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:: Amkor Technology Introduces FusionQuad(TM) Breakthrough Performance in a Cost Effective Leadframe-Based Package (full story)

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:: BI Develops Linear Actuated Sensor for Business Jet Manufacturer (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Presents Award to Zen Voce (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Holds 5th Annual Patent Award Dinner (full story)

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Amkor Technology Introduces FusionQuad(TM) Breakthrough Performance in a Cost Effective Leadframe-Based Package

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced the introduction of FusionQuad™, a novel package technology designed for applications that demand superior electrical and thermal performance in a budget-conscious environment. Amkor recently co-presented FusionQuad™ with a leading digital storage OEM at the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium in Kauai, HI. The paper highlighted FusionQuad's size and performance benefits reporting a dramatic improvement in electrical performance at frequencies up to 10 GHz.

FusionQuad™ is a leadframe-based, plastic encapsulated package which integrates bottom lands within a standard QFP package outline. The novel combination of both peripheral leads and bottom lands allows for an approximate doubling of I/O within a given body size, or a nearly 50% reduction in body size for an existing lead count. Initial FusionQuad™ package options range from 100 to 376 I/O – in both single and dual row bottom land configurations – in body sizes ranging from 10 to 24mm. With a package thickness of just 0.8mm, FusionQuad™ is attractive for a variety of applications in practically all semiconductor markets.

"We are excited to bring to market a new packaging concept that meets the need for high performance and low cost," said Jim Fusaro, corporate vice president responsible for wirebond products at Amkor. Fusaro added, "Just as our MicroLeadFrame® platform has enjoyed wide-spread adoption in the industry, we believe FusionQuad™ represents a similar breakthrough in performance, size and cost for higher lead count devices. We've had strong acceptance from our alpha customers during the qualification phase, leading to key design wins in the target applications."

"With the combination of outstanding thermal capability and excellent RF electrical performance in a cost-effective package, we believe IC designers, system architects and packaging experts will find FusionQuad™ a compelling solution for a wide range of applications including computing, communications and consumer electronics," said Tim Olson, senior vice president of SiP and leadframe products at Amkor.

The unique footprint of FusionQuad™ allows for mounting on low cost printed circuit boards enabling cost-effective system solutions. Board level mounting and reliability studies have been successfully completed by Amkor, a leading EMS provider, and the OEM. Our goal is to establish FusionQuad™ as an industry standard with broad availability," noted Olson.

FusionQuad™ is a trademark of Amkor Technology, Inc.
MicroLeadFrame® is a registered trademark of Amkor Technology, Inc.
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Asymtek Promotes Michel van de Vijver to General Manager Asymtek, Europe

Asymtek, has announced that Michel van de Vijver has been promoted to the position of general manager Asymtek, Europe.  Van de Vijver joined Asymtek in 2000 as European sales and marketing manager.  During his tenure with Asymtek, sales have doubled, lead times to the field were reduced, and the European Application Laboratory in Maastricht has grown into a full experienced operational unit.  Asymtek’s European headquarters is located in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Van de Vijver will be responsible for Asymtek’s operations throughout Europe including applications engineering, sales, service, and support for Asymtek’s complete line of dispensing and conformal coating products.  He will also oversee the region’s distributor network and work closely with Asymtek’s regional sales managers and technical support departments.

“Asymtek has been the leader in dispensing technology and innovation throughout Europe,” said van de Vijver.  “They introduced jetting over ten years ago, enabling new technologies with precision dispensing solutions that can accommodate very small parts and difficult to reach places.  In Europe, where Asymtek was already the leader in conformal coating technology, Asymtek has in recent years introduced many additional features to ensure process control.  As new smaller applications develop, I know Asymtek will be there with products that make these applications possible.  I look forward to working together with our customers to help them achieve their dispensing goals.”

Van de Vijver brings extensive international technical sales and marketing experience to his position at Asymtek.  Prior to joining Asymtek, he was the sales manager of automotive products for VCST Industrial Products. Van de Vijver received his degree in engineering from TH Groep T in Leuven, Belgium.


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BI Develops Linear Actuated Sensor for Business Jet Manufacturer

FAA-approved linear sensor exceeds stringent Aerospace DO-160E specifications.

Providing aerospace design engineers with a highly reliable, versatile sensor, TT electronics BI Technologies' new linear actuated sensor has been specified for use by a business jet manufacturer and has received FAA approval.

Designated the 400 Series, the sensor design is available with a variety of options in order to meet requirements for a range of sensing applications.


"The 400 Series sealed linear actuated sensor meets and exceeds the stringent Aerospace DO-160E environmental specifications. Passing the multi-icing cycles test proved to be the greatest challenge for conventional linear actuated sensor sealing techniques. BI Technologies developed a unique sealing feature which enabled the part to pass this rigorous test," said Alain Leon, variable products applications engineer for BI Technologies. "While currently designed into this specific jet program, there are a number of design options available, allowing the sensor to be utilized in applications ranging from consumer to industrial to military/aerospace."

The 400 Series sensor is offered with and without end bearings to suit the different grades of various applications. Redundant output is available, and stroke size ranges from 0.5" to 6.0". The sensor also comes standard with leads, but BI Technologies will incorporate customer-defined harnesses upon request.

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Indium Corporation Presents Award to Zen Voce

Indium Corporation’s Semiconductor Packaging Materials team presented their Equipment Partner of the Year Award to Zen Voce. The award, presented in Singapore, was given to Zen Voce’s General Manager, Mr. Jeffrey Mah,  by Indium’s Managing Director for Asia-Pacific Operations, Pang Weng Fai.
Indium’s Semiconductor Packaging Materials Equipment Partner of the Year Award is presented annually to the company that has worked most effectively with Indium Corporation to improve both companies’ understanding of their customers’ process and materials needs.
“It is a pleasure to present this award to Zen Voce,” said Pang Weng Fai. “Our partnership has improved each of our company’s products and personnel, and resulted in our customers enjoying superior products and services.”
Based in Singapore, Zen Voce is a world leader in the semiconductor, optronics, MEMS, and LCD equipment industries.

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Holds 5th Annual Patent Award Dinner

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. honored 32 employees for patent applications filed, 23 employees for U.S. patents issued, and 16 employees for supplying trade secrets in 2007 in a ceremony held on Friday, February 8th, at The Binghamton Club in Binghamton, N.Y.  EI employees contributed a total of 29 U.S. patent application filings, 18 U.S. patents issuances along with 5 trade secrets in 2007.

Patents were awarded to: Tim Antesberger, Ash Bhatt, David Caletka, Varaprasad Calmidi, Norman Card, Rabindra Das, Subahu Desai, Robert Edwards, Frank Egitto, James Fuller, Robert Japp, John Konrad, John Kresge, John Lauffer, How Lin, Roy Magnuson, Voya Markovich, Luis Matienzo, James McNamara, Kostas Papathomas, Steven Rosser, William Wilson, and Michael Wozniak. 


Trade Secrets were awarded to: Norman Card, Benson Chan, Subahu Desai, Kevin Haughan, Robert Japp, John Konrad, John Kresge, How Lin, Luis Matienzo, Thomas Miller, Susan Pitely, Rajinder Rai, Ronald Smith, Duane Stanke, Daniel Van Hart, and Robert Whitehouse.

“The dedication, efforts and achievements of these individuals in the technology arena are exemplary,” commented James J. McNamara Jr., President and CEO at EI.  “Our research, development and engineering personnel are instrumental to EI by allowing us to meet challenges head on.”

“I am very proud of the scientists and engineers who have contributed to the success of EI through technology innovation.  They are making a significant difference in our Company and I congratulate and thank them,” affirmed Voya Markovich, EI Senior VP and CTO. 

The Fifth Annual Patent Recognition Dinner is an opportunity to recognize employees and their spouses for their contributions to the company.  The team at EI has filed 98 U.S. patent applications and 48 have been awarded to date. 

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