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:: Miyachi Unitek’s SM8500 Hermetic Seam Sealer Provides New Application – Seam Welding Foils (full story)

:: RNT Adds Distribution in Taiwan Expanding Reach into China (full story)

:: Lambda Launches Digital Power Supply (full story)

:: DuPont Microcircuit Materials Features Enabling Technologies at the FISITA World Automotive Conference (full story)

:: StratEdge Introduces a Family of X-Band High Power Amplifiers in Surface Mount Packages (full story)

:: Newport Announces New Solar Cell Test Capabilities Available from its Technology and Applications Center (full story)

:: Quantum Leap Packaging Appoints Byoung Lee Chief Financial Officer (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Announces 300 mm ProbeShield System Order (full story)

:: NxGen Electronics Inc. Announces Delivery of Miniaturized Power Supply to Lockheed Martin Corporation (full story)

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Miyachi Unitek’s SM8500 Hermetic Seam Sealer Provides New Application – Seam Welding Foils

Thin metal or 'foil' welding is a tricky application which requires precise control of force, current, and electrode speed. Without precise control, the application may quickly turn from welding to cutting.

Miyachi Unitek has expanded the capability of its SM-8500 seam welder to achieve mechanical or hermetic welds on thin metals / foils 0.002 - 0.004 inches thick. Choose either a continuous or stitched seam. Perfect for diaphragm welding for pressure sensors as well as aerospace, medical, and any other applications where thin metals must be mechanically attached or hermetically sealed.

For more information, please visit www.muc.miyachi.com.
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RNT Adds Distribution in Taiwan Expanding Reach into China

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), has announced that it has reached an agreement with Jorjin Technologies, a distributor of electronic materials and components headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan to distribute RNT’s NanoFoil® products. Jorjin will manage the sale and distribution of NanoFoil® products into a variety of applications including electronics assembly and sputter target bonding.

“Jorjin has a well established reputation in Taiwan for bringing new, innovative product solutions into mass production. Their innovation and engineering depth make them a perfect partner to facilitate adoption of NanoFoil®  in electronics assembly and sputter target bonding applications,” commented Michael P. O’Neill, RNT’s Global Vice President of Sales.

“Jorjin Technologies is positioned to be an expert in introducing pragmatic and efficient solutions to the market,” stated Tom Liang, President of Jorjin Technologies.  ”As energy saving becomes increasingly important, we see NanoFoil® to be the perfect solution for the application of LED package mounting, sputter target bonding, GPU thermal interface material & RF connector mounting, which are widely used in semi-conductor, LCD, power LED, and microelectronics assembly. Since many of the customers for these products are in the China area, we are convinced that the potential demand can be met by our distribution channels.”

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Lambda Launches Digital Power Supply

Lambda has introduced a new range of digitally controlled modules to its innovative NV-Power family of configurable AC-DC power supplies enabling increased power output of up to 1450W peak rating for 10 seconds. The new modules enable Lambda to satisfy the increasing demand for low-profile configurable power solutions from 350W to above 1000W for broadcast, instrumentation, medical equipment, ATE, automation, routers, servers and security networks.  
The new digitally controlled modules incorporate many innovative design features including a new integrated magnetics transformer that allows for small size and increased efficiency. The digital control allows customizations based on the application's requirements (such as modified current-limit or start-up characteristics). Additionally, the input to output isolation meets the 4kVac reinforced requirements for medical use.
NV-Power employs an 8-bit microcontroller to handle housekeeping routines, replacing the array of comparators, op amps and other discrete components used in less integrated designs. This brings a 50% parts count reduction which in turn allows 40% more board space for power components. With the incredibly high peak power rating designers can realize power densities of up to 19W/in3. All units operate with a input range of 90 - 264Vac.
The NV-350 series provides up to 350W of output power with <180Vac mains, and up to 660W continuous (740W peak for 10 seconds) with >180Vac mains. Up to six user-selectable outputs can be provided in a 1.6 x 3.75 x 10.8-inch package.  
While the NV-700 series provides up to 700W of output power with <150Vac mains, and up to 1150W continuous (1450W peak for 10 seconds) with >150Vac mains.  Up to eight user-selectable outputs can be provided in a 1.6 x 4.92 x 10.8-inch package.
Lambda's Multi Resonant Topology (MRT) and other EMC improving design features have resulted in meeting Curve B EMC performance with earth leakage current less than 300µA at 264Vac, 63Hz (meeting the requirement for IEC/EN/UL60601-1).  
Available with an extensive range of output modules and options, it is possible to achieve a wide range of output voltage and current combinations. All outputs are fully isolated, no minimum load is required and each module features output-good and inhibit control signals.

Of particular note, the new digitally controlled single-output 'C' module is three-slots wide and available with 12V, 15V and 24V outputs offering as much as 400W continuous and up to 600W peak output power for up to ten seconds.
Using the Lambda NV-Power Configurator, designers can create their own configuration online. This tool checks your configuration and offers the optimum solution with fully approved samples available with short lead times.
Cooling is by the choice of either customer-provided-forced-air or via a low noise temperature controlled fan.  Outputs covering the 3.2V to 64V range are available as well as 5V/2A and 12V/1A 'ATX-compatible' standby outputs. The NV-Power employs Multiple Efficiency Gain (MEG) technology to produce a class leading efficiency of up to 90% depending upon the configuration.
All supplies in Lambda's NV-Power range meet EN55011/55022 Curve B EMC, are EN61000-3-2 compliant (PFC) and are approved to IEC/EN/UL60950-1 for general purpose applications as well as IEC/EN/UL60601-1 for medical applications and IEC/EN61010-1 for laboratory and process control applications. In addition, the units  carry the CE Mark, are fully RoHS-compliant and come with a three-year warranty.
The NV-Power series are available now with prices starting at $214 each in 100 piece quantities depending upon the configuration.  

More information about Lambda's NV series is available at:


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DuPont Microcircuit Materials Features Enabling Technologies at the FISITA World Automotive Conference

DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM), part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, will exhibit the latest innovations in automotive electronic ceramic circuits using DuPont thick film compositions at the FISITA World Automotive Conference (stand number F13) taking place at the ICM International Congress Centre in Munich, Germany, on September 14-19, 2008.

"Increased demand in the automotive market for active safety systems, greater fuel efficiency and environmental improvements makes continued innovation in electronic materials critical," said Eric McLean, European automotive segment manager - DuPont Microcircuit Materials. "Ceramic technologies stand up to temperature extremes and provide high reliability to enable the development of new electronic circuit designs that enhance the safety, performance and comfort of modern vehicles, cost effectively. DuPont delivers on its commitment to innovation in this industry by working in close partnership with customers to provide solutions that meet their specific needs."

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StratEdge Introduces a Family of X-Band High Power Amplifiers in Surface Mount Packages

StratEdge announces it is offering packaged high power amplifier MMICs for 8 to 12 GHz (X-Band) applications.  The StratEdge new family of packaged amplifiers covers the full X-Band range in three separate bands.  StratEdge part number 560134, which is for 9 – 10.5 GHz applications, provides 37dBm output power and 40% power added efficiency (PAE) for bias of 7V, 1.4A.  The typical gain is 18dB.  The other members of the family are StratEdge part number 560141 for 7 – 8.5 GHz and 560142 for 10.5 – 12 GHz.  The StratEdge SMX 580448 ceramic surface mount package is used to package all of the devices, which are fabricated by a leading United States GaAs foundry.

The StratEdge SMX 580448 is a surface mount package with excellent thermal properties. It provides good electrical transition performance for die in the X-Band range.  The package has a copper composite base that enhances thermal dissipation.  Though sealed with epoxy and a liquid crystal polymer lid, it will pass fine and gross leak hermeticity testing per MIL-STD-883.  The assembly process, including eutectic and epoxy component attach, gold wire bonding, lid seal, lead trim, electrical test, labeling, and delivery preparation, is performed at StratEdge headquarters in San Diego, California.

”We packaged the MMICs and tested them in a custom fixture to verify electrical performance,” said Casey Krawiec, VP of North American Sales for StratEdge.  ”Providing a good heatsink is critical for optimal performance.  As an aid to our customers, we’ll provide a CAD file with our recommend LAND pattern for their boards.”

This family of packaged devices is ideally suited for point-to-point radios and base stations.  They are lead-free and RoHS compliant.  Other versions with fully hermetic soldered metal lids are available.  Prices for StratEdge X-band power amplifier packages are around $259 at 500 units.  Individual part pricing and leadtime may vary due to order configuration and shipping destination.

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Newport Announces New Solar Cell Test Capabilities Available from its Technology and Applications Center

Newport Corporation has announced the latest enhancements to its Technology and Applications Center (TAC) and unveiled a full range of device characterization and material science capabilities dedicated to the rapidly growing photovoltaic market.  These new TAC capabilities are an excellent addition to the company's broad portfolio of manufacturing and test solutions, which incorporate lasers, light sources, motion systems, optics, test and measurement technologies.  In addition, the new TAC services complement the ongoing efforts of the company's industrial applications laboratory in Mountain View, California, and its photovoltaic applications laboratory in Stahnsdorf, Germany, which are dedicated to researching and developing new techniques and innovative laser-based technologies that help increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cells.

According to Dennis Werth, Vice President, Precision Components and Systems Business, "In 2006, Newport established the TAC to demonstrate experimental configurations and techniques that use a full range of Newport's products to produce world-class results in leading-edge scientific research applications.  The TAC has demonstrated the value-in-use of Newport's high-performance lasers, optics and instrumentation in advanced photonics applications, and has successfully partnered with a wide range of customers to significantly enhance their research and development efforts.  Today, we are very excited to be able to provide a comprehensive range of capabilities for the rapidly growing photovoltaic market.” 

Werth continued, "The TAC is truly unique within the photonics industry because it is the only facility that can provide state-of-the-art device characterization as well as material analysis at the atomic level.  We look forward to collaborating with the thought leaders in solar cell development and manufacturing and helping them to develop new cutting-edge products and technologies for this dynamic industry.”

Leveraging the company's Oriel product family, the TAC offers a wide range of capabilities including solar simulators, IV testing, QE and IQE measurement.  In addition, the center also leverages its knowledge and expertise in femtosecond laser technology and spectroscopy to offer measurements of photoluminescence, carrier lifetime via transient absorption, and nonlinear imaging.

Dr. Ruben Zadoyan, Director of the Technology and Applications Center stated, "While most basic photovoltaic labs rely on testing at the device level, the TAC, with our inherent expertise in laser technology, spectroscopy and material science, is better positioned to perform advanced research and directly connect the results with the photovoltaic device performance.  Over the next 12 months, we will be further expanding our capabilities to include QE testing of multi-junction solar cells, light-biased QE testing, photoluminescence lifetime measurements and pump probe and 2D IR study of charge transfer in organic solar cells.  We believe that these advanced capabilities are rapidly becoming extremely important for solar cell device characterization and material science, and that they will help our customers push the envelop in photovoltaic technology.”
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Quantum Leap Packaging Appoints Byoung Lee Chief Financial Officer

Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. (is pleased to announce the appointment of Byoung Lee as Chief Financial Officer.

"Byoung brings QLP both broad financial experience and extensive knowledge of the industries we serve.” said CEO David Grooms. "His expertise will play a major role in QLP's global expansion."

Lee has over 15 years of experience in RF/microwave, semiconductor, and defense & space electronics industries.  He served as executive/senior finance positions in both publicly-held and private research, engineering, and manufacturing companies. Lee has successfully led mergers, acquisitions, integrations, start-ups and turnarounds as well as other strategic and operational initiatives in North America, Europe, and Asia. His previous assignments include positions at REMEC Defense & Space, Inc., JMAR Technologies, Inc., Science Applications International Corporation, GDE systems, Inc., and General Dynamics Corporation.
He was most recently the Chief Financial Officer/VP Special Projects at REMEC Defense & Space where he provided strategic direction and leadership in accounting/finance, information technologies, human resources, and legal/contracts functions.  He also served as the executive sponsor for a successful ERP system implementation and business excellence programs.

Byoung Lee holds an MBA from the University of Redlands and a BS in Finance from San Diego State University.

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SUSS MicroTec Announces 300 mm ProbeShield System Order

ProbeShield® Technology chosen over competition in head-to-head comparison at major Asian memory manufacturer

SUSS MicroTec Test Systems has announced that it has received an order for the PA300PS with ProbeShield® Technology, the 300 mm wafer-level probe system for device characterization and reliability test, from a major Asian semiconductor memory manufacturer.

The decision follows a six-month, head-to-head comparison against the incumbent and major competition for wafer-level test solutions at the manufacturer’s facilities. During this time, several benchmarking activities were undertaken. These consisted mainly of advanced tests of semiconductor devices, such as flicker noise, I-V, C-V and S-parameter measurements, which are used to extract critical parameters in the device design and process control phases. SUSS MicroTec’s ProbeShield Technology consistently outperformed the competitive solutions, leading to its ultimate selection.

“The engineers at the manufacturer chose ProbeShield Technology due to the superior measurement results and significant time savings the advanced feature sets provide,” said Rob Carter, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SUSS MicroTec Test Systems. “They were particularly impressed with the unattended test capabilities that are provided with the unique Automated Thermal Management™ (ATM) and ReAlign™ functions.”

The ATM and ReAlign features enable test procedures to run through the night and weekends at multiple temperature settings without operator intervention to re-align the probe tips to the test pads on the wafer each time temperature changes.  
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NxGen Electronics Inc. Announces Delivery of Miniaturized Power Supply to Lockheed Martin Corporation

NxGen Electronics of San Diego, California is playing its part in developing next generation technology solutions for the Defense/Aerospace Industries. These industries have a wide variety of power supply requirements that require both reductions in size and weight while maintaining reliability and improving performance. Through its recent successful projects, serving several major prime Defense clients, NxGen Electronics provides proven power supply miniaturization.

NxGen Electronics is pleased to announce the delivery of miniaturized power supply prototype circuits to Lockheed Martin Company (Moorestown, NJ). In addition, NxGen was awarded a pathfinder/feasibility study from General Dynamics C4 Systems (Scottsdale, AZ) to miniaturize radio power supplies.

NxGen was partially funded with an SBIR to develop this expertise in Rad Hard power supply miniaturization and have perfected additional expertise on the horizontal stacking of high power circuits.
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