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:: ASYS provides Laser Edge Isolation (full story)

:: AIM Announces Appointment of eTECH Supply (full story)

:: EV Group Receives Multiple-System Orders from Leading European Universities for Innovative MEMS Research & Development (full story)

:: Gore Joins Ethernet Alliance (full story)

:: Ticona U.S. Production Facility Receives Green Partner Certification from Sony (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Introduces Next Generation Manual Mask Aligner for Industrial Research and Operator-Assisted Production (full story)

:: BMI-500 Auto Gas Purification System Removes Moisture and Oxygen To Less Than 1ppm (full story)

:: PA&E Announces Hermetic Mate for Souriau’s microComp® Connector Series (full story)

:: Jennifer de Souza Promoted to Vice President, Supply Chain Management at Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (full story)

:: Cookson Electronics Promotes Richard J. Ertmann to President of its Assembly Materials Group (full story)

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ASYS provides Laser Edge Isolation

ASYS is completing its Metallization Line Portfolio with the release of a Laser Edge Isolation System SEI01.

With a throughput of 1,200 cells/hour it makes use of a long life time fibre laser to scribe the isolation groove along the cell contours. An advanced optical system automatically helps to excludes any defects like chippings from the active cell surface. The SEI01 features a temperature stabilized galvo system to guarantee high repeatability and accuracy of the laser groove. A special exhaust system has been developed to ensure that all safety and clean room requirements are fulfilled. With its small footprint and very attractive market price this new unit is the perfect addition to the ASYS metallization line and is closing the gap to final testing and sorting. The SEI01 will also be available in a dual lan configuration to handle up to 2,200 cells per hour.
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AIM Announces Appointment of eTECH Supply

AIM has recently announced that eTECH Supply, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, has been appointed as a distributor for the complete AIM line of electronic solders and chemicals throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.  eTECH Supply is a subsidiary of iTECH (iTechnologies, Inc.), a manufacturers’ representative with over fourteen years of experience.   

eTECH Supply offers a full line of equipment and materials as well as a highly trained staff with extensive knowledge of the electronics assembly and repair industry.  eTECH Supply can be found on the internet at www.etechsupply.com.
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EV Group Receives Multiple-System Orders from Leading European Universities for Innovative MEMS Research & Development

EV Group (EVG),  has announced that three European universities -- Southampton University, University of Ulster and Technische Universitat Braunschweig -- have placed orders for multiple EVG systems.  These follow-on order wins for leading-edge MEMS research are for  next-generation EVG systems, totaling in excess of US$2.9 million.
Notably, the United Kingdom (UK)-based Southampton University purchased the largest photolithography/MEMS equipment order by a university in the UK for The Southampton Nanofabrication Centre its new state-of-the art cleanroom set to open this fall -- equipping the organization with the most comprehensive manufacturing capability in the MEMS field of any UK educational institution.  Tools purchased include several of EVG's most versatile systems for photolithography and MEMS manufacturing ideal for a research environment: the 150 coater with spin and spray coat capability; the 6200TR automatic topside microscope aligner; the 620T microscope aligner for training students in aligner techniques and processes; the 620TB manual load top and bottom-side microscope aligner for MEMS applications, such as creating microchannels by photo techniques and aligning wafers prior to bonding; and the 501 bonder for laminating dry film on to substrates prior to processing and wafer bonding.  Shipment and installation of the tools will take place upon the completion of the clean room construction scheduled for this fall. 

The University of Ulster and the Institute for Microtechnology at each purchased an EVG620T -- a manual load topside microscope aligner -- for their respective MEMS R&D efforts.  The EVG620 is EV Group's leading precision mask and bond aligner system from its EVG600 series.  This versatile system is highly flexible enabling users to scale from R&D to high-volume production, and to adjust the tool for various application requirements.  Both systems have been shipped and installed.

"These universities are engaging in leading-edge MEMS research efforts, and to be a part of enabling continued innovation in this field is very exciting for EVG," said Paul Lindner, executive technology director of EV Group.  "The potential for knowledge transfer from R&D to high-volume production is tremendous, which fuels EVG's own ongoing commitment to R&D, so that we continue to deliver the most versatile and flexible solutions needed to perpetuate the cycle of innovation."
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Gore Joins Ethernet Alliance

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of high performance cable assemblies, has joined the Ethernet Alliance, an industry group dedicated to the promotion of Ethernet technologies. Gore will specifically play a key role in the advancement of developing Ethernet copper cable interconnect technologies. Currently this includes GORE™ SFP+ and QSFP Copper Cable Assemblies, which are ideal for the high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise networking and network storage markets and are well suited for emerging 10 GbE and 40 GbE applications.

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Ticona U.S. Production Facility Receives Green Partner Certification from Sony

Ticona Engineering Polymers has announced its plant in Shelby, N.C., one of the company’s main production facilities where it manufactures Vectra® liquid crystal polymer (LCP), Celanex® thermoplastic polyester (PBT), and Riteflex® thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET), received Green Partner certification from Sony Corporation, the global consumer electronics company. Sony designates Green Partners based upon a supplier’s cooperation in the production of eco-friendly products and their ability to meet established regulations for environment-related substances found in components of products that bear the Sony name.

“As a solutions-driven company, Ticona is pleased that its U.S. manufacturing facility is a certified member of the Sony Green Partner Program,” said Tom Hannigan, leader, quality management, Americas. “This designation underlines our commitment to provide customers with a broad product line of engineering polymers, including Vectra LCP that enables them to develop eco-friendly innovations that can meet their requirements and comply with industry standards such the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.”

In 2002, Sony established the Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program, which outlines Sony's Green Partner Standards for chemical substance management. Sony audits suppliers based on these standards. Sony purchases electronic parts only from suppliers who have passed this audit and have been certified as Green Partners.
“Customers that use Vectra LCP from the Shelby facility can comply with anticipated environmental laws, regulations and growing industry requirements like Sony’s Green Partner Standards,” Hannigan added.

At the Shelby production facility, Ticona manufacturers a broad product line of engineering polymers that include:

  • Vectra LCP — Inherently flame resistant and halogen-free without additives, Vectra LCP is a family of high-performance polymers based on patented Ticona technology. Introduced 22 years ago, the product line has evolved to include innovative grades that keep pace with market needs for thinner walls, higher temperature resistance, higher production rates, lower overall part costs and recyclability. These properties have led to Vectra LCP becoming the material of choice in many electronic applications such connectors, bobbins, switches and relays.
  • Celanex PBT — A fast cycling resin with high strength, rigidity and toughness, this PBT offers low creep even at high temperatures, as well as excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and powerful insulation resistance. It also offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases. The range of potential applications includes automotive ignition and electrical system parts, electrical and electronic connectors and sockets, switches, bobbins and motor housings and insulation, and appliance housings, handles and bases.
  • Riteflex TPC-ET — Available as unreinforced polymers in a wide range of Shore D hardnesses, this TPC-ET provides the softness, flexibility and resistance of rubber with good chemical resistance, toughness, impact strength, as well as tear and flex-fatigue resistance between -40 degrees and 121 degrees Celsius. The range of properties available from Riteflex elastomers is reflected in the diversity of applications in which these versatile materials have been used such as hose, tubing, seals, gaskets, belts, pump diaphragms, wire coatings, hooks, fasteners, film, sheet, nonwovens and monofilaments.
Both Celanex PBT and Riteflex TPC-ET are available in XFR® grades with a halogen-free flame retardant system that was recognized with a Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award in 2006.
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SUSS MicroTec Introduces Next Generation Manual Mask Aligner for Industrial Research and Operator-Assisted Production

SUSS MicroTec launches the third generation of its MA/BA8, a manual mask and bond aligner that offers highest process flexibility including submicron alignment and exposure optics dedicated for thick resist exposure. In addition it allows easy and fast upgrades to emerging technologies such as UV-nano imprinting, microlens imprinting, UV-bonding and enhanced bond alignment. The new MA/BA8 Gen3 from SUSS MicroTec combines an unmatched resolution and light uniformity with a high-precision alignment capability down to 0.25µm, the highest accuracy for a mask aligner available today.

The ability to easily process virtually all kinds of wafer and substrate materials makes the new manual aligner from SUSS MicroTec a preferred solution also for production environments, where it addresses the growing demand for tighter process control. Processes developed on the MA/BA8 Gen3 can be quickly transferred onto an automated SUSS Mask Aligner for high-volume production, as both aligner platforms are based on the same SUSS technology.

“The MA/BA8 has been designed to enable quick and effective development of new process technologies and products”, explained Rolf Wolf, general manager of SUSS MicroTec’s Lithography Division, “Research organizations will benefit from the enhanced capabilities of the MA/BA8 Gen3 as it allows them to develop their processes with industry-standard equipment.”
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BMI-500 Auto Gas Purification System Removes Moisture and Oxygen To Less Than 1ppm

Miyachi Unitek is pleased to announce the release of the new BMI-500 Auto Gas Purification System for Glovebox Applications. The new system is capable of removing moisture and oxygen to maintain less than 1 ppm moisture and oxygen levels in a glovebox.

Features of the new BMI-500 include:
- LCD touch screen which displays unit status and provides a simple operator interface
- Dual purification columns for continuous 24/7 gas purification
- one button touch triggers automatic regeneration of column
- Optional remote touch screen

- I/O for interface with third party systems

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PA&E Announces Hermetic Mate for Souriau’s microComp® Connector Series

New Option for Applications Where Size, Weight and Hermetic Performance are Key Considerations

Souriau’s innovative microComp series of high-density, light-weight, space-saving rectangular connectors can now be deployed in applications that require a hermetic seal, thanks to PA&E’s new hermetic microComp mate.

“The microComp connector series offers a number of unique features, but it wasn’t an option for engineers designing components that required hermetic sealing,” said Ed Phinney, Vice President of Engineering at PA&E. “We partnered with Souriau, and leveraged our expertise in ceramic-to-metal sealing technology, to create a hermetic mate for the microComp line that gives design engineers working in the space and defense industries a new, high-performance, hermetic connector option.”

Souriau’s microComp connector line is well suited to any application that requires a light-weight, high-density rectangular connector. It weighs 60% less and is 25% smaller than standard high-density Sub-D connectors. It can be built with as few as seven or as many as 104 contacts with a contact pitch of 2.0 x 1.7 mm2. The microComp line comes in both space and military grade configurations and each connector offers dismountable contact construction for wiring flexibility

The PA&E microComp hermetic mate can be built to match any microComp configuration. It has a leak rate of less than 1X10-9 cc/second helium at one atmospheric differential pressure thanks to PA&E’s proprietary Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic. Kryoflex-sealed connectors provide superior electrical performance -- up to 70 times the current-carrying capacity of conventional products -- while withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses.

These connectors provide an insulation resistance of greater then 5,000 megohms at 500 VDC when tested in IAW MIL-STD 1344, Method 3003. They are built with beryllium copper alloy contacts that are finished in nickel/gold. The microComp mate is designed for aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel alloy applications and has an operating temperature range of -65° C to 200° C.

For more information about PA&E’s custom interconnect products, integrated electronic packaging capabilities or EMI filters product line, contact the company at 509-664-8000 or visit at http://www.pacaero.com.
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Jennifer de Souza Promoted to Vice President, Supply Chain Management at Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) today announced a senior management appointment as part of the strategy to drive operational effectiveness.   Jennifer de Souza has been promoted to the position of Vice President, Supply Chain Management reporting to Jay McNamara, President and CEO, effective immediately.

Under Ms. de Souza’s leadership, EI is developing and executing direct and indirect materials procurement strategies utilizing lean principles including JIT and Consignment as well as streamlining EI’s Supply Chain through full implementation of the SAP toolset.

“Jennifer’s extensive background in leadership roles with world-class companies coupled with her broad knowledge of Supply Chain Management and Procurement will help us attain our goal of continuously improving the delivery of EI solutions to our customers,” commented James J. McNamara, President and CEO at EI.

Ms. de Souza joined EI in April 2007 as Director of Supply Chain Management and has 10 years experience in global materials management and strategic sourcing, most recently as Global Materials Manager at Welch Allyn.  Ms. de Souza is a graduate of the Watson School at Binghamton University, holds a Juris Doctor from Syracuse Law School and is RIT certified in lean six sigma green belt methodologies.

Ms. de Souza resides in the Binghamton area with her husband Ian and their two daughters.
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Cookson Electronics Promotes Richard J. Ertmann to President of its Assembly Materials Group

Richard J. Ertmann has been promoted to President of Cookson Electronics’ Assembly Materials Group (AMG), with responsibility for its global businesses: Alpha© and Cookson Electronics Semiconductor Packaging (CESP).  Rick joined Cookson in 1987, and during his 21 years with AMG, he has acquired extensive global electronics assembly industry knowledge running its Americas, European and Asian regional businesses.  This experience makes him uniquely suited to direct AMG’s global business.  Rick will be based at AMG’s global headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey. 

“While the global electronics assembly marketplace currently faces challenging conditions on a number of fronts, Cookson’s commitment to its customer’s business success and to providing value-added products and services sets us apart from our competition,” said Mr. Ertmann.  “We are uniquely globally positioned to continue developing the advanced Alpha® and CESP material technologies that enhance our customer’s productivity, and to providing them with unparalleled applications expertise.  These capabilities continue to be key to our success.  Ultimately, our customer’s own the scorecard, and we recognize that we are only as good as yesterday’s game.”

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