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Wes Buckley Joins Miyachi Unitek Corporation

Miyachi Unitek is pleased to announce that Wes Buckley recently joined the company as its Midwest Laser Applications Engineer.  In his new role, Wes will be responsible for Laser & Systems Applications Support in the Midwest United States.  He will be based in the Detroit area.

Wes brings almost 30 years’ of laser applications and engineering experience to Miyachi Unitek Corporation.  His vast knowledge includes design, assembly and troubleshooting of standard and custom laser systems, application and process development, and product management for companies like GSI Lumonics.  His most recent position was as the Product Manager for beam diagnostic equipment at Laser Mechanisms, Inc.

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Henkel Launches High-Lead and Lead-Free Capable Die Attach Solder Paste for Enhanced Thermal Control of Power Devices

To address the thermal requirements posed by smaller outline, higher functioning power semiconductor devices, Henkel has formulated an advanced die attach solder paste suitable for both high-lead and lead-free applications.  Under the leading Multicore® brand of solder materials, this innovative product ensures the thermal management efficiency critical for excellent long-term reliability and performance.

Multicore® DA100™ incorporates a no clean, ROLO flux system that can be used for high-lead applications and uniquely offers capability for lead-free processes as well.   Using specific high temperature Pb-free alloys to offer the same thermal control necessary for today’s rectifiers, power transistors, amplifiers, and many other consumer and automotive components, Multicore DA100 effectively complies with the environmental goal of  lead elimination in power packages by 2013, as stipulated by ROHS legislation.  Furthermore, packaging specialists  that wish to use high-lead solders today, can easily move to lead-free solders tomorrow, while utilizing the same flux system offered through Multicore® DA100™.  This ability to employ a consistent flux system is extremely beneficial to customers, as it minimizes the impact of flux reliability evaluation programs for such critical elements as cleanability, wire bonding and molding, among others.

Though silver-based die attach adhesives or pure solder wire have historically been used for power device applications, their processability and effectiveness are limited, particularly as the industry continues to migrate toward more highly miniaturized devices and lead-free legislation.  Therefore, die attach solder pastes have emerged as the material of choice for many power semiconductor applications.

“While older generation die attach materials have relevance for certain products, their ease of use, limited heat transfer capabilities and precise deposition challenges for smaller outline semiconductor power devices is driving packaging specialists toward die attach solder alternatives,” explains Henkel Global Product Manager for Semiconductor Soldering, Dr. Mark Currie.  “The functionality that is now packed into the ever smaller footprints of modern power packages dictates massive thermal dissipation capability and solder die attach is the most viable solution.”

As these devices will travel through extremely high temperatures during printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, the melt point of the die attach solder paste must exceed the processing temperature – in other words, maintain the solder melting point hierarchy --  to ensure component stability for both high-lead and lead-free applications. 

Also key to successful performance for die attach solder pastes are their wetting adaptability, void reduction capabilities and dispensability.  Though many current leadframe finishes are copper, newer package designs are witnessing the emergence of alternative metallization.  Therefore, wetting adaptability to copper as well as NiPdAu and Ag finishes, among others, is essential.    In addition, Multicore DA100, delivers exceptionally low void formation, which is a critical characteristic to ensure optimized electrical and thermal conductivity and overall device reliability.  While the packaging industry has generally accepted void percentages that range from 10% to 20%, Henkel believes that fewer voids mean stronger interconnects, improved thermal conductivity and, therefore, has engineered its Multicore die attach solder portfolio to exhibit less that 5% void instances on average. As compared to traditional flux systems, Multicore DA100 is formulated specifically to hold a higher metal loading for dispensable applications.  The material offers excellent dispense capability with outstanding pause time and dot to dot consistency, superior cleaning adaptability through compatibility with a variety of commercialized solvents and 12-month storage stability with no material degradation.

“We have essentially taken our customers’ wish lists and combined them with our technology roadmap to deliver a portfolio of solder die attach products with the proven performance for today’s requirements and the forward-looking capabilities for tomorrow’s most miniaturized devices,” concludes Currie.  “Multicore DA100 has been engineered to meet the most rigorous demands of today’s power device processes.”

For more information on Henkel’s Multicore die attach solder product line, log onto
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Appointments at AIM

Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc.

AIM is pleased to announce the appointment of Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc. as its representative for the complete AIM line of electronic solders and chemicals in Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.  Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc. will provide AIM customers in this area with products, service, and technical support.

“Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry,” said Tim O’Neill, Northeast Regional Sales Manager for AIM.  “I am certain that MEO will provide customers of AIM solder products with exceptional service and support.  We are very pleased to be working with them.”

Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc. is a well-known manufacturers’ representative dedicated to serving the electronics manufacturing industry by providing training, consulting, technical service, and equipment sales.  Marketing Engineers of Ohio, Inc. is located in Vandalia, Ohio and can be reached by phone at 937-454-5955 or by e-mail at


AIM also announces the appointment of Scanditron as a distributor for AIM’s complete line of electronic assembly materials in Sweden, Denmark, Baltics and Poland. 

 “We are confident that Scanditron, offering more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry, outstanding customer service and complimentary product lines will provide customers of AIM solder products with exemplary service,” said Andrew Clarke, European Business Manager for AIM. 

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers AIM’s wide range of soldering materials including lead-free and tin-lead paste, wire and bar solder. We are very impressed by AIM’s continuous development of new products both for traditional and new technologies and their willingness to develop special products for customer needs,” said Anders Lind, Managing Director of Scanditron. “We are also very happy that we now have the same supplier of soldering materials in the entire Scanditron area. AIM’s commitment to IPC and IPC’s lead-free committee offers close synergy with Scanditron which is the authorized IPC training center in Sweden and IPC distributor of IPC quality standards.”

Scanditron is well-known as a solution provider who offers support for individual customer applications. Scanditron is dedicated to serving the electronics manufacturing industry by providing IPC training, consulting, technical service, local stock and sales.  Scanditron is based in Vällingby (Stockholm) and has subsidiary companies in all the territories covered by this new agreement.  Visit Scanditron on the web at
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NuSil Technology Unveils New Ultra Low Outgassing™ Potting and Encapsulating Silicone Elastomer

SCV-2585 is the latest addition to NuSil’s line of Ultra Low OutgassingTM materials for Aerospace and Electronics applications.

NuSil Technology recently added SCV-2585, a new potting and encapsulating elastomer offering robust mechanical and physical properties, to its line of Ultra Low Outgassing™ silicone materials.

SCV-2585 is an excellent fit for electronic and space applications requiring Ultra Low Outgassing and minimal volatile condensables under extreme operating conditions. Due to its high tear strength, SCV-2585 is ideal for use in potting connectors, cable harness breakouts, molded high-voltage terminals, and seals and gaskets. This elastomer far surpasses industry-standard ASTM E595 and boasts <0.010% CVCM and TML <0.10%, while maintaining excellent mechanical and physical properties, which are often compromised when achieving low outgassing and Ultra Low Outgassing™ properties.

“Physical and mechanical properties in combination with low outgassing requirements have traditionally been a give and take,” said Brian Nash, vice president of Sales & Marketing at NuSil Technology, “but SCV-2585’s unique chemistry creates a durable material, while still far exceeding industry standards for CVCM and TML.”

With a work time of 30 to 90 minutes and tack-free in eight hours, SCV-2585 offers convenience and simple application. It also features a wide operating temperature range and the ability to accelerate cure with the addition of heat.

For more information on NuSil’s silicones for aerospace applications, visit
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