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:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies Prepares For Significant Growth, Modifies Employment Practices and Schedules Job Fair (full story)

:: NETZSCH Presenting on Controlled Processing and Dispersion of Nanoparticles (full story)

:: Asymtek Expands in Singapore to Meet Increasing Demand for its Fluid Dispensing Equipment (full story)

:: New Fiber Laser Welding Systems from Miyachi Unitek (full story)

:: AIM Announces Appointment of Focus Assembly Automation, Inc. (full story)

:: Compact 40W & 60W PCB Supplies from Lambda Meet Class B EMI (full story)

:: Taiwan Materials Industry Veteran Dr. I-lin Cheng Added to RNT Advisory Board (full story)

:: PA&E Announces New Flexible Lead EMI Filters (full story)

:: Adtech Ceramics’ Microwave Packaging Capabilities (full story)

:: ASYS Solar, PVSEC More Than a Good Event (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Ranked Fifth in Growth Among Privately Held Companies in San Diego (full story)

:: Bill Ishii Promoted to VP of Sales at Torrey Hills (full story)

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies Prepares For Significant Growth, Modifies Employment Practices and Schedules Job Fair

EI is modifying its employment practices to reflect the Company’s stable economic position and need for an expanding workforce.  Effective immediately, the use of “temporary” labor will be restricted to those jobs that are for a pre-defined period.  All other hiring will be for regular, full-time employment including the full suite of benefits.  In conjunction with this change, EI will convert qualified employees currently classified as “temporary” to full-time, permanent status, making many of these employees eligible for participation in the 2008 Corporate Cash Profit Sharing Program. 

“These changes in our employment practices and need for additional positions result from  increased demand in the defense and high end computing markets for printed circuit board fabrication and assembly operations,” stated Felicia Williams, VP of Human Resources at EI. 

EI’s strong finish in 2007 resulted in a 73% increase in revenue over the previous year, and the Company is experiencing another year of significant revenue increases in 2008.  The firm has added 300 plus jobs and spent over $28M in the past three years for capital equipment to add the capacity necessary to meet growing customer demand. The firm has also been awarded 58 patents that influence the design, manufacture and handling of printed circuit boards and semiconductor packaging since its inception six years ago. 

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NETZSCH Presenting on Controlled Processing and Dispersion of Nanoparticles

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology technical director, Harry Way, will give a technical presentation on agglomeration control through mild dispersion Wednesday, October 8 at 2:40 pm in room 408 at the MS&T 2008 Conference.

Many dispersion processes can break down the nanoparticles’ primary particles, ruining the surface conditions, crystal structure and overall chemistry, rendering them ineffective. But, NETZSCH’s mills utilize mild dispersion, which is a condition of a bead mill that eliminates contamination and breakage of particle characteristics by dispersing with multiple mild contacts (micro beads) instead of one strong contact. 

Way will introduce mild dispersion technology used to eliminate the breakage and contamination of nanoparticles during dispersion. Thorough explanations and applications of mild dispersion, as well as other factors affecting the mild dispersion process (bead size, disc options, and speeds) will be covered.

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Asymtek Expands in Singapore to Meet Increasing Demand for its Fluid Dispensing Equipment

Asymtek, a Nordson company, has expanded and moved to a new location in Singapore. This new, larger facility includes a modern lab with a full range of Asymtek dispensing and coating equipment to support customer applications, training and process development. The move reflects the growing needs of Asymtek’s customer base in the region, which includes the leading semiconductor packaging and printed circuit board assemblers in a wide range of industries.  Co-located with parent company Nordson and sister company EFD, the new facility also offers extensive on-site equipment service, product demonstrations and the latest technical data on dispensing.

Mr. N.S. Ng, Asymtek’s regional business manager, is responsible for directing Singapore’s daily operations and managing its staff of sales, applications and service engineers.  He also oversees the region’s distributor network to ensure Asymtek’s customers receive products with efficiency and value-added service. For more information, contact N.S.Ng at Tel: 65 6796 9500, or nsng@asymtek.com, Nordson S.E. Asia (Pte) Ltd., 26 Boon Lay Way TradeHub 21 #01-76 Singapore 609970.
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New Fiber Laser Welding Systems from Miyachi Unitek

Miyachi Unitek is pleased to announce the addition of turnkey fiber laser welders to its system capabilities lineup.  Fiber lasers are unique welding sources that provide excellent welding performance with minimal cost of ownership.  Both low power and high power fiber lasers can be integrated into the existing range of Delta Series or custom workstations with motion options including multi-axis orthogonal stages and 6-axis robotic arms. 

The addition of this product line enables Miyachi Unitek to offer a broader range of welding solutions, thus providing the most suitable laser source for its customer’s particular welding application.  As with its current pulsed Nd:YAG systems, Miyachi Unitek offers comprehensive customer support from application development to production for these new fiber laser systems.

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AIM Announces Appointment of Focus Assembly Automation, Inc.

AIM is pleased to announce the appointment of Focus Assembly Automation, Inc. as its representative for the complete AIM line of electronic solders and chemicals in the Mid-Atlantic states.  Focus Assembly Automation, Inc. will provide AIM customers in this area with products, service, and technical support.

Focus Assembly Automation, Inc. is a well-known manufacturers’ representative with over twenty years of experience.  Focus is dedicated to serving the electronics manufacturing industry by providing training, consulting, technical service, parts and equipment sales.  Focus Assembly Automation, Inc. can be found on the internet at www.focusassembly.com

For more information, visit AIM on the web at www.aimsolder.com, or contact us through email at info@aimsolder.com.

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Compact 40W & 60W PCB Supplies from Lambda Meet Class B EMI

Lambda has unveiled its latest additions to its ZPSA series of compact pcb-mountable AC-DC power supplies. The new single-output ZPSA40 and ZPSA60 series accepts a wide input voltage range, has a low profile and industry standard footprint (2 x 4 x 1.07"), making it an ideal choice for applications such as LED signs and lighting, point-of-sale equipment, computer peripherals, datacom, telecom, video/audio routers and test & measurement equipment.

These 40 and 60-watt supplies are available with the most popular output voltages from 3.3V to 48VDC.  The outputs are floating so they can be used as either a positive or negative polarity. Typical efficiencies are up to 88%.  These models are rated for operation in a convection cooled environment from 0°C up to 70°C with derating.  A green LED is provided as an indicator that the power supply is on.  Other standard features include overvoltage and short-circuit protection.
To maximize design-in flexibility, Lambda is offering these supplies as either an open-board configuration with Molex input/output connectors, or as a "/P" version with pins for PCB mounting.
Accepting a wide input voltage range of 90-264VAC (47-440Hz) or 120-370VDC, the ZPSA40 or 60 series is ready for use globally with no further configuration or input selection. Its industry standard footprint makes it an ideal choice as a drop-in replacement for existing supplies, while its low profile means that it can be installed in the most compact of applications. The ZPSA40 or 60 has global safety agency approvals per UL/CSA/EN60950-1; meets conducted and radiated EMC requirements of EN55022-B and FCC Class B (without additional filtering or components) and meets EN61000-4 immunity specs for greater reliability. All supplies carry the CE Mark and are RoHS compliant.

The ZPSA40 or 60 series are available now with prices starting at $15.75 each in 1000 piece quantities.  More information is available at Lambda's websites: http://www.lambdapower.com and http://www.lambdapower.com/products/zpsa-series.htm.

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Taiwan Materials Industry Veteran Dr. I-lin Cheng Added to RNT Advisory Board

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), developer and manufacturer of its patented NanoFoil®, has announced that Dr. I-lin Cheng has accepted an invitation to serve on RNT’s Board of Advisors.

Dr. Cheng is currently an adjunct professor of Materials Science at National Cheng Kung and also at National Sun Yet-sen University for Technology and Innovation Management in Taiwan.  Dr. Cheng has held senior executive positions at China Steel, Walsin, and other key materials companies in Taiwan. Currently, Dr. Cheng serves as Chairman of Zentech Material Technologies, Inc. which provides advanced surface treatment technologies.  A highly regarded innovator, he has been recognized by many organizations including Chinese Management Association for the best Research Manager, Outstanding Alumni of National Cheng Kung University for the Nation, and Gold medal for the Chinese Society of Materials.

“Dr. Cheng is well respected in the materials and metals industry for his leadership in bringing innovative technology solutions to high volume manufacturing,” stated Joe Grzyb, RNT’s CEO.  “Dr. Cheng’s expertise in this area will provide invaluable guidance to RNT’s team to further establish NanoFoil®  and NanoBond® as a standard material and  bonding  process.”

”With a background and long term understanding of Taiwanese industries,” states Dr .Cheng, “I believe that the promotion of such a novel joining technology such as NanoFoil® will bring a revitalization to the local market, be it traditional or high-tech.”

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PA&E Announces New Flexible Lead EMI Filters

Flex Lead Available in Both Bolt and Broadband Package Configurations

Engineers searching for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filtering solutions must consider a number of factors, including: space availability, environmental conditions and electrical performance, when designing a component. PA&E now offers those engineers some new flexibility with its new Flex Lead EMI filters.

PA&E’s Flex Lead filters offer a number of advantages over more conventional EMI filtering approaches. Flex Lead filters can deliver higher levels of reliability because its design eliminates a solder joint that is often prone to fatigue. And, since the lead insulation is encapsulated inside the filter body, the potential for accidental shorting is reduced.

“Our new Flex Lead EMI filters are a great compliment to our extensive line of EMI filters,” said Ed Phinney, Vice President of Engineering at PA&E. “Electronic component designs are becoming increasingly complex and these new filters give engineers a little more design freedom. They can also make the production process more efficient by eliminating the need to install connecting leads,” he added.

PA&E’s Flex Lead EMI filters have an operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C and are rated for 50 to 500 VDC. Insulation resistance is 100G Ohm (minimum) at 25°C and its capacitance range is 1000pF to 20nF. The case is constructed of cold-rolled steel that’s finished with a gold-over-nickel under-plate and copper is the standard lead material.

Every PA&E EMI filter has been ruggedized and completely encapsulated, resulting in an environmentally resistant unit intended for high-reliability military and aerospace applications. All parts, whether they are epoxy resin or hermetically sealed devices, meet or exceed the applicable requirements of MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 specifications. PA&E manufactures several types of EMI filters including: mini eyelet, micro screw-in, eyelet style, filter pin, bold, broadband styles.

For more information about PA&E’s Flex Lead EMI filters visit us at http://www.pacaero.com.

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Adtech Ceramics’ Microwave Packaging Capabilities

AdTech Ceramics’ microwave packaging capabilities include hermetic Alumina High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) and Aluminum Nitride (AIN) for applications in the X through K band frequency ranges. AdTech uses 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) simulators and proprietary numerical simulators to design packages with market differentiating performance while maintaining cost effective solutions for custom multilayer ceramic microwave packages. This proven technology provides electrically reliable, high density packages that are ideal for medical, military, optoelectronic or any application with requiring attention to frequency, reliability and temperature.

AdTech Ceramics' experienced employee base has a 100+ year legacy of ceramic expertise, including material science, engineering, design, tooling and manufacturing of multilayer ceramics, as well as chemically milled metal components and injection molded products.

For more information, please visit www.adtechceramics.com or e-mail sales@adtechceramics.com.

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ASYS Solar, PVSEC More Than a Good Event

Automatisierungssysteme GmbH, ASYS, has introduced two new products at the PVSEC in Valencia, Spain last week. The inline Laser Edge Isolation System SEI 01 to complete the offering for the metallization line and the new rotary table printer XSR 1 that is suitable for selective emitter and other processes that require a top-down vision system.“With more than 4.4 GW installed capacity we have proven to be one of the technology lea-ders. We will continue to present new solutions that will help our customers to stay competitive in the quickly growing solar industry.” says Mr. Werner Kreibl, Managing Director of ASYS.ASYS received orders for multiple metallization lines with a capacity of 420 MW last week.

For more information, please visit www.asys-group.com.

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Torrey Hills Ranked Fifth in Growth Among Privately Held Companies in San Diego

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, today announced that it was ranked fifth among the 100 fastest growing privately held companies in San Diego county for 2008 by San Diego Business Journal. Rankings are based on percentage of fiscal year revenue growth over 3 years from 2005 to 2007. Torrey Hills grew 517 percent during this period

Since its establishment in 2004, Torrey Hills’ revenue has doubled almost every year, bringing it to a prominent position as a manufacturer and distributer of microelectronics equipment and packaging components. The company also diversified its customer base by targeting the booming solar energy market. With competitive price advantage, quality products and value-added services, Torrey Hills now has expanded its business in more than 30 countries. In April 2007, the company opened an 8,800-square-foot manufacturing facility in Yixing, Jiangsu, China. Last February, Torrey Hills doubled the size of its headquarters office by moving into a 1,700-square-foot space in Sorrento Valley.

“It gives us immense pleasure to be listed and ranked 5th. Such accomplishment makes a strong statement about the value of Torrey Hills’  products and services,¡± said Ken Kuang, President and Founder of Torrey Hills Technologies. "It is indeed to the credit of our entire team in U.S. and China that Torrey Hills is able to sustain a high level of revenue growth over the past few years."
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Bill Ishii Promoted VP of Sales at Torrey Hills

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC has also announced that Bill Ishii has been promoted to Vice President of Sales, effective immediately. In his new role, Ishii will direct and oversee all aspects of sales efforts in US West Coast (WA, OR, CA and AZ), Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America.

Ishii has over 10 years of sales experience. He joined Torrey Hills in 2005 and most recently served as Sales Manager. Prior to joining Torrey Hills, he was with Kyocera America for five years as a Sales Engineer.

Ishii has been a member of IMAPS, the leading since 2001 and is currently the Vice Chairperson of the local San Diego chapter. He holds BS degrees in Marketing, and also Finance from California State University of Long Beach.

"It is an honor to be chosen to lead such a talented group of people, and to be part of the explosive growth of Torrey Hills Technologies. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of an organization that will soon be distinguished by San Diego Business Journal as one of San Diego’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies," saids Ishii. "There is no doubt together we will continue to move this great organization forward in its current rapid pace," he added.
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