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:: Kyocera America, Inc. Promotes David Hester to V.P. of Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Strengthens Management Team with New CFO Appointment and a New VP of Human Resources (full story)

:: Datacon receives "2007 Best Supplier Award " from Skyworks Solutions (full story)

:: EV Group Wins Multi-Million-Euro Order From Leading European Electronics Manufacturer for High-Volume Production of Flexible Displays (full story)

:: Asymtek and YESTech Enable Medical Device Manufacturers to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Traceability and Validation for Fluid Dot Dispensing (full story)

:: Tessera Licenses Consumer Optics Technologies to Nemotek (full story)

:: March Plasma Systems Announces PROVIA™ System for High-volume PCB Processing (full story)

:: Freescale Selects 200mm SUSS Tool Set for MEMS Facility (full story)

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Kyocera America, Inc. Promotes David Hester to V.P. of Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management

Kyocera America, Inc. has announced the executive promotion of David Hester to the newly created position of Vice President, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management.

Hester joined Kyocera in January 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing. He previously served as Executive General Manager, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain, at Kyocera America, Inc.’s San Diego headquarters.

Hester holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and has attained Lean Six Sigma “Black Belt” status. The creation of an executive-level position for Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management underscores Kyocera's commitment to continually raising its quality standards and fully implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology.

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Strengthens Management Team with New CFO Appointment and a New VP of Human Resources

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. has announced the appointment of Steven Burke to the position of chief financial officer for the company, a move that strengthens EI’s management team during a period of accelerating growth.

“During the past year, EI has secured substantial funding, invested in capital improvements and diversified our customer base,” commented James J. McNamara, president and CEO at EI.  “This kind of intense activity and growth requires seasoned professionals with proven experience and we are very pleased to welcome Steve on board in this exciting time for the company.”

With 30 years of financial management experience in high technology companies, Mr. Burke brings to EI broad and progressive knowledge in a variety of global business environments, both public and private.  He has been highly successful in attaining strategic and financial performance objectives and creatively solving complex issues.

Prior to joining EI, he held CFO appointments at Mirion Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer and service provider to the nuclear, medical, military and industrial market places, and Imaging & Sensing Technology Corp., manufacturer of imaging devices for  nuclear, industrial and defense clients. 

Mr. Burke holds a B.S. in accounting from Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y. and a M.B.A. with a finance concentration from the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, N.Y.

Pinto Joins Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. as VP of Human Resources  

Endicott has named Sharon Pinto to the position of vice president, human resources effective immediately.  In this role, Ms. Pinto is responsible for leading EI’s human resource programs along with safety and health initiatives.

In her 20+ year career, Ms. Pinto has held a variety of leadership roles within the U.S. and internationally at high technology companies, most recently as vice president, human resources at Entegris/Mykrolis Corp.  Her expertise in organizational development, including building and implementing performance based systems, talent acquisition and training programs, along with mergers and acquisitions and cultural change management will facilitate EI’s plans and strategies for growth.  

“Sharon’s proven leadership and history of performance will be of enormous benefit to our business as we continue to focus the organization on growth and operational excellence,” said James J. McNamara, president and CEO at EI.

Ms. Pinto earned a master’s degree in human resource management from Suffolk University in Boston, MA and her bachelor’s in psychology from Reading University in England. 

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Datacon receives "2007 Best Supplier Award " from Skyworks Solutions

Datacon Technology GmbH, announces that it has received the prestigious "2007 Best Supplier Award for Capital Equipment" from Woburn, Massachusetts, based Skyworks Solutions, Inc. The Award was presented to Datacon at the Skyworks Supplier Day Meeting taking place at the Hyatt Hotel in Irvine, California, on January 8, 2008. Key suppliers in the front-end as well as back-end segments were invited to take part and appear at the award ceremony, which was attended by about 200 representatives of all participating companies. To receive the Skyworks Best Supplier Award, companies were measured for their performance in fulfilling Skyworks' stringent supply chain requirements during 2007. Datacon Technology was recognized, as Skyworks President and CEO David J. Aldrich noted, "for excellent quality performance, strong technical support and alignment with Skyworks' supply chain requirements." "We are honored to have earned this prestigious award from one of our most valued customers", says Helmut Rutterschmidt, President and CEO of Datacon Technology GmbH and member of the executive board of Besi. "We will continue to strive for “cost effective solutions”, superior quality performance and technology leadership as we look forward to 2008. We are in an excellent position to further strengthen our position in the coming years. The most important worth of our company is its stock of qualified employees, which is our strongest arm to take on our competition for now and also in the future”.

Helmut Rutterschmidt, President and CEO of Datacon Technology GmbH

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EV Group Wins Multi-Million-Euro Order From Leading European Electronics Manufacturer for High-Volume Production of Flexible Displays

Company's Advanced Coating Tools to be Leveraged in Commercialization of Thinner, Lighter Portable Consumer Electronic Devices

EV Group has announced that it has received a multi-million-Euro order from a leading European plastic electronics manufacturer for the high-volume production of flexible displays.  The multiple system order will be installed at the customer's facility between now and mid-2008, and leveraged in the development of flexible display modules used within thin, light and robust consumer electronics products, such as portable electronic readers.

Today's announcement is a key milestone for EVG as it demonstrates the successful deployment of EVG's advanced coating technology in the flexible display arena.  Since 2004, EVG has been working closely with Arizona State University's Flexible Display Center (FDC) to leverage its advanced resist coating technology to address the burgeoning flexible display arena.  The FDC, of which EVG is a principal member, is a university/industry/government collaborative venture chartered with developing high performance, commercially-viable, conformal and flexible displays that are lightweight, rugged, low power and low cost.  Today's order from a leading plastics electronics maker underscores the tremendous development achievements realized between EVG and FDC's strong collaboration over the past few years.

The production of flexible displays pose myriad challenges, namely manufacturing equipment's ability to support flexible substrates, such as plastic, which lacks the mechanical and thermal stability typically afforded by the rigid and durable -- yet unconformable -- glass substrate.  As a result, the fabrication of flexible displays places strict demands on processing equipment.  EVG addresses these challenges with its advanced processing systems, which provide special handling capabilities for processing fragile substrates in varying size and thickness.  High uptime and ease of maintenance contribute to increased performance and yield.  Moreover, the tools' ability to produce highly uniform coats at low material usage and improved repeatability equate to a low cost of ownership.  EVG reports that all of these advantages and performance capabilities, coupled with its comprehensive 24/7 service and support infrastructure, were critical factors behind this order win.

Commenting on today's announcement, Erich Thallner, CEO and founder of EVG, noted, "We're constantly looking at new opportunities and markets that will let us leverage our proven workhorse technology to enter promising new markets.  The flexible display market continues to make significant strides and EVG is proud to be at the forefront of helping drive this technology into mainstream adoption.  Today's order is testament to our ability to help customers reduce the time and cost it takes to get products to market by delivering highly integrated systems and customized solutions that allow them to realize significant growth opportunities.  Moreover, it shows the value of R&D collaboration and how, by working in tandem with customers and other industry partners, we can move from vision to market fruition -- quickly and more cost effectively."
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Asymtek and YESTech Enable Medical Device Manufacturers to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Traceability and Validation for Fluid Dot Dispensing

Asymtek and YESTech, Nordson companies have developed a process that helps enable medical device manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements for traceability and validation for placement and accuracy when fluid dots are dispensed.

Precision, accuracy, and reliability are mandatory in the manufacture of medical devices. During the production process, fluids such as reagents, gels, and liquids often need to be placed at specific locations on these devices, which include Lab-on-a-Chip, lateral flow test strips, sensors, and many others. Asymtek combines its dispensing capabilities with YESTech’s automated optical inspection technology to validate that fluid droplets are accurately dispensed and that they are placed in the correct location.

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Tessera Licenses Consumer Optics Technologies to Nemotek

Combination of Tessera OptiML Wafer-Level Camera Technology and SHELLCASE Wafer-Level Packaging to Enable Next-Generation Camera Solutions

Tessera Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:TSRA), a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, today announced that it has licensed its OptiML(TM) Wafer-Level Camera (WLC) technology and SHELLCASE® Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) solutions to Nemotek S.A. The combination of these consumer optics technologies enables Nemotek to offer a full range of cost-efficient camera solutions from wafer-level packaging of image sensors and wafer-level lenses to fully-integrated camera modules.

Nemotek is the first company to license both the OptiML and SHELLCASE technologies from Tessera. With these solutions, it will provide image sensor packaging services and camera module design and assembly for applications including mobile phones, laptop computers, security and automotive devices.

"By leveraging the complete suite of wafer-level camera technologies from Tessera, Nemotek is positioned to be a broad-based supplier of camera solutions for the mobile phone market,” said Michael Bereziuk, chief operating officer, Tessera. "Morocco's close ties to the industry's leading mobile phone vendors, as well as their close proximity to the European business community, will enable Nemotek to drive further adoption of Tessera's OptiML and SHELLCASE technologies, enabling the next-generation of wafer-level consumer optics solutions.”

Nemotek is a recently established company based in Morocco and led by Mohamed Lasry, the former chairman of STMicroelectronics-Morocco, who was brought on as chief executive officer to help drive the company's vision.

"This is the beginning of a long partnership with Tessera, as their industry-leading technologies will not only enable Nemotek to be a key player within next-generation wafer-level optic technologies, but also supports the Moroccan strategy to become a leading region for knowledge and innovation,” said Mohamed Lasry, chief executive officer, Nemotek. "This agreement, combined with Morocco's unique advantages, including cost competitiveness and large, world-class skill pool, will enable us to play a key role within the electronics industry.”

Nemotek expects to begin volume shipments of its Tessera technology-based offerings in January 2009, with capacity plans for more than 150 million wafer-level camera units and 250 thousand image sensor wafers per year. For more information, go to  

For more information, go to

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March Plasma Systems Announces PROVIA™ System for High-volume PCB Processing

March Plasma Systems has announced the new PROVIA™ Plasma System. The PROVIA™ system has been developed to respond to the growing PCB industry requirements for superior processing quality and performance. The PROVIA™ System dramatically improves the uniformity of plasma treatment in HDI, Flexible and Rigid circuit board processing applications such as desmear, etchback and blind via cleaning. 

The PROVIA™ system delivers a variety of new and patented features including new gas distribution, vacuum and electrical isolation technology. The technology ensures superior uniformity of processing across each panel within an individual processing cell as well as cell to cell. 

The PROVIA™ system also features new pre-etch conditioning technology which reduces total processing time by more than 20%, directly resulting in improved PCB system throughput. 

Designed with reduction of cost-of-ownership in mind, the PROVIA™ system offers superior efficiency with unique compact design. Major components such as the vacuum pump are built into the system, reducing required floor space by more than 50% in comparison to March’s industry leading PCB 2800 system. 

"March is well positioned to support the innovations in PCB design that have resulted in multi-layer boards with high-density interconnects with finer pitch and smaller vias," reports Peter Bierhuis, President, March Plasma Systems. "Our new PROVIA™ PCB system is tailored to meet the specific need for desmear, etchback and via cleaning in high-volume applications." 
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Freescale Selects 200mm SUSS Tool Set for MEMS Facility

SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of precision manufacturing and test equipment for the semiconductor and emerging markets, announced today it has shipped and successfully installed several microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) production tools at Freescale Semiconductor. The equipment included a new DSM200 Series Front-to-Back Alignment Verification System, the latest generation SUSS MA200Compact Mask Aligner as well as a SUSS ABC200 series Wafer Bond Cluster system for use in MEMS sensor applications.

With shrinking design rules, MEMS devices must be produced with higher precision and accuracy to ensure reliability and the required performance. With an accuracy of 0.2 micron at 3 sigma, the DSM system demonstrates excellent measurement results in automated mode. Working in concert with the SUSS Compact series mask aligner, these two machines represent the perfect package for double-sided alignment and exposure applications frequently used in the manufacturing of MEMS, power semiconductors and optoelectronic devices.

“Front-to-Backside alignment verification is an important metric for Freescale for cost-effective mass production of MEMS devices,” said Satoru Matsumoto, vice president, Fab Operations, Freescale Semiconductor. “The ability of the DSM system to provide outstanding process control at an early stage of the process can help produce a higher overall yield. We chose SUSS MicroTec because it offers effective lithographic and wafer bonding solutions for MEMS applications as part of a competitive package."

The Wafer Bond Cluster with unsurpassed post bond alignment accuracy is especially designed to meet the stringent requirements for advanced MEMS sensor production.

Freescale first purchased and installed the equipment in its 150mm Sendai Fab. Based on Sendai’s successful experience, Freescale purchased additional tools for its 200mm MEMS production line at its Oak Hill Fab in Austin, Texas.

“We are very honored that Freescale has chosen SUSS lithography and bonding systems for its MEMS production. SUSS is excited to contribute to the remarkable progress that is currently being made in this market. This order further solidifies SUSS' position as the leading supplier of production MEMS equipment.” added Rolf Wolf, General Manager, SUSS MicroTec’s Lithography division.

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