
  • Superior flow and less bridging and icycling in wave and selective soldering
  • Less wear of contact materials in the wave pot or nozzles in selective soldering
  • Less voiding in PTH soldering
  • No “hot tears” that lead to more extensive inspection
  • Compatible with SAC alloys if the solders are mixed
  • More resistant to lad contamination reliability issues than SAC alloys
  • Easy control of copper levels in wave pots
  • Low drossing
  • Low voiding in SMT BGA and QFN devices when used as a solder paste

Additionally, SN100C does not contain any costly silver. Furthermore, since SN100C does not contain silver or phosphorus, they are not aggressive towards the copper of tracks and pads, or the stainless steel components of soldering equipment. These advantages, combined with a low dross rate, mean that SN100C offers substantial savings on the total cost of running a wave solder line, as compared to other lead-free solder alloys.

Manufacturing of SN100C bar solder, wire solder, solder paste, and compatible liquid fluxes takes place at AIM’s full-line manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China.  Sales and support services are offered through AIM’s offices throughout China, including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Suzhou.

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March Plasma Systems Receives Purchase Order for FlexTRAK-WR 200 mm Wafer Processing System

March Plasma Systems has announced that it has received a firm purchase order for a FlexTRAK-WR wafer processing system from a major semiconductor manufacturing company. 

The system is scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2007, where it will be installed for the purpose of high-volume semiconductor device manufacturing on 200 mm wafers. 

“The FlexTRAK-WR system continues to gain acceptance by major semiconductor customers for photoresist descum, wafer cleaning, etching and other wafer applications,” said James Getty, Director of Applications at March Plasma Systems. 

“The FlexTRAK-WR system provides advanced processing capabilities at an attractive price point with a low cost of ownership,” Mr. Getty continued.  “Because it demonstrates excellent on-wafer performance combined with high throughput, it is an appealing choice for high-volume semiconductor device manufacturers.” 

To learn more about March’s advanced FlexTRAK-WR plasma processing system for wafers, visit the March Plasma Systems web site at, or contact March Plasma Systems.

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StratEdge Announces New Package Line to Support Power Applications

Packages utilize beryllium oxide for use with power semiconductor devices

StratEdge has announced the release of its Power Package Series at the RF & Hyper Trade Show in Paris, France and will feature them in the United States at the MTT-S show in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 5-7 at booth 543.  The new line of packages can be used in silicon, silicon carbide, gallium nitride, and other applications for power integrated circuits.  Thermally conductive beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic give the packages excellent thermal properties.

The Power Package Series comes in industry-standard outlines.  Both hermetic and non-hermetic packages are available.  These packages provide superior electrical performance and incorporate copper composite bases for enhanced thermal dissipation.  Hermetic packages in this series are sealed with metal or ceramic lids that have gold-tin solder preforms.  The non-hermetic version is sealed with cup-shaped ceramic or liquid crystal polymer lids with B-stage epoxy preforms. 

“The quality of a package’s construction is directly proportional to the performance of the chip,” explained StratEdge senior applications engineer Jerry Carter, who made the announcement at the RF & Hyper Trade Show last month.  “Design engineers know that if they use StratEdge packages, their chips will perform to the specifications of their designs.  We are used to creating packages that can handle high frequencies and high heat.  For our Power Package Series, we came up with a new hermetic package construction with improved reliability that still fits the industry-standard outlines.”

“StratEdge has specialized in the design, manufacture, and assembly of high performance semiconductor packages for almost 20 years,” said StratEdge president Tim Going.  “Several of our customers needed power packages and couldn’t find the quality, reliability, and customized services available at StratEdge.  The way the packages are constructed is nearly identical to some of our existing package families.  The manufacturing technology is very mature and stable.  We are quite excited about offering this new product line.”

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Tessera Introduces Next-Generation Interconnect Platform

Tessera Technologies, Inc. has announced the MicroPILR™ Interconnect platform, a highly innovative technology family that is designed to revolutionize the interconnect within semiconductor packages, substrates, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and other electronic components.  The novel interconnection is achieved through low-profile, pin-shaped contacts which replace conventional technologies used today, such as solder balls on semiconductor packages and plated vias in package substrates and PCBs.  These contacts deliver a number of key benefits needed to meet emerging product roadmaps, including significantly reduced profile, fine pitch, improved electrical and thermal performance, and enhanced reliability.  By addressing the technical limitations of current generation interconnect, Tessera’s MicroPILR platform has the potential to become a fundamental building block of next-generation mobile, computing and consumer electronic products.

A key demonstration of the technology has been in a high density, package stacking application.  Working closely with one of the world’s preeminent semiconductor manufacturers, Tessera has developed an 8-die FLASH package stack that is less than 1.2 mm thick.  Each individual package can be tested prior to stacking which results in near 100% stacked yield. 

According to Mr. Shozo Saito, Corporate Vice President and Executive Vice President of Semiconductor Company, Toshiba Corporation, “We have been evaluating Tessera’s MicroPILR platform for many months.  Our initial technical results on the stacking of multiple NAND Flash devices in this low profile packaging technology are promising.  Tessera has been pioneering advanced interconnect technologies for nearly two decades, and the MicroPILR platform is an innovative new technology offering.”

According to Bruce McWilliams, Tessera’s Chairman, President and CEO, “Tessera developed the MicroPILR™ platform to enable the ongoing evolution of electronics, which will require breakthroughs in interconnect to achieve greater levels of integration and functionality at lower levels of cost.  Tessera is actively engaged with key members of the supply chain, including leading semiconductor manufacturers, subcontract assemblers, and materials suppliers, to drive widespread adoption of Tessera’s MicroPILR platform. We look forward to offering our customers and the global electronics industry a powerful tool in meeting next-generation product roadmaps.”

With the unveiling of this new technology, Tessera is introducing its next-generation packaging family while significantly expanding its product offering to include PCBs and other interconnect applications.

Prismark estimates the interconnect market (including multilayer PCBs and advanced package assembly) will grow from approximately $34Bn in 2006 to $51Bn in 2011.  According to Brandon Prior, Senior Consultant, Prismark, “The MicroPILR™ platform targets the fastest growing areas of advanced interconnects which include 3D package solutions and advanced substrate technologies.  It addresses many of the challenges faced by other 3D solutions including height reduction, test, and manufacturability.”

Tessera is actively engaged with the global supply chain to drive high volume adoption of the MicroPILR technology family.  The first implementation of the technology family available for licensing is for packaging and packaging substrate applications.  Tessera is also offering related services, such as technology transfer and training, and prototype samples are available. 

Technical Overview of MicroPILR Interconnect Platform
Tessera’s MicroPILR technology platform leverages existing assembly processes and infrastructure to enable rapid integration into next-generation electronics.  MicroPILR pins can be used as internal or external interconnections in a variety of applications, including the interconnection between semiconductor die and package substrates, semiconductor packages and PCBs, the layers within package substrates, and PCBs to PCBs. 

MicroPILR pins can be formed directly onto substrates and are typically nickel/gold plated copper.  They currently range from 25 to 175 microns in height and 40 to 200 microns in pin tip diameter, with height and diameter dimensions varying depending on application.  In a die to package substrate application, MicroPILR technology is capable of enabling contact pitches down to 100 microns.  In package to PCB applications, pitches down to 0.3 mm or lower can be achieved; and within package substrates, pitches of 150 micron or lower are possible.

MicroPILR Pins Applied to Advanced Packaging
The advanced attributes of the MicroPILR platform make it possible to package a broad range of semiconductor devices, from small die with low I/O to large die with high I/O.  Devices can be packaged in single-chip, multi-chip, package-on-package, and other configurations.  Specific device applications include: high density stacked Flash, DRAM and SRAM packaging; logic plus memory packaging; and stacked and mobile memory packaging.  The finer pitch benefits of the technology also make it an attractive packaging solution for next-generation FPGAs and microprocessors, and the improved electrical and thermal performance provide key benefits for RF device packaging.

The replacement of solder balls with MicroPILR pins reduces package height up to 50% over BGA technologies used today.  In stacking applications, the ability to test & burn-in each individual package before stacking enables near 100% stacked yields.  In addition, the highly co-planar aspect of the MicroPILR pins are designed to enable socketless testing if needed, which can reduce testing cost, simplify testing, reduce test socket maintenance, and help to minimize the parasitics associated with high speed testing today.  Tessera has developed a 150 micron package that the company believes is the world’s thinnest individually testable and stackable package.  For more information on Tessera’s MicroPILR technology family, go to

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Cookson Electronics’ Announces Launch of ALPHA® EF-2210 Wave Solder Flux

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials (CEAM) is pleased to introduce ALPHA® EF-2210 Wave Solder Flux, a lead-free and tin-lead process compatible product that offers excellent soldering and electrical reliability performance, while enhancing worker safety and compliance with challenging local environmental regulations.  ALPHA® EF-2210 is a VOC-free, no-clean, low-solids, rosin-free flux that passes the Bellcore SIR electrical reliability requirement.

"Our customers must meet all of the difficult soldering requirements found in increasingly complex assemblies, while maintaining high levels of product reliability,” said Mike Murphy, Cookson Electronics’ Global Product Manager for flux products.  “And they are also being asked to contribute to their company’s goals of lowering VOC emissions and improving worker safety.  ALPHA EF-2210 helps our customers meet all of these challenges.  It is the best VOC-free, rosin-free wave solder flux available in the market today."

ALPHA® EF-2210 uses a unique activator system that provides excellent hole fill, while minimizing micro-solder balls, bridging and icicles.  Its VOC-free, water-based, non-flammable formula enhances worker safety, and it does not release environmentally harmful emissions into the environment.  Its no-clean feature helps reduce processing time.

For additional information about ALPHA® EF-2210 Wave Solder Alloy, go to

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