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:: Miyachi Unitek Releases Advanced Atmospheric Enclosure (full story)

:: Asymtek’s Spectrum S-822 Speeds Fluid Dispensing Throughput with Dual-Shuttle Configuration (full story)

:: March Plasma Systems PCB-1600 Plasma System selected by Labtech Microwave in the United Kingdom (full story)

:: DuPont Electronic Technologies Announces Global Price Increase (full story)

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Metalor Technologies – Silver Powder and Flake – New Web-based Catalog

Advanced Coatings Division – Leveraging web to promote Engineered Powders and Flakes.

Metalor Technologies’ Advanced Coatings Division is pleased to announce that the construction of a new web-based catalog is now complete.  With the assistance of Thomas Register, our existing and prospective customer base now have unprecedented access to key information such as physical properties, SEM photos, particle size distribution curves, etc.  The catalog is readily accessible via:

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Major Breakthrough in Ceramic Design Software

CAD Design Software announces major reduction in process time from weeks to less than a day as reported by a major defense customer in its LTCC layout and manufacturing preparation.

CAD Design Software announces the results of a major LTCC design test conducted by a leading U.S. defense foundry.  After substantial development followed by implementation at a key government prime contractor site, the result is a dramatic reduction in overall design time.

The prime defense contractor reported, “The special LTCC design and Gerber package that CDS has designed for LTCC has essentially allowed us to reduce our tooling generation time for complex ceramic designs from 40-80 hrs to 2-8 hrs.  This is a significant savings in cost, production flow and quality of our LTCC products.” 

“Through working closely with numerous military and commercial LTCC customers and material suppliers, we have been able to incorporate new automation functionality and materials handling capabilities in our Hybrid/MCM Design Suite that allow our customers to dramatically reduce their design time.  We are very pleased that our customers are experiencing substantially reduced time to market, a benefit now available to all of our customers”, said Gordon Jensen, CAD Design Software’s vice president of sales and marketing. 

The LTCC automation functionality, part of CDS’ EPD (Electronics Package Designer) suite of design and layout software, is now available in CAD Design Software’s Master PCB and Master IC Packaging Suites, as well as the Hybrid/MCM Design Suite.

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Congressman Arcuri Visits Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc.

Congressman Michael Arcuri, representing New York’s people of the 24th district, visited Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) on Thursday, May 29th, 2008.  Also attending was Binghamton University President Lois DeFleur, who along with James McNamara, President and CEO of EI, highlighted the growing high-tech economy in the Southern Tier Region.    

James McNamara discussed EI, emphasizing the Company’s growth since its inception and outlined measures taken to remain competitive in business segments that are continually moving offshore.  Lois DeFleur then guided a tour of the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) located at the EI facility. 

A collaborative effort by Binghamton University, Endicott Interconnect Technologies and Cornell University, with funding from the United States Display Consortium (USDC), the CAMM will pioneer microelectronics manufacturing research and development in a roll-to-roll (R2R) format.  These efforts will result in flexible, rugged, lightweight electronic components and innovative products that will be critical to next-generation applications in areas such as military and homeland security, lighting, energy and power generation, displays, and product identification and tracking.

“R&D is our engine for the creation of new products and intellectual property as well as an important tool for solving today’s manufacturing issues.  Industry and academia collaboration has resulted in a truly impressive CAMM facility that will be the backbone of tomorrow’s electronics and helps to support our long range technology efforts,” commented James McNamara.

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Cookson Electronics Launches ZERO Halogen Initiative

Cookson Electronics is launching its ZERO halogen initiative for its ALPHA® branded products to assist electronics assemblers on the selection of materials that have either ZERO halogen content or only trace levels based on published industry standards. 

Concerns are increasing among assemblers who want to limit the potentially negative environmental and human health impact of halogens used in their products.  The by-products of the incomplete combustion of circuit boards and electronic products that contain halogens can include: dioxin and furan-like compounds and acidic or corrosive gasses.  This potential toxicity issue is the reason why many companies are implementing controls to limit or eliminate halogens from their products.

“Halogenated compounds can be found in printed circuit boards, solder masks, mold compounds, connectors and other products often found in electronic products,” said Bruce Moloznik, VP Global Marketing, Cookson Electronics.  “Given the rising concern regarding the potential human health and environmental dangers posed by halogens, we have initiated an ongoing process to certify ALPHA® products that have Zero halogen content and those  considered halogen-free according to published IPC, IEC and JPCA standards.”

The use of materials that have no halogens in their original formulation is the ideal way to eliminate these materials as possible halogen sources.  Given the many different sources halogens and the minimal environmental impact that low levels present, most organizations have adopted the levels developed by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) as their final assembled product. These levels are: <900 ppm chlorine, <900 ppm bromine and <1500 ppm total halogens.  Halogens are different than halides.  A halide is a halogen that had collected an additional electron and has become ionic.  Halides are associated with reliability issues in electronics when left uncontained.

For more information about halogens and ALPHA® products, go to

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Indium Corporation Announces Promotion

Indium Corporation announces the promotion of Damian Santhanasamy to Senior Technical Engineer.
Based in Johor, Malaysia, Damian provides technical support to target accounts in Malaysia and Thailand while supporting growth and new product development of Indium Corporation’s business throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Damian’s technical expertise has been an integral part of Indium Corporation’s expansion and success throughout Asia.
Damian joined Indium Corporation in January 2006 as a Technical Engineer for its Asia-Pacific Operations. He earned a diploma in Electrical & Electronics from Institut Teknologi Negeri, Malaysia.
Damian reports to Richard Brooks, Manager of Technical Services for the Asia-Pacific region.
For more information about Indium Corporation visit  

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Miyachi Unitek Releases Advanced Atmospheric Enclosure

Miyachi Unitek’s new AX5000 Glovebox is the most advanced atmospheric enclosure in the industry.  AX5000 is a rugged, tight, Windows®-controlled atmospheric enclosure. It provides a safe, easy to use, and easy to access enclosure optimized for hermetic sealing. The new glovebox conforms to ergonomic standards, allowing comfortable use for a broad range of body types. It provides maximum dexterity, visibility, comfort and range of motion.

Features include:

  • Historical and real time graphical display
  • Independent vacuum pumping systems on all ovens and antechambers
  • Wide variety of vacuum oven configurations
  • Fully-integrated automatic electronic gas pressure control system
  • Integrated moisture, oxygen, argon, and helium monitoring
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Asymtek’s Spectrum S-822 Speeds Fluid Dispensing Throughput with Dual-Shuttle Configuration

Asymtek, a Nordson company, introduces the Spectrum™ S-822 dispensing system with dual-shuttle stages to increase the productivity achieved in such processes as chip scale package (CSP) underfill and other advanced electronics applications. The S-822 is a standalone system that offers the controlled precision dispensing capabilities and many of the patented processes found in Asymtek’s advanced in-line systems.

The S-822 system allows parallel processing on two shuttle stages for continuous dispensing, which significantly reduces lost time in non-dispensing activities such as pre-heating parts and substrate loading and unloading. The dispenser’s two stages automatically slide in and out through an opening in the front of the machine, allowing the operator to safely unload and load one side while dispensing continues on the other stage. The S-822’s dual-shuttle configuration saves time when a pre-heat process is required and lowers cost-of-ownership without adding another full system to the production line, minimizing manufacturing cost per square foot. Options include choice of impingement or contact heated stations for one or both shuttle stages.


Asymtek’s patented Jet-on-the-Fly dispenses lines of dots without stopping, which significantly reduces time compared to conventional needle dispensing. Calibrated Process Jetting uses weight control to ensure precise volumetric repeatability and optimizes line speed for Jet-on-the-Fly operations. Dynamic Dispense Control offers precise and flexible control parameters through closed-loop servo technology so the user can specify different acceleration and deceleration values for the valve or pump, allowing for each dispense shot to be optimized for speed, accuracy, and yield. Mass Flow Control uses weight-controlled dispensing and automatic calibration to deliver fluid amounts consistently throughout production.

The system comes with Fluidmove® for Windows® XP (FmXP) user-intuitive application software. Once an operation is programmed, it can be transferred to any Asymtek system that uses Fluidmove software. The S-822 system performs with a wide range of fluids, processes, and substrates and easily integrates with most jets, pumps, and valves from Asymtek. The system is easy to use and maintain and comes with ESD glass and has passed all EMC testing for CE certification.

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March Plasma Systems PCB-1600 Plasma System selected by Labtech Microwave in the United Kingdom

March Plasma Systems has announced that one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of standard and custom microwave component technology has invested in a new PBC-1600 plasma system at its Presteigne microwave printed circuit board (PCB) production facility, with the aim of improving processes, efficiency and manufacturing capability.

The PCB-1600 plasma system will provide increased capability for producing plated-through-hole Teflon® and ceramic substrate PCBs; offer uniform treatments for blind vias, higher aspect ratio holes, and a faster, more reliable removal of residual resin on the PCB surface following laser drilling.

Brian Popsys, operations manager at Labtech Microwave said, “After reviewing the need to meet a more technically demanding product mix, we have decided to add a PCB-1600 plasma system from March Plasma Systems. The new plasma system is much more flexible to use, requires less power and fulfils Labtech Microwave’s goal of reducing our environmental impact.

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DuPont Electronic Technologies Announces Global Price Increase

DuPont Electronic Technologies has announced a global price increase of up to 20 percent, effective June 16.  DuPont Electronic Technologies cites rising raw material, transportation and energy costs among its reasons for the increase.

“Due to the record rise in raw material, transportation, energy and other costs, we must pass increases along to our customers,” said Timothy P. McCann, vice president and general manager -- DuPont Electronic Technologies.  “We have offset cost increases as much as possible with improvements in efficiency, productivity and other internal actions; however, we simply cannot continue to absorb the current increases and invest in our future without some effect on price.”

For further information, please visit

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