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:: Asymtek’s SV-100 Slider Valve is up to 20% Faster with Smaller Dots than Standard Auger Dispensers (full story)

:: AIM Announces Appointment of Strategic Account Manager (full story)

:: C-MAC Wins Three-Year Contract Extension with Pierburg (full story)

:: Lambda’s 30 Amp Half Brick DC-DC Converters Feature 93% Efficiency (full story)

:: Datacon Introduces 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder for MCM/SiP (full story)

:: Silicon Cert Achieves DSCC Laboratory Suitability Status for PIND Testing (full story)

:: BI Technologies Expands Molded Inductor Family with Miniature and Custom Devices (full story)

:: Miyachi Unitek Releases New Mx2000 Glovebox Atmospheric Enclosure (full story)

:: March Plasma Systems Ships Another FlexTRAK-WR System to Advanced MEMS Manufacturer in Europe (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Announces Promotion (full story)

:: Quik-Pak Attains ISO 9001:2000 Certification (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC's China Manufacturing Facility Achieves ISO9001:2000 Certification (full story)

:: Tom Bain Has Joined Unichem Industries (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Signs License Agreement with Philips Research to develop a New NanoImprinting Technology: Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL) (full story)

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Asymtek’s SV-100 Slider Valve is up to 20% Faster with Smaller Dots than Standard Auger Dispensers

Asymtek, a Nordson company, introduces the new SV-100 Slider Valve for solder paste dispensing.  Up to 20% faster than standard auger dispensers, the SV-100 achieves 20,000 dots per hour (on 1mm grid) while delivering accurate and repeatable dots of less than 300 microns (12 mil) for solder paste types 4, 5, and 6.  Dots as small as 125 microns (5 mil) in diameter can be achieved with type 6 paste. The slider valve can be used to selectively dispense into small and hard to reach places where it is difficult to screen print.

The SV-100 dispenses dots and lines of pastes and fluids that contain metal additives with minimal clogging, which can be a problem with traditional needle dispensing. The SV-100 is compatible with lead-free and no-clean solder pastes as well as silver-filled epoxies. Standard solder pastes (types 4, 5 and 6) can be used to achieve excellent results, saving costs. The SV-100 is fast and accurate for a range of production requirements including solder paste dots for passive components smaller than 0603, rework of BGA  and QFN electrical connections, lines and patterns for RF shield attach, low volume/high mix applications, and unique patterns of conductive epoxy.

Slider valve technology utilizes high-frequency, piezoelectric-drive actuation to quickly deposit small dots of thick fluids. Lever action aligns valve seats to open a smooth path for fluid flow. Within milliseconds, the holes are forced out of alignment to stop fluid flow and a dot is formed.  It is designed for use with Asymtek’s DispenseMate, Spectrum 8xx and Axiom dispensing systems.

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AIM Announces Appointment of Strategic Account Manager

AIM is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Burgess to the position of Strategic Account Manager.  Michael will promote AIM’s full-line of solder assembly materials to existing and potential multi-national customers.  He will also be responsible for managing and coordinating all promotional, sales, and support activities to these customers.

Michael, who holds a degree in Engineering, brings over seventeen years of industry experience to AIM. His diverse background in manufacturing, technical sales, marketing and application support all related to the assembly of printed circuit boards is a welcome addition to the AIM team. His experience along with the advantages offered by AIM are further assurance that customers of AIM solder products will continue to receive unparalleled service and expert support.

Based out of Monument, Colorado, Michael can be reached at 719-559-4021 or


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C-MAC Wins Three-Year Contract Extension with Pierburg

C-MAC MicroTechnology recently announced the renewal of its contract to supply Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) components to Pierburg, a leading manufacturer of components, modules and systems for the automobile industry.

The three-year contract has been awarded to C-MAC following successful discussions with both Pierburg and Volvo, the end customer.  C-MAC and Pierburg have been working together since 2000, on projects including EGR, a system which enables car manufacturers, such as Volvo Cars, to produce greener, more efficient vehicles through reduced exhaust gas emissions, increased engine performance and improvement in fuel consumption. Christoph Classen, Purchasing Manager at Pierburg commented: “We view C-MAC as a strong partner and look forward to developing this relationship in the future”.  

Ken Henderson, General Manager, Automotive, C-MAC MicroTechnology commented: “As part of our ongoing relationship, Pierburg and C-MAC have been engaged in a proactive zero defects programme for the past three years in order to meet the exacting requirements of the end-user OEM, Volvo cars. We have significantly strengthened our relationship with Pierburg and the contract extension reflects this.”

C-MAC has also been awarded preferred supplier status in line with Pierburg’s strategy of narrowing its supplier base and maximising relationships with key suppliers. Pierburg’s move to a more streamlined supplier base strategy supports a broader move to focus on developing more sophisticated electronics with greater functionality.


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Lambda’s 30 Amp Half Brick DC-DC Converters Feature 93% Efficiency

Lambda has expanded its line of DC-DC converters with the launch of the new iHG series of 100W fully isolated, single output, half-brick devices. Providing exceptional thermal performance, using the industry standard half-brick footprint with no base plate, the modules are ideal for engineers designing low airflow, high temperature, 48V power architectures, for telecom, wireless, medical, industrial and many other applications. The initial product offering includes 5V/10A, 5V/20A and 3.3V/30A devices, with further products planned.

The single board construction combined with up to 93% efficiency delivers a very high level of useable power in convection cooled environments, particularly where airflow rates are low. Furthermore, the all new digital control circuitry bringing a significant component count reduction, as well as improved reliability and lower cost, makes the iHG family well-suited as replacements or upgrades in legacy applications.

The iHG’s operate over a wide input range of from 36V to 75Vdc and feature a very wide output voltage adjustment/trim range from about 50% to 110% of its nominal output voltage. Operating temperatures can range from -40°C to +125°C, measured at the module.

In addition to high efficiency operation, the iHG’s very low input current consumption in its standby mode (typically only 4.8mA) demonstrates Lambda’s commitment to the “green” environmental issues of concern to all manufacturers today.

The input is fully isolated from the output, up to 1500Vdc, further adding to the product’s versatility by allowing different options for polarity and grounding connectivity. Standard features include fixed frequency operation (for reduced EMI), output trim, remote sense, remote on/off, and auto-recovery of input under voltage, output over current, over temperature and over voltage protection.

All units are RoHS compliant. Safety approvals for Lambda’s new iHG family include UL60950 (US and Canada), VDE 0805, CB scheme (IEC950) and CE Mark (EN60950).

The iHG series are available now and priced from $62 each in 1k-unit quantities.

For more information visit Lambda’s web site at

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Datacon Introduces 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder for MCM/SiP

Datacon presents its 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder for high-volume, high-throughput MCM / SiP assembly at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2008. The 8800 CHAMEO continues and extends the proven track record of its predecessor, the 8800 FC Quantum. The new 8800 CHAMEO is based on the same high-precision, dual-head architecture but adds multi-flip-chip/MCM/SiP assembly and wafer handling capabilities as required in today's advanced manufacturing environments.

The new Datacon 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder is designed to enable high-volume, high-throughput, high-precision performance for the completion of a multi-chip product in one production cycle. Among the highlights of Datacon's state-of-the-art machine are its consistent high accuracy operation, proven wafer handling capabilities, powerful image-recognition system and post-bond inspection -- adding up to unequalled versatility, speed and reliability.

Based on Datacon's tried-and-tested 8800 FC Quantum flip-chip bonding platform, the new 8800 CHAMEO maintains all significant key features of its predecessor: two independent bond heads, flip units, slide fluxers and upward-looking cameras, working in parallel and independently of each other. With short paths for architecture and flow control, the 8800 platform achieves a throughput of up to 10,000 CPH at a precision to 10 µm at 3 Sigma for solder bumps and other procedures used in advanced packaging processes.

Adding a host of timely new features, the Datacon 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder offers fully automatic calibration, short conversion time, reject detection and SECS/GEM data link for factory automation -- all geared to cost-efficient, high-volume production. The 8800 CHAMEO is suited for various flip-chip processes with and without fluxing. It assembles strips, boats, PCBs and wafer substrates.

Helmut Rutterschmidt, President and CEO of Datacon Technology GmbH and member of the executive board of its Netherlands-based holding company Besi, comments: "Our new Multi Flip Chip Bonder 8800 CHAMEO is set to follow its predecessor FC Quantum in its successful tracks. Our proven dual-head architecture is used worldwide in high-volume production lines to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for flip chip assembly. The new 8800 CHAMEO is based on the same platform concept. Its dual-lane capability speeds up the assembly process and saves extra money. There is no need for diverters or line changers - meaning lowest cost-of-ownership."
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Silicon Cert Achieves DSCC Laboratory Suitability Status for PIND Testing

Silicon Cert Ltd. (SCL) is pleased to announce receipt of Commercial Laboratory Suitability Status for Particle Noise Impact Testing (PIND) MIL-STD-883 test method 2020.  As a result of a recent review by the Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC), SCL has received a letter (DSCC-VQC-08-015415) of suitability for this eleventh test to MIL-STD-883 military specifications.

Commercial laboratories that have been issued laboratory suitability status are eligible to test the federal stock class type of device called out in a laboratory suitability letter. The eleven (11) MIL-STD-883 test methods that SCL have been deemed to be suitably equipped to perform include temperature cycle, thermal shock, mechanical shock, vibration, random vibration, solderability, stabilization bake, resistance to solvents, constant acceleration, fine and gross leak, and PIND.  For additional information about specific test conditions within these test methods visit, email, or call John Schmoyer at 610.939.9500 ext 20.
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BI Technologies Expands Molded Inductor Family with Miniature and Custom Devices

For design engineers who require a magnetic solution beyond the standard inductor offering, TT electronics BI Technologies has expanded it's molded inductor product line to include a miniature device and custom capabilities.

The latest addition to the HM72A Series is a molded inductor only 1.6mm thick in a package measuring just 6mm x 6mm.

"In addition to developing a miniature inductor for space constrained applications, we are now maximizing our specialty tooling expertise and offering custom inductor solutions," said David Smolik, director of product development for TT electronics'
BI Technologies.  "Expanding our molded inductor product line and offering custom capabilities allow us to better serve our customers specific needs."


Typical applications for the HM72A low profile molded inductor include servers, notebooks, work stations, DC/DC converters, point-of-load modules, telecommunications, datacom, industrial equipment and automotive designs.

The HM72A surface mount inductor features a pressed powdered iron alloy core construction. The inductor is capable of controlling power losses in switching frequencies ranging from 300kHz to 1MHz. Inductance values range from 100nH to 33mH, with saturation levels to 80A.  Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +155°C, with a maximum temperature rise rating of 50°C.
Custom devices are also available.

Typical pricing for the HM72A Series low profile molded inductor is approximately $0.55 to 0.85 each, depending on quantity.  Lead time is from stock to 10 weeks.

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Miyachi Unitek Releases New Mx2000 Glovebox Atmospheric Enclosure

Miyachi Unitek is pleased to announce the release of its new MX2000 Glovebox.  The new MX2000 is flexible and capable to meet your process needs and achieve your productivity goals. The new MX2000 can be built with any combination of ovens and antechambers, gas analyzers, moisture monitors, environmental controls, and gas analyzers.

The new MX2000 Features:

  1. Wide choice of control capabilities ensure your process and budget needs are met
  2. A range of vacuum pumps – dry, rotary vane, turbo-molecular – to meet your antechambers or oven requirements
  3. The optional PLC control for glovebox components is quickly programmed with easy-to-use software 
  4. Sturdy, rugged construction for long equipment life and stable process plataform
  5. Optional single or dual-column gas purification units deliver ultra-low moisture and oxygen levels
  6. Modular design enables economical glovebox customization for new systems, as well as easy upgrades as your process needs evolve
For more information e-mail us at Miyachi may be found on the Internet at


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March Plasma Systems Ships Another FlexTRAK-WR System to Advanced MEMS Manufacturer in Europe

March Plasma Systems, has announced that it has shipped another FlexTRAK-WR plasma system to an advanced Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) device manufacturer located in Europe. 

“The shipment of another FlexTRAK-WR system to a high-visibility MEMS device manufacturer located in Europe validates that the platform is meeting the demanding plasma processing requirements for this market segment,” said Peter Bierhuis, president of March Plasma Systems. 

Mr. Bierhuis continued, “The FlexTRAK-WR system was specifically designed for advanced wafer processing and wafer level packaging (WLP) applications, including plasma etching, ashing and descum of semiconductor wafers and other advanced substrates.  The FlexTRAK-WR system has high-throughput wafer handling capabilities, and offers a variety of system options that ensures it meets a wide range of customer processing requirements.”
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Indium Corporation Announces Promotion

Indium Corporation announces the promotion of Karl Pfluke to the position of Senior Account Manager for the Metals & Chemicals Business Unit. He is responsible for sales in North America, with primary focus on the solar energy market. He reports to the Director of Sales for Metals and Chemicals, David Preische.
Karl has a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He is certified by MPIF as a Powder Metallurgy Technologist and by the SMTA as a Process Engineer. Karl is an active member of the IPC Solder Alloy Standards Development Group and has presented numerous technical papers. He is based in North Carolina.
Karl joined Indium Corporation in 2001 as a Technical Support Engineer and was named Market Development Specialist in 2004.  In 2005 he accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager for the Southeastern region of the USA.

For more information about Indium Corporation visit

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Quik-Pak Attains ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries, has announced that their Quality Management System has been certified as meeting the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000, with compliance verified by Bureau Veritas. 

“Quik-Pak, along with all other divisions of Delphon Industries, is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  The team at Quik-Pak has developed a quality system and processes to ensure a consistently high-quality product which meets or exceeds our customers’ delivery and performance expectations,” stated Jim Bly, CFO of Delphon Industries.  Other divisions of Delphon Industries include Gel-Pak, Touchmark and UltraTape.
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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC's China Manufacturing Facility Achieves ISO9001:2000 Certification

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC announced today that its Dingqi manufacturing facility in Jiangsu, China has passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system authentication, following an independent assessment by Beijing NGV Certification Center. The company is expecting to receive the certification in early May 2008.

Torrey Hill Technologies’ Dingqi facility was put into operation in April 2007. The attainment of ISO 9001:2000 certification over the course of one fiscal year is great achievement. It reaffirms our devotion to quality and our commitment to clients. Our clients now enjoy the official guarantee that products manufactured in this new facility will consistently achieve higher standards, which leads to the realization of their own business goals.

“The ISO 9001 certification of our quality system in Dingqi facility is an important milestone for Torrey Hills Technologies,” said President Ken Kuang.

“I am confident that following the achievement of ISO certification, our subsequent annual audits will continue to showcase our consistently high standards. In addition, very special congratulations to our China team for their outstanding dedication and efforts in this initiative.”

“This is great news,” said Dingqi General Manager Danny Zhu. He added “throughout the authentication process, Dingqi did an excellent job adhering to the rigorous requirements specified by the ISO 9001:2000 standards.”

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Tom Bain Has Joined Unichem Industries

He will be responsible for sales of Unichem’s equipment, parts and consumable products in Southern California

Tom has over 16 years of service and sales experience in the Printed Circuit Board and Flex Circuit industries.

In addition to Unichem’s PWB and Flex customers, Tom will also be responsible for the MLCC, LTCC, Thick Film and Photovoltaic product lines in Southern California.

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SUSS MicroTec Signs License Agreement with Philips Research to develop a New NanoImprinting Technology: Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL)

SUSS MicroTec has entered a license agreement with Philips Research, Eindhoven/The Netherlands, for a new enabling technology called Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL). The aim of this cooperation is to bring an existing equipment platform with this additional Nanoimprinting (NIL) feature to the market, enabling new approaches to large-area imprint applications along with excellent printing resolution and repeatability.

This new imprint technology for sub-50nm patterning is bridging the gap between small rigid stamp application for best resolution and large-area soft stamp usage with the usual limited printing resolution below 200nm. SCIL is an enabling technology offering the best of two worlds – large-area soft stamps with repeatable sub-50nm printing capability, avoiding stamp deformation as no contact force is applied, non-UV based curing at room temperature and allowing high aspect ratios even up to 1:5 and more

The lab aligner platform from SUSS MicroTec, handling the 150 and 200 mm UV-lithography like MA6 and MA8, will be available and upgradeable with this feature. Immediate availability for sampling is given with the current test setup. Market introduction with fully implemented SCIL functionality into SUSS’ lab aligners is scheduled for later this year.

“SCIL represents an enabling new technology that paves the way for further commercialization of nanoimprint lithography”, said Rolf Wolf, general manager of SUSS MicroTec lithography division. “This collaboration with Philips Research significantly broadens the range of nanoimprint lithography processes we can offer our customers.”


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