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:: Asymtek Receives 2007 SMT China VISION Award for its Axiom™ X-1022 Dual-Lane Dispensing System (full story)

:: Conti Temic Starts Mass Production of New (TCU) Using DuPont Thick Film Materials (full story)

:: Kester Promotes Maureen Brown to Intel Business Unit Manager (full story)

:: BI Technologies Develops Industrial Grade Panel Potentiometer Capable of Up to 2 Million Life Cycles (full story)

:: Mini-Systems, Inc. Releases Two New Additions to Their Established Line of High Frequency Chip Resistors - 40GHz Terminators (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Appoints Vice President of Metals & Chemicals Technical Service (full story)

:: Gannon & Scott Announces ISO 9001:2000 Certification (full story)

:: Metalor’s Advanced Coatings Division – Production Expansion and Building Disaster Recovery in Suzhou, China (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa New Easyline Die Bonders Offer Improved Cost of Ownership/Greater Accuracy (full story)

:: Rich Heimsch to Join Protean (full story)

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Asymtek Receives 2007 SMT China VISION Award for its Axiom™ X-1022 Dual-Lane Dispensing System

Asymtek, has announced that it received a 2007 SMT China VISION Award from SMT China magazine for its Axiom™ X-1022 high-volume dual-lane dispensing system. The Vision Awards recognize the companies and products that serve as benchmarks of excellence within the surface mount industry. Judged by an independent panel of industry experts, Asymtek was selected the winner in the dispensing category.  Evaluations were based on the Axiom system’s overall performance, reliability, economic merits and ease of use. The SMT China VISION award was presented at a ceremony held during Nepcon Shanghai.

Asymtek’s Axiom X-1022’s dual-lane configuration increases throughput by 60 to 80 percent over single-lane systems. The system allows parallel processing on two lanes for continuous dispensing, eliminating lost time in non-dispensing activities such as material flow-out and substrate loading/unloading. Underfill can flow out in one lane while underfill material is jetted in the other. It lowers cost-of-ownership without adding another full system to the production line, minimizing manufacturing cost per square foot.

“We are excited to win this prestigious award,” said Alec Babiarz, Asymtek’s President of New Business Development. “Asymtek is known for innovative, high quality products that increase productivity and lower cost-of-ownership. We congratulate the Asymtek team that designed and created the dual-lane dispensing system.”
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Conti Temic Starts Mass Production of New (TCU) Using DuPont Thick Film Materials

Conti Temic, a company of the Continental group, based in Nuremberg (Germany), has developed and tested a control circuit for transmission applications, which features fine-line gold tracks and thin gold bonding. Conti Temic has chosen DuPont QG150 gold conductor and resistors (2000 Series) from DuPont Microcircuit Materials, part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, to manufacture the control circuit for their new applications. The QG150 is a thin dense gold which is printed with 150 micron lines/space and provides the interconnect surface for over 1200 gold wire bonds per circuit.

A number of innovative electronic applications are being developed today aimed at increasing safety, reliability, efficiency and overall economy for future automotives. One of these emerging applications is electronically controlled transmissions, including automated manual, continuously variable and fully automatic types.

The TCU unit is an electronic system which operates the traditional gear box. In the automated manual system, it consists basically of a dual clutch operating system, where the gear change is carried out by transfer of power from one clutch to the other. For a few years the automotive industry has been working on the prototyping and industrialisation of these new systems, which will now be implemented in a large number of new models of vehicles.

Conti Temic has a long experience with DuPont material systems and has chosen them for their reliability, as control units are subjected to harsh environments. As with all under-the-hood electronics where temperatures can range from –40°C to 150°C, control circuits are subject to thermal stress and, furthermore, have to withstand constant vibration.

Volume production of Conti Temic’s control units, commenced in 2007, will reach full production level in 2009. The control units will be installed in several new model cars from several OEMs.


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Kester Promotes Maureen Brown to Intel Business Unit Manager

Kester announces the promotion of Maureen Brown to Intel Business Unit Manager effective February 19, 2007.

In her new position, Maureen will report directly to Roger Savage, president/CEO of ITW Kester, and will be responsible for managing all aspects of being a world-class supplier to Intel Corporation. 

Maureen joined Kester in 1998 as a Technical Services Engineer. In October of 2000 she was promoted to Senior Advanced Products Engineer, where she successfully managed a critical investment project. In her former role she also participated in new product development analysis and product line analysis.

She obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton and is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Business Administration.


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BI Technologies Develops Industrial Grade Panel Potentiometer Capable of Up to 2 Million Life Cycles

Providing design engineers with a robust rotary device designed to withstand harsh environments, TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a 24mm rotary potentiometer with a life cycle of up to 2 million rotations.

According to Barbara Wiesinger, director of product development for BI Technologies Electronic Components Division, the 24mm rotary potentiometers were originally offered with a rotational life of 10K to 100K cycles. “We enhanced the design by adding a CP element and improved contact spring, allowing for a more robust end product,” said Wiesinger.  “The Model P232 potentiometer is also sealed to withstand harsh environments, allowing it to meet the most stringent life requirements, particularly those in industrial applications.”

Typical applications for the Model P232 potentiometer include joysticks, foot pedals, industrial controls, position sensors and board mounted panel controls.

The Model P232 potentiometer features a resistance range of 1KW to 1MW and standard tolerance to ±10%. Maximum input voltage is 200Vdc, with a dielectric strength of 500VAC.  Operating temperature range is -10°C to +85°C.  BI Technologies will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements.
The RoHS-compliant rotary potentiometer features dual-gang availability along with both linear and audio tapers. BI will also develop gears, special shaft configurations or electrical outputs upon request.


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Mini-Systems, Inc. Releases Two New Additions to Their Established Line of High Frequency Chip Resistors- 40GHz Terminators

Mini-Systems, Inc., Thin Film Division has developed 40GHz RF / Microwave resistor terminators. The WAMT and MSMW line of chip terminators are manufactured using MSI’s superior processes and materials to produce resistors with ultra-low parasitic capacitance and inductance. These designs were developed primarily for use in applications where the resistor terminator is placed in the same plane as the associated circuitry, thus reducing parasitic inductance and capacitance. Precision high-frequency LASER trimming techniques produce superior high-frequency resistors.

The WAMT and MSMW line of chip resistors are offered in a (0.020” x 0.010”) with resistor values from 3 Ω to 400 Ω.  Other Standard sizes are available upon request with values between 2 Ω – 5 KΩ.  Tolerances from ±0.02%, TCR’s to ±10ppm/°C, and with TC tracking of ±2ppm°C. Resistor noise characteristics are better then -30dB with stray capacitance less then 0.02pF. Terminations are designed for solder reflow or conductive-epoxy attachment methods.  Also recently added to the non-microwave chip resistor line is our MSMR series with dimensions of (0.012” x 0.009”), where size is CRITICAL!
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Indium Corporation Appoints Vice President of Metals & Chemicals Technical Service

Indium Corporation announced that Jim Slattery has accepted the position of Vice President of Technical Service for the company’s Metals & Chemicals Business Unit.
In this role, Jim will provide leadership and direction for the Metals & Chemicals Business Unit’s technical support and service program. He is also responsible for recruiting and training staff while providing expertise and leadership throughout the company.
Jim has been an integral part of Indium Corporation for over 30 years. Most recently he served as Vice President of Technical Service for the Solder Products Business Unit.
Jim has a BS in Chemistry from Syracuse University. He is a recipient of the Mohawk Valley Engineer Excellence Award and holds eight US patents. Jim lives in Sauquoit, NY and is based at Indium’s global headquarters in Clinton, NY, USA.

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Gannon & Scott Announces ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Gannon & Scott has received the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 Certification for its Analytical Laboratory that performs Chemical and Spectrochemical Analysis and Fire Assays.

ISO 9001:2000 is recognized with worldwide acceptance as the comprehensive international standard that defines quality. It provides independent periodic auditing to ensure compliance as well as monitoring continuous improvement initiatives. ISO 9001:2000 defines, validates, and measures compliance on work processes including its engineering, project management, production, customer satisfaction, and quality.

"We are very proud of this achievement," said Joseph Peixoto, General Manager of Gannon & Scott. “To be registered as an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Laboratory, the company redefined and documented best practices pertaining to our work processes becoming more efficient and responsive in achieving our end goal -- guaranteed customer satisfaction.”
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Metalor’s Advanced Coatings Division – Production Expansion and Building Disaster Recovery in Suzhou, China

Metalor Technologies is pleased to announce that construction has commenced to add silver powder and flake manufacturing to our existing precious metal operations in Suzhou, China.  This new capability will deliver both production redundancy to Metalor’s existing customer base and service emerging requirements for “local” supply within the PRC.  Initial production is scheduled for 2008 for the following products:

·  Silver powder
·  Silver flake
·  Silver Tin Oxide
Note:  All products to be produced will be RoHS compliant.

Metalor Technologies will also extend its recently announced TS 16949 initiative to include all products manufactured in the Suzhou facility.  The expansion of our powder and flake manufacturing perfectly complements Metalor's service and product offerings, as well as a further development in the company's strategy to strengthen its presence in Asia.
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Kulicke & Soffa New Easyline Die Bonders Offer Improved Cost of Ownership/Greater Accuracy

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. introduced two new die bonders – the EasylineE8202 and E8202P – as the next generation of Alphasem Die Bonders.  Engineered for greater productivity and performance, the Easyline E8202 offers greater speeds and throughput while the Easyline E8202P provides high precision ±25µm accuracy die bonding. K&S recently added the Alphasem family of dies bonders to its product portfolio through its recent acquisition of the Company.
Based on Alphasem’s highly successfully Easyline platform, both die bonders feature state-of-the-art technologies known to Alphasem customers such as a high-speed, air bearing pick-and-place system, fully automatic wafer handling system and a closed-loop linear motor pick tool that ensures unparalleled bond line thickness control and a non-piercing pick process. 

Offering improved speed and throughput with accuracy of ±38µm, the Easyline E8202 Die Bonder is up to 30% faster than its predecessor – the E8032.  Capable of ±25µm placement accuracy, the Easyline E8202P also provides greater precision with accuracy improved from ±38µm to ±25µm. 

Both machines also incorporate maintenance-free air bearing technology for uptime higher than 97% in addition to top throughput per floor space with up to 11,500 cycles per hour.   Simplified set-up with a graphical user interface in English and Chinese and fast product changeover typically within five minutes emphasize the Easyline die bonders ease of use. 

Christian Rheault, K&S Vice President, Equipment Segment states, “ We’ve moved quickly with our Alphasem Engineering staff in bringing newer die attach technology to the marketplace. The new Easyline E8202 and E8202P represent the first step in launching more accurate and faster die bonders.  Our customers can look forward to a totally new generation products to come from us over the next year.”

Both new die bonders will be available to the market in May 2007.
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Rich Heimsch to Join Protean

Global marketing communications and brand strategy expert Rich Heimsch has unveiled plans to join Protean Marketing Communications Ltd, enhancing the company’s global footprint and building on its longstanding US presence from his base in Chicago.

Heimsch joins Protean with nearly three decades of experience in the electronics industry, incorporating a wide variety of international sales, marketing and operations roles. Protean has worked alongside Heimsch at DEK for the last nine years, a successful partnership that has brought the electronics brand to market prominence in the surface mount screen print sector. Developing these proven foundations, the new alliance will unite Heimsch’s skills sets in branding and global marketing strategy with Protean’s integrated marketing portfolio.

“I’m looking forward to extending my longstanding relationship with Protean, and confident that we can repeat the success we shared at DEK for other global business brands.” comments Heimsch. “Over the years, I built up a strong personal and professional rapport with the Protean team which is focused and close-knit, driven by an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. In addition to this, Protean extends the traditional marketing model with its acute understanding of business development, brand management and the role of strategic communications. This is a solid foundation for my continued involvement in the company, and in turn, for Protean’s expanding global presence.”

As part of the directorate team, Heimsch’s expertise will enhance and extend Protean’s scope of services, including its ability to offer comprehensive distribution channel management. In line with the increasing globalisation of today’s industry, Heimsch’s first hand familiarity with global distribution channels is invaluable. On this basis, Protean is well positioned to offer clients increased global mobility, simultaneously managing corporate identity and facilitating connection with top tier agents and distributors across international markets.

“Rich’s presence at Protean is a welcome continuation of our successful working relationship, considerably enhancing our ability to provide a unique scope of marketing services to global technology markets,” explains Protean MD, Greg Robinson. “This direct extension of our presence in the US considerably widens our global reach. However, rather than simply offering services branded as part of a global marketing strategy, it is Protean’s understanding of what this means and corresponding ability to execute it that really sets us apart in the domain of B2B marketing. Rich’s involvement will ensure that we continue to deliver this service to forward-looking businesses.”


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