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:: Meritec Selects Vectra® LCP From Ticona for Halogen-Free Electronic Connectors (full story)

:: RNT Adds Distribution in Japan and Southeast Asia (full story)

:: DuPont Microcircuit Materials Introduces New Solamet® PV159 for Photovoltaic Solar Cells (full story)

:: New ALPHA® PoP-959 Lead-Free Solder Paste Is Uniquely Designed for Challenging Package on Package Assembly (full story)

:: Gore Announces New Exclusive Reseller for their Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cable (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Announces Promotions and Expansion of its Solar Engineering Team (full story)

:: Unitek Benchmark Introduces a Lid Alignment and Tack Welding Station (full story)

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Meritec Selects Vectra® LCP From Ticona for Halogen-Free Electronic Connectors

Polymers For Eco-Friendly Innovation

Ticona Engineering Polymers today announced that Meritec is specifying inherently flame resistant Vectra® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) to ensure its connectors for the electronics industry will comply with anticipated environmental laws, regulations and requirements.

Meritec, a division of Ohio Associated Enterprises LLC, a manufacturer of high performance electronic interconnect systems and connectors, designs its custom connectors and high speed cable assemblies almost exclusively to be molded from Vectra LCP to ensure they meet its goal of offering customers products that are RoHS compliant.

“Vectra LCP is halogen-free without the need for flame-retardant additives — it always was and always will be. In addition, Vectra LCP can endure short-term temperature exposure up to 340 Celsius to withstand lead-free soldering.” said Ed Hallahan, marketing manager — Vectra LCP. “With Vectra LCP, Meritec is in a position to offer its customers connectors that meet RoHS and European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives.”

Inherently flame resistant without the need for halogenated flame retardant additives, Vectra LCP is a family of high-performance polymers based on patented Ticona technology. Introduced 22 years ago, the product line has evolved to include innovative grades that keep pace with market needs for thinner walls, higher temperature resistance, higher production rates, lower overall part costs and recyclability. These properties have led to Vectra LCP becoming the material of choice in many electronic applications such connectors, bobbins, switches and relays.

“To keep the Meritec competitive edge, we need to make high-quality connectors that will meet today’s environmental regulations and legislation we anticipate will become law in the future,” said Ken Braund, sales and marketing manager for Meritec. “Eco-friendly products are no longer an option. Our customers are demanding that we provide them with environmentally friendly solutions such as connectors molded from Vectra LCP. And we anticipate many industries will follow the trend being set by the consumer electronics industry for more halogen-free components.”

As a highly crystalline, thermotropic (melt-orienting) thermoplastic, Vectra LCP also can withstand surface mount soldering temperatures, including those needed with lead-free solder.

“Halogen-free Vectra LCP is a proven high performance thermoplastic that is flame resistant and halogen-free without the need for flame retardant additives, enabling it to outperform traditional materials used in the electrical and electronics industry,” said Hallahan. “This is especially true in the case of newly developed halogen-free, high temperature materials, which use flame retardant additives that can cause processing issues, corrosion to barrels, screws and tooling, materials property degradation and surface imperfections."

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RNT Adds Distribution in Japan and Southeast Asia

RNT has announced that it has reached an agreement with Ito Corporation, a distributor of electronic materials and components headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, to distribute RNT’s NanoFoil® products. Ito will manage the sale and distribution of NanoFoil® products from their offices in Tokyo and Bangkok, Thailand. Ito will distribute RNT products in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

 “We are very excited to announce our relationship with Ito and are confident in Ito’s track record for delivering high technology solutions to various sectors of the Japanese and SE Asia electronics industries,” commented Michael P. O’Neill, RNT’s Global Vice President of Sales.  “In these markets it is important to have competent and efficient distribution that understands local requirements and supply chain logistics. Ito is best suited to service RNT’s target markets in electronics assembly and large area joining.”

“Ito is excited about working with Reactive NanoTechnologies,” stated Peter J. Opdahl, President of Ito Corporation.  “The NanoFoil® product is an innovative solution to several difficult problems that have plagued our customer base, and we are extremely pleased at being able to bring this technology to them. RNT has also shown the technical prowess and commitment to customer satisfaction that is required to succeed in Asia. We at Ito are excited about being able to partner with them as a distributor.”

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DuPont Microcircuit Materials Introduces New Solamet® PV159 for Photovoltaic Solar Cells

New Generation Frontside Metallization Material Delivers up to 0.5% More Efficiency for PV Cells

DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM), part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, has announced the introduction of DuPont™ Solamet® PV159 thick-film metallization paste for frontside photovoltaic (PV) solar cell metallization.  This new, advanced material has outperformed competitive metallization pastes in a wide range of processes, and in trials by customers around the world.  DuPont will feature new Solamet® PV159 thick-film metallization paste as part of its broad and growing portfolio of photovoltaic solutions in hall 3, stand A13 at the 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Exhibition held at the Feria Valencia in Valencia, Spain, from 1 to 4 September, 2008.


“DuPont™ Solamet® metallization materials, developed by our world class research team, have set the PV industry standard for many years by enabling customers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of their products,” said Peter Brenner, Photovoltaics Business Manager - DuPont Microcircuit Materials.  “With the introduction of Solamet® PV159, DuPont has again raised the bar for frontside PV cell metallization, and we’re continuing to maximize performance improvements at each account.”

Customers who have sampled Solamet® PV159 have seen up to 0.5% efficiency improvement on wafers with shallower emitters compared to standard wafers, with substantial improvements also shown on many other wafer/emitter types.  Solamet® PV159 also has a more favourable environmental profile, as it is made without cadmium as an ingredient.  Due to these and other advantages, the newly developed chemistry in Solamet® PV159 is being used as the basis for a range of materials characterized by varying degrees of chemical reactivity, enabling solar cell manufacturers to more exactly match the material to their specific process conditions.

DuPont™ Solamet® PV159 is compatible with the most recently released Silver Tabbing material, Solamet® PV505, which has become the material of choice for many global manufacturers as a cost effective metallization paste that delivers high adhesion, low laydown and low contact resistance.  DuPont™ Solamet® PV159 and PV505 metallization pastes are currently available for sampling.

For more information on DuPont Microcircuit Materials and Solamet® metallization pastes, please visit http://mcm.dupont.com.

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New ALPHA® PoP-959 Lead-Free Solder Paste Is Uniquely Designed for Challenging Package on Package Assembly

Cookson Electronics is launching new ALPHA® POP-959 Lead-Free, no-clean solder paste specifically designed to deliver highly repeatable paste volumes for challenging PoP assembly, thus increasing throughput and yield while minimizing expensive rework and scrap.

To meet the demand of high-density and memory/logic options for sophisticated electronic devices, many assemblers are evaluating package on package (PoP) technology.  PoP assemblies allow for higher electronic functionality per unit circuit board area, and allow low cost product memory customization, and highly flexible manufacturing. 


“Unlike PoP flux, ALPHA® PoP 959 solder paste provides flux and solder powder, to help minimize defects associated with non-planar processor/memory combinations during the reflow process.  The use of paste can help reduce costly defects associated with soldering known good memory devices to known good processor packages by bridging gaps that PoP flux alone may not,” said Mitch Holtzer, Global Product Manager.

ALPHA® POP-959 was designed to minimize expensive rework and scrap by providing highly repeatable paste volumes to Chip Scale (CSP) memory packages, while offering resistance to shear forces associated with PoP dip application equipment.  ALPHA® PoP 959 maintains its rheology, even under frequent exposure to high shear, for at least 24 hours.  This means highly reproducible volumes of paste pick up in normal PoP dipping applications, reducing defects, increasing yields and reducing scrap.  ALPHA® POP-959 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste.  By optimizing ultra-fine solder powder and physical properties of flux, it is ideal for 150 to 300 µ offset Chip Scale packages, while leaving a clear, colorless, residue with very high electrical resistivity.

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Gore Announces New Exclusive Reseller for their Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cable

W. L. Gore & Associates will supply GORE™ Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cable for use in Infini Flex™ Cable Assemblies manufactured by Intercon 1, a division of Nortech Systems, Inc., and major global supplier of machine vision analog and digital video cable assemblies. Intercon 1 will be an exclusive reseller in North America and Europe for GORE™ Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cables.

GORE™ Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cables enable the new line of Intercon 1 Infini Flex™ Camera Link cable assemblies to perform in high flex motion control and vision applications requiring more than  10 million flex cycles.  This offering allows Intercon 1 to expand their portfolio of Camera Link cable assemblies, providing customers with reliable high flex cable solutions. In addition, it enables Gore to leverage Intercon 1’s market leading distribution network, making Gore’s cable more accessible to the general market.



“We are excited about being able to access Gore’s 50 years of cable technology and signal integrity experience to extend and enhance our product offerings,” states Ron Folkeringa, Business Manager for Intercon 1.  “Our customers have been requesting Intercon 1 to provide a solution for their Camera Link applications requiring more than 10 million flex cycles, and we will now be able to provide it.”

 “We continue to hear the market’s need for reliable, longer flex life cable solutions,” says Brian Tallman, Business Leader for Gore’s Industrial Electronic Products.  “This is why we continue to put our focus on designing and developing reliable cables with superior flex life performance and maximum resistance to severe mechanical and environmental stresses."
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Indium Corporation Announces Promotions and Expansion of its Solar Engineering Team

Indium Corporation recently announced the promotion of three individuals - all based at Indium’s headquarters in Clinton, NY.

Eric Bastow has been promoted to Senior Technical Support Engineer. In his new role, Eric is responsible for supporting customer inquiries and traveling to customer sites to provide a higher level of product support in customer related projects.  Eric joined Indium Corporation in 2001, where he started as a Lab Technician in Research and Development.

Eric holds an associate’s degree in Engineering Science from Herkimer County Community College. Additionally, he is an SMTA Certified Process Engineer and has a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering. Eric resides in West Winfield, NY.


Mario Scalzo has been promoted to Senior Technical Support Engineer. Mario is responsible for supporting Indium’s product lines and for advanced SMT problem solving, as well as special assignments involving key customer-related projects, product education, and process training of new employees. Mario joined Indium Corporation in 2000. He served, most recently, as a Technical Support Engineer supporting the North America and Asia regions.

Mario holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Saint Anselm College. He also holds a certificate from the American Chemical Society for Professional Education. In addition, he is an SMTA Certified Process Engineer and has a Six Sigma Brown Belt from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering. Mario lives in Rome, NY.


Tom Pearson has been promoted to the position of Inside Sales Manager for Indium’s Solder Products, Global Processes. Tom is responsible for managing the inside sales process across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His focus is on small business, resource management, quality improvement, and sales of all solder products. Tom has worked at Indium Corporation for 24 years, serving most recently as Market Manager for Small Accounts.

Tom holds an associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Utica College. Tom resides in Rome, NY.


Indium Corporation has announced the expansion of its solar engineering team with the appointment of Clark Scharett and Justin Weiler as Manufacturing Process Engineers. Clark is based at Indium’s new facility in the Utica Business Park, Utica, NY, and Justin is based at Indium’s Robinson Road manufacturing facility in Clinton, NY.

Clark Scharett joins Indium's Solar Copper Tabbing team, supporting process development, equipment selection and installation, and high-volume commercialization initiatives. He brings to Indium more than 16 years experience as a senior project engineer and plant engineer. He most recently served as Manufacturing Engineer with Goodrich Corporation in Rome, NY, USA.

Clark has expertise in both design and installation of a wide range of manufacturing and facility equipment, as well as in manufacturing process optimization. He has associates’ degrees in English and Science and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Technology. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Advanced Technology at the State University of New York Institute of Technology.


Justin Weiler is responsible for solar rotatable and planar target manufacturing, including process development and optimization and new technology research. Prior to joining Indium he was an Engineering Analyst with Critical Imaging, LLC, and also has been involved in research focused on alternative energy modeling and simulation.

Justin holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech.

"Clark and Justin are powerful additions to our expanding solar photovoltaic engineering and production operations," stated Wayne Hosey, Vice President of Operations for Indium Corporation. "Their expertise further enhances Indium's ability to support solar cell manufacturers across the globe through R&D, technical support, and secure high-volume supplies of indium and gallium."

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Unitek Benchmark Introduces a Lid Alignment and Tack Welding Station

Unitek Benchmark, a division of Miyachi Unitek Corporation, has introduced a lid alignment and tack welding station to provide accurate tacking of lids to package bases.  The standard station includes a precision slide which allows for separate alignment and tacking positions.  The separate alignment position enables more accurate lid alignment.  An optional microscope or camera system can be provided for even greater accuracy and ease of use.  Additional features and benefits:

  • Includes the advanced Model ADP100 Weld Power Supply and Series 88 Weldhead for repeatable process results
  • Finger proximity switches trigger weld head movement and ensure operator safety
  • Tooling pins on slide platform enable quick changeover to a different part holding fixture

Miyachi Unitek may be found on the internet at www.muc.miyachi.com

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