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SUSS MicroTec AG: Frank P. Averdung Becomes New Chief Executive Officer

SUSS MicroTec AG has appointed Mr. Frank Averdung (54) to the Management Board of SUSS MicroTec AG. Mr. Averdung has accepted the appointment effective today and will become a member of the company’s Management Board by June 1, 2009 at the latest and assume the role of Chief Executive Officer.In this position, his future activities will focus on sales, marketing and Group strategy – areas in which he can already exhibit attestable achievements from his previous professional positions.

Mr. Averdung is currently the Managing Director of Carl Zeiss SMS GmbH (SMS – Semiconductor Metrology Systems), Jena, a company that specializes in the inspection and repair of photo masks (projection templates for semiconductor production) for the semiconductor industry. Other important positions held during the professional career of this Master of Electrical Engineering include various Managing Director and/or General Manager positions with equipment manufacturers such as NaWoTec GmbH, ETEC Systems and Applied Materials.

Dr. Franz Richter, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SUSS MicroTec AG, states the reasons for the decision to appoint the new Chief Executive Officer: “Frank Averdung brings to the table not only industry and market expertise, but also an understanding of technology and, above all, a high level of assertiveness. These characteristics are of great value to SUSS MicroTec in light of the long-standing expansionary policy and our goal of improved profitability. I was personally impressed by the fact that Mr. Averdung has had an extremely strong impact on the strategic orientation of the respective companies and divisions during the various positions of his professional career.”

“SUSS MicroTec’s image in the market is a promise to its customers regarding quality and reliability. I hope my efforts will contribute toward making the company even more dynamic and innovative. I think my experience can help advance us into attractive niches of the semiconductor market and utilize the existing market potential more quickly and comprehensively. I look forward to taking on my responsibilities within the new team at SUSS MicroTec,” explains the newly appointed manager.

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Asymtek Introduces the New DispenseJet® DJ-100 Jet

Combines High Production Speed with Exceptional Accuracy and Process Control for Electronics Manufacturers

Asymtek has announced that it has released the DispenseJet DJ-100 family of piezo-electric jets. The new, non contact DJ-100 jet dispensing system combines high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control. Users will benefit from Asymtek’s 15 years of jetting expertise and patented processes that improve fluid control, offer better repeatability, and maintain consistent dispense volume. The DJ-100 is suitable for a wide range of fluid types and viscosities. There are three models available; each designed to dispense different types of fluid: the DJ-100 Standard, the DJ-100 NC for low viscosity materials, and the DJ-100 GH, designed for highly viscous fluids.

Jetting offers many benefits over traditional needle dispensing to deliver speed, quality, flexibility and low cost of ownership. With the patented “Jet on the Fly™” technology, the jet flies over the part or substrate and shoots precise volumes of fluids in dots, lines, and patterns. By using piezo electric technology to jet fluid onto the substrate, the DJ-100 eliminates the need for time-consuming Z-axis movement. High flow rates of up to 200 mg/second and high shot rates of up to 150 dots per second can be achieved. Fluid can be dispensed into areas that are difficult to access and onto uneven or other substrates where a dispense needle cannot contact the substrate.

Designed for ease-of use, the DJ-100 jet comes with a serialized hardware set that includes a matched ball and seat, which eliminates the need for hardware adjustment and replacements that are subject to operator error. Asymtek’s patented Calibrated Process Jetting™ (CpJ) feature ensures quality by utilizing weigh scale feedback to maintain consistent dispense volume. Dot diameters as small as 200µm (0.008 in.) can be achieved.

Because there are fewer consumable parts and the components are designed for long life, the DJ-100 offers a low cost of ownership. Its slim design maximizes the dispensing envelope, further enhancing productivity.  Asymtek’s patented “Dot on Dot” technology offers flexibility by jetting multiple dots in the same location to create larger dots.

For more information, please visit www.asymtek.com.

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PA&E Offers Aluminum Silicon Carbide Option for Titanium Composite Electronic Packages

AlSiC Heat Sinks Offer Reduced Weight and Improved Thermal Conductivity

Titanium composite technology can produce electronic packages that are stronger and more reliable than aluminum alternatives, however, titanium’s thermal dissipation characteristics are inadequate for some applications. PA&E offers engineers the option of using integrated molybdenum/copper heat sinks and now, for applications where weight is a primary consideration, the company is offering an aluminum silicon carbide heat sink option.

AlSiC offers thermal properties similar to those of MoCu at 180 – 200 W/mK, but is one third to one-fifth as dense, offering significant weight savings. The implementation process begins during initial design phase, when the package’s electronic circuitry is mapped against the housing floor and where locations that will be exposed to the highest temperatures are identified. The AlSiC composite heat sinks are then metallurgically bonded to the housing only in the locations where the housing comes into contact with the high-power devices. This limited use of the heat sink material minimizes the overall mass of the package. The package is then machined, finished and plated with no visible signs of the heat sinks on the finished product.

Since titanium composite material does not require mold tooling or diamond machining, it can be incorporated into new designs with very limited nonrecurring tooling, making the prototype phase more economical than would be possible with competitive technology. Those characteristics, combined with the low-coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and high-thermal-conductivity AlSiC heat sinks provide a rugged, reliable, high-performance electronic packaging alternative.

For more information about PA&E’s AlSiC heat sink capabilities or visit us at http://www.pacaero.com.

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