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:: Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Joins RNT Advisory Board (full story)

:: Epoxy Technology Introduces New EPO-TEK®TD1001 Adhesive for Ferrite Bonding and Substrate Applications (full story)

:: Newport Introduces the PV IsoStation(TM) Vibration Isolation Workstation for Photovoltaic Applications (full story)

:: Amkor Announces FusionQuad(R) Technology Licensed to ASAT (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies Receives Department of Defense Trusted Foundry Accreditation (full story)

:: New GORE™ QSFP Assemblies Improve Cable Reliability In Infiniband Applications (full story)

:: Indium Corporation’s Dr. Liu Appointed to Advisory Board (full story)

:: Miyachi Unitek’s KN-II Weld Head Exerts Up To 4000lbs Force (full story)

:: Louis Bieck tapped as COB of Thick Film Technologies Inc. (full story)

:: Ticona ‘Drop In’ Halogen-Free Celanex® XFR® PBT — Processes Like Standard FR Thermoplastic Polyester (full story)

:: PA&E Offers Aluminum Silicon Carbide Option for Titanium Composite Electronic Packages (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Introduces the iVista™ LC (full story)

:: Tessera Licenses Shellcase MVP Technology to QTech (full story)

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Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Joins RNT Advisory Board

Bringing Extensive International Experience to Advisory Role

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), has announced that Dr. Jennie S. Hwang has accepted an invitation to serve on RNT’s Board of Advisors.  In this role, Dr. Hwang will advise RNT on technical and business matters in the electronics assembly industry utilizing her extensive experience and rich background. Dr. Hwang is internationally recognized as a pioneer and long-standing leader in the fast-moving electronic infrastructure and environment-friendly technologies, covering consumer, industrial, computer, telecommunication, automotive, medical and military sectors.  She is especially credited with bridging the gap between technology and marketplace and in bringing innovations to commercialization.

Her wide-ranging career encompasses international business operations, sustained technology leadership, intellectual property management, global leadership positions, as well as corporate and university governance.  Having held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., SCM Corp., Sherwin Williams Co. and co-founded several entrepreneurial companies, she has served as an advisor and consultant to U.S. government programs and others in the electronics industry.

Dr. Hwang has also served as a board director for Fortune 500 NYSE-traded and private companies and various university and civic boards. She is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and inducted into Women in Technology International Hall of Fame, and named the R&D-Stars-to-Watch. Citations by the U.S. Congressional Certificates of recognition, Honorary Doctoral degree, YWCA Women Achievement Award, and Ohio Women Hall of Fame are among other honors and awards.

She is an inventor of several patents, the author of more than 300 publications including the sole author of several internationally-used textbooks, and a worldwide speaker.  Her formal education includes Harvard Business School Executive Program, a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, two M.S. degrees in Chemistry and Liquid Crystal Science, respectively, and a bachelor's in Chemistry.

“We’re very pleased to have Dr. Hwang join our advisory board,” stated Joe Grzyb, RNT’s CEO.  “The confluence of her global business experience, market savvy and broad-based technology expertise uniquely position her to contribute to corporate vision, strategic directions and innovations to drive growth and profits.”

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Epoxy Technology Introduces New EPO-TEK®TD1001 Adhesive for Ferrite Bonding and Substrate Applications

Epoxy Technology, Inc. a leader in developing electrically and thermally conductive adhesives is launching a new product, EPO-TEK®  TD1001, designed for ferrite bonding and substrate attach applications. This advanced adhesive is suited for use in low stress applications, such as Multi-Chip Modules (MCM’s) and die stacking.

As a high-performance flexible adhesive, TD1001 was engineered to provide robust mechanical and thermal properties.  Specifically, TD1001 offers proven performance when subjected to the following tests:

  • 100 cycles -65°C to 150°C liquid to liquid thermal shock ---with no signs of delamination or cracking.
  • 1000 hours thermal aging at 150°C ---with no signs of delamination or cracking.
  • Easily withstands 3 x 250°C reflow cycles ---with no signs of delamination or cracking.

Formulated as a single component system with a 28 day pot life, TD1001 was designed to reduce processing steps, helping customers realize greater manufacturing efficiencies. 

Mavyn Holman, R&D Director, Epoxy Technology, said “Epoxy Technology understands its customers’ needs and uses its research capabilities and technical expertise to create innovative products to meet or exceed our customers’ high-performance requirements.”   

For more information on the EPO-TEK TD1001, please visit our website at: www.EPOTEK.com.

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Newport Introduces the PV IsoStation(TM) Vibration Isolation Workstation for Photovoltaic Applications

Newport Corporation has introduced the latest addition to its industry-leading portfolio of Photovoltaic development solutions – the PV IsoStation(TM) Series Workstations.  Newport's PV IsoStation Workstation is a unique, 36”x 60” ergonomic workstation specifically designed for PV test and development applications.  It features integrated storage and shelving for instruments, solar simulators and other devices and a specially treated worksurface that reduces light reflectivity by a factor of six compared to typical optical table surfaces.  The PV IsoStation workstation is ideal for a wide range of photovoltaic applications.


According to Warren Booth, Product Line Manager for Newport's line of optical tables and vibration isolation systems, "We have been very pleased at the acceptance of our new workstation at some of our leading PV industry accounts and the benefits that this new solution provides to support the development and efficiency improvement of both thin film and silicon based cells.  We are hopeful that the features of this new product will position it to be the platform of choice for applications including I-V testing, quantum efficiency (QE) testing of solar cells, light-biased QE testing, photoluminescence lifetime measurements and pump probe and 2D IR study of charge transfer in organic solar cells.  This new workstation complements our renowned Oriel solar simulation line of products for both PV and LHS markets, particularly in solar testing applications at leading cosmetics and skin care companies where improved UV protection of topical agents is essential” 

Newport's PV IsoStation Workstation features a black shelving system for supporting instruments, a low reflectivity, black RG series breadboard, a rigid black support structure with built in cabinets, 19" standard instrument rack and casters for easy mobility.

The RG series 3' x 5' breadboard is a lightweight honeycomb structure that superior to granite or steel plate platforms and much easier to assemble and move. The breadboard surface has a durable black matte finish on the surface and has a ¼-20 hole pattern on 1” centers.  The instrument rack is a standard 19" rack mount integrated into the workstation fame. The rack is constructed of welded heavy gauge steel for stability and ruggedness.

Far more rigid than sheet stock rolled C-channel frames, the PV tubular construction is easier to clean and does not have crevices to collect contaminates. The PV frame comes standard in powder coat black. The workstation frame is enclosed on all sides, except the rear, with two doors opening toward the front of the workstation.

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Amkor Announces FusionQuad(R) Technology Licensed to ASAT

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced ASAT Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ASTT) has entered into an agreement to license Amkor’s FusionQuad® package technology. This agreement will enable ASAT to manufacture packages based on Amkor’s FusionQuad® technology platform.

“The market has been seeking a low cost package technology to better serve applications in the 150 to 350 pin count range. We believe FusionQuad® technology meets these cost sensitive requirements and also provides improved thermal and electrical performance for advanced applications. We are in the process of deploying this technology to meet challenging ASIC requirements in hard disk drive, multi-functional printer and HDTV applications,” said Jim Fusaro, Amkor’s corporate VP responsible for wirebond products. “Amkor is pleased that ASAT also sees applications for this technology and we believe multiple sources of supply will facilitate broader adoption of this innovative new package platform,” added Fusaro.

“ASAT and Amkor have enjoyed benefits from our licensing agreements in recent years and we are pleased to extend that cooperation to include the FusionQuad® technology. Growth in QFP packages has been slowing as the technology has matured, with little innovation over the past few years. We believe the FusionQuad® technology will inject new growth in the QFP family and is an attractive extension to our current package offerings,” said Jeff Osmun, ASAT’s President.

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies Receives Department of Defense Trusted Foundry Accreditation

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) has received Trusted Accreditation by the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a trusted source to the Department of Defense and all other U.S. government agencies. EI, a world class supplier of engineered electronic interconnect solutions for mission critical and high performance applications, has been awarded Category 1A trusted foundry accreditation for integrated circuits for packaging/assembly services at its Endicott, N.Y. facility.

Trusted supplier status is awarded to those U.S. companies designing, generating, manufacturing and distributing components that are highly critical to national security.

“Trusted supplier status is a key element of our strategy moving forward,” said Jay McNamara, EI’s President and CEO. “It guarantees our customers access to a trusted supplier for mission critical applications and offers us the ability to fabricate classified designs along with providing access to leading edge technology and support through our industry partnership.”

The change in industry demographics that has shifted microelectronic packaging expertise and manufacturing offshore has led to a reduction in worldwide research and development in advanced packaging and to a lack of new product and process capability within the U.S. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense and the intelligence community is in need of American companies, positioned ahead of potential adversaries, to provide leading edge technologies and manufacturing capabilities to support the development of high technology products and provide access to emerging technologies.

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New GORE™ QSFP Assemblies Improve Cable Reliability In Infiniband Applications

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., (Gore) has announced the addition of GORE™ QSFP Copper Cable Assemblies to its line of products specifically designed for the high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise network and network storage markets. Ideally suited for InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications, these assemblies improve signal reliability at speeds over the standard InfiniBand QDR data rate of 10 Gbps/channel. At the same time, Gore’s unique design and the low dielectric materials used in the cable’s construction improve bend radius over longer distances in small cross-sectional areas. Sean Souffie, Gore’s product specialist for GORE™ QSFP Copper Cable Assemblies says, “Our cables have been designed to reach farther than other cables and ease cable management through tight spaces due to their smaller size. They do all of this without sacrificing signal quality and reliability.” 

GORE™ QSFP Copper Cable Assemblies are also offered with GORE™ EYE-OPENER+® Conductor Technology, a patented design that yields the highest data rate and longest distance – in the smallest cable available – in the marketplace today. GORE™ QSFP Active Assemblies are currently being field tested and will allow the cable to either extend three times farther or use a smaller diameter cable than a passive interconnect. GORE™ QSFP Copper Cable Assemblies also provide value to customers through very low latency, reduced jitter and a maximum signal eye opening.

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Indium Corporation’s Dr. Liu Appointed to Advisory Board

Indium Corporation’s Research Metallurgist, Weiping Liu, Ph.D. was invited to become a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board for the International Brazing and Soldering Conference (IBSC) 2009, organized by the American Welding Society and ASM International.

In his invitation, Dr. Anatol Rabinkin, IBSC 2009 Co-Chairperson, said, “Your scientific and engineering contributions will be an asset to the overall technical success of the program and directly benefit the advancement of the science and technology of brazing and soldering.”

Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China, and subsequently performed post-doctoral work at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He has published 70 research papers in the area of materials joining and processing, and has received several “best paper” awards at various international conferences. Dr. Liu also served on the International Scientific Advisory Board for the AWS and ASM organized International Brazing and Soldering Conferences in 2000 and 2006.
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Miyachi Unitek’s KN-II Weld Head Exerts Up To 4000lbs Force

Miyachi Unitek’s KN-II weld head - long standard with the industry-leading Pulsar projection weld system - is now available as a standalone unit.  The KN-II is ideally suited for industrial applications that require one or more of the following:

  • 0 – 4000 lbs weld force range
  • Precise alignment of upper and lower electrodes
  • Force follow-up
  • Consistent force over the mating part surfaces
  • Rugged construction


The KN-II weld head is available with power supply controlled air regulators and solenoid valves, the Benchmark SS1 Weld Head Controller (which provides a sequence of force levels and timings), or without pneumatic control components.

The KN-II is currently being quoted for industrial applications using Miyachi Unitek capacitive discharge power supplies, the STA Series AC power supplies, and ISA-500, 1000 and 2000 inverter power supplies.

Miyachi Unitek may be found on the internet at www.muc.miyachi.com.

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Louis Bieck tapped as COB of Thick Film Technologies Inc.

Thick Film Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Louis Bieck to the position of Chairman of the Board. A manufacturer of miniaturized heating products and thick film circuitry for automotive, communications and industrial applications, TFT is continuing to grow its customer base by leveraging their expertise in advanced thick film materials and processes.

Mr. Bieck’s most recent assignment was President of Crane Co. Electronics group with sales of $200,000,000.  Kirk Goldenberger, CEO of Thick Film Technologies says, "Lou has achieved numerous past successes in related industries and his knowledge and experience are welcome addition to the TFT team.  Lou will be working closely with me and Jon Davis, TFT President, to ensure that we maintain focus on customer satisfaction and attain maximum improvement on our internal processes."

Mr. Bieck's extensive background in materials management and manufacturing operations, plus his marketing strategies, has led to significant company growth in his previous assignments.  His experience includes positions as President and General Manager of Solectron Northwest.,  President/General Manager at Lasertechnics, Inc., Group President/General Manager at GCA Corporation, and Manager of Manufacturing and Operations at Xerox Corporation.  He graduated from St. John Fisher College, and received his MBA from the University of Rochester.

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Ticona ‘Drop In’ Halogen-Free Celanex® XFR® PBT — Processes Like Standard FR Thermoplastic Polyester

Ticona Engineering Polymers has announced an addition to its portfolio of XFR® halogen-free flame retardant polymers — the enhanced Celanex® 6842 series with improved processability and equivalent properties that give designers and manufacturers a “drop-in” option for use in eco-friendly electrical and electronic components.

“The new Celanex XFR PBTs from Ticona are V-0 and RoHS compliant with a proprietary flame retardant (FR) system that will allow our customers to use them as a virtual ‘drop in’ replacement for most similarly available PBTs without having to modify designs, build new molds or make significant tooling changes,” said Jeanne Pilis, polyester product marketing manager. “In addition, the new Celanex XFR series is available in filled and unfilled grades that match the flow and toughness of our brominated FR series.”

Requested by Ticona customers, the enhanced series builds on the halogen-free direction it started when the Celanex XFR range of non-halogenated FR thermoplastic polyesters was commercialized in 2004. This FR system, recognized in 2006 with a Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award, is also included in two new Riteflex® XFR thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET) grades.

“The plastics industry is evaluating alternate flame-retardant additives for use in electrical and electronic applications that face stringent FR requirements,” said Pete Bombik, polyester global business director. “Ticona uses an innovative flame retardant system in its XFR product line to replace conventional FRs, which actually enhances the performance of the engineering polymers while making them more eco-friendly.”
The new Celanex PBT series with its patented XFR system provides several advantages over the highest performing non-halogenated FR polyesters available today. These advantages include:

  • No migration during processing or corrosion of terminals or leads during use
  • No toxic/corrosive gases emitted when burned
  • Lower density than halogenated FR system
  • Excellent electrical properties (high Comparative Tracking Index and Glow Wire)
  • Excellent colorability and color stability
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PA&E Offers Aluminum Silicon Carbide Option for Titanium Composite Electronic Packages

AlSiC Heat Sinks Offer Reduced Weight and Improved Thermal Conductivity

Titanium composite technology can produce electronic packages that are stronger and more reliable than aluminum alternatives however, titanium’s thermal dissipation characteristics are inadequate for some applications. PA&E offers engineers the option of using integrated molybdenum/copper heat sinks and now, for applications where weight is a primary consideration, the company is offering an aluminum silicon carbide heat sink option.

AlSiC offers thermal properties similar to those of MoCu at 180 – 200 W/mK, but is one third to one-fifth as dense, offering significant weight savings. The implementation process begins during initial design phase, when the package’s electronic circuitry is mapped against the housing floor and where locations that will be exposed to the highest temperatures are identified. The AlSiC composite heat sinks are then metallurgically bonded to the housing only in the locations where the housing comes into contact with the high-power devices. This limited use of the heat sink material minimizes the overall mass of the package. The package is then machined, finished and plated with no visible signs of the heat sinks on the finished product.

Since titanium composite material does not require mold tooling or diamond machining, it can be incorporated into new designs with very limited nonrecurring tooling, making the prototype phase more economical than would be possible with competitive technology. Those characteristics, combined with the low-coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and high-thermal-conductivity AlSiC heat sinks provide a rugged, reliable, high-performance electronic packaging alternative.

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SUSS MicroTec Introduces the iVista™ LC

Innovative new microscopy tool combines high-resolution digital imaging with laser-cutting capabilities for semiconductor failure analysis applications

SUSS MicroTec Test Systems has announced the iVista™ LC High-Resolution Digital Microscope. Its introduction is timed to meet the increasing need in failure-analysis labs for an advanced microscopy tool capable of delivering high-resolution digital images in conjunction with laser-cutting capabilities.

The iVista LC Digital Microscope significantly improves the productivity of operators and engineers by providing a powerful microscopy solution. The unique design of the iVista microscope delivers images with resolution comparable to a 16-megapixel, color CCD. This means that even the tiniest features are quickly and easily identifiable, and unlimited digital zooming provides more detail and not just a pixilated image.

To meet the needs of engineers working in failure-analysis labs, a standard laser port is available to mount laser cutters from all major manufacturers. A high-precision, automated objective changer allows the engineer to switch from a magnification used for navigation to a higher magnification for closer inspection and laser cutting. The iVista LC Microscope also includes an optional polarizer/analyzer unit for liquid-crystal thermography applications and enhanced image contrast. For documentation tasks, the user can save the full-resolution image and the multi-view screen.

Several additional software features in the SPECTRUM™ Vision System are enabled when using the iVista LC Microscope in conjunction with an automated probe system from SUSS MicroTec. Multi-view allows the user to create several freely-defined regions that are magnified and displayed alongside the main view, enabling live observation of specified areas without losing the “big picture”. Multi-cam imaging displays a live image from a separate camera alongside the live image from the iVista LC Microscope. The user can then, for example, monitor contact height with the view from the patented ContactView™ system while observing the position of the wafer and probe tips, eliminating expensive probe-card crashes. Accurate point-to-point measurement and navigation tools using standard objectives are also provided.

“The iVista LC Microscope delivers exactly the tools needed for wafer-level failure analysis.” said Rob Carter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SUSS MicroTec Test Systems. “The high-resolution optics along with state-of-the-art digital zooming provide image detail well beyond any similar product. Engineers involved in failure-analysis and design-debug tasks will appreciate the advanced capabilities of the iVista LC, and managers will appreciate the benefits from the productivity gains that can be realized with such a powerful tool.”

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Tessera Licenses Shellcase MVP Technology to QTech

SHELLCASE Wafer-Level Image Sensor Packaging Technology Reduces Costs and Accelerates Time-To-Market

Tessera Technologies, Inc. has announced that Q Technology Limited (Qtech) has licensed Tessera’s SHELLCASE® MVP image sensor packaging technology. 

“The continued demand for smaller, lower cost, surface mountable camera modules makes our SHELLCASE MVP solution the ideal packaging technology for Qtech’s target customers: the manufacturers of cell phones and laptops,” said Michael Bereziuk, executive vice president, Imaging & Optics, Tessera.  “This latest generation SHELLCASE solution is not only the lowest cost and most reliable image sensor packaging technology we have ever released, but its small form factor - made possible through the use of through silicon via technology - makes it suitable for a wide range of camera module applications including cell phone cameras.”

“Tessera’s SHELLCASE leading-edge wafer-level packaging technology will help us to successfully compete in the highly competitive, rapidly evolving global consumer electronics market,” said Dr. Hao Zhou, CEO, Qtech. “With Tessera as our R&D provider for existing and future wafer-level packaging, our customers will increasingly benefit from Tessera’s WLCSP technology with its stronger performance and lower cost.”

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